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Gnb4 Great Napoleonic Battles Has Landed


Jan 30, 2002
Monaco di Baviera!
Allows Human-play of the Ottoman Empire;

New Cities (Skandinavia, Poland, Moldavia, Algeria, Colonial British India, etc);

Adds a Winter season with its own Rules;

Adds developing uniforms (Winter/Summer; over the period of 1798-1810);

Adds "Describe File" for Units and more;

Adds "Leader Pictures in Diplomacy Window"

Adds Scenario ingame "SCredits.txt"

More Balanced money "prize money" when conquering cities or unique units;

Cost for Cannons has been reduced to match that of Cavalry (the AI now builds many more Cannon-units than in the past;

Faster Technology advance makes the race to predominance much harder and fun in MP and offers new bartering possibilities;

Chose between the Imperial Way and its ddisplay of Absolute power or seek your profit with Republicanism and Economic advance;

The AI (Neutrals) has become quite a dangerous bugger and will strike back at foreign invaders- you will face a grimm enemy at the game's start- waiting will just make things worst, though;

Winter makes the construction of barns, and structural buildings like water supply and sewers more expensive- additionally in winter expenses for maintainance of several improvements rise to reflect the weather conditions;

New Unit: Corvette to make the initial Naval superiority of Britain less of an issue- still the number of ships is the same;

and many more........................ many....................

The Files:

1)MAIN Files 1
2)MAIN Files 2
3)Additional GAME Files
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