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Jul 22, 2004
So ive had civ 4 installed for awhile and never had a problem. My last game, standard map with tons of units I blue-screened near the end. Loaded game and finished, game was slow because of the size/units.

I tried a few new maps after, launched game and then entered worldbuilder to see what they looked like (fantasy, arborium), my game is now super super slow, even on the opening turns. Any Ideas?
Blue screened. As in his computer crashed to the blue screen.

Op I have never had a problem with blue screening with this game I would suggest you look at your computer itself and see if it's just having problems.

My bet is that it is but I am no expert at all.

Btw what version of windows are you running?

Ive got memory problems before with bigger maps and tons of late era units, but restarting from an autosave and everything is fixed.

This is a new problem tho, civ loads super slow, there is no splash screen, and when i generate a map even my initial units have lag moving them. The little green arrow ring thing that lets you know a unit is selected spins jerky and crazy slow.

I need my fix, this is killin me :)
update: Warlords loads quick and doesnt have the same problem
Uninstalled and reinstalled the trio (vanilla, warlords, bts) turned graphics all the way down, warlords is normal but BTS is still slow and jerky even on reduced settings.

Started game from programs files (usually i start w/ PIG or betterbugai shortcut) same problem.
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