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Goofy Chats

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of Democracy II' started by GaryNemo, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Jayne (2:55 AM) : You're up early! Jayne (2:56 AM) : What is it? 3am there?
    GaryNemo (2:56 AM) :
    Good morning! I knew if I stayed up long enough, you English would rise and shine!
    GaryNemo (2:56 AM) :
    3AM, Yes. We were just playing Bridge, me and my High School buddies. Been doing it for 30 years.
    Jayne (2:56 AM) : Long night then!
    GaryNemo (2:57 AM) :
    I'm cranking Chris Isaac on the stereo. Yes, played bridge from 7PM to 3AM
    GaryNemo (2:57 AM) : Had another Slam!
    Dreamed up a Plan for Cop's, what do you think of it!?
    Jayne (2:59 AM) : Not really read it yet......
    GaryNemo (2:59 AM) : Getting your morning coffee?
    Jayne (3:00 AM) :
    Yes, and taking advantage of Lucy playing quietly before it's time for her cereal
    GaryNemo (3:01 AM) : How sweet.
    Jayne (3:01 AM) : I agree putting both guards in LC
    Jayne (3:06 AM) :
    Plan looks good. I checked the science and we weren't the first to get mathematics so it's possible that someone else is also researching astro. we need to make sure we have the resourses to finish Cops quickly if needed
    GaryNemo (3:08 AM) :
    I'm trying to cover all bases. At the same time, I'd prefer to develop efficiently. That Wine Caravan is valuable for Trade. Just delay it a bit, is all.
    Jayne (3:10 AM) :
    It's a good idea to delay delivering the Wine Caravan. We'd hate it if that was all we were short of if we had to finish quickly!
    GaryNemo (3:11 AM) :
    GaryNemo (3:20 AM) : May I post this, "Goofy Chats"
    Jayne (3:21 AM) : ok
  2. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    GaryNemo (2:59 AM) : Good morning! I'm still up!
    Ren (2:59 AM) : Uh what time is it there? it's about 18:00 here
    GaryNemo (3:00 AM) : 3AM, I'm cranking the stereo! My buddies just left.
    GaryNemo (3:00 AM) :
    Ren, when you go to college, stay away from the game of Bridge.
    Ren (3:00 AM) :
    Eh ok...
    :D what song is on the stereo?
    GaryNemo (3:01 AM) : Chris Isaac.
    Ren (3:01 AM) : Ah very good
    GaryNemo (3:01 AM) :
    They loaded 10GBytes of MP3 over the past 6 mos, want another hard drive, I say no!
    GaryNemo (3:01 AM) : Now its Beatles, Love me Do.
    Ren (3:02 AM) :
    So they are looking to your computer with preying eyes, huh?
    GaryNemo (3:02 AM) :
    I hope MonkE becomes President. What do you think of my Cop's Plan? Any holes in it?
    Ren (3:03 AM) : I haven't seen that yet, what's the link?
    GaryNemo (3:03 AM) :
    Isn't the internet wonderful!
    Ren (3:04 AM) : Yes it is
    Ren (3:04 AM) : So you're in college?!
    GaryNemo (3:05 AM) :
    I'm 51 or something like that. I did well in college, because I did not know how to play Bridge, the card game, then.
    GaryNemo (3:05 AM) :
    Soon I will go home, shower, sleep, then go give blood. It's at my favorite supermarket, where they have fresh squeezed orange jiuce for us good boys & girls.
    Ren (3:06 AM) :
    Oh... I don't know how to play Bridge... I guess that's a good thing :D I like to play Euchre though
    Ren (3:06 AM) : Have you been smoking something?
    GaryNemo (3:06 AM) :
    Euchre is good training. Stick with that. My buddies know I believe this. Whereever there is life on another planet, they play Chess, Bridge and Poker, same Rules that we use.
    GaryNemo (3:07 AM) :
    Actually, no. But at our Boys Card Game, there are no prohibitions -- except: No *****ing and Whining.
    Ren (3:07 AM) : Oh...
    Ren (3:07 AM) : They sound like good rules to me
    GaryNemo (3:08 AM) : Chris Isaac, "I'm Not Sleepy" just came on!
    Ren (3:08 AM) : :D how appropriate
    GaryNemo (3:09 AM) : Yep
    Ren (3:10 AM) :
    Won't your family be annoyed with you coming home so late?
    GaryNemo (3:10 AM) :
    They are all asleep. I've been training them for 30 years, I get to stay up Thursday Night. My wife finally accepted it about 15 years ago.
    Ren (3:11 AM) : LOL
    GaryNemo (3:15 AM) :
    I'm going to go, but I wish to comment on the computer that is the stereo. I have a Win2000 system, Dell was nice enough to upgrade it from NT. It's junk, for example, it can not run WarCraft, my standard Mouse Test Program.
    GaryNemo (3:15 AM) :
    Seriously, it does a terrible job of running all of the DOS programs I use as my editors and such. So I do not use it for work. When I moved to this office, it sat in its box for 12 months.
    Ren (3:16 AM) : What is the processor?
    Ren (3:16 AM) : Yes it seems pretty useless... What runs well on it?
    GaryNemo (3:17 AM) :
    My buddies know all this, and asked if they could use it for a stereo. I said sure, but I was only going to buy them a sound card. They picked Turtle Beach. Then entire Stereo is donated by my friend, we joke, Emrich Labs. Subwoofer etc.
    GaryNemo (3:17 AM) :
    Now they want more Gigabytes, I said, quit Zipping the files on CD ROms, I have a shelf where they store Music CDRoms. That is the current debate. Every wek, I hear prices.
    GaryNemo (3:18 AM) :
    Today, it was $40 for 30 GBytes. I wasn't going to pay for it, but the "Council" said, no, that was not enough GBytes. They want 60!
    Ren (3:18 AM) : They expect you to upgrade their stereo??
    Ren (3:18 AM) : That's crazy
    GaryNemo (3:18 AM) :
    Shocking, isn't it! Some people expect me do do everything for them! A man once told me how to get things done.
    GaryNemo (3:19 AM) :
    He said, choose the busiest person you can find, and ask them to do it! it works!
    Ren (3:19 AM) : I guess so
    GaryNemo (3:20 AM) : May I post this, "Goofy Chats"?
    Ren (3:20 AM) : Eh sure, if you must
    GaryNemo (3:20 AM) : Well not, if you wish it not so.
    GaryNemo (3:21 AM) : Now, The Doobie Brothers
    Ren (3:21 AM) : No go ahead
    GaryNemo (3:21 AM) :
    I am also chatting w Jayne. She said it was ok. We could work if you like, chat about the game. There is little time before Saturday...
    Ren (3:22 AM) : I must go soon, I have a school dance to get ready for...
    GaryNemo (3:23 AM) :
    Have fun! A girl came over to our house to Trick 'R Treat this evening. Because she wanted to see my son, age 15. She's nice, he ignores her... Foolish boy.
    Ren (3:25 AM) : I agree, foolish
    Ren (3:26 AM) : And thanks, I hope I do :)
    Ren (3:27 AM) : Ah well i'm gonna go now, bye!
    GaryNemo (3:27 AM) : Thankx for chatting. Bye! :)
  3. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    I wish to report that I did donate blood. It took forever, was nearly an international incident. Although the cookies were excellent, the market did not donate fresh squeezed orange juice! Next time, one more procedure: call them on my way and ask if they'll bring some out.

