Games where you lose your capital city...


Oct 1, 2011
... and take it back after an epic showdown or three dozen.

Has that ever happened? How long did ya'll take to get it back?


Mar 12, 2010
I've never lost my capital except in 'mess around' deity games, where I stopped playing instantly after losing it.


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Jan 3, 2002
I lost it once where I did decide to continue. Other times I just quit.

As England on Emperor I had 4 cities when Monty and Hiawatha attack me within 2-3 turns. Monty bypass my hilly Nottingham I think and goes straight to London, a couple of turns later Hiawatha comes from the other side and mess with York, I have like 6-7 units all together and push them back, switching everything to military, selling what I had to buy archers.

Manage to push them back enough to breathe, then Cathy come from the north straight to London and takes it in 3-4 turns. Takes a while to make peace, but I get it and they are all friendly.

I'm not, steam ahead to Longbows and when I have 6 of them plus a couple of warriors, I take London back. That was such a good feeling, so I continued with LB's and took over the continent.

It took more than a 100 turns to sort it out and if I remember right, I think I lost anyways. I think Siam won diplo. But it taught me to never give up. :)


Feb 14, 2009
Iowa USA
I lost mine in 1860 AD playing as America. In fact, I have lost all my cities on the continent I began on. So, I went to locate the terra continent, with whatever survivors I could muster. One caravel, a settler, worker, a cannon, and crossbowman.

Luckily, I got away from my enemies and got my ships out into the ocean beyond. First, I found a nice island spot to build a city. Then I sent my caravel to find the terra continet. This took a bit, but I located it. Now I am about to settle my second city there. Things are looking up, at least I am alive. However, I am running out of time. This most likely will be a one more turn game and should keep me busy until GnK comes out. Otherwise, I would have started a new game.

Even still, if I can get some more cities and get my science back up to normal. Hopefully, I can build up a decent naval task force and amphib army to grab back my capital. If I can somehow do that before turns run out, it will be amazing. I am in 1985 AD.

Next time I play a terra map, I will explore much earlier. I got embroiled in several wars at once. Instead of going to the sea, I stood and fought a losing battle, actually thinking I could somehow win. They slowly weakened me over time and I had two cities left when my survivors settled on the island. I then sold one city for gold and resources. I disbanded all my remaining troops 4 rifles and 2 cannon. Then I set my capital to gold focus and wealth, to milk as much gold as possible before it was finally captured. I used the extra cash to buy tiles for my island city. San Francisco! :D


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Sep 17, 2010
2 or 3 times into multiplayer games. Never in singleplayer. If i lose a city to the AI, it means that i play deity. And losing capital at deity is a loss 99% of times.


Mar 13, 2012
Lost my captial once while off on a crusade through rome. Alex declared on me and ran straight for my cap while I was in the process of taking 2 of romes cities that were close together. Ended up finishing what I was doing in Rome and maybe 10-15 turns later headed back home to reclaim my capital. After I took it back he was able to grab it again before I reclaimed it a second time. With my capital in ruins, my people slaughtered down to I think 2 pop it was over. I did try to stick it out and make Alex pay but it didn't work out.
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