Gilded Destiny thoughts?


Nov 22, 2022
I came across this pre-release game, Gilded Destiny, up on steam. The game seems similar to Civ6 and Vic3. And, in a discussion thread on Steam, the dev mentioned the Civ6 visual aspect as a target for the final released game.

“Gilded Destiny is a grand strategy game depicting the transformative era of the Industrial Revolution. You will take the helm of the country of your choice and transform it from a backward agrarian society to an industrial powerhouse. The game is a deep simulation of societal transformation, industrialization, the economy, warfare, and diplomacy”

It seems a bit too early to tell what actual gameplay will be like. Also, 2024 is a long time to wait! But, it’ll be interesting to see how this develops, especially with the 3D global map and some of the promised warfare mechanics.

You all have any thoughts?
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