Gauntlet Suggestions

All right, I promised a response in April, and April's just about here, so here we go . . .

I'm openly going to acknowledge my self-interest here. I'm going to describe the games I personally would be motivated to play. I can't speak to how popular these Gauntlets would be with others.

Chances are, I'm only going to play a Gauntlet that offers a chance to improve on my Quattromasters scores, and if it does that I'll give it a good try or three regardless of the type. That means I'm looking for a Gauntlet that's Deity difficulty and a Standard/Large/Huge map, kind of going down the pyramid to Immortal Large/Huge to Emperor Huge.

Some particular slots I've got my eyes on are the Deity/Huge/Epic/Conquest slot and the Deity/Huge/Normal/Domination slot. Those seem ripe for potentially some kind of advanced start, maybe Classical or Medieval or later. I'm also looking at the Deity/Huge/Epic or Normal or Quick/Time or Score slots for similar reasons. I think they are susceptible to an advanced start, maybe Industrial or Modern. Or maybe some kind of map trickery like an Archipelago. I'm also down for Ancient starts for all those. Hopefully if one of those is picked, I'm right and we'd see the top Gauntlet game become the top HoF game.

I'm also partial to Religious games, and have been trying to learn how to do Espionage games (and have a game underway for Deity/Huge/Marathon/Espionage/Inca). There are a lot of open/vulnerable Espionage slots. All that being said, if the Gauntlet is Culture or Diplomacy or Space Race, so long as it's hard/big enough, I'm inclined to give it a go.

I'm not particular to any leaders or sets of opponents or maps as long as they seem suitable for the game. But as long as the map/size combination is strong enough, I'll play unsuitable combinations too. I think it might be disastrous, but I'm considering trying out a Deity Time with a bunch of warmongers.

Hope there are some good ideas in there. This current set of gauntlets seemed pretty popular with 2 submissions for the major already and 4 for the minor!
Thanks for the thumbs up Noble Zarkon! Empty slot, attractive settings, I'm hoping that gets some people in the door. I'm not 100% sure about the map choice, but you're mainly looking for room and one close opponent for Espionage.

I'm sorry I don't have any concrete ideas for the Minor, I don't really intend to compete in them. But the space games seem to draw a lot of players.
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