Got a late start.


Mar 4, 2006
I guess they meant it when it was reported my graphics card would not support the new program. :) Ok, problem fixed.

Question 1: When I load the game, is there a way to stop the intro from playing? It's ok hearing it once, but I have to sit through it everytime.

Used to be you just clicked all the intro moved on.

Question 2: When I reload a saved game, is there a way to stop the intro from playing?

Beyond the first time I don't want to hear about my civ's background.

Question 3: Do I really have to pick out a name for my saves? What a pain.

Question 4: How do I get the game to maximize on the screen? Part of the bottom is cut off.

Sorry for the basic questions -- I'm a week late in the start. Thanks.
I've been thinking about my questions at work.

Question 1: No answer.

Question 2: This is simply the time it takes to reload the game. In Civ4, you got a green bar. In Civ5, you get a picture of the leader page. Same difference.

Question 3: More like CivRev than I thought. At least my machine won't get too full of old saves, I guess, although I like the earlier Civ way of saving games.

Question 4: I've got a feeling this is a function of my graphics card. I get up to 1280 x 720. I suspect my resolution is not high enough to get the very bottom of the game on-screen.

Other comments:

I really don't like the lack of map movement by moving the cursor to the edge of the map.

I really don't like "m" being the movement shortcut instead of the traditional "g." I've got to move my left hand to the right hand side of the keyboard.
If you mean the cinematic intro:
look for documents/civilization5/usersettings.ini and change skipintro = 0 for skipintro = 1
(I am not at my pc, but its something like that)

If you mean the leader introduction when loading:
You can skip it.... when your computer is finished loading. If you are not seeing the button to start playing, your computer is not finished loading.
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