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Gotm 102 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Blasph23, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Blasph23

    Blasph23 Terraformation Junkie

    May 30, 2008
    I have finished this game already. It's so soon because I tend to play my games really fast. It is however a very average game of mine, at least compared to some of the civ2 masters' achievements, and I'm still quite far away from analysing each turn carefully to reach the best possible outcome. I tried my best though.
    BTW. My game is a spaceship landing one.

    Spoiler :
    Since this was a medium map, I thought about conquest, but the respawning civs discouraged me. And here comes my first mistake - all of the civs were on the same huge continent around! It could have been a wonderful conquest game, but I have already set my strategy on landing game, before I managed to obtain enough maps to figure this out. The first city starting position wasn't that bad, but those damn mountains have really provided some issues later on with city placement :/ Also, with ocean and/or rivers far away or inaccessible whatsoever, I had to use the "K" auto function on the settlers to create irrigation out of nowhere (despite the AI using it, I think this should be forbidden).

    I've found only two additional cities on the starting continent, which have not developed until I could build harbors, and later offshore platforms and factories. They worked as waystations for vans most of the time.

    There were 3 huts on the main "continent", one gave me a whole 50 gp, 2nd yielded a horsmen unit, 3rd put an off path tech into the pool :/
    Ah well, can't complain, since as soon as I got map making and built lighthouse (didn't want to risk losing both ship and scout), I put that horseman on a trireme.
    Eventually (way too late) I made it to the big continent and started settling in a nice spot that only had one tile wide connection with the rest of it, thus providing early advantage in repeling Mongol attacks. Also it was the place most far away from the capital which allowed for some interesting internal trade, especially after railroads and radio were discovered. Mongols have eventually conquered EVERYBODY else, capturing 2 capitals, splitting civs in two then conquering both small nations. I had to steal some tech and unfortunately had to retake some of my cities after some conflicts took place. Luckily I managed to build United Nations to ease things a bit. It was worth it though, since I only beat Mongol spaceship by two years, and they have sent theirs earlier than me, however they did not have fusion power and that's what gave me the victory.
    I had to rely heavily on specialist scientists in cities as well as carefully establish SSC trade routes, which also proved to be crucial to me winning this map. Hides showed up in Trondheim during the industrial age (providing at least 7-8 vans) and even some developed Mongol high-end cities provided a lot of gold and beakers. Later on, I spent over 8k on spaceship prebuild from Apollo's to complete it soon enough. I gained the technological advantage of at least 2 spaceship techs around the time of industrialization/corporation, and kept it with vans and trade long enough to make a worthwile spaceship in time. Mongols have had so many cities between 12-17 in population that I was afraid they're gonna overtake me in techs neverytheless, but luckily for me, they switched to fundy early on and kept it even after my ship has already landed, thus cutting themselves off of higher tech development.

    Overall, I think this has been a very demanding map, its unconventional layout forced out some innovative techniques and put a serious drawback on early scientific advancement, but eventually, by a very thin margin, I have managed to win this round, with a rather miserable result though.

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  2. Peaster

    Peaster Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2004
    I started this one late, and just now reached 1AD. I've always liked the first phase of Civ2 games the most, and this GOTM presents some new challenges from the start. I already stated my opinions in the main thread and haven't really changed my mind about those, but I did eventually build four cities in the inner green zone (one on hills). Also, I built a road connecting them all to a port, but this was fairly late (1000BC??) at a point when I had more settlers than boats.

    The most important stat in this GOTM is - when did you get off the island ? For me, it was approx 1100BC. My early game went OK, but I didn't have great hut luck (25g, an archer and a barbarian legion). When I was finally ready to research Seafaring [after monarchy, maps...], it was not an option, so I had to wait approx 7 turns for that. Perhaps that was more of a mistake than bad luck, since I could've checked that in advance, but I still don't see a faster route to Seaf.

    I built two mt-ports, even though one was almost worthless until a trireme from the other port revealed the whale special nearby. I saw that problem coming, a couple of turns after my settler left home, but didn't see a better solution at that point. Maybe two ports should share the whale to the west ? I dunno about these 2 issues ... but I was happy about most of my early decisions.

