Gods of Old and outdated monastries


Oct 21, 2005
Does anyone know why in Gods of Old Monastries get outdated by Scientific Method?

I think it is first a game balance error, because unlike normal game in Gods of Old Monastries provide GPP for Great Prophets, which are important part of the mod "flair", and because some of them provide huge bonuses()e.g. +3 happiness with resources), so by resaerching Scientific Method one gets a serious disadvantage to have those powerful beuildings be no longer buildable.

And second it also makes no sense, because Religion(aka Monastries) and Scientific Method only have so much friction in this world, because the effect of god(s) is not measurable in our world(maybe because there aren't any gods there) and science only accepts things that are measurable. But in Gods of Old the activities of the Gods are measurable - hard to miss those meteor showers appearing right after some white bearded guy in the next country was ordered by his leaders to ask the god for such a meteor shower. So scientist in this world would not have any problem with accepting the existance of gods and therefore there is no reason, why monastries are no longer build after the emergence of science.


Grognard fantome
Jan 14, 2004
That does sound like a serious issue. I wonder if they've changed it in the latest patch?
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