Generic (fantasy) advisors.


Jan 27, 2003
Planet Baal

Since I like to play & involve in development of various fantasy scenarios - which include many different races (apart from humans). Now the advisors are all the same for each race. That's a bit silly, orcs getting military advices from a human soldier :lol:

Now, how about making sort of "generic" advisor icons? Here's a sample of military icons I've thought of.
The different expressions are shown by a hand :)

I've also given some thought for the "symbols" for other advisors:
- Culture: this could be either a note (like the culture symbol in civ3) or some sort of musical instrument (mandolin, harp, ect.)
- Domestic: walled castle
- Scientific: some sort of alchemist apparatus (beaker?)
- Foreing: ship/caravan?
- Trade: stack of gold coins

This sort of idea could be used also for some futuristic scenario's too (if not already used...)
That's a neat idea!
I don't like a note for culture, it's too advanced IMO. How about a drum? Then it would even fit Chaos. :)

Maybe you could make the hand some other colour, now it look metallic, but it doesn't really look like a gauntlet, so maybe it would be better to have it as a more generic skin/hide glove? Brown or so...

About the Scientific one, as long as you don't fill the beaker with anything weird (i e magenta, light green, purple or so) it sounds good. These could be used for more "realistic" mods that may not have green bubbly stuff... ;)
I think the note isn't good either... so how would this be: a harp ;)

And I think I won't be adding any green gue to the beakers (If I'm gonna make that). Other option could also be a telescope.

And for foreign advisor - how about a compass (that would be quite nice)?
Lovely idea! If you complete them I'll be very glad use them in my mod.
I agree with mrtn, the harp looks great, but a drum or a horn (or both) may be better for culture.
Okay :)

Would these suggestions be recognizable?
Top-row: Culture (drum), Domestic (castle) and Foreign (compass)
Bottom-row: Military (crossed axes), Science (telescope) and Trade (gold coins)
I know that you already finished them, but I think that some more low tech replacements for the compass and the telescope would be nice. I liked your idea of a trading ship for the Foreign advisor. For Scientific, how about one of those "cups" that you melt metal in for casting? A clay cup with metal tongs gripping it (or so). I like the rest, the drum is very good. :thumbsup:
I'll second the foreign advisor. It actually looks more like a clock than a compass. Culture is a hard one though. I'm trying to think of something better than drum but I fail. The problem is that every civ has their own kinds of culture. How about an altar or something religius looking?
drzoidberg said:
I'll second the foreign advisor. It actually looks more like a clock than a compass.
Then I suppose you don't know either a clock nor a compass :lol:
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