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Apr 11, 2008
In The Cold November Rain
Okay, I decided to make this since people were starting to complain that I had too many threads. I suppose they were right, but I supposed that I shouldn't have got a library since I was still new, but now I figure, screw that, I do have a few too many threads, I suppose. Ah well, here goes nothing:

:trophy: Best PCX for January 2010-9 British Interfaces

Tech Icons:

Video Games:

New small icon:

Sciency Tech:


Camel Domestication: Or page 4.

Classical Element Theory: Or page 5.

Race Superiority: Or scroll down.

Catholicism: Or scroll down.

Detectives: Or scroll down.

Bombs: Or scroll down.

Surgery: Or scroll down.

Lens: Or scroll down.

Camera: Or scroll down.

Fast Food:

New small icon: Or Page 2.

Ancestral Worship: Or Page 2.

Holy Warfare: Or Page 2.

Political Philosophy: Or page 2.

Canals: Or page 2.

Border Control: Or page 2.

Disease Understanding: Or page 3.

Human Rights: Or page 3.

Atheism: Or page 3.

Air Force: Or page 3.

Velocipedes: Or page 3.

Buses: Or page 3.

Campaign for Nuclear Disarment(CND): Or page 3.

Hydrogen: Or page 3.
Digitals: Or page 3.

Racial Equality: Or page 3.

Gay Rights: Or page 3.

Asteroid Mining: Or page 3.

Contraceptives: Or page 3.

Cloning: Or page 4.

Clone Rights: Or page 4.

Origins of Life: Or page 4.

Future Techs:

Fengjian: Or Page 4.

Religious Turmoil: Or Page 5.

Artistic Tech Icons:

Mimoyecques Pillbox: Or scroll down.

SimCity 3000 Conversions:

Roman Villa: Or page 4.

Complete Ikariam Conversions:

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Conversions:

Modern Wealth: Or Page 5.

Canal and Beam-Engine Canal: Or Page 5.

Mars Base Project Space Race Buildings:
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5 Celtic Buildings: Or Page 5.

Cranes & Construction Buildings:

Military Checkpoints: Or page 6.

Cement Buildings: Or page 6.

Genesis Ark:

Donkey Kong: Or Page 2.

Temple of Houden: Or scroll down.
The White House: Or page 2.

Templo Mayor: Or page 2.

Wall of Hattusa: Or page 2.

Palace of Minos: Or page 2.

Iroquois Tree of Peace: Or page 2.

SimCity 3000 Business Park:

Tokyo Tower(Part SimCity):

Selimiye Mosque: Or Page 2.

Jainism: Or Page 3.

Micheal Jackon's Thriller:

Periodic Table of Elements: Or Page 4.

Gur-i Amir: Or Page 4.

7 'Book' Wonders:

Shaka Military Reforms: Or Page 4.

Harrison Clocks: Or Page 4.

7 'Holy Book' Wonders:

The Eden Project: Or Page 4.

Woodstock: Or Page 4.

6 Futuristic Wonders:

Wave Theory of Light: Or Page 5.

Mars Base Project:
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Cure for Smallpox: Or Page 5.

Kodak: Or Page 5.

La Venta Great Pyramid: Or page 5.

Lord of Sipán's Tomb: Or page 5.

Temple of the Morning Star: Or page 5.

Codex Zouche-Nuttall: Or page 5.

Monte Albán Danzantes: Or page 5.

Castillo de Teayo Pyramid: Or page 5.

7 'Book' Wonders #2:
Indianapolis Motor Speedway: Or page 5.

Mammoth Wonder: Or page 6.

Poetic Edda & Wulfila Bible: Or page 6.

Das Kapital: Or page 6.

Sphinx Wondersplash: Or page 6.

The Karnak Temple Complex: Or page 6.

Civilopedia Entries:
Various: Or Page 3.

African Units: Or Page 4.

Native American or Iroquois Units: Or Page 4.