    The Red Cross almost turned me down when they discovered I had traveled outside America! Fortunately from the viewpoint of the vampires, never to England. Three weeks on the Continent 20 years ago sent them into an investigative frenzy, because I had also been several times to Canada! Imagine that!

    Anyway, it's my civic duty, and I did it. I view Donating Blood as very important, on a par with posting the production status of Regia Civitas and Elysium. I see the Copernicus Plan may be approved. My hat is off to our duke -- that Thaumaturge stuff really works!

    Here is the best part: I am under Doctors Orders to not do any Heavy Housecleaning tomorrow morning, so I'll have a bit more time to post then, Saturday morning.
  4. heliogabalus

    heliogabalus Warlord

    Jul 10, 2002
    When I donate blood in my little hometown, the food afterwards is also quite excellent. What a shame that they "forgot" the freshly squeezed OJ. Now, in that little town, an elderly Red Cross nurse always wanders through the "food room" and offers pretty much everyone (except the babies that came with their parents) a stiff drink, Korn or Aquavit (40%). [Note: I didn't take one, but I've heard it's considered a good cheap way of getting drunk.]

    How convenient! :)
  5. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Chat with President MonkE

    GaryNemo (8:27 AM) :
    Too bad. I mentioned that the fora were running so well, and now they have been down for 30 minutes! That really messed me up last Saturday, needing to delay until Sunday, it was a late night!
    MonkE (8:39 AM) :
    There is a post on the main CFC site by Thunderfall:
    "The forum is currently having some database problems. :( I've informed our host about the problem and hopefully it will get fixed soon."
    Is that encouraging enough?

    GaryNemo (8:42 AM) :
    Well, no. I am writing to an acquaintance, just heard from him for the first time in 2-3 years. Also, reviewing a report from Count Goldberg, where he includes a report from Herr Psychologist ! Fun stuff!
    GaryNemo (8:42 AM) :
    Also hoping to send out an invoice, and move on with some Real Work.
    GaryNemo (8:43 AM) :
    I posted in nearly every thread last night, now noone can see, and soon the English will go home to sleep!
    Btw, your moves last turn were GREAT!
    I will help you to micromanage all of those cities, don't you worry!
    MonkE (8:44 AM) : Thanks. There is so much to keep track of.
    GaryNemo (8:45 AM) :
    I find it interesting, that Count Goldberg attaches a report from Herr Psychologist.
    MonkE (8:46 AM) : I wonder what the Herr Doktor has to say.
    GaryNemo (8:47 AM) :
    Frankly, the report is not complete. I am all of them, you know...
    MonkE (8:47 AM) : Of course. :)
    GaryNemo (8:47 AM) :
    In a week, I may receive a note from the Baron of Bedfont Lakes.
    Baron Munchkin
    MonkE (8:49 AM) :
    I wonder if the Marquis of Monk's Towne will appear?
    GaryNemo (8:49 AM) :
    When there is a new topic. I have noted: Ideas: Earl, Marquis, Duchess
    I keep a notepad document, actually NoteTab Light, very good Freeware.
    Then I have no real anguish over all of the server errors.
    GaryNemo (8:50 AM) : Plus, it's backed up, I don't trust my own PCs either!
    MonkE (8:51 AM) : I haven't had many PC problems for a while.
    GaryNemo (8:51 AM) :
    Perhaps you know the Marquis of Monk's Towne? Or, is he an acquantance of mine?
    GaryNemo (8:51 AM) :
    I like no problems. But I copy to another hard drive every few hours anyway. I have had enough such problems in my life!
    MonkE (8:52 AM) : Backups save much grief.