    My first few shipchains went smoothly, but by now I've lost 4 triremes [none with passengers]. I have no WoWs yet, but expect Lighthouse within 5-10 turns, solving that problem. Here are my stats at 1AD:

    30 cities, Mfg = 114. Monarchy. No WoWs. Peace x4, CF x1 and I have most/all AI maps.
    Have 5 vans [o'seas trade has been OK, not great], 6 tri, 10w, 2 vet ele's.

    I will probably try to play the rest quickly, hoping to conquer by 500 AD or so without building a huge civ. The map doesn't seem to provide too many hiding places for restarts, at least in the parts I've explored. I think an early landing game might be hard on this map - I don't see how to build up a great trading empire here - but maybe someone can show us how to do that. I haven't peeked at blasph's post yet.

    If anyone is else is a fanatic about the early game, we can talk more about city sites, etc.
  3. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Chieftain

    Feb 6, 2007
    I'm just about to launch space ship. It's hard to know what a good launch date would be. I won'y post mine yet though.

    After a lot of thinking I went for 3 cities in the centre. The plan was to remove two of them after moving the capital to an island then make the other an SSC. It sort of worked, but finding a decent piece of unoccupied land was hard as everyone else had spread out by then. I eventually had to keep battling the other civs down which slowed down.

    The ssc didn't really work until near the end, I didn't automate settlers, couldn't remember if it was allowed or not.

    I started building the lighthouse in bc 2400, disbanded some warriors into it, finished it in 900bc, sending out settlers and chariot to South west, but greeks were there. I eventually got a foot hold in northern islands and greek/mongol lands, but it took a long time, and rehoming to heart of mongol land left a lot of corruption back on the island.

    huts were 50g x 2 and a chariot

    The thing I thought I saw, turned out to be nothing. The whale on the very right of the screen looked as if land should be nearby, and reachable in 3 moves, but the screen shot must have been from the map editor not the game as it shows other specials that the game doesn't. I sent a trireme over but turned it back when the whale wasn't there. Luckily I didn't lose trireme.

    I kept a log until about 1ad, I'll post it soon.
  4. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    I'm also close to launching. I could do earlier but decided to grow a bit before launching. I build two cities in the centre and three coastal cities. Two near a sea special and one near a mountain special. I had more hut luck. First two huts were horsemen and a nomad.
    I build in 675 Marco Polo and in 400 Lighthouse. I did not move my capital but used automate settler (as far as I know it is allowed) and got quickly an irrigated tile.

    I landed between the Romans and the Mongols near the rivers. Decided to build SSC there. As Charlie mentioned it did not work as good as normal. After a couple of turns the Mongols became really annoying and after a while they started a war. At that time I decided to kill them and hoped purple reappeared. They did but they were killed twice by barbarians. So I had to play early without purple.

    When finished I will post my log. I did not write down all my deliveries after a while....so that part is missing from my log.

    Yes the screenshot was from Map Editor. Otherwise I couldn't get that part on screen without cheating my game. Only wanted to show the landshape.....
  5. Peaster

    Peaster Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2004
    Charlie and Magic and All - I am looking forward to your logs, especially about the early game. I was not really planning to write one, but will provide any info you are interested in. So far, it seems to me that seafaring is faster than Lighthouse as a way to get off the island. Charlie built LH in 900BC (pretty fast!) but it's hard to compare our games. I was 200 years faster, but eventually 4 of my triremes sank (and I still had to build LH). Also, I think my hut luck was worse. Maybe if you can post 1AD stats, we can compare a bit.

    Magic - I hope you don't mind a few questions - When did you get off the island ? Did you wait for the Lighthouse ? Also, where were your 3 coastal cities, and did they perform OK ? Maybe placing one on coastal iron makes sense. I didn't consider it, since whales are usually better, but on this map, most of the whales are in the black for a while.

    I thought it was illegal to automate settlers, and didn't, but I may be wrong about that. Maybe I'll take a look at the rules thread later. [edit: It is legal].

    I just finished my game. The restarts seemed to go on forever, must have been 20 ot them, and they were unusually well spread out. So, I couldn't finish by 500AD, but it was before 700AD.
  6. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    Yes I waited for the Lighthouse. 2 turns later I landed and found a new city (got maps from Marco Polo) so it was easier to find a good spot. Coastal cities at 40,40 (near whale) 50,30 (near fish) and 58,42 (on iron). I guessed I could need the shields. And it was not a bad choice. This city stayed small (size 1) for a long time but after an harbor it grow a bit.

