Global warming is a good part of the game because...


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Mar 10, 2002
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Firaxis did good in adding the global warming to this game.
We were 8 civs in the future tech era, after the spaceships, united nations ect... The game had ended but i continued, so i was the ROMANS (remember the save game i posted few weeks ago?) well in that game i kept playing it until INDIA (AI civ) launched an ICBM against the japanese empire, because the japanese empire was invading INdia's last cities, so india in an act of desesperation launched all its ICBMs against japan, which caused the all war go against INDIA, ok india was eliminated 2 turns after.
But before that Japanese-Indu war, the whole world was like in a global war, kind of a world war, but this time it was like 3 types of alliances, like a Free for all of 3 alliances, something like that. Anyways India launched that icbm against japan and created a nuclear war against india, after the nuclear war ended, all the civs had 0 ICBMs and i was the only one who did not suffered from that nuclear war so i still had my 80 ICBMs.
The point is that after the nuclear war the world was very polluted because of the nuked cities, so the world was changing rapidly, all the civs stopped their wars and started accepting RIGHT OF PASSAGES, now the new war is against the global warming. All the agressives civs of the world had allied against the global warming and now we are all helping each other to reduce the pollution from the nuked cities. We had reduced the pollution like to 50% less, the global changes of terrain now is slower than when the nuclear war ended, so the point is that global warming is fun if u see it this way.
In resume all wars stopped to fight against a common enemy: GLOBAL WARMING.
yeah, Global Warming stopped the effect so well known in CivII: once a Nukewar started, it went on and on and on and on. no more military exchange was possible without Nukes. now the Civs are reluctant to Nuke once GW has got real bad once before!
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