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[GBA] Rebelstar Tactical Command

Discussion in 'All Other Games' started by Newbunkle, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Newbunkle

    Newbunkle Muppet

    Mar 1, 2005

    For those who don't know, this was released in 2005 for the GBA by the makers of X-Com. Its not a bad little game, but nowhere near as good as the X-Com series.

    I don't remember why I stopped playing, but I never did finish it and I've recently begun to play it again. I've just found myself stuck on mission 24 where Jorel is abducted by aliens.

    The problem is, at no point in the game was I given any incentive to raise Jorel's close combat score, so he's basically useless to me aboard the alien spacecraft. He's got a combat knife, but it can take up to five hits to take down an alien. He doesn't have enough action points to kill an alien in one turn, and that's assuming they stand still (which only one does).

    I do have an ally aboard the spacecraft - a friendly alien by the name of Klaatu (lol). Klaatu is of limited use because he's only level one. He has a pretty good psionic skill, but he only has enough action points for one psionic attack per turn. It takes two uses of "Induce Fear" to lower an enemy's morale to the point that they panic.

    I've tried spamming attacks until an enemy is about to panic, and then rushing in to stab them so they run away instead of shooting me. Getting shot is bad as both my guys die after two hits.

    I've been stuck on this mission for ages. Sometimes it seems like I'm making progress, but its just too slow. There are only 30 turns before you auto-fail. The ninja technique isn't working out so well, but its all I can do.

    One thing I've yet to try is spamming "Stun" attacks instead of "Induce Fear". For an alien with full health it'll take more than two turns to stun them, and if they wake up the next turn I'm screwed. Still, if I can successfully immobilize them then Jorel can get to work with his knife and not worry about chasing them down.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has played this and if they got stuck on the same mission (i.e. didn't bother raising Jorel's close combat score). If so, have you got any tips? Is there an easy way to avoid the patrols?

    I'd rather not have to restart and raise all my skills differently. I think the next mission might be the last one. :/

    One other thing: I've tried raiding guns from dead aliens, but they're laser weapons and you need a battery fixed to your armour. You can't pick those up, so Jorel is incapable of using them. Klaatu would be able to, but then I'd have no APs for his Psionic attacks and risk getting him killed in a shoot-out.

    If you have any tips, please save me, lol.

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