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Getting a new PC - opinions please!

Discussion in 'Computer Talk' started by tom123, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. aimeeandbeatles

    aimeeandbeatles watermelon

    Apr 5, 2007
    8 gigs is overkill, unless you're using the computer to do something very strange.
  2. Genocidicbunny

    Genocidicbunny Bug squasher

    Feb 5, 2005
    Orange Town
    One of the biggest reasons I have 8 GB is actually because of how my pc broke in the first month of its life. When the memory controller on the motherboard was dying, it seemed to be killing the RAM too, so I bought a second set to test. Well, it turned out that due to sales, on that day, the 4GB set of PC8500 was cheaper than the PC6400, so I bought it ( I needed to test that same capacity that I had, so it had to be a 2-stick 4GB set.) I brought it home, it worked, I got my RAM replaced, but I just kept that set in since it was past the free return date, and I didnt want to pay restocking on it. I tried to pawn it off on craigslist, but no one wanted it for a reasonable price ( I want more than 15$ for a 4GB set, no matter how fast it is)

    So now I roll with 8GB which is really damned handy when doing some editing in photoshop or Premiere.

    Oh yeah, that the other thing about a new pc. Expect something to break or be DOA. Make sure you still have access to another internet enabled pc or laptop until you're certain that the new one is in 100% working condition.

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