    If I don't forget I write down extra stats at 1 AD.
  7. Peaster

    Peaster Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2004
    My 2 ports were at (40,40) like one of yours [good], and at (55,45) near a whale and iron [OK, but not so good]. The second port was always hungry, and could not use the iron, until I built a harbor later on. It couldn't even use the whale for about 5 turns, waiting for a ship from (40,40) to reveal it. So, your choice of (58,42) was better. A city there has not much future, but that is less important than building the first ships quickly.

    I spent about 30 seconds black-clicking and decided there was more land to the south (not quite accurate, as it turned out) so I didn't build a northern port such as (50,30). And how did you use that port, anyway ? I guess it only made one shield per turn, so it couldn't have helped much with ship-building.

    I didn't have the same problems getting started overseas that you and Charlie had. That was probably mostly luck, since I also expected lots of free land at first. My first colony was at (57,55) on grass near fish [but no forest or shield tiles nearby], so it grew quickly, from about 1000BC. I made peace with the Greeks and Chinese before I even met the shy Zulu. I "ICS"ed, with a little more caution than usual, and eventually got footholds all across the inner coast of continent 6. Possibly, getting overseas a little earlier helped win the race vs AI settlers.

    I got a little Trade going from the center outwards, for approx 120g per van - OK but not great. I never moved my capital, or built an SSC, and the Romans built Colossus around 1AD, before I had even considered it. So, when supply and demand changed, I just gave up on Trade. I am impressed that you guys successfully played for landing on this map, given all the handicaps.

    The rest of the map was also a bit difficult for EC, because

    a) Three foreign capitals [Rome, Karakoum, Zimbabwei] were non-coastal or hard to reach. But this is not too unusual.

    b) Maybe it was just me, but I also found the restarts hard to reach, since they tended to spawn outside the loop formed by Continent 6. I reverted to the "traditional" anti-respawn strategy this time, of trying to cover the map with outposts and boats. At least in this game, it didn't work so well.

    c) This map seemed to have fairly rough terrain; many hills, forests, etc, which slowed down my crusaders, and raised the defense factors of the AI civs and the respawns. Conquest is always easier with grass and plains, or small land masses.
  8. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Chieftain

    Feb 6, 2007
    I built ports at 58,42 and later on 42,42 on the iron for both lots of early triremes and the extra boost you eventually get from railroad. I eventually ended up capturing all cities except one roman one on the west of central island. By 480ad I'd cleared out the mongols but lost a few cities against the greeks. I think trying to get a foothold and expand from 1ad to 1000ad was very difficult. Vans weren't so good, most vans produced about 100-200g, got more for 400-500 in later game.

    stats at 20ad (forgot to save at 1ad again)
    9 cities, Republic, Lighthouse, contact with everyone, war with greeks and mongals, no alliances. 3 trireme, 3 vans, 1 crusader, 2 eles, discov 12 turns at 70% science, 20 techs research construction
  9. Peaster

    Peaster Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2004
    So, you chose (42,42) on iron over (40,40) near the whale ? I calculate that you get 1 extra shield per turn, for 1 food + 1 arrow. Probably a good deal here, though having an empty food box "forever" might make me nervous.

    I'm also a little suprised you crushed the Mongols so quickly, while playing for landing. In my game, the Mongols and Romans were the toughest enemies, and I conquered them around 500AD. The Mongols had about 6 cities, including several on rivers, defended by pikemen. The Greeks were fairly tough, too, but they were the closest to my colonies, the first to declare war, and the first to go down. But I think the AI civs can turn out very differently for different players.

    I haven't completely decided which of us was ahead at 1AD - maybe it's a matter of taste, and we each got what we wanted. You had Republic, and LH. I had 20 additional cities (avg size 2) and a few more units; I forgot to mention 5 settlers at 1AD in my earlier post. Also, I had 18 techs at 1AD (2 less than you, but more than needed for EC). I'd prefer my civ for conquest, but yours may be better for trade + tech + landing.
  10. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Chieftain

    Feb 6, 2007
    Mongols were actually destroyed 380, I made a note, there were 3 river cities, two other, all were defended by 1 phalanx. Most of them got destroyed when I took them. although it was a landing game, at times it resembled an EC game, it was the only way to clear out some room. Later on in the game I switched to Communism for 10-15 turns to finish off zimbabs, chinese & romans. It was quite a late finish, at least it felt like one.

