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Dec 12, 2006
Athens, Greece
Usually these teamers when played online are decided by sneak attacks and huge stacks of units. Teching is usually ignored and people only build a few cottages just so that they don't go on strike after exiting their border.

But this is turn based pitboss....Things can and I believe will be different up to a point. Teching will be important as for example having feudalism or machinery 10 turns before your opponents can be a huge advantage or a life saver.

Also our opponents are masters at war, so we need to find a competitive advantage that we have and try to see how we can use it in this game.

Idially I would like to see us, teching fast, producing artists and culture bombing the map and defending well, not allowing our opponents to do any damage...short of a choking strategy but with culture, land and tech instead of units.

Alternatevelly we can try and beat them in their own game..i.e slaving huge stack of units and going for the kill....which we will need to do anyway, but the decision will be whetehr we leave a backdoor for other things or not.

Just some thoughts....
In this game players have time to think and to speak each other.
When a player plays a se, against AI or other humans, he tries to specialize his cities as terrain says; why not try similar here, each player of the team, and later the cities, doing what cities do,
each one with its own focus as terrain demands and under a concerted strategy?
Because our leader choices will be now not after we see the terain. We have a choice of picking some philosophical, Industious or even financial civs if we want to play like this. If we go the normal way which is slaving unit after unit then protective and charismatic will make more sense.
It's hard to me be clear because I almost forgot English.
I just wanted to say some players can have high food, so more units - ideally some more defense and some more offense oriented - or more hills, then exactly the same, while others rivers and
commerce resources, so science.
I know it is very dangerous to play the peaceful card now; but I don't see need of 5 attackers right now, perhaps 1 or 2 can be more defensive in the early game. So, a Mali can be useful.
Much of your strategy will depend on who your closest enemy is and your general location on the board. unless you are in the center with allies on both sides you will be attacked/choked from the get go. what units you build to attack and defend with depend on resources, your civ and your nearest enemies. Naturally certain players can tech better then others, due to being financial, better land, etc.

If your nearest enemy is egypt then you better get some spears in your cities ASAP. Because you can bet that the other team is trying to get egypt horse by whatever means(by trading if no horse is close to his cap).
I'm mostly stating the obvious here, but with 2-city elimination on top of everything else, all victory conditions other than conquest are basically out. Non-unit-building activity isn't pointless, but it's all ultimately focused on military. Build infrastructure, but only to build better units faster, or to support more units, and win conquest. Research, but only to get better units to win conquest. Expand culture to get more land than the oppoents and improve your ability to build more units than them and win culture.

The one situation where non-military activity becomes relatively important is a military standoff. If the competitive advantage this site is likely to have is in the non-military side of things, then to leverage that the military focus should be on generating a standoff. Which doesn't neccesarily mean protective turtling though, as defending is really going to require being able to take down an SOD in the field.
It is true that everything you will do in this game will be to get more and better military the faster you can.

However there might come a point in the game (if player count is balanced after Alphabet) that it will be much easier to defend than to attack. It is that point of the game that you will have options on what to do and that you can do stuff like make great people using caste and golden ages, build libraries, focus on tech etc.
This point in the game usually does not come as people get killed earlier or about that time though. I am hoping it will in this game as it will be a chance to use some different tactics than military stacks.
Unless the game goes to feudalism and beyond only three building are real important, barracks, monument (if team does not get Henge) and Granary (and stables if building horses/elephants). If the game gets toward CoL attacking becomes tougher and some more focus can be put on Courthouses, libraries in capital, etc. to improve research and support larger unit stacks.
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