German SG II: The Second Reich!


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Sep 18, 2001
The Old Pueblo
Domination Victory!

The victorious German Chancellors

joespaniel -----------
LKendter ------------
donsig --------------
Ohwell --------------
Knight-Dragon -------
Palehorse76 ---------
Cunobelin of Hippo ---

Germany dominates the world!

Good game everyone!

Final score: 2592 "Bismark the Lion-Hearted"

The Game

Difficulty: Regent
Map Size: Standard (8 civs)
Map Settings: Continents, 70% water, temperate, 5 billion years.
Barbarians: Standard

The Rules

24 hours to check in.
72 hours to post summary.
Maximun # of turns: 20 (no minimum)
No shows will be skipped.
All players using v1.17 patch.
No SGEs or modified .bics allowed!
Our settler wanders, and immeadiately finds a good city location on a hill next to a river.

Berlin is founded, with cattle and furs nearby. We train warriors to explore. Our scientific people go to work to develope a new metal stronger than bronze. Iron. There are many hills around Berlin...

At this point, we devote most of our efforts to aquiring gold though. T/S/L rate set to 8/2/0, for now. (It takes about 50 turns to make any difference in tech research time).

3500 BC

- Warriors enter the villages of the Seljuks and Goths, and aquire 25 gold and knowledge of Ceremonial Burial.

- An unknown civilization is spotted north-east...

3250 BC

- We meet the Iroquois. They have knowledge of Pottery, but want too much in return for it. We part, weary of them.

3050 BC

- Another civiliazation is spotted due west of Berlin! We think it is the English! Damn! Expansionist tribes all around us!

- The Chancellor passes on, and a new leader takes the reigns as our first settlers are about to leave Berlin.

*** Lee is up next. ***

Im pretty sure its England to our west. I use "culturaly linked starting locations". We also need to explore south. Good luck.

5 squares NE of Berlin on the same side of the river looks REAL good for another city, to block off the Iroquois.

Sorry, guys! Looks like another game with lots of war ahead...
2900 BC - We meet the English. Trade Bronze working for Pottery and $10.

2850 BC - Goody hut gives us angry warriors :(

2800 BC - We have an elite warrior.

2750 BC - Leipzig is settled. We still have a lot of choice city sites :)

2470 BC - The Celts give us $25. Big whoop. Typical frelling AI. Niagra falls is CLOSER to us. One thing I get tired of with the AI. I swear it is programmed to build toward the human.

2430 BC - We buy the wheel from England for $72

2310 BC - The Goth tribe teachs us Mansony. At least the Pyramids are possible.

Summary - Our first 2 cities have barracks. We are really crammed. The next player can decide wheter to continue the Pyramids. Personally, I Hate playing without them

Our bind - I think all 4 x areas are critical areas - particullary the horses. If you build the horses TEMPLE is first build! I don't want a flip.
And the game
Christ on a crutch! Can you say German Sandwich?

I dont believe it, caught between two expansionist civs, now the French up our @$$.

And this is a "standard" size map, not small.

OK, donsig said he will play Saturday, so if Hippo wants to go tonight, please do.

I cant imagine anything but rapid expansion, settlers galore. Pyramids would be nice too. We better get BIG really fast, or else we might not ever see the middle-ages...
Good luck guys!!

Actually I am also currently playing as Germans on Regent, but on a huge map with 16 civs, but I was more lucky - my neigbours were Babylonians (?!), with which I dealt by late middle ages.

Currently I'm the biggest and best in the world :D (late industrial age in 1500's), so I wish you to achieve the same or even better!!:D

Btw, it was your last German game which inspired me to play as Germans myself!
I say forget pumping out settlers-let's build up 4 cities to big size/big production/big development then pump out swordsmen/horsemen and take out one of our neighbours. You can't win an ICS against the AI I'm afraid ;)
Here's a zoomed out view of Germany.

I agree with the Head Pachyderm - we should get rid of someone quick. I think France has the better land - and that land should be GERMAN.

So, is it my turn or are you playing, Hippo?


