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Good Strategy?

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Strategy & Tips' started by repeatoffender, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. repeatoffender

    repeatoffender Chieftain

    Jan 24, 2006
    Ok just so I know I'm not missing anything major here is what I've found to be a pretty solid strategy so far in Colonization.

    Step 1, found City 1 somewhere with a lot of food and ideally 1-2 forests for lumber. Build order is generally Dock, Warehouse, School

    Step 2, get a scout out there to pop all the villages and ruins ASAP. Use all the money you buy to get a Galleon if possible to take back treasures to Europe.

    Step 3, start up a second city near some resource and build a Wagon train. Start shipping the resources city 2 harvests AND THE FOOD to city 1. By putting all your food in 1 city you make your population expand sooner in 1 city than half as often in 2. Having people sooner is always better than later.

    Step 4, get both cities up to high enough population so that all the tiles are being worked. Hopefully you have acquired an expert fisherman, expert lumperjack, firebrand preacher, and expert carpenter for city 1 (very important since carpenters generate bells but more importantly you are going to get max upgraded lumber mill filled with carpenters ASAP because more hammers = build all the other buildings you need even faster) and other good specialists from Europe to put in City 1 with your school so you can start advancing your workforce.

    By this point I've hopefully gotten the -50% travel time to Europe FF and the -25% unit cost from Europe one. Those two are amazing early game.

    Anyway my strategy at this point is to build every building possible in City 1 after I have my university up. This is because i ship all the resources from my entire colony to this one city to be turned into manufactured goods which i send on my galleon to Europe or use to quickly build up City 1s infrastructure (because of having so many tools and hammers present). By locating all my buildings and specialists here and shipping all the food to this one city I maximize the usefulness of my 1 university. The only buildings i have in other cities are forts, a warehouse if needed, and +liberty bell buildings manned with expert statesmen and possibly docks for mass building a navy late game.

    Later when I get the free schools in all cities FF I'll put colonists in them learning the specific harvesting professions city one doesn't have because there's no tiles or buildings in city 1 that needs them (ex. expert cotton farmer, etc.).

    Usually I end up buying exactly 1 of each type of specialist from Europe and training the rest in City 1 or schools in other cities if necessary (only usually build 5 cities)

    i've found in this strategy I end up having an ultra large city with 3 of each specialist working in blacksmiths and armories and what nots producing a ton of manufactured goods so that I'm generating enough wealth to quickly buy a ton of cannons from Europe which doesn't raise the threat level. Because all the food from the entire colony is going to this one city it pops a new colonist every turn without ever going into starvation (altho it will say it is losing food). This new colonist immediately is either trained at the university or armed and sent to guard something. Anyway I mass an army and in 1 turn turn them all into citizens to jump the liberty bell rating up and cause a revolution then turn them all back into dragoons and such.

    Anything I'm missing?
  2. ddd123

    ddd123 Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2008
    school is a waste at start, church is way better
    even warehouse if you can you can build a bit later since at start you are gathering few resourses

    all the school tactic at the end is very weak
    you have to train workers in native villages, thats the best way

    i usually build lumber mill in every town, even if small

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