    GaryNemo (8:52 AM) :
    We could chat about issues, and post when the server is restored...
    MonkE (8:53 AM) : OK.
    GaryNemo (8:53 AM) : What concerns you, sir?
    GaryNemo (8:54 AM) :
    We will continue to IPRB cautiously, saving for a large expense...
    Or, the eve of Mike's !
    I have submitted the rehoming of the Civvium Silver to a poll.
    MonkE (8:55 AM) :
    This I have posted recently. Domestic infrastructure, small city size. Would like more trade to enable republic.
    I'm concerned that the Indians will keep up with us. I want to take a big lead.
    GaryNemo (8:56 AM) :
    Small City size, I posted in Boreum last night about your angst. Relax, we're winning.
    GaryNemo (8:57 AM) :
    We must encourage our Royal Science Dept and Citizens to think: Republic!
    All of those small cities will bloom in merely one century. 5 turns.
    MonkE (8:57 AM) :
    This game is going quite differently than I'm accustomed. I've never played at Deity with so many cities.
    GaryNemo (8:57 AM) :
    Yes, Deity is a great challenge. Makes many small cities even more important. I am merely very familiar with Emperor. Similar ideas, Deity is more AI stress.
    And Battle trouble. They have the odds.
    MonkE (8:58 AM) :
    Yes. I was playing large civs at Emperor. Deity play was OCC - much different.
    GaryNemo (8:59 AM) :
    I can't imagine OCC. Ever considered doing a Gotm as OCC?
    GaryNemo (8:59 AM) :
    The forums just came up. Sure enough, there are all of my posts. Damn!
    MonkE (9:00 AM) :
    Yes, that's how I'll do Gotm. I keep forgetting to save, though. I'll shoot for next month.
    GaryNemo (9:00 AM) :
    We may have lost another day. It was down for 10 hours.
    GaryNemo (9:01 AM) :
    I would like to post this whole thing in Goofy Chats? Ok? Or would you like some of it also in Turn Thread?
    MonkE (9:01 AM) :
    I'll take a look. I still wish to play Wednesday. Thursday doesn't work. Post as you wish.
    GaryNemo (9:02 AM) :
    Yes, we must keep the pace up. There are ideas for review and poll enough, it seems.
    MonkE (9:04 AM) :
    There is enough time for people to make their general wishes known. I think it is difficult for many to keep up with the details, though.
  6. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    President MonkE is about to move again!

    MonkE (5:42 PM) :
    Hello, I have printed the posted plans already. I'll start the post file in about 1.5 hours and play thereafter.
    GaryNemo (5:44 PM) :
    Sure. I am listening to Alex Harvey "The Faith Healer" . Whatever you do is always fine with me. You or any President, Minister, or Citizen. Remember to have fun!
    MonkE (5:45 PM) :
    Thanks for the reminder. There is so much to keep up with, sometimes this seems like work.
    GaryNemo (5:45 PM) :
    Jayne posted her plan, which I tried to not contradict. Dell19 let me be. Noone questioned the Ebor Diplomat, which I bagan posting days ago. Now it's Chris Isaac, "You're Killing Me". Have you heard it?
    MonkE (5:46 PM) :
    I don't think so. I mostly like New Age or Classical
    GaryNemo (5:46 PM) :
    My wife is off to NYC for the weekend with Opa. Opa is moving in with my daughter the young banker. My son is off playing "Magic, the Gathering", then a sleepover elsewhere. I'm free! Noone is in this office building -- I'm allowed to Blast the Stereo. It's from my friend, Emrich Labs. Not for sale, just one of my buddies that makes stereos. Sub Woofer and the ritz.
    GaryNemo (5:46 PM) :
    My wife likes Classical, also "Contra Music", also very good.
    MonkE (5:47 PM) : Contra?
    GaryNemo (5:47 PM) :
    If you get a chance to listen to Chris Isaac, album "Speak of the Devil", his lyrics are quite interesting. Contra is Country Music, we dance to it.
    GaryNemo (5:48 PM) :
    If you get a chance to go out with your wife, dancing, this Contra Stuff is terrific fun, easy, no lessons required.
    MonkE (5:49 PM) :
    Actually, she is sitting with me now - chuckling about dancing.
    GaryNemo (5:50 PM) :
    All girls like to dance. I tell my son that, but he is age 15 and acts ignorant.
    GaryNemo (5:50 PM) :
    Are you two having fun raising your family? May I post this "Goofy Chats?"
    MonkE (5:51 PM) :
    She's chuckling again. Our 'family' is us two and our cat.
    GaryNemo (5:51 PM) :
    WIFE: They list "Contra Dances" in our newspaper.
    MonkE (5:51 PM) : Post as desired.
    GaryNemo (5:51 PM) : Now The Beatles, "She Loves You, Ya ya ya"
    MonkE (5:52 PM) : Now the cat is here, too. They both want my attention.
    GaryNemo (5:52 PM) : My cat would always sit on what I was reading.
    GaryNemo (5:53 PM) :
    WIFE: Do you play Civ2 also? My wife doesn't, but 2 of 3 daughters and my son do.
    MonkE (5:54 PM) :
    That is normal cat behavior. She only plays 'Diamond Caves'. Well, must go now.
    GaryNemo (5:54 PM) :
    See ya. I'll post so people know the new turn is coming in a several hours. Bye.
    MonkE (5:55 PM) : Ok, bye.
  7. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Civ1-addict (6:53 PM) : Hi Gary, are you available?
    GaryNemo (6:54 PM) : Sure. The stereo was a bit loud, so I didn't near ICQ...
    Civ1-addict (6:54 PM) :
    Ah OK, I saw the goofy chat post, so MonkE is going to move today?
    GaryNemo: Jefferson Starship, 'SpitFire" Yes, in a few hours.
    GaryNemo: I was chatting with MonkE, his wife and cat.
    Civ1-addict: LOL you're really enjoying the music aren't you?
    I read it
    GaryNemo :
    Usually I prefer quiet. Now, I'm at low productivity, just enjoying myself. Clearing out a queer perl error message for a webmaster friend.
    Civ1-addict : didn't see the input of the cat though... ;)
    GaryNemo : True. the cat was silent. But a factor.
    Civ1-addict : So you're all alone now
    GaryNemo :
    I am laughing. Thanks for writing. yes, all alone for 2 days, maybe three. just my son, who ignores me.
    GaryNemo : It's a nice break, I do love my wife and family.
    GaryNemo : You Civ2'ers are another of my families. I have many.
    Civ1-addict :
    I'm sort of alone now too, girlfriend is asleep and I'm waiting for the drycleaner to finish....
    GaryNemo : You have a drycleaner?
    Civ1-addict : Oh no it's called different I now realize
    it's a machine that you put in your stuff after you've washed them. And when they come out they are dry...
    GaryNemo (6:59 PM) :
    Last night, I slept for 5 hours, a long time. Awoke at 4AM, went to help Opa finish packing boxes. A good family joke, which I sahered by EMail with that family.
    Civ1-addict : Opa is your dad?
    GaryNemo :
    We have a "Dryer". A Dry Cleaner is a business, clean suits and silk and such.
    Opa is my wife's Dad, but I perhaps know him better than my own Dad.
    GaryNemo :
    I live in an arranged marriage. I have known Opa longer than my wife. He taught me computers when I was in High School.
    Opa is the kindest person I know.
    Civ1-addict :
    Ah OK, I'm waiting for the dryer then. You married your teachers daughter then!
    GaryNemo : I have many teachers, but he was/is influential, yes.
    He taught me computers before I went to university. For four years there, I just polished the edges.
    Six months, I visited him once per week.
    Civ1-addict :
    We had a few teachers with good looking daughters too at school but they we're all taken or too hard to get. ;)
    GaryNemo : He started by listening to me, then asked me a question.
    GaryNemo :
    My wife is good looking, still is at 49, but she doesn't think she is. She thinks she is more than that, no make up etc. That's what to look for.
    GaryNemo :
    Back to Opa. I worked on the question for a week, then went back.
    We continued like that until I graduated High School.
    6 or 8 months, so 40 meetings. Went thru all of sofftware hardware and economics. Then he kept track of me.
    GaryNemo : I feel a good Goofy Chat Post coming, ok?
    Civ1-addict :
    And at university you passed him in computer-knowledge I reckon?
    Are we being goofy then? ;)
    GaryNemo :
    Yes, then he wasn't so much fun to talk computers with. But I had found new such friends.
    GaryNemo : Goofy, yes. But this is as serious as I get.
    GaryNemo : We had dinner every few years.
    Once or twice, he hired me as a computer consultant for his company. Talk to people, write a report, teach him something.

