+ Gold but losing it.


May 6, 2012
I am getting +gold every turn but I'm not actually getting that gold. I'm losing gold and I don't know how or why. It's getting really annoying now because I have missed out on a lot of random events because I have no gold. Could someone explain this to me please?
There was a gpt bug a few versions ago, but it was fixed. Did you look at the common checklist? (Link in sig.)

Also, in the future, please post such reports to VEM's Bug Reports subforum.:)
Also, in the future, please post such reports to VEM's Bug Reports subforum.:)

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And thanks for reporting it :hatsoff:.

@everyone: In general, if you see that e.g. a thread is misplaced, might need another title, or other things which you can't do, then please don't hesitate to notify the moderators about it. You can use the "report post" function (the button to the left of each post) to do that :).
Thanks. I didn't know if it was a bug or if it was something to do with being allied with a city state.
Ok so I started a new game to see if the same thing would keep happening. It does, I've been looking at my costs and nothing seem to be taken away each turn. but instead of getting +19 I'll get one or 2 gold or even have gold taken away.
Did going through the checklist fix the bug? It's just that I think we'd see more reports from regular VEM users if there was a bug in version 154, which makes me think it might be something on your end. In any case I'm going to start a game with v154 later today - I'll keep an eye on my GPT for any anomalies.:)

Edit: Whoops, crosspost. Did you clear cache/MUD between games? Is there only one version of VEM in your MODS folder? What other mods are you using (if any)?
I cleared the cache and the MUD. There's only one version in my Mods folder. I'm using infoaddict and civwillard. I looked at the checklist and none of it helped. It seems that when the gold hits around 400 it starts doing odd things. Sometimes I get no gold at all the next turn sometimes I only get 2 gold and sometimes I lose gold. I don't see anything in game that is effecting it. Maybe the monument?
Ok. So I cleared everything. Got the latest version of each mod. Seems to be working just fine. I'm now going to add in Perfect World3 and CSD and see if it was either of those.

Edit: I don't know what I did but I fixed it. I just deleted everything and reinstalled the mods. It's all working fine now.
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