Good thing about Steam pre-orders: Refunds!


Oct 8, 2008
At first, I was pretty annoyed that the game gets released 3 days later in Europe than in did in the US. It's the same game, right? Through Steam it's just a download, right?

Right now, I'm pretty glad the demo got released on the US release day but the full version hasn't. I can still get my refund.

Maybe, hopefully, I'll buy the game later, AFTER the buggy AI gets fixed (wait, no, "after AI gets added" is a better way of putting it) and after I've seen those "improved modding tools" give the dedicated people of this site a chance to clean up some of the other mess in the game. (AI, game speed, transparent -still don't know what it means when I accept a pact of secrecy/cooperation- diplomacy, AI, Interface, AI)
Bye bye, please do sign up on other fan sites when you come back to the game! :thanx:
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