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[GOT] map of the Sunset Kingdoms--Westeros 2017-06-19

This is a custom map made as westeros in Game of Thrones&A Song Of Ice And Fire.

  1. Laiyx

    Laiyx Chieftain

    Jun 18, 2017
    Laiyx submitted a new resource:

    [GOT] map of the Sunset Kingdoms--Westeros - This is a custom map made as westeros in Game of Thrones&A Song Of Ice And Fire.

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  2. SGreco

    SGreco Chieftain

    Mar 6, 2017
    Hi Laiyx!

    Great map(s) - phenomenal work! I haven't completed a game yet - but I wanted to share with you / learn from your experiences (if you are willing to teach). I have been working on a "Planetos" map - my westeros is smaller scale, but the map includes Essos regions too (work in progress). I am happy to share my map with you if it helps development of future Game of Thrones mods.

    Currently, my map is created in World Builder, but I have not been able to create it as a Mod (used to use "Play Your Custom Maps" mod to run and do debugging and testing).

    Do you have a resource or a tutorial which taught you how to export your custom map as a mod? I would be happy to cite (give credit to) you and your resource/tutorial in the release of my mod (and add links so others can be redirected to download your map too).

    Please let me know if you'd like to collaborate on these maps; if it is much easier, I am fine with sending you my map file (.civ6map), as long as you'd be willing to give credit to our collaboration (I really want to see folks playing these maps,in anticipation of new episodes coming out soon)!

  3. ray111

    ray111 Chieftain

    Mar 4, 2014
    Nice map... tho with my prehistoric laptop it's terribly slow to play huge maps like these..

    Some notes:
    - I don't know how it was made, but for some reason Dorne is QUITE fertile instead of being mostly desert with some floodplains and oases and a minimum of plains

    - total lack of iron or luxuries in general (niter is more common, but hell, by the time you need niter your empire should already be quite big) - I mean, if I saw a single Iron in the whole of Westerlands, it would be too much (and as it happens it was too far to get, I had to trade it from the Vale). I had incredible problems with Amenities because whole southern half of Westerlands had only a single Mercury.. the couple other resources there were only bonus ones (deer, cattle, fish, crabs)

    - no wonders? (at least haven't found one so far) Kinda sucks when one of the city states' suzerain bonus is a relic for each natural wonder discovery..

    - general lack of resources near river deltas (I love those spots for my coastal cities, but there rarely seem to be more than 2 water resources near any - and if there are, they're next to land tiles, which means harbor's gonna miss bonuses or erase resource)

    - general lack of rivers (seems only the major rivers got in, which makes all of those nice little peninsulas quite barren.
  4. yanraabe

    yanraabe Chieftain

    Feb 7, 2005
    Hi! Sorry if I'm just too dumb to figure this out by myself...
    What do I need to do once I downloaded the file? Where do I put it? (When I put it in "mods", I can "activate it" in "Additional Content", but there is no Westeros map to choose when setting up a new game)
    heelp! :blush:

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