Going for the win!


Sep 22, 2009
Imo, based on the 7 orginal factions:

The Hive = Balanced Approach. (Flexible).

[The Men] = Focused.
Peacekeepers = Votes and Bonus Votes. (atleast 3/4 of total planetary population needed to win).
Morgans = Corner the Energy Market. (Cost = 1000+ energy Formula).
University = Transendence (via a long Research path initially before Voice of Planet).

[The Women] = Conquerers.
Believers = Win via their Support (Unit) advantage, while using superior Probe Teams at the expense of 20% Research.
Gaians = Win via their Planet (Mind Worms) advantage, while having a deficit of Morale (non worm) and Police (unhappiness) disadvantage.
Spartans = Win via their Morale (Unit) advantage, while having an Industry disadvantage of 10%.

Q: What is the easiest/hardest paths to Victory at any or all level(s) of gameplay?

In my experience, the Peacekeepers make a better Morganite, if (and when) they are Governor of the Planet because of the +1 Economy they recieve for it, which is more likely given their double votes. Also, having to build the Hab Complex at size 9, instead of size 4 is a huge plus, because of other compunded production purposes, amplifying the energy strategy. Imagine building an Energy Bank at Size 4 and a Hab Complex at Size 9 instead of a Hab Complex at Size 4 and an Energy Bank at Size 9. Also, in the early game, morgans have to sacrifice a unit of production maintaince just for a former unit too, while the -1 inefficiency Lal has is easily made up for his "hidden" doctor, amplifying his population's happiness.

Comparing the University advantage to the Peacekeeper advantage seems like the difference of +4 luxury resources at size 4. (thats the difference between a happy citizen and a sad citizen). That difference is effectively like a Recreation Commons at size 4, which the University need to build. However, their early game bonus of a Network Node and +2 research is a huge benefit. Looking at the Cost/Benefit analysis of that, I think, a Network Node > Recreation Commons. But, then, factoring in the probe disadvantage could be a hole that takes a lot of "mud" to fill. So, its hard for me to tell at face value.

Looking at the women, Idk, which method of conquering the world is best, but I think going for Biology Labs (Mind worms) would be my preference, because thats all the technology you need to do it, whereas counting on Probe Teams and Units or Morale and Units need a lot of upgrades and time to do.

Which Faction has a going for the win advantage? What is your favorite way to win it? Which faction would be your smartest choice to do it with?
Its also interesting thinking about the Spartan Cost/Benefit analysis too.

Its like they took out a "loan" to get the effects of a free "Command Center" in each base, and they always just make the interest payments on that loan of 10% industry.
The break-even point, would be 10x resources of that. In other words, its 400 mineral resources.
So, as a Spartan, if you can't utilize their aadvantage profitablly within 400 mineral resources of each base, then I suggest a different faction or different strategy.

And, I wonder, what ultilizing a free but hidden "Command Center" looks like, from the start of the game.
How many battles, where the outcome would have been different, does 400 resources saved equate to?

Are the Spartans a strong faction, a weak faction, or somewhere close to the break-even, if you do their military strategy?
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