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Getting a Piece of Humble Pie on This Monarch (Agressive AI option) Game, please Help

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by mutax2003, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. mutax2003

    mutax2003 Rider of China, 4-3-3

    Oct 26, 2005
    So I started off as the Greek on an island by myself. I followed the steps below:

    (1) chop rush a second settler
    (2) First city chop rushed the stone henge, then oracle (for code of law), and second city chop rushed the third settler, as well as two workers
    (3) After both projects are done, built barrack in both, research iron working, and took out the barb city adjacent to me
    (4) Now I pumped out addition settlers until I have a total of 9 city
    (5) Chop rushed court houses, had to set research to 0% for like 10 turns just to bring the finance in order. Meanwhile, I pumped out 16 workers and cottaged the whole island.
    (6) Founded christianity and Islam with two of my great prophets, but fell somewhat behind in military tech
    (7) Qin (the next island) declared war on me when he gets longbowman, but I easily wiped out his tiny invasion force (1 longbowman and 2 swordsman)
    (8) For the next three hundreds I tried to built up my infrasture, while maintaining a constant cold-war with Qin
    (9) About the Grenadier age, Inca declared war on me and landed with 6 units near my capital and starting pillaging. I had to bring all my frontline force back just to stop the damage
    (10) Qin seeing the opening, landed a full stack of grenadiers and catapults on my northern front, now it looks like I will lose two cities, possibly more.

    Anyway, if you can look at my save file, any advice or tips on how to improve my game would be appreciated.
  2. Melkus

    Melkus Chieftain

    Nov 3, 2005
    Well, some things I noticed (without thorough analyzing):

    - Some of your cities (especially in the East) lack production so bad as to be nearly useless. You need to build some farms (lighthouses wouldn't hurt either) to get that crucial surplus food you need to support production. Remember that every single farm makes your cities grow faster. (Start irrigating from that farm SW of Illinois)

    - You obviously expanded too fast, and building 16 workers is a little bit over the top as well. Also, maybe you shouldn't chop every forest on the continent.

    - You really should have founded Sparta on that hill two tiles to the right. (gives you ocean access for commerce + harbor and that unused food from the deer resource), then build another one between Athens and Sparta later.
    And Thermopylae's location (3rd greek town, isn't it?) just sucks. (More bad luck than your mistake.)

    - Build national epic in Athens and crank out those Great People. Get the Pacifism civic as well. You're philosophical!
    Also, your early wonders set yourself up for lots of Great Prophets. They're not that great, especially when you're isolated on your continent.
    When philosophical, try to get Pyramids and/or Great Library, then get Great Scientists (first one for Academy) and Engineers. Great Scientists in cities with Representation give you 9 research (16 or so with Academy + library), even if your tax rate is 100%. (Admittedly that's very hard to pull off without stone and marble early on.)

    - Little bit of bad luck with your continent generally. (Terrain sucks.)

    - Why found Christianity + Islam? Where's the benefit?

    That said, starting on an isolated continent on higher difficulty is not easy. I usually need some early warmongering to get a serious edge over the AI on Monarch.
  3. Dakhor

    Dakhor Chieftain

    Nov 5, 2005
    Monarch can be tough - I have a very easy time with Prince and bellow but Monarch is hard...

    I use the chop for settler rush too - although i seldom go for wonders. Usually I go for currency first as tech ( after alphabet ) - then all for military. Also I at times have very low science untill i get currency and cottages up. After that I just hammer at the AI.

    Anyway - why waste ur time with religion? its a 100% waste of time unless u play easier diff lvls.

    You could try and declare WAR very early with the AI and just sit arround his cities in the woods with a few units. But i think thats a bit like cheating. The AI is just too dumb.

  4. Mannu

    Mannu Warlord

    Sep 23, 2005
    This is not a true statement. I am currently playing a monarch game as Ghandi where I have spread my religion over the whole map. It is the renaissance and I am running full science, with 100+ Gold per turn income, and have no fear of being attacked by my neighbors because they are all pleased/friendly.

    In your circumstance however I don't think that multiple religions are helping you, unless you are starved for happiness resources. Starting on your own continent means that it is way harder to spread your religion to your neighbors.
  5. BubbaYeti

    BubbaYeti Warlord

    Nov 18, 2005
    I have been attacked by civs who are "pleased" with me before so thats no guarantee. I play on prince but I imagine on monarch it could happen too. But I agree that if you can spread your religion effectively its a wonderful financial tool.

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