Global Warming, planting forests help?

Fanny Brice

Feb 3, 2002
Washington, DC
Does anyone know if planting forests helps to counter the effect of global warming (GW)?

I believe that one of the factors that contributes to GW is deforestation (removing jungles and forests). So, I'm wondering if it works in reverse.

I'm aware of the city improvements that lessen the effect. I wish you could control the amount of pollution generated like in Civ 2.

I don’t think its a factor. It should be.
In my empty squares(not in cities radius), I always plant forests just for make a better view of my territory and global warming (made my the AI :mad: ) seem to destroy my forests first. No squares changes, just plant a another forest.
Maybe hazard, who know?!
That's a good point. (Forests getting destroyed... reverting to original habitat.) Kind of a shield.

At the same time... still a lot of work... even though I've been doing in for my last couple of games.

I've noticed that automated workers go nuts and remove forests left and right. And the AI civs seem to strip their continents bare. The fiends!

I'm surprised forests don't get a shield bonus when you have a RR track on them... still just 2 shields. There is an incentive to chop them down and potentially get 3 shields from a resource square with RR... and more food in any case. Even the "game" resource is not incentive to keep the forest (unless on Tundra).

Lately I just leave huge areas of jungle alone if possible. Clearing just enough to get enough food for moderate growth. If not a "major city", I don't worry about the disease effect.

Fanny "Friend of the Forest" Brice :lol:
Originally posted by hzm
I don’t think its a factor. It should be.

Ditto, and damn straight.

I'll have to add that to my complaints about Civ III!
Two places I build forests:

1. any area in my cultural border that cannot be worked - forests have a nice defensive bonus and slows down the enemy's fast-moving units.

2. all tundra to get a shield bonus. The AI does this as well.

If this also happens to counterract global warming, great!
Forests Should have an affect on the enviornment but im not shure if they do.
They do in SMAC.
Originally posted by Troyens

Ditto, and damn straight.

I'll have to add that to my complaints about Civ III!

Exactly how long is this list. Why don't you just post it in a new thread so we can flame you for a while, and then it will disappear, leaving us in peace.
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