Gameplayer, Next Generation Both Give CivRev 8/10


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Jul 23, 2004
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There are two new Civilization Revolution reviews out, with both rating the game a respectable 8 of 10. Keep in mind that now the game is available in many places, but not yet in the United States (the release date there is July 8th). The review at Gameplayer praises CivRev for its attempt to make it as a standalone console game:
In a veritable sea of shooters and racing games, it's fantastic to see a strategy title like this get not only attempted, but pulled off successfully. Old diehard fanatics will no doubt shake their fists at the slight console-friendly tweaks of the original formula and the light-hearted nature of the graphics -- but hey, it's successfully infecting a whole new generation of gamers with Civ love, so get over it.
Similarly, Next Generation's review focused on the game's transition to consoles and how it has maintained the essentials of the Civilization series:
While the streamlined and brisk approach that brushes over some of the minutiae of the previous games might cause some PC fans to baulk, Revolution has concentrated rather than diluted the Civ experience, creating an expression of the concept that’s perfectly suited to its platform.

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