    GaryNemo :
    One dinner, I told him I was thinking of moving to Dallas. Then this happened.
    GaryNemo : One of his daughters called me a few weeks later.
    GaryNemo :
    She said, "My Dad and I are inviting you over to dinner. Tuesday, 6PM"
    GaryNemo : I asked, "Are you your dad's secretary, or what?"
    Civ1-addict : You always met Opa at work and not at home?
    GaryNemo :
    She said, "Tuesday 6PM, or not". No Opa, is really a home type. I was a High School student originally.
    Today, he moved from that ancestral Family Home, we call it Savoy Plaza, to New York City
    But he will be back.. He is old, it's his last fling, an adventure at the intellectual capital of the world.
    Civ1-addict : How old is he, he must be in his 70s
    GaryNemo :
    Anyway, back 25 years ago, I accepted, had dinner, and one thing led to another.
    I don't know anyones age but my own. I think he is 75 or 80. Walks slowly.
    Civ1-addict :
    Had your wife already seen you or had Opa said to her I know this guy you're going to like?
    GaryNemo : She was one of the kids that had occasionally observed us meeting.
    GaryNemo :
    An interesting thing happened when I was over for dinner. He had to go after dinner. That had never happened before, and has never happened since. He is a schemer.
    GaryNemo :
    She didn't care for me at the time, in High School. This was 10 years later.
    She was one of the kids that had occasionally observed us meeting. Opa has 7 children, and 20+ grandchildren.

    Every year, he goes to class with each of his young grandchildren.
    Spends a day at school with them. In whatever city they live!
    Well that must be quite a sight! Grandpa going to school with the kid!
    GaryNemo :
    Yes, but he could calm the teacher, and have fun with the class. the kids would ask, when is Opa coming This year?
    GaryNemo: If there was a test, he took the test.
    He would never tell my wife nor me what happened. No report.
    Civ1-addict :
    That's pretty cool, showing interest in the lives of his grandchildren
    GaryNemo : AeroSmith, "Toys in the Attic"
    Oh yes, he showed much interest in My Life, that's for sure!

    Unlike many people, I have no fear whatsoever of computers.
    Civ1-addict: Me neither, unlike many of my collegues
    It's rather strange in my profession to like fooling around with computers
    GaryNemo: Good for you. I talk software, applications, tools, hardware, chips, all of it.
    Many people see the computer as an instrument that just has to work, I like finding out new stuff the computer can do for me
    www.DbHotCopy.com/hampton/ I have written operating systems, language compilers, network protocols. Interactive applications are the most fun.
    It is most difficult to find how the computer can help. But you have your eye on the right ball.
    I'm not very good at hardware stuff or programming. Just finding out all there is to know about the software I use
    GaryNemo: Sure. You are a scientist, a different focus.

