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Global Terraforming mechanic

Discussion in 'CivBE - Ideas and Suggestions' started by KrikkitTwo, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. KrikkitTwo

    KrikkitTwo Immortal

    Apr 3, 2004
    A Suggestion for a Global Terraforming mechanic, to give some competition between purity and harmony, and allow you to impact the Planet in a way other than taking it over

    Things to add:

    Global Terraforming level 0-5

    ‘Terraform’ (ie Earth equivalent of Miasma..cannot be on the same tile as miasma) aliens take 5 damage per turn in it (energy boost to Terrascapes with terraform present..probably reduce/eliminate the terrascape energy from Purity 8)..planting miasma on a tile removes this [probably have to increase the time/difficulty to plant miasma...ie condenser adds miasma to 3-6 tiles over its lifetime]

    Terraforming Satellite: in Terraforming/Biospheres/Planetary Engineering (requires Purity 5-8? if possible)

    Ecological Restorer: Building in Alien Ethics/Alien Ecology, requires Xenomass, Harmony 5-10.

    How it would work
    Global Terraforming Level is based on Global Terraforming Points / Native Environment points
    <25% 0, 20%+=1, 50%+=2, 100%+=3, 150%+=4, 200%+=5

    GTP: start at 0 (minimum 0)
    +1/turn for each Terraforming satellite
    ?Other effects?(purity buildings, wonders, virtues?)
    -1/turn Xenomass covered in Miasma with no Well

    NEP: starts at # of coastal+land tiles
    +1/turn Harmony Buildings (consume Xenomass)
    ?Other Harmony buildings, wonders, virtues?

    Each Land/Coastal tile would check every 20 turns (not all on the same turn) against its "Terraforming Score"

    Terraforming Score for a tile
    Global Terraforming Level
    +2 if adjacent to a &#8216;Terraform&#8217; OR Terrascape
    -2 if adjacent to OR has miasma
    +2 if Terraforming Satellite overhead
    +random # 1-5

    8 or more&#8230;tile gets &#8216;Terraform&#8217;, removing any miasma
    7 or less&#8230; any &#8216;Terraform&#8217; removed

    Colossal aliens will change a Terraform tile into miasma after taking 5 damage.
    Regular aliens (if there are no combat enemies nearby) will actively plant miasma on terraform tiles like a worker (removing the terraform..if the alien doesn&#8217;t die first)

    Settlers only come through if Global Terraforming is 3+, Transcendence only proceeds if it is 2-
  2. Gokudo01

    Gokudo01 Chieftain

    Apr 12, 2014
    it's a fun idea :) seems hard to implement though

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