Dutch Units: Or Page 5.

Specialist Citizen Smallheads:
Sims 2 Priest: Or Page 3.

Sims 2 Specialist Citizens:

Sims 2 Ancient, Medieval, Industrial and Modern:




9 British Interfaces:

9 Aztec/Mexican Interfaces:

Completely New Interface:

Three Kingdoms Korea Interface Pack :


Space Race Stuff:
Mars Base Project Space Race Screen, Videos, Wonder and Buildings:

If you want a different soundtrack to the opening(for CivIII:Complete) and space race movie then put 'I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing' by Aerosmith behind the intro and 'All Star' by Smash Mouth for the space race. Mix them in with BINK. Other suggestions for the space race are: The Final Countdown-Europe; Safety Dance-Men Without Hats. Other suggestions for the Complete opening are: I Will Survive-Gloria Gaynor
These do work well!
Rascism or Slavery or something.
I use it for Race Superiority.

Search Words: Rascism, Race, Black, White, Discrimination, Slavery, Superior, Aryan, Aryanism, Superiority, African, Trade, European, Asian


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Some nice work :thumbsup: I'm just curious how you use "Race Superiority" in-game?



As to the Race Superiority question, I use it basically as a form of ancient slavery. This is because I wanted to have 'slavery' in the middle ages, indicating the height of the slave trade, etc. Race superiority is merely a different way of saying it, so I can have it in the game.
I just assumed that "Race Superiority" was for Darwin. Oh well, live and learn.
This is an ancient temple thingy that my brother wanted me to make. He wrote all the Civilopedia entry, bar the last line.

Search Words: Ancient, Temple, Houden, Imaginary, Fantasy, Made-up, Large


  • Temple of
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This is a tech for Catholicism. You ought to know what that is....
EDIT: Bug in first due to IMGConvert. Removed after 14 views.

Search Words: Catholic, Catholicism, Religion, Religious, Liturgy, Cathedral, Monotheism, Christianity, Christian, Jesus, Christ, Bible, Cross, Protestant, Protestantism


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You could use it for police investigations (even though sherlock technically wasn't part of the force) or private eye or something. The picture is of Sherlock Holmes.

Search Words: Detective, Detectives, Literature, Book, Story, Investigate, Investigation, Crime, Arthur, Conan, Doyle, Fiction, Sherlock, Holmes, Private


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Keep up the good work! It looks like you are coming to grips with the pixillation problem. I think that reducing the palette is the single trickiest step in making a good looking icon. The next thing I had to really work on was getting the small icons looking as sharp as the large.
I use Img Convert for lots of my icon creation because it's so darned useful!
I give thanks to whoever made that thing.
Some nice work :thumbsup: I'm just curious how you use "Race Superiority" in-game?



You could rename it Eugenics and use it as a prerequisite for something really horrible like a "Final Solution" wonder only buildable by a Fascist government. Maybe even use it as a prerequisite tech for Genetic Engineering further down the tech tree.

Might be useful for some kind of "Nazis have won WWII" alt-history.
Could be used for gunpowder and the likes...

Search Words: Bomb, Bombs, Plot, Gunpowder, Explosives, Explode, Detonate, Fire, Cartoon, Violence, Terrorism


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Could be used for any modern medical tech, I suppose. BTW, it's heart surgery.
EDIT: Bug in first due to IMGConvert. Removed after 1 view.

Search Words: Surgery, Heart, Modern, Surgeon, Hospital, Medicine, Transplant, Body, Human


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Could be used for optics as well.

Search Words: Lens, Optics, Glasses, Refraction, Glass


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A camera tech. I'm using it for an Advanced Optics tech.

Search Words: Optics, Camera, Photograph, Photography, Image


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I'm not actually sure, what this is... but someone asked for it, so I made it.:D
Just so you know, I don't actually take requests, but since this person actually bothered to ask, I did it.


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