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It is never the same, but egypt seems pretty close to maya...maybe 8 tiles and maybe it is the same from persia and mali side.

In the south it will be longer from one side at least
Why isn't there a new turn btw? Everyone seem to have played...
I must be missreading civstats, nevermind. I thought they played their turn live at the beginning, but that must be a civstat thingy...
I think something is going bad with the game... I logged in to check demographics and it appears last turn lasted 1 hour... and I see another 1 hour timer!
What is going on???
OK it is the known bug!

Basically if someone tries to enter the game from a mod (liek buffy), it screws the pitboss window and sets the timer to 1 hour.

I will reload in about 4 hours until then noone should log in game!
weird... I was using the regular game...
I did not say it was you was propably Geforced from their team who tried to log in using gamemonitor mod that is used for multiplayer.
Ok :lol: I had the same problem in the cavaleiros pitboss... so I am bit paranoid with server issues these days...
I can't connect to the game and I am soon off to bed... Can one of the TPs play for me?

Spoiler I got this... :
Did I miss a turn Indian? I wasn't able to check the game yesterday :(
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