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Mar 1, 2003
So 0.9.3 is out. So far I'm bummed about Multiplayer being borked, but not much I can do about that. I'm happy though to finaly get out of the official 0.8 build. Lots of under the hood stuff in this build that makes things cleaner. In the 0.8 builds there were quite a few Assert failures because of minor issues, none of which seemed critical, but didn't like the fact they were there (and since none of you use a debug dll, you never noticed :p). Also really happy about getting the Enlightened trait to show up in the city screen properly, and the scrolling scoreboard is nice. I noticed when I updated to 0.9.3 I removed most of the bugs in the known bugs, that's always a good feeling. I'm curious to know how the gameplay comes out from a user perspective though. Most of the balancing is tested in AI autoplay, and sometimes things work differently when you put a human brain behind it. So anyway that's my ramblings on 0.9.3. What are your thoughts?


Jun 25, 2009
My thoughts? Well, it was LoR that held my attention on Civ IV. I resolved not to upgrade to 3.19 until LoR was compatible - something that you achieved incredbly quickly. Yes, I know, it wan't just you - but take a bow anyway! :D

FWIW I normally play using some version of Perfect World, with small or standard map, with 'Barbarian civs' and 'Start as minor', and a total of 6 'real' Civs at start. I'd rather play on a larger map but the game hangs too often that way.

Now I have roughly a 4 week window to play this before the release of "War in the Pacific, Admiral's Edition" by Matrix Games, which is likely to take all my attention for a while once it's released. ;) I look forward to some enjoyable gaming until then, and afterwards as light relief!



Oct 6, 2006
I play almost exclusively on Earth style maps and love the Perfect World, Im using the one for LoR. I love the new world idea, it means you can have the most number of option in civ. If you play pangea then you never really need optics or a fleet.

I would love a map with special resources in the new world only, maybe from Col, tobacco, furs, cotton. It would really make it worth while for colonization the new world then.
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