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Well -

1 - Somebody can play :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

2 - Our cities should include those hugh blocks of Dyes and Furs!

3 - Donsig, you are next in the set order
I'm having trouble with this one guys. I can play one turn then it crashes. I tried several times, rebooted, etc. I am able to play another game I've been working on so I'm not sure what the problem is.

Maybe posting a new copy of the sav file will work? Anyone care to check it out and see if they also have a problem?

We may need to change my place in the rotation to get past this.:(
Well guys -
I tried the .sav I have, and it locks up also.

What do you want to do? Seeing what happens in 2150, I know I will play me turn differently.

I tried an entertainer to avoid unhappy in Leipzig, but it did NOT help.
:/ I guess somebody will have to retake those turns. I can't :(

No offense to any Mac users, namely you Hippo, but mac's suck, or at least mine does! I can barely run internet without lockups!

The second reich will continue, and stronger than ever! Immediate swordsmen production is in order! I wonder what is wrong... Probably just another "feature" of the game.
Well joespaniel started this.
He can make the decision if I should replay my turns.
Originally posted by Ohwell
No offense to any Mac users, namely you Hippo, but mac's suck, or at least mine does! I can barely run internet without lockups!

What kind of machine are you on? I won't start any redundant debates for the time being ;)

I blame inept user-ship :p
HAHA! The mighty germans, can't beat 'em in war, but leave 'em a little computer error and all hell breaks loose in the land. :lol:

Just kidding, sounds like this really sucks. Hopefully you can get whatever it is straightened out and continue playing. I love reading these games. Good luck to you guys!!
OK, I downloaded and tried it, had the same results as everyone else, and am stumped. Probably a corrupted save or zip-job.

Initialy, I thought it was the modified terrain pack, but it functions in other SGs, so I doubt it. Lets just hope it was a one-time-thing.

Since we now have played ahead, and can "rewrite history", I figure theres only one way to be fair;

We start again...
A New Game

4000 BC

The German tribe founds Berlin. We start on a river in grassland, with several shield tiles, forest and 1 cattle. North of us is tundra. Road and mine building begins, warriors are trained. Researching The Wheel, as I suspect horses will be nearby.

3500 BC

- After some exploring, we determine Berlin is atop a large isthmus, and continue southward. Minor tribes teach us Ceremonial Burial and give us 25 gold.

3400 BC

- Wine is discovered south of Berlin.

3300 BC

-The English are discovered south of us. London is very, very close...

3200 BC

- Contact with Elizabeth is disappointing. The English have knowledge of Alphabet, Pottery and Ceremonial Burial. Elizabeth is unwilling to trade fairly at all.

3100 BC

- Knowing the English have no knowledge of Bronze Working or Warrior Code, we attack them, killing their scout and capturing their worker!

3050 BC

- The German warriors and our slaves retreat towards Berlin, with the English Army on our heels. But, the unwitting English are heading into a Teutonic trap...

Well, what did you expect? Candycanes and puppydogs? Its me after all. :lol:

There is at least 1 English warrior following our guys back to Berlin. However, a spearman and an archer await, another archer in production. The 2 German warriors can go to Berlin for martial-law while the better troops attack London.

Good luck, LKendter, I hope you can capture London or at least squeeze Lizzy for tech and gold.

More importantly, lets hope your attachment works this time. :lol:
(PaleHorse76 knocks sharply on door. Waits for permission to enter. Opens door smartly steps in, closes door, walkes directly in front of the desk of CPT joespaniel who is slouched behind it. PH76 whips out a snappy salute to joespaniel and states "Sir, Private Joe Snuffy reports as ordered!" Drops salute crisply after joe lazily offers one in reply.)

Ok, I have finally found my way over here....I hope I get more help on how to play the game! :eek: :p :lol:

And a quick question. Do we always play the zee Germans? (I love the character Turkish in Snatch.) If not then I suggest an expansionist civ like Americans, but perferrably one with a good early UU (damn sucky, I assume, F-15s).
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