    GaryNemo : www is great for you scientists, eh?
    Civ1-addict: Magnificent!!!
    GaryNemo: It was first discussed by a guy Ted Nelson, iirc.
    Imagine, there is PubMed which lists all publications in our field of research. Thousands of journals
    Ted wrote an article, "Hypertext from Xanadu" published in Dr Dobbs Journal several decades ago.
    if you have to read them all, well it's just impossible but now it's all there on the net
    GaryNemo : Yes, I stopped reading magazines at least 10 years ago. The computer magazines are all junk.
    GaryNemo: "This is fast. really Fast!"
    Well, I sometimes read Science or Nature but the rest I just get off the net
    The science magazine advs say, "We can sequence 20,000 base pairs per hour"
    Civ1-addict: What's fast?
    GaryNemo: I mean, the software advs are all image, all fluff.
    I also read some articles in "Science", our library gets it.
    The advs in "Science" for biologists have substance, development.
    GaryNemo: Clear?
    The adverts in Science are mostly rubbish I think
    They promise heaven.
    When you use their products it's hell!!!
    Oh well, since I am ignorant, I like them. I see what you mean, tho. I like to read articles about new protein structures.
    Most products coming out now are about more speed but the quality is often not observed
    It must be difficult to use the products.
    The new one, structure of Ribosome, was fascinating. This past summer.
    It answered an old question for me.
    Protein structures are really nice to see but there are so many proteins people are working on and only so few of which the structure is known...
    Life began with RNA. It is quite clear, from the structure of the Ribosome. The two primary active sites are RNA material.
    Civ1-addict: Yeah, that's what I've been taught too.
    IBM is working on a computer to create structure from DNA sequence. A Big Problem.
    They have solved chess, you know.
    That's almost impossible as the translation of DNA to proteins is anything but straight forward
    With Deep Blue right?
    Yes, Deep Blue. The new one is called "Blue Gene" A good problem for their Computer Scientists. Deserving to be called Science.
    GaryNemo: Most "Computer Science" is junk, but not that one.
    Very true. If they succeed in cracking the problem they're my heroes, and of many others.
    Yes. Craig Ventnor, Creating Life now this week...
    He has chopped a bacteria down from 517 to 300 genes, and it still works. Lives.
    Good question, I don't think too much of him, creating new life seems a bit too much seeking publicity to me
    Well, he needs $money to do it, I understand that. He is out there, a leader.
    It's not that hard to find genes that are not necessary, there is much junk in DNA
    Yes. A current question is, is our human DNA 90% junk, or is much of it necessary?
    Much is junk but I think that much of what is considered junk actually may be necessary
    GaryNemo: Yes, we still do not understand.
    Civ1-addict: It's hard to find out what is necessary and what not
    GaryNemo: Well, he just tries everything, I guess.
    In animals it's quite easy to find out, just cut out the DNA and see if it still grows!
    Civ1-addict: Not ethical to do that in humans.
    GaryNemo: Yes. A bacteria with only 300 genes must be interesting.
    I haven't read that article but it's quite interesting to see what genes are actually not necessary
    maybe they're copies of genes that are still in the genome
    GaryNemo: I'm not sure he published it yet...
    Those 300 must surely be important!
    Civ1-addict: Maybe they've become irrelevant through the years
    GaryNemo: Latent.
    Civ1-addict: Yeah
  8. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    GaryNemo (7:33 PM): Silent agents of Evolution.
    Civ1-addict: Don't tell the followers of creation!!!! ;)
    GaryNemo: Well, they don't talk with me!
    GaryNemo: In Ohio, we had a Big Episode of that this year.
    Civ1-addict: It's still an issue in the US right? Not here anymore
    Religion itself is not an issue anymore here
    It has died down, I was afraid we'd be ordered by our Democratic Government to spend milions on useless textbooks, then buy good ones two years later.
    We heard several excellent speakers, my wife and I. They all came to Ohio this summer.
    Civ1-addict: Biology textbooks I reckon? supporting the Darwin theory?
    GaryNemo: The Creation Science had reared its ugly head.
    It has been settled, a relief to us all. Watered down to nothing. Political compromise.
    We've got a few professors too that are very religious and they believe in evolution but they also believe in God and that he is taking care of evolution or something like that
    Yes, the two can mix. But we must not pollute the Idea of Science
    I have another son, a Spanish fellow, lived with us about 8? years ago.
    He had brought his Spanish Biology textbook here, to USA.
    GaryNemo: It was over one third discussion of Evolution.
    He showed me with amazement, his USA textbook had less than a page!
    He asked, how can they teach Biology without meshing it with Evolution?
    Civ1-addict: That's quite strange really as Spain is a very religious country
    GaryNemo: Yes, but somehow, you Europeans have a better education.
    Civ1-addict: I think that in Europe people are acustomed to seek compromises
    Church has to live besides science
    My wife and I are aware of it, most Americans are not, that a European education is one of excellence, knowledge, facts. Thinking.
    In the USA it seems the two always want to fight and not seek compromises

    GaryNemo: Our President is perhaps an idiot.
    Civ1-addict: LOL That's a European thought!
    GaryNemo: Have you seen the latest EMail joke, "Hu is on First"?
    Civ1-addict: No haven't seen it
    I try to not be so Provincial. ignorant. You will get it in days, otherwise I'll send it to you.
    Civ1-addict: I did see the checklist joke
    GaryNemo: Checklist Joke?
    Civ1-addict: Yeah, I posted it on CFC wait a moment
    GaryNemo: Anthony Gomes, "Blues in Technicolor" Excellent! Must play Loud!

    GaryNemo (7:43 PM) :

    President Bush said it's now time for a change in Iraq and he wants them to have a Western-style democracy like ours. So right now in Iraq, the economy is collapsing, businessmen are corrupt, and Hussein wants his son to take over as president.
    Sounds like mission accomplished." -Jay Leno

    Civ1-addict: LOL Leno has some really nice jokes sometimes!

    Bush said he wants a change so that the people of Iraq will be allowed to choose their own leaders.Good luck, we can't even get the people of Florida to choose their own leaders." -Jay Leno


    The United States has developed a new weapon that destroys people but it leaves buildings standing. It's called the stock market." -Jay Leno

    Things do not look good. The economy's gone south,we're at war, people are out of work. In fact, George Bush Sr. picked up the newspaper and thought, 'Hey, I must still be president.'" -Jay Leno

    The New York Times is reporting that President Bush now has a formal plan for attacking Iraq. They say the key to this plan is timing. As soon as Bush's popularity falls below 52 percent, then it goes into effect." -Jay Leno

    It's been reported that the FBI is visiting libraries nationwide and checking the reading records of people it finds suspicious. When asked about it, PresidentBush said 'I've always been suspicious of people who go to libraries." -Conan O'Brien

    That was an EMail I got today. I printed it for my wife and Opa to laugh over as they drove to NYC. I'm looking at your post.
    Post such jokes in the Off-topic department of CFC and you'll be called a looney lefty!
    That Checklist is a good one! Our speaker at church two weeks ago mentioned that idea. Noone had the reason.

