Gifting a city can block the game

Raul Saavedra

Apr 14, 2022
Just joined this forum after googling where to report a Civ V bug. This one might be rare, since it is not so common to gift a city to another civilization. If triggered, it's pretty catastrophic though, since it will basically block the game.

It can be easily replicated from the attached save file. Here is the context of what was going exactly when the game was saved, and how to trigger and verify the bug.

As Carthage I had been in war with Askia/Songhai for some time, but Askia had just proposed peace. In their proposal they included the city of Kumbi Saleh, and I had accepted the peace deal. The location of this city however was not attractive at all to me, so I decided to give it as a gift to another civilization which I was friendly with, the Aztecs. That city is incidentally bordering their empire.

Here's how to trigger the bug:
- Right after loading the game you will be asked to choose production for that city, Kumbi Saleh, but don't choose anything there. Simply go and click on any Aztec city, and trade Kumbi Saleh as a free gift to them. They will gladly accept, naturally.

That's it. Back from there you'll see that the game is already completely stuck. It will ask forever to "Choose Production" for something... but when clicking on Choose Production, nothing will ever happen. No city comes up. Stuck.

Interestingly, if you reload this save, and gift that city not to the Aztecs but to Arabia, everything will continue normally. Back from gifting it to Arabia, the Choose Production button will still be asking for your attention, but it will have normally switched to another city which also was ready for a new production.


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Oct 13, 2015
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Yeah, this one is known. IIRC, it's a problem only if you gift a city the same turn you get it. But the work-around is simply remembering to start ANYTHING building before you do the transaction. It won't look like it's being built (there will be the row of ??????), but it will allow the gift to happen.
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