    The iron cities were really to build boats with & vans for wonders, but with harbours they grew eventually.

    Where I went wrong was moving the capital to the SW and building the SSC on the island - too much corruption took ages to get to Democracy & magnetism, I should have kept both nearby, either the centre or moved capital and had both on mainland.
  11. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    stats at 1 ad:
    8 cities, Republic, Lighthouse and Marco Polo, 2 settlers, 3 warriors, 3 trireme and 3 caravans. 4 x peace, Cease Fire with Zulu. Started war with Mongols at 740 Ad but did not tried to wipe them out at once. Only 11 turns to play.....
  12. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    Just finished. Here is my log:

    turn year
    1 4000 BC
    2 3950 BC Trondheim
    3 3900 BC start Code of Laws
    4 3850 BC
    5 3800 BC
    6 3750 BC
    7 3700 BC Code of Laws->Ceremonial Burial
    8 3650 BC
    9 3600 BC
    10 3550 BC
    11 3500 BC
    12 3450 BC
    13 3400 BC
    14 3350 BC
    15 3300 BC first settler (size one trick)
    16 3250 BC Ceremonial Burial->Bronze Working
    17 3200 BC
    18 3150 BC
    19 3100 BC Kaupang
    20 3050 BC
    21 3000 BC hut->horsemen
    22 2950 BC
    23 2900 BC
    24 2850 BC
    25 2800 BC Bronze Working->Monarchy
    26 2750 BC
    27 2700 BC
    28 2650 BC hut->nomads
    29 2600 BC
    30 2550 BC
    31 2500 BC automated settler - hope for irrigation
    32 2450 BC
    33 2400 BC
    34 2350 BC
    35 2300 BC
    36 2250 BC
    37 2200 BC
    38 2150 BC
    39 2100 BC
    40 2050 BC hut->chariot
    41 2000 BC
    42 1950 BC
    43 1900 BC
    44 1850 BC Monarchy->Currency
    45 1800 BC
    46 1750 BC
    47 1700 BC
    48 1650 BC
    49 1600 BC
    50 1550 BC
    51 1500 BC Uppsala
    52 1450 BC
    53 1400 BC Hladir
    54 1350 BC
    55 1300 BC Currency->Mysticism
    56 1250 BC
    57 1200 BC
    58 1150 BC
    59 1100 BC
    60 1050 BC
    61 1000 BC Mysticism->Trade
    62 975 BC
    63 950 BC
    64 925 BC
    65 900 BC
    66 875 BC >0,1M
    67 850 BC
    68 825 BC Trade->Map Making
    69 800 BC
    70 775 BC Aarhus
    71 750 BC
    72 725 BC
    73 700 BC
    74 675 BC marco Polo build / got map making, writing and masonry
    75 650 BC start Literacy
    76 625 BC
    77 600 BC
    78 575 BC
    79 550 BC
    80 525 BC
    81 500 BC
    82 475 BC Literacy->The Republic
    83 450 BC
    84 425 BC
    85 400 BC Lighthouse build
    86 375 BC
    87 350 BC Viborg
    88 325 BC Roskilde
    89 300 BC signed treaty with Greek->declared war on Zulu / The Republic->Philisophy / >0,2M
    90 275 BC
    91 250 BC
    92 225 BC REPUBLIC / The Udal / got Pottery and Mathematics from Romans
    93 200 BC hides to Athens (160g)
    94 175 BC Philosophy->Seafaring->construction / >0,3M
    95 150 BC >0,4M / copper to Cumae (136g)
    96 125 BC Construction->Medicine
    97 100 BC
    98 75 BC >0,5M
    99 50 BC
    100 25 BC >0,6M / beads to Veii (80g)
    101 1 AD Medicine->Banking / gold to Cumae (156g)
    102 20 AD
    103 40 AD >0,7M
    104 60 AD
    105 80 AD
    106 100 AD
    107 120 AD
    108 140 AD Banking->University / copper to Canton (224g)
    109 160 AD gems to Rome (180g) / hut->advanced tribe (Lindholm)
    110 180 AD University->Navigation
    111 200 AD >0,8M
    112 220 AD
    113 240 AD silk to Veii (252g)
    114 260 AD Navigation->Horseback Riding
    115 280 AD copper to Uppsala (64g)
    116 300 AD copper to Tabriz (52g)
    117 320 AD >0,9M / gold to Canton (168g)
    118 340 AD Jorvik
    119 360 AD >1,0M / gold to Shanghai (44g)
    120 380 AD
    121 400 AD lost Jorvik to Zulu
    122 420 AD Westness
    123 440 AD Silver to Veii (110g)
    124 460 AD get Horseback Riding from Chinese and start with Polytheism->The Wheel
    125 480 AD get The Wheel from Mongols (cost 100g)