    He was a sort of ambassador to Israel, had managed the Palestinian Israeli accord for a few years.
    Because there is none but the government seems to be doing a pretty good job in convincing everyone that there is a reason
    GaryNemo: Well, the internet cuts into that, believe me.
    Unfortunately, few American chat outside the country. Some, tho.
    The palestinian-israeli conflict drags itself on and one, can't believe they're still not tired of the war.
    GaryNemo: He said there were a few points, want me to state them?
    Civ1-addict: Go ahead. I'm interested in his crazy mind!
    It is in my October DayTimer, just a moment...
    Opps, its down in the car. I'll try to remember.
    GaryNemo (7:50 PM) :
    1. The refugees must realize, they are never going home.
    2. Boundaries must be established.
    3. Jerusalem is a special case. Three Religions.
    4. No archaeological digging.
    I think that was his list. made sense.
    He did not have a crazy mind, this fellow.
    Yeah but those are exactly the things they've been fighting over
    GaryNemo: True. They must resolve them, not you and me.
    Civ1-addict: I don't see it coming in the near future
    There's too much hate.
    Well, they must keep a lid on it until they resolve it. Two countries, both with leaders that are known terroists, known murderers. Tough situation.
    An awful situation, such a pity Rabin was murdered, he was a good guy.
    Rabin was a moderate, right? Soon my son will call. I'd like to post this "Goofy Chats", and add one thing, perhaps relevant to our game.

    GaryNemo (7:55 PM):
    My arranged marriage. Here is what Opa told me once.
    Regarding me, Gary Nemo, and my wife. He could not imagine anyone else in the world that either of us could marry! We were meant for each other.
    My wife is every bit as stubborn as I am, you see.
    That is how we got Opa out of that house. We raised a daughter that is an improved version of ourselves, she did it.
    Stubborness is a good thing but hard for the people around you, I know from experience
    GaryNemo: Yes. I compromise with great difficulty.
    Me too, driving my girlfriend and collegues crazy sometimes
    My daughter, "Opa, Come to New York and take care of me!" It took her only six months to accomplish the impossible.
    My daughter and I have a Mutual Admiration Society for each other. My wife is lucky to get to see her for a day or two.
    I have learned to work thru other people. Let them explain things to others.

    NY is a city I still want to visit sometimes, my girlfriend went there a couple of years ago and absolutely loved the place
    Yes. My wife and I were there last summer, when my daughter had a summer job there, scouting the place.
    GaryNemo (8:00 PM) :
    Here is an interesting note. She invited others to visit her in NYC too.
    GaryNemo: My son went, and my youngest daughter.
    Civ1-addict: And now they all want to live there?
    My son got lost on a second trip there, because his friend's Dad would not give the boys a map. Stupid. Yes, my eldest is there, my youngest wants to go. Here is why.
    He got lost looking for the park where they play chess. No map, although he had asked to borrow it.
    So they took a cab. "Take us to Washington Park." My boy is very resourceful.
    Another thing, a comment from my youngest daughter.
    "We walked into this building in NYC, and there was My Brother's Name on the Wall!"
    We are all terribly proud of each other. My son is one of the highest rated youth chess players in the USA.
    In NYC, they post that sort of thing on the wall.
    He loved it. Good competition whenever he wanted it. Opa will love it too.
    How cool! I've played chess when I was younger, I like it but I suck at it... :lol:
    It is my job, and my daughters', to find a way to pay for all of it. NYC is $very!
    Civ1-addict: Then I'll have to save for a couple of years!
    I started my kids on chess very young. We played together against the computer, chatted about strategy. Now I'm useless to him, except $, but I started him. And my wife, she helped too.
    She was alone with him, the girls had all started school.
    My parents both know nothing about it, my nephews got me into joining this chess-club
    Yes. Chess is good for thought. At any level of play. My son just called, I must go. May I post "Goofy Chats"? please? I believe, if I do something, it is useless to others unless I document it. Such as this chat.
    Sure post it, I'm going to bed now, the dryer just ended
    Sleep in dry clothes! Check the forum tomorrow AM. Your pix are terrific. In that other thread, please. Bye.
    Civ1-addict: OK, I'm off. See you again soon!
    New pic tomorrow maybe, otherwise monday
  9. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Funxus (6:09 AM) : Hello Gary
    GaryNemo (6:09 AM) : Good morning. I'm checking the posts.
    Funxus (6:10 AM) :
    Nice, I just made a new post in the upcoming war thread 1660AD
    Hope it isn't too late
    GaryNemo (6:10 AM) :
    Btw, I'm glad you put your school & other work first, then found time for your contribution here. Looks like you got it in an hour before the deadline. Jayne will be fine with it, I'm sure.
    Funxus (6:11 AM) :
    Thanks, I had to write about debt cancellation and it took much more time than I expected. I'm still sorry:( I just checked the 1660 turn thread, and she just posted she has allready started.
    GaryNemo (6:12 AM) :
    Lets talk about debt cancellation. The problem first was tried and rejected in ancient Greece, I believe.
    Yes, but she posted an hour after you did.
    Funxus (6:13 AM) : No, I just posted it
    Funxus (6:14 AM) :
    In Greece, I didn't know that
    GaryNemo (6:14 AM) :
    Oh, I see. 2 posts. Well, we can hope. I just ICQ'd her to take a look at your post. She said she would.

