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Oct 6, 2001
Here it is, GFC2. I decided to make us Japan this time with 7 other civs. Here are the specs and turn order:


- Japan
- Restless Barbarians
- Standard Map
- Archipelago
- Temperate
- Wet
- 5 billion years ago
- Opponents:
- England
- Iroquois
- Russia
- Egypt
- Babylon
- India and Persia <-- I have a little history with those 2:D

Here's the turn order:



Ripley(due to Uni.)
thcsquad(due to tech. problems)

Current Strategies:

- Expand
- Get rich
- Find new lands
- Upgrade our country's defense

We are full! :)
I'm here and ready to get this one started! Should be fun! Lets kick some rear and then move to regent! :goodjob:
Urgent report.

From: Officer of the first watch.

To: High Command.

Our settler began by journeying to the nearby coast and establishing a capital named Kyoto. Work was started building roads and the training of our future warriors commenced.

The gift of a science called pottery was bestowed upon us by a neaby tribe and will surely be of great help. Our wise men are studying the alphabet as we speak. The current target is mapmaking.

Our early warriors have mapped the immediate region and report a small but suitable island. One warrior is continuing to scout the area's to the south.

There is a map attached to the report which I shall refer to now. As can be seen, there is little immediate room in which to expand. Considering the need for a core group of cities around our capital, we shall need to pack 'em in tight. Any food shortages can be overcome by ensuring that all cities are coastal, allowing for the benfits of future harbors.

I have placed red markers at the places that I consider to be most suited in the immediate area. The red dot with the black center represents the place where our second settler and their guard is heading. The recommendations are obiously at your discretion.

Our capital is currently training another worker to ensure maximum early use of available resources. Early consideration might be given to changing production to a granery. There is also an abundance of silk around our capital which we hope to provide valuable trade.
GFC2, 2750 BC.


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I am on it right now.
Darn ! our island is so small.
Ripley is right must have mapmaking soon.
I ruled for around 1000 years that really went by in 10 minutes :D
I think we have a hard game on our hands.
I started by changing production in Kyoto to granery. I guess we will need all the poupulation we can get to hurry science.
I also kept the science rate at 20 % so as not to lose money. All findings take 40 turns anyway.
Next in turn try to remember to keep an eye on the rate so we can hike it up when it becomes benificial.
We will need the money to buy science when we find someone.
In 2550 Osaka was built and already guarded it set out on a building a granery.
In 2110 the japanese scientists discovered alphabet and set on discovering a way to use it ( writing )
In 1950 BC Granery was completed in Koyto and its now building a settler.
I fortified our warrior unit in a place that could be our next settlment.
I now hand over the command to Charlie.. Good Luck.
Its now 1750 BC.
All I can say is WOW! What an isolated and tough starting position. I hope everyone else is as isolated, or we are going to have a lot of catching up to do! Anyway, here is the extremely uneventful summary of my 20 turns!

1750 BC: Pre Turn: The Ascendancy (Wow that almost sounds like a movie sequel title). Lord Chuck emerges from the depths of anonymity to assume control of the might Japanese island. How appropriate. After a brief gathering of intelligence, he determines that all we can do is head for mapmaking as fast as possible. Priority will be in expanding and generating revenue to fund the science effort.'

1725 BC: As noted by the previous emperor, moving the science slider does nothing, so the science rates are kept low. I assemble the advisors and some basic statistical information is revealed - we are #1 in the world in population (!) but our Capitol does not show up on the 5 greatest cities...

1700 BC: Kyoto produces an intrepid settler. Orders are dispatched: settle. They obey. They will move towards the wheat and gold.

1675 BC: Settler in position... preparing to settle...

1650 BC: Tokyo founded near wheat and gold. Rejoice.

1625 BC: Kyoto produces a worker to build more roads. Starts on a magnificent temple dedicated to the lord Chuck. Osaka produces a granary and trains another intrepid band of settlers.

1600 BC: We move our laborers in Kyoto to work the spice forests, and as a result we gain much more income! This allows us to spend less of our total income percentage on science without a detrimental effect on our research rate (got that?).

1575 BC: Work is continued on the expansive road network.

1550 BC: I shouldn't drink so much Malibu Rum when I'm typing these :jump:

1525 BC: A Road is started near Tokyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1500 BC: A mine is begun near Tokyo. It still takes 24 turns to get writing no matter what the slider is set at. :groucho:

1475 BC: The cultural influence of Kyoto expands. We now own even more of our uninhabited and isolated island. YAY.

1450 BC: Kyoto constructs the Temple to Chuck! :beer:

1425 BC: Barbarians sighted south of Osaka!!! We must kill! Destroy!! :slay: :rocket:

1400 BC: The Hsung Nu raiding party attacks our warrior and loses. I am such a military genius! :die!:

1375 BC: Our new settler is moving towards the grasslands N of Osaka.

1350 BC: Mine and road completed near Tokyo. Continuing to build roads to facilitate scientific expenditures.

1325 BC: We begin a mine on a deposit of gold $$$$$

1300 BC: Edo founded!!!! Tokyo whips a Granary. It was just taking too long. We have spices, so we should be able to keep the locals in line...

1275 BC: Kyoto finishes Barracks, Tokyo finishes Granary. As the Lord Chuck of all he surveys looks over the lands once more, strange yellow borders are sighted in the SE. Visions of grandeur invade his thoughts as he wallows on his death bed - we must kill the Egyptians...

