Gays in Military

Should gays be allowed in the military?

  • Yes

    Votes: 43 76.8%
  • No

    Votes: 13 23.2%

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Simon Darkshade

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Apr 8, 2001
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What is the opinion of our esteemed posters in regards to this matter.
One has observed some comments along such lines as "they are distracted by the other men", which I don't give much creedence to, and the matter has aroused rather intensive debate on some other boards of not such a genteel nature as this one.

I believe that military service is a privilege, not a right, but that if any person can do this type of important job effectively, responsibly and professionally, what they do in their private lives is of no consequence, provided it is within the law and does not affect their performance in the line of duty.

I have seen such arguments as 'it is unfair to expect a straight soldier to share a tent/foxhole/shower/barracks room/military base with a gay soldier, as they would be subject to sexual tension, etc. This is rather dependent on the assumption that all gay individuals are insatiably concerned with observing or having sexual relations with every straight man they see. It is like saying that every straight man wants to bed every single woman he lays eyes upon. There are certain people like that, but they are the exception, rather than the rule.

I fail to see, for the life of me, what a persons sexual orientation has to do with their fighting ability, the ability to follow orders and work as a cohesive, reliable team.
Oooh! I'm mortally wounded. Where I come from, the humour and insult in calling someone gay went out at about the age of 9.:rolleyes:

;) :p

As previously stated, I am an asexual celibate monk.:egypt:
This news just in: England disappears in mysterious nuclear blast! Evil laughter heard from southern hemisphere.:p

Now, if we could turn the conversation off whether I am a simian and onto the topic, a little explanation why ye voted as ye did would be nice, particularly for those arguing the negative.
i assume the servicemen are enough professional to work together even if some of them are gays.
When I was in the Army there were guys that were obviously gay....and it didn't matter.

Other than the occasional, previously mentioned third grade joke, they just soldiers.

Most people that say gays would be a disruptive force in the military are basically just disrupted by gays themselves....basically just dirupted, period. T

hey have other reasons for not wanting them in, starting with homophobia and/or the fact that some interpretations of the bible deem it, uh, morally unacceptable.
Why would gay's not be allowed in the millitary?

On a side note: Simon ,if you nuke the U.k ,can u nuke it a bit to the NorthWest? Just to protect our low country's a bit. :D
Oh and i got a message from the Antichrist for you ,should i forward it to you? I think he's mad because you are an asexual celibate monk ,and by that are acting like a mere priest).

The example given by the antichrist ,a evil being should atleast engage in unholy and depraving sexual act's ,as bigamy ,sodomy ,that sort of stuff.... :p

No ,youre not gay ,but you are beaten by a gay in evilness. (in reference to the Catcholic perception of evil afc. ) :lol:
Sure they should be in, but to inprove the military, each one should be required to recruict a tall, leggy, busty, female super model type!
Originally posted by Adebisi

Then again, how would you expect an American soldier to fight blood thirsty al qaida soldiers if cant stand some fags among his own lines ;)

Ruh Roh :eek:
Hmmm.... There are many women in the armed forces, including some that end up in combat situations with men, in close quarters under some circumstances, or so I hear. Now do straight men get distracted and "sexually tense" with the presence of these women? If they are professional, they don't. Vice versa with the straight women serving with men.

Military regulations forbid fraternization, that could extend to male-male relationships as well as male-female ones of differing rank. And on those navy ships that are integrated male-female, ALL sexual relationships (even same-rank) are prohibited while at sea, obviously male-male ones (or female-female ones) would likewise be prohibited--at sea, professional sailors know that they are on the job 24-7, and don't need the distractions and complications of a sexual relationship. I knew two sailors on my ship who were rumored to be gay, 2 just in my department of 20 people--and they very well could have been too. But both did their jobs well, both were professionals who set good examples for others, and no one else in my department paid them any mind, even though they shared our berthing space. Obviously if they "tried" anything it would have been different, but they didn't. The people we DID pay mind to under such close quarters were people who didn't bathe regularly or have good hygiene....

I personally don't see a problem. In even more integrated military forces, say Israel's--where male and females BOTH serve in combat by deliberate design rather than incidentally--I wonder what kind of an issue it is. Could any Israeli veteran here enlighten me? Like, what are the regulations about sex in general, and are gays allowed in your military (I assume they would have to abide by the same restrictions on sexual activity)?
Care to expand upon that little monosyllabic interlude, Mr Sharpe?
I would really like to hear the reasons why, in your opinion.
Here's why:

There are still enough idiots left in the military that an openly gay male would be in danger. Gay females are not a huge problem, but are still viewed with open hostility by other female soldiers. But males filling combat MOS' are putting their lives at risk by revealing their sexual preference.

There are enough idiots still joining to ensure that the gays will not be tolerated.

No amount of sensitivity training will undo years of "tabooism" of homosexuality.

I wish that America could learn something from many European countries, who have really turned sexuality (Not just homosexualism) into a normal thing. Which in reality is WHAT IT IS.
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