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Feb 6, 2021
I have been messing about with Civ4 for a few years now and I feel confident with changing quite a few aspects including merging mods and compiling CVgameCoreDLL.Dll files but I am stumped with a GameFont issue. What I am trying (unsuccessfully) to do is add some extra religions to the RevolutionDCM mod. The religions that I am trying to put in are form the 'Just another Religion Mod' JARM. When I merge the mods everything seems to be working fine, buildings, Missionaries, civilopedia ect, all except the Buttons are all wrong.

The buttons that don't work are for the city bar, scoreboard and city information in the city screen. So, I have 17 religions now but the first 11 of these use the Creative constructions Icon, this is a mix of the old and new religions. The first 11, starting with Judaism, use corporation's icon which is way down the list and Ignore all the religions Icons. Since the first 11 use the same Icon I cannot just change Icons around too make it work. RevolutionDCM uses the BUG mod and there are lots of icons in the GameFont picture and I just cannot understand how the game picks the ones it uses. The standard religion's icons are scattered through the religion section and I see no pattern there, and now the game bypasses all of them and starts at Creative constructions. I'm just not sure where to go from here, and any help would be appreciated.


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Those icons are controlled by iTGAIndex in CIV4ReligionInfo.
If you want to use a different GameFont.png file than originally comes with your mod, than you will need to edit some other files. But I don't know whether it's a python or the dll, just that the indexing is also different in the mod you want to merge.
the fonts in rev dcm uses a mod names tga fonts.
it added large font file and corporation and religion indexing with xml tags.
everything needs to be used very delicately.

if you added the icons of yours with proper editing, on the existing free slots, that using the right indexes location should work.
if icons are now mismatched, its either your indexing in the xml got mixed up or missing or you added in the wrong place.
my mod used this code for a long time.
Thanks for the help here. It turns out the JARM mod did not have the iTGAIndex line in its religion XML and I totally missed it when I was merging the files. It now appears to work as it should do. Thanks again for your help on this.
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