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Gedemon's Civilization, development thread

Not using plot property, but yep, I try to cache values a lot in the current code. There's surely still a lot of room for optimization, and I think I can save a few seconds per turn already by changing a function or two, but I'd need a lot more than that.
Oh my goodness! After that dreadfully long hiatus, what a delightful shock to find this up and running again!
I just played the dev version, and I have to say that founding my first city has never felt like more of an achievement. I am deeply interested in how this progresses.
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Development update, I've started playing Humankind, I like it, even if there is a lot of room for improvement, I think the base is quite good.

And at this moment the gameplay side is fully moddable (ie DLL modding is possible).

Which means that the development of this project for civ6 will surely end here (unless Firaxis decide to gift us the source code next month for the 30th anniversary of the franchise, but hey, you know how it works, you wish for something for 5 years, and the moment you finally don't need it because you've found a replacement, you got it, just to mess with your brain and force a hard decision.), and that I'll start moving my modding projects to Humankind, starting with YnAMP now.

For this specific project, I'll need more session with HK to get a general vision of what I'd like to do with it, but I can already tell that a (global or local) resource stockpile and an equipment production framework for units healing and upgrade would be the first major element I'll try to convert.
I have played Old world this past weekend. It has really improved. And it is not in a 1.0 version yet. Jsut the last two months there have some really good updates. Give it a try again :) The AI is really good
I know it's good, actually I do think that as a 4x it's better than both civ6 and HK, but while the mechanisms are good and work perfectly for Old World, I'm afraid they would not work as well for a civ-like game (from ancient to future era on a world-sized map), and a civ-like game is what I want to play/mod.

Of course, one could mod Old World into a civ-like game, but that would require an enormous amount of work (including adding assets which are outside my modding competences) on top of the actual mod.
Still slowly learning C# with Humankind and finding my way in their DLLs, while waiting to see if modding new unit models will be possible before moving the project there.
Here is the initial thread for the project on Humankind, not a lot to see yet, but first alpha *soon*, hope to see you there, interested in discussions about how to translate the concepts of this mod into the HK core mechanisms (like for example Territories)
This seems really great, downloaded the latest github version and tried to play but the turns took a long time. At least three times as long as normal if not longer. My computer isn’t great so this effect was magnified. Does anyone know how to increase turn times. Already on a tiny map with 4 civs no barbarians
Not having time to play anything civ-related lately, but still hoping to get back on HK modding at some point.
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