    Funxus (6:14 AM) :
    I've just been writing about the debt problems today
    Thank you
    GaryNemo (6:15 AM) :
    Well, a long time ago, in ancient Greece, they tried to cancel all debts.
    I read about it in ancient Roman history, Livy iirc
    The Romans investigated it, and decided it was chaos, not the answer.
    However, it was frequently a popular idea. Hence, ongoing discussion.
    At the time of the Roman Republic, 400BC - 40BC
    GaryNemo (6:17 AM) :
    The discussion was debt. Could you charge interest on interest? That was not in favor, the govt occasionally stopped that. It is common today, of course.
    Funxus (6:17 AM) :
    Maybe I should have checked the history of debt cancellation first.
    GaryNemo (6:18 AM) :
    You live and learn. I do. I'm sure your paper will be fine, wherever you started the epoch you researched.
    You are learning process, and an assortment of facts. Age 15 iirc?
    Funxus (6:18 AM) : 17...
    Do you know what the problem was with cancelling all the debts? Why did it become chaos?
    GaryNemo (6:19 AM) :
    I can't recall why it became chaos. 17, High School, ah. My youngest turns 16 in 2 days.
    GaryNemo (6:19 AM) :
    Here is why I think it became chaos...
    Perhaps 2 reasons.
    1. it undermines the concept of property rights. Who owns what?
    2. It undermines the productivity of rich people. The rich people, you know, are generally the greatest contributors of productivity. By definition, eh?
    Funxus (6:20 AM) : I agree
    GaryNemo (6:21 AM) :
    Those are just my guess. Try reading Livy, a very ancient historian. Quetionable accuracy, but a huge record digging deeply back from his time 100BC or so.
    Funxus (6:21 AM) :
    Still, many of these countries have paid more in debt service charges, i.e. interest, then they borrowed from the beginning
    GaryNemo (6:21 AM) : Yes, debt service charges.
    The ancient govt felt it could meddle with that.
    That did not affect the property rights totally, you see?
    GaryNemo (6:22 AM) :
    Yet it was popular. Helped to reduce poor peoples' payments.
    What was the focus of your current paper? Scope? Premises? Conclusions?
    Funxus (6:23 AM) :
    More money is flowing from these countries to the rich western world than is flowing to them. Is it right to take money from poor people, just because they had egoistic dictators thirty years ago?
    Funxus (6:23 AM) :
    The point is:
    Funxus (6:25 AM) :
    To determine whether a total debt cancellation is possible or not. Then we found out from our sources that there is a program allready for debt relief, run by IMF / World Bank. So we made a comparison between the two to see what consequences they might have.
    GaryNemo (6:25 AM) :
    Interesting! Certainly relevant today!
    GaryNemo (6:26 AM) :
    Is IMF active today in Argentina? Brazil? My friend in England says the IMF is a useful organization, hard but helpful.
    Funxus (6:27 AM) :
    Well, I only know about their debt relief program, called HIPC (heavily indebted poor countries) initiaivte, and most of these countries are in Africa.
    Funxus (6:28 AM) :
    Outside Africa are: Honduras, Nicaragua, Guyana, Bolivia, Yemen, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar
    GaryNemo (6:28 AM) :
    Africa is in real hard times. Is Gota Rike in Sweden?
    The deep little countries, not Argentina & Brazil. I see.
    Funxus (6:29 AM) : Maybe they have other programs in these countries

    GaryNemo (6:29 AM) :
    My friend in England says Africa is drifting back into the stone age. They drove the Europeans out many decades ago.
    He only had to use his mace three times!
    Funxus (6:29 AM) :
    I assume there is a lot of poverty, even if the country is not a part of HIPC
    GaryNemo (6:30 AM) :
    You know Mace? Can of spray, temporarily blinds attacker?
    Funxus (6:30 AM) : I think I know, who did he use it on?
    GaryNemo (6:31 AM) :
    He vacations for 3 months a year, always different parts of the world. Several trips thru parts of Africa.
    GaryNemo (6:32 AM) :
    Thugs somewhere in dark africa. Have you read Heart of Darkness? by Conrad iirc?
    Funxus (6:32 AM) :
    In Swedish Swden is called Sverige, which comes from Svea Rike (Empire of the Sveas). In Sweden there were three different peoples, those in north, Svear and Götar. I live wher the Götas lived.
    Funxus (6:33 AM) : So Göta Rike means Empire of the Götas
    GaryNemo (6:33 AM) :
    Thank you. And thank you for the stuff on Eriksson. You see, I've learned to spell it correctly! :)
    Funxus (6:33 AM) : No, I haven't read Heart of Darkness.
    GaryNemo (6:33 AM) :
    Incredible short story. A trip up a river in Africa. Great World Literature.
    Funxus (6:33 AM) :
    Nice, do you know about his father too?
    Erik Röde, he discovered Gronland.
    GaryNemo (6:34 AM) : What year?
    Funxus (6:35 AM) :
    I think his family lived on Iceland and he did something so that anyone could hurt him, is it called peaceless? Well, so he escaped to the west and found Greenland.
    Funxus (6:35 AM) : Year, I could check it out...
    GaryNemo (6:36 AM) : What is peaceless? Oh, a punishment?
    Funxus (6:36 AM) : he died about 1000 AD
    GaryNemo (6:37 AM) :
    Great men. Did miracles with poor ships. To them, great powerful ships :)
    Funxus (6:37 AM) :
    Yes a punishment, meaning that those who hurt him cannot be punished, i.e. he is not protected by the law.
    Funxus (6:38 AM) : Yes

    GaryNemo (6:38 AM) :
    Protected by the law is an important idea. It was a big issue with the Romans.
    That's how they expanded. Carefully granted protection of the Roman Law.
    Funxus (6:38 AM) :
    Yes, one of the main fundaments of a society I think
    GaryNemo (6:39 AM) :
    Have you read The Road to Serfdom? By Hayak, iirc.
    Funxus (6:40 AM) : No, I'm sorry. I actually don't read many books
    GaryNemo (6:40 AM) :
    by F. A. Hayek. got Nobel Prize Economics, 1974.
    I know, you read what they tell you to. It's natural.
    I began to read two years after I graduated from University.
    It dawned on me, noone was telling me what to read! :lol:
    Funxus (6:41 AM) :
    Kind of, but I've read the two first books of LOTR, and am soon to begin with the third
    GaryNemo (6:41 AM) :
    LOTR is current popular junk. Lord of the Rings.
    You could alternate, one junk, one good. That's what I do.
    Funxus (6:42 AM) :
    Yes, but the book can't bore me, it has to be amusing
    GaryNemo (6:43 AM) : Your choice, its your time. The books I mentioned, they might not bore you...
    Text books are boring, I agree. But essential to get people started with knowledge. A survey, a summary. Dry.
    Funxus (6:44 AM) : The road to serfdom and Livia.
    GaryNemo (6:44 AM) : Livy. Just a moment.
    Funxus (6:44 AM) : Text books, as in books without pictures?
    GaryNemo (6:44 AM) : Livy, "Early History of Rome"
    GaryNemo (6:44 AM) : In America, a text Book is a book used in School.
    Geography Text Book, Science text book. a generic term.
    Funxus (6:45 AM) :
    Ok, I see, that's what my english teacher always called it
    GaryNemo (6:45 AM) :
    Each year, the student gets a text book in each subject. Math History Science.
    Funxus (6:45 AM) :
    I actually went to an english speaking school, so I know what you mean
    GaryNemo (6:46 AM) : Good!
    These other books, the Great Books, they are not boring text books. You see?
    Funxus (6:47 AM) :
    I know, but I'm a slow reader so every book I read takes me at least a month to finish... That's what's boring I think:(
    So, when I read I usually try to read books I want to have read
    GaryNemo (6:48 AM) :
    Quality, then Quantity. I can imagine English is still a struggle. My daughters have learned many languages. Me, just many computer languages.

