German's automatical upgrade and Greek's more great people

Sauron 3

Oct 14, 2015
Hello, everyone!

1.Yesterday I played Germans for the first time and didn't see the benefit of their automatical upgrade for elite units. It was similar that I firstly had obtained veteran status for the units and later, after 3 victories more, chosen between two of the possible skills. So, how the automatical upgrade really works? And which of the units are counts as the elite?

2.One of the Greek's ability is "more great people". Sounds interesting, but unclear...:confused:

3.And one more question: 2% interest on gold reserves means +2% to the total amount of gold in nation's treasury?
1.) Elite units will upgrade to the next unit in their lineage when you learn the tech that unlocks the next unit. So, research Iron Working, and all your elite Warriors turn into Legions. Research Feudalism, and all those Elite Legions turn into Knights. And so on.

2.) It means the next GP to be generated costs less culture points. You'll have be in a government other than Democracy or build culture buildings (not recommended) to see any use of it though.

3.) It adds 2% of your current gold amount to the treasury next turn. 2% rounded, so if you have less than 25g you'll get nothing. The bonus is extremely small and not really very helpful for anything as gold you can't spend is useless, and the amount of interest is so small it hardly even helps with anything but the first 2 milestones.
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