    126 500 AD start Engineering
    127 520 AD
    128 540 AD
    129 560 AD hides to Beijing (108g)
    130 580 AD Jarrow
    131 600 AD salt to Samarkand (84g) + coal to Rome (90g)
    132 620 AD
    133 640 AD
    134 660 AD Copernicus build / Engineering->Sanitation / hides to Beijing (94g)
    135 680 AD beads to Aleppo (116g)
    136 700 AD
    137 720 AD
    138 740 AD copper to Shanghai (44g) / war with Greek and Mongols…decided to attack both
    139 760 AD Sanitation->Invention / silver to Rome (155g) + silk to Roskilde (90g)
    140 780 AD copper to Trondheim (40g) + hides to Hladir (46g) / bribed Corinth (78g)
    141 800 AD
    142 820 AD
    143 840 AD
    144 860 AD beads to Antiun (80g)
    145 880 AD Skara+Ravning Enge / capture Tabriz(80g+Monotheism)
    146 900 AD
    147 920 AD copper to Rome (180g) + coal to Rome (80g)
    148 940 AD capture Kasghar (82g)
    149 960 AD Invention->Theory of Gravity
    150 980 AD
    151 1000 AD capture Thermopylae (56g+warrior code)
    152 1010 AD
    153 1020 AD
    154 1030 AD
    155 1040 AD gold to Rome (65g)
    156 1050 AD
    157 1060 AD Shakespeare's build
    158 1070 AD
    159 1080 AD capture Athens (98g) / Greek destroyed
    160 1090 AD
    161 1100 AD >2M / copper to Trondheim (148g)
    162 1110 AD
    163 1120 AD
    164 1130 AD cloth to Kaupang (77g)
    165 1140 AD salt to Trondheim (66g)
    166 1150 AD Theory of Gravity->Democracy / >3M / gold to Rome (70g)
    167 1160 AD salt to Trondheim (40g)
    168 1170 AD
    169 1180 AD
    170 1190 AD
    171 1200 AD
    172 1210 AD
    173 1220 AD got Bridge building
    174 1230 AD
    175 1240 AD Birka
    176 1250 AD Leonardo's build
    177 1260 AD wool to Canton (128g)
    178 1270 AD Jarlshof / got Iron Working, Chemistry and Economics
    179 1280 AD Democracy->Gunpowder / capture Samarkand (186g+Physics)
    180 1290 AD DEMOCRACY / >4M
    181 1300 AD
    182 1310 AD
    183 1320 AD
    184 1330 AD Sigtuna
    185 1340 AD Odense
    186 1350 AD Isaac Newton build
    187 1360 AD Gunpowder->Explosives
    188 1370 AD
    189 1380 AD Lunde
    190 1390 AD Explosives->Magnetism
    191 1400 AD
    192 1410 AD Magnetism->Steam Engine
    193 1420 AD
    194 1430 AD Steam Engine->Railroad
    195 1440 AD
    196 1450 AD Railroad->Metallurgy / Larne
    197 1460 AD
    198 1470 AD capture Nishaspur (152g)
    199 1480 AD
    200 1490 AD >5M
    201 1500 AD
    202 1505 AD captured Karakorum(Michelangelo's + 424g) / Mongols destroy a city
    203 1510 AD Metallurgy->Industrialization / Statue of Liberty build
    204 1515 AD >6M
    205 1520 AD Industrialization->The Corporation
    206 1525 AD
    207 1530 AD
    208 1535 AD
    209 1540 AD bribed Aleppo (422g) / Hedeby
    210 1545 AD >7M / bribed Kabul(313g)
    211 1550 AD bribed Bokhara(418g+Hanging Gardens)
    212 1555 AD The Corporation->Electricity
    213 1560 AD
    214 1565 AD Electricity->Refrigeration / bribed Ormuz (107g)
    215 1570 AD >8M /Aldeigjuborg
    216 1575 AD Adam Smith build
    217 1580 AD Refrigeration->Steel
    218 1585 AD
    219 1590 AD Darwins Voyage build->Steel->Refining->Electronics
    220 1595 AD
    221 1600 AD Electronics->Combustion
    222 1605 AD >9M
    223 1610 AD
    224 1615 AD Combustion->Automobile
    225 1620 AD Automobile->Mass Production
    226 1625 AD
    227 1630 AD
    228 1635 AD Mass Production->Conscription / >10M
    229 1640 AD
    230 1645 AD Conscription->Flight
    231 1650 AD
    232 1655 AD Flight->Radio
    233 1660 AD
    234 1665 AD Radio->Atomic Theory / Hooverdam build / >11M
    235 1670 AD
    236 1675 AD Atomic Theory->Communism / got Chivalry, Feudalism and Communism
    237 1680 AD start Leadership->
    238 1685 AD Leadership->Tactics
    239 1690 AD >12M
    240 1695 AD
    241 1700 AD
    242 1705 AD Tactics->Machine Tools / United Nations build
    243 1710 AD >13M
