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Got new Graphics card still getting direct X error Please HELP


Oct 23, 2016
I went out and got a new graphics card GEFORCE GTX 960. My computer says I have direct x 12 and I have updated all the drivers as well as uninstalled and reinstalled Civ VI. I am not sure what else to do. Does my computer have the correct specs? I do not know much about computer hardware. I just want to be able to play Civ VI.
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So I see this now saying I don't meet the requirements, but I am not sure what I need to upgrade please help.
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Your PC seems to meet all the specs just fine.

You can try running directx setup manually - it'll download any components you're missing.

Not sure how it rolls on Win 10 but on Win 7 and previous you'd want to find and run dxsetup.exe (use the start > search thingie to find it).

It's harmless to run it so you shouldn't be able to make anything worse.

There was talk of Civ 6 supporting Dx12 but I don't know if it's doing that at release. Your error seems to be wanting Dx11. So maybe the Dx setup will help that.

Aside from that, make sure you have the lastest driver for your video card (can't tell if you do since I have a 10 series and I'm not sure the drivers are the same). But, since you're running GeForce experience you should have or be getting spammed for new drivers often - the "game ready drivers" are released more frequently than their general drivers from their web site.

I doubt this applies to you but if you installed the card after Civ 6, civ 6 might be thinking you still have your old card (saw a thread on that via google).


Others with similar issue think it's driver related:


Good luck.
There's a newer version of Geforce Experience, but that won't fix the problem. I have exactly the same issue with a Geforce 730 (which should fulfill the minimum requirements). I get the same error regarding no compatible graphics device, although in device manager the card shows up as Geforce 730 with the latest drivers installed. All other games work without problems.

The Civ6 renderer.log states that it found only "Microsoft Basic Render Driver (DeviceID = 8c SubsysID = 0 Revision= 0 Caps = 10)", but I have no idea where it's taking this from. The DeviceID shown in AppOptions.txt fits to the 730 DeviceID.
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