GFC Error: Failed to Initialize Primary Theme FIX


Deviant Mind
Feb 24, 2006
Hey all,

Not sure if anyone's encountered this bug when trying to install some mods after having to purchase a new copy of Civ on steam.

If, like me, you've got multiple folders of the game still on your system b/c you're a lazy peon who likes to collect empty folders like dryers like single socks, you need to find where your STEAM folder is.

Steam>SteamApps>Common>Sid Meier's Beyond the Sword>Beyond the Sword>Mods is the folder you want, not Documents, or maybe an older Civ 4 folder that you've had since you scrounged the game off amazon b/c your old cds were left at your ex's :( [it's even populated with the mods!].

Note: there is a MODS folder there already in the parent directory; be sure to select Beyond the Sword directory so you're not sticking it into the Vanilla mods folder.
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