    244 1715 AD Machine Tools->Mobile Warfare / bribed Isandhlwana (88g)
    245 1720 AD >14M
    246 1725 AD
    247 1730 AD Mobile Warfare->Theology / >15M
    248 1735 AD Theology->Miniaturization
    249 1740 AD
    250 1745 AD J.S. Bach build / >16M
    251 1750 AD Miniaturization->Advanced Flight
    252 1752 AD
    253 1754 AD Advanced Flight->Computers / >17M
    254 1756 AD
    255 1758 AD
    256 1760 AD Computers->Rocketry
    257 1762 AD >18M
    258 1764 AD Seti Program build / Rocketry->Robotics / >19M
    259 1766 AD Robotics->Nuclear Fission
    260 1768 AD >20M
    261 1770 AD Nuclear Fission->Nuclear Power / >21M
    262 1772 AD >22M / all civs declare war (and I have Howitzers) / bribed Nanking (256g)
    263 1774 AD capture Antium (254g)
    264 1776 AD Nuclear Power->Espionage / >23M / capture Hlobane (151g)
    265 1778 AD capture Zimbabwe(Great Wall + Magellan's + 317g) + capture Cumae (Eiffel Tower + Woman's Suffrage + 146g) + Ulundi (256g)
    266 1780 AD >24M / capture Veii (504g + King Richard) + Rome (pyramids + 237g + Great Library) / bribed Neapolis (47g) + Pisae (91g) + Pompeii (143g)
    267 1782 AD Espionage->Space Flight / >25M
    268 1784 AD Oracle build / capture Bapedi (209g) / bribed Intombe (111g)
    269 1786 AD Space Flight->Plastics / bribed Mpondo (204g) / Zulu destroyed / capture Ravenna (517g) / Romans destroyed / capture Shanghai (458g + Colossus)
    270 1788 AD Apollo Program build / >26M / capture Beijing (309g + Sun Tzu) + Canton (238g) / Chinese destroyed
    271 1790 AD capture Utica (262g)
    272 1792 AD
    273 1794 AD Plastics->The Laser
    274 1796 AD >27M
    275 1798 AD The Laser->Genetic Engineering / >28M
    276 1800 AD
    277 1802 AD Genetic Engineering->Superconductor / >29M
    278 1804 AD >30M
    279 1806 AD >31M
    280 1808 AD Superconductor->Recycling
    281 1810 AD >32M
    282 1812 AD Recycling->Amphibious Warfare / >33M
    283 1814 AD Cure for Cancer build / >34M
    284 1816 AD >36M
    285 1818 AD Amphibious Warfare->Combined Arms / >37M
    286 1820 AD >38M
    287 1822 AD >39M
    288 1824 AD Combined Arms->Environmentalism / >41M
    289 1826 AD >42M
    290 1828 AD >43M
    291 1830 AD Environmetalism->Guerilla Warfare / >45M
    292 1832 AD >46M
    293 1834 AD Guerilla Warfare->Fusion Power / >47M / Holmgard
    294 1836 AD >49M
    295 1838 AD >51M
    296 1840 AD Fusion Power->FT1 / >52M
    297 1842 AD >54M
    298 1844 AD >55M
    299 1846 AD FT1->Labor Union / >56M
    300 1848 AD
    301 1850 AD >57M
    302 1851 AD Labor Union->FT2 / Manhattan Project / >59M
    303 1852 AD >60M
    304 1853 AD >61M
    305 1854 AD FT2->FT3 / >62M
    306 1855 AD >63M
    307 1856 AD FT3->Fundamentalism / >64M
    308 1857 AD >66M
    309 1858 AD Fundamentalism->FT4 / >67M
    310 1859 AD >69M
    311 1860 AD FT4->FT5 / >70M
    312 1861 AD >71M
    313 1862 AD FT5->Stealth / >72M
    314 1863 AD
    315 1864 AD Stealth->FT6 / >73M
    316 1865 AD >74M
    317 1866 AD
    318 1867 AD FT6->FT7 / >75M
    319 1868 AD >76M
    320 1869 AD FT7->FT8
    321 1870 AD Nonnebakken
    322 1871 AD >77M
    323 1872 AD FT8->FT9 / >78M / Ribblehead
    324 1873 AD >79M / Thwaite
    325 1874 AD FT9->FT10 / >81M
    326 1875 AD
    327 1876 AD FT10->FT11 / >82M / Askrigg+Trelleborg
    328 1877 AD >83M / launched 400 points spaceship
    329 1878 AD FT11->FT12 / >84M
    330 1879 AD FT12->FT13 / >86M
    331 1880 AD FT13->FT14 / >88M
    332 1881 AD FT14->FT15 / >89M
    333 1882 AD FT15->FT16 / >91M / Risby
    334 1883 AD FT16->FT17->FT18 / >92M
    335 1884 AD FT18->FT19 / >93M
    336 1885 AD FT19->FT20 / >95M / Jelling
    337 1886 AD FT20->FT21 / >96M / 9 cities build
    338 1887 AD FT21->FT22->FT33 / >98M / lot of cities build with remainig engineers
    339 1888 AD landed
  13. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Chieftain

