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Getting BAT to work with another mod.

Discussion in 'Civ4 - BTS Unaltered Gameplay (BUG, BAT and BULL)' started by Jman47, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Jman47

    Jman47 Chieftain

    Feb 27, 2007

    I have looked here on the forums but most of the documentation concerning my topic is lost to time it seems.

    I want to merge BAT with my other favorite mod, real epic for BTS. Its going to be more complicated than a simple copy paste job however, I tried that and it wont work.

    Both mods have their own gamecore.dll file, and I think thats the issue.

    any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    Edit- It seems the problem is not with my real epic mod, but with my other mod, xxl world. I had combined real epic and xxl world successfully in order to create a mod where I could play an epicly long game with up to all 34 civs on a huge map. However it seems the xxl world mod is the one that edits the civgamecore.dll, the same way BAT does. However the only change made it seems would be to allow up to 34 civs to play in one game, where the max before was 18. Is there any way I can use BAT at the same time as my Real Epic/XXL world combination? or am I stuck with one or the other?
  2. ruff_hi

    ruff_hi Live 4ever! Or die trying

    Oct 24, 2005
    an Aussie in Boston
    If you know how to edit the underlying source code that compiles into the dll, then you might be able to edit the BAT source to expand it to 34 civs.

    If not ... then you are stuck.

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