Well I managed to stretch a very uneventful reign into quite a story don't you think? Here's a screenshot: OOPS I can't do that since I'm editing this post. See next post.
keep drinking that stuff :D :goodjob:
A word of advice to whos next... start building a palace before we discover mapmaking so we can hurry the lighthouse.
we neeed it so bad if we are gonna have a chance at this game.

I guess we must kill the egyptians again .. we dont have enough land. :rocket: :rocket3: :satan: :D :D :D
Downloaded it, will play in an hour or two. Now I'm reading the summaries :)

edit: When does the turn rate change, do I still get 20?
When does the turn rate change, do I still get 20?

Yep, we will just stick with 20 until the situation presents it self and we feel we need to lessen that number. It's good to hear from ya thcsquad. I'm looking forward to having you with us for the whole game this time:D
6-of-october - I can't get a head start on the Lighthouse with a palace because we don't have Construction yet. You need that for a palace.

I don't know if we'll get the Lighthouse anyway because the English are in this game....they start with only Writing needed to get Map Making.

AI turn between where the save was at and my turn - Barbarian horses approach from the south

1250 - Barbs are killed, warrior in Osaka becomes veteran! Palace expanded.

1225 - Settler is produced(Osaka switches to warrior), waits for warrior escort

1200 - Warrior escort produced in Edo, starts on Granary. they head down to south of Osaka. Barb horseman approaches Osaka.

1175 - Barb killed

1150 - Nothing

1125 - Another barb horseman approaches.

1100 - Kyoto produces Settler, starts on worker. Osaka produces warrior, starts on settler. Barb killed.

1075 - 2 Settler/Warrior combos finally are able to head south of Osaka, Since the flow of barbarians stopped.

1050 - Nothing.

1025 - Mine in Tokyo gold completed.

1000 - I notice Osaka is one turn away from growing to size 6 and going into disorder, I micromanage the workers from working the wheat to the coast, for more trade and so we don't go into disorder until we get a temple in there. So now we get 8 gold per turn rather than 5, but for some reason research won't go any faster even if I move the science up to 100%.

975 - Founded Satsuma, you can see where in the picture. Start on a temple.

950 - Satsuma warrior escort disperses barb camp.

925 - Found Kagoshima in tundra near Egypt, it won't be able to grow large for a while, though.

900 - Settler produced in Osaka, whipped temple. Osaka now size one, but should be easy to grow back very large now that it has a temple, and of course it has the three wheats.. Warrior produced in Kyoto, start on another warrior.

875 - Nothing, really.

850 - Tokyo is being prepped for wonder production since it has two hills, two grassland+shield, two mountains, and is close to the capital. Building mines in all 6 squares that it will be able to use for the Lighthouse. When it's size 6 we can get max 13 shields out of it, -3 probably for corruption. Lighthouse is 400 shields, so 40 turns. Too bad we don't have Construction so it can't get a head start.

825 - Nothing.

800 - Writing finished, Map Making started, will reach it in 29 turns at 50% science while losing 3 per turn.

775 - I forget now(this is the only turn I'm writing that wasn't while playing) what happened, but nothing too important. Some city probably finished a unit or improvement.

In the picture: Blue x is where to settle for the whales, red is just where the least overlap is with the existing cities. I guess we can settle on that penninsula/island with land bridge, but it's gonna have major overlap. Picture will be linked to because it's too big for attachment. is the URL
Well, I just finished my turn in the Chinese game and I still have LK8 to play. After that, I will play this and will hopefully be done in 10-15 hours. Can't wait to see the game!!!
Originally posted by thcsquad
6-of-october - I can't get a head start on the Lighthouse with a palace because we don't have Construction yet. You need that for a palace.


Sorry I forgot about the prereq thing. See I usualy play the egyptians and I guess they start with Masonary and that gives the palace improvment.

Ok guys, I will play now. I have been pretty busy lately. Looks like we are off to a good start, I plan on sealing that...
Here's the file. Summary soon to come, it won't be in story form because I am lazy. The name of the file explains a lot.
I'm not sure if i played 20 turns exactly or not, it doesn't matter though.

730 - Nara founded
710 - Edo rushes granary
610 - I had to change Tokyo and Kyoto to wealth because the endless production of settlers would eventually run out our population, the endless production of workers would be a headache, and the endless production of useless warriors just won't help and will eventually lead to a big, outdated army that requires gold for support. And we get a couple gold. :D
570 - Nagoya founded, that makes 8 so forb palace can be built. :rolleyes: Found a yellow border.
550 - Tokyo started Forb. palace as placeholder for lighthouse.
390 - The finale:

Found an Egyptian galley and contacted it.

They have the following techs that we don't have and they have all of our techs.

- Bronze Working, Masonry, Warrior Code, Mysticism, Philosophy, Code of Laws, Literature, Map Making(we get that in 1 turn)

- I got Bronze working and masonry for 103 gold and a w/map.

We can now build some better defense units and some other neat stuff :D

That is it. We really need those Egyptian techs. I would suggest 100% tax for a while until we have bought all of their techs. As soon as we reach the middle ages, we can start our own tech research again. Map making comes in 1 turn so the exploration can start. We can change the Forb palace to lighthouse and that can be changed later again maybe. These next turns are very crucial to the game. We need to expand and grow techwise. Have fun!!! Ripley is up now!!! :D
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