    Funxus (6:48 AM) : Computer languages, which ones?
    I'm going to start the course programming A next week
    GaryNemo (6:49 AM) : Oh, all of them, I guess. The language A? You mean C?
    Funxus (6:49 AM) : No, A as in the first and easiest course in the subject
    Next programming course will be programming B
    GaryNemo (6:50 AM) :
    Good. A, then B, I get it. Yes, begin with electricity, perhaps?
    Or with data & knowledge structure?
    Funxus (6:50 AM) : I actually have no idea
    GaryNemo (6:50 AM) : Well, they do, so you will surely benefit!
    Funxus (6:51 AM) : Hopefully I will learn all ofthem
    GaryNemo (6:51 AM) :
    Ask me any computer question, any time. Or any other question, for that matter.
    Funxus (6:51 AM) :
    I have tried VB and JAVA before, so I know a bit about progrmming
    GaryNemo (6:51 AM) : Good. VB is a good place to start!
    Funxus (6:51 AM) : Ok, one question:
    What shall I do when MS Outlook takes 4 minutes to open?
    It's really annoying
    GaryNemo (6:53 AM) :
    Use Pegasus or Eudora. Forget Outlook, it's a virus trap! Also, try running DeFrag.
    Funxus (6:53 AM) : It is? What about Opera mailprogram?
    GaryNemo (6:53 AM) :
    People love Opera, I know that. As a browser is what I've heard.
    Funxus (6:54 AM) :
    The computer is just new, and it was that way when we got it, and the support told me to reinstall everything
    GaryNemo (6:54 AM) :
    That sounds like a lot of work.
    Perhaps you ned more RAM?
    Funxus (6:54 AM) :
    Yes I know, but the computer is slow in general to, so maybe it's needed :(
    Funxus (6:55 AM) :
    I've got 512 RAM, 2,5 GHz processor P4. I thought it should be fast
    GaryNemo (6:55 AM) :
    It might be an easy $cheap thing to try. Oh, 512MB should be enough!
    Well, the Bill Gates code is slow and buggy. Accepted fact.
    Funxus (6:56 AM) :
    I know, but Linux doesn't feel like the best alternatve, it's too hard
    Funxus (6:57 AM) :
    I'd probably be able to learn it, but my sister and parents, they don't even know windows
    GaryNemo (6:57 AM) :
    Yes, the peak was the old 486's. Then, computers were fast!
    Funxus (6:57 AM) :
    I got the feeling you never tried Opera?
    GaryNemo (6:58 AM) :
    Yes I have. It couldn't download Jayne's sav files. I could have fixed that, but...
    Funxus (6:58 AM) :
    You really should, it's much faster to move back and forth, and it automaatically removes all these pop-ups. I usually don't have any problems with downloading, strange.
    GaryNemo (6:58 AM) :
    I consumed resources and led to crashes just like Explorer. After 5-10 days, I would crash. Either way. Opera led to worse crashes than Explorer, slower reboot.
    I might try it again. I have Opera 6.05
    Funxus (6:59 AM) : Me too.
    GaryNemo (7:00 AM) :
    It is slowly starting now.... It nearly crashed my system. I'm back.
    Funxus (7:01 AM) : :lol:
    GaryNemo (7:01 AM) :
    Yes. I must go now, I get to go swimming, to exercise.
    Funxus (7:01 AM) :
    Don't you have a job to do? Are you home or at work now?
    GaryNemo (7:01 AM) : May I post this in Goofy chats?
    Funxus (7:01 AM) : I see... Sure
    GaryNemo (7:02 AM) :
    I only slept 3 hours last night, came in to work 1.5 hours early.
    Funxus (7:02 AM) : Okay, well I have physics to do...
    GaryNemo (7:02 AM) : See ya! Always a pleasure, funxus!
    I love Physics.
    Funxus (7:03 AM) : The same, hope Jayne is done soon
  10. Zwelgje

    Zwelgje Deity

    Nov 20, 2001
    I use Opera too as a browser, not at work though my computer at work is a piece of crap that will crash constantly with Opera but at home it works fine.
    I'm going to install Pegasus in the near future at work though see if it will work. I used to use it all the time when I was still at university but where I work now it's all Microsoft and nothing else.
  11. Zwelgje

    Zwelgje Deity

    Nov 20, 2001
    I've installed Pegasus a week ago now and it's working fine!
    Outlook Express was a huge strain on my system at work (PI 100Mhz....), with Pegasus it hasn't stalled on me anymore! Sometimes it took a few minutes before I could read a mail, it was a real pain! :lol:
    So for everybody with a slow computer using Outlook: screw it and download Pegasus (for free!!!).
  12. naervod

    naervod My current user title

    Oct 13, 2002
    San Francisco
    Gary, can you tell me what program you use when chatting, because I might want to chat a little too.
  13. Zwelgje

    Zwelgje Deity

    Nov 20, 2001
    He uses ICQ, otherwise he uses Trillian through which you can chat over the ICQ channel too.

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