    Feb 6, 2007
    Interesting end date, mine was only slightly earlier 1845 but with a small ship, I only got a few future techs as well.

    Here's the log I kept, I stopped keeping it at 380 after the mongols

    -4000 move to 51,41
    -3950 Trondheim
    -3900 choose code
    -3700 code -> cerem
    -3250 cerem-> map, settler
    -3150 Kaupang
    -2800 Map mak -> Monarchy
    -2650 Trondheim settler
    -2450 hut = 50g, rush Kaupang settler
    -2400 hut = chariot, maximise science for monarchy, rehome chariot to trondheim, start lighthouse
    -2250 Upsala 58.42 on iron
    -2200 Monarchy -> Bronze, Hladir 48,40, hut = 50g
    -2100 Revolution
    -2050 Monarchy
    -1750 Bronze->Currency, Trond settler, Upsala trireme, RB hladir settler,
    -1700 Hladir settler (to road etc). Build warriors to build into lighthouse
    -1400 Currency-> trade
    -1250 Upsala trireme
    -1050 Trade-> writing, rush 1 van, spend 80g
    -1000 van to kaupang, 60shields left, spend 40g rushing
    -925 haldir van, 1 shield left,
    -900 Lighthouse, head settlers for sw islands
    -825 writing -> mysticism, aarus 42,54,
    -800 greeks make contact, give monarchy, & 2 others swap for poly & horse, no map swap.
    -775 find athens, spot zulus, continent 6 looks better, try & move other settler there.
    -725 met romans, give trade, code, monarchy, maps get map, sighted mongol city, send settler east instead,
    -700 mongols find aarhus, give 4 techs, swap maps,
    -650 hut = elephant
    -625 find zulus give 4 techs, swp maps
    -575 Myst -> Lit, meet chinese give 3 techs swap 1 swap maps.
    Need to get rid of a few nations to do spaceship, greeks zulus and mongols? search north in meantime
    -475 viborg 66.30
    -450 Roskilde 42.42
    -425 Trondheim gems Rome (d) 192g,
    -400 lit -> republic, Kaupang hides rome(u) 72g
    -375 the udal 33,49
    -250 republic -> phil, van athens 140g, revolution
    -225 zulu pottery for republic, Republic founded, lindholm founded
    -175 Mongols sneak attack,
    -150 Jorvik 66,22
    -100 Phil-> mono -> seafar, westness 57,55
    -75 greeks sneak attack & destroy aarhus, taxes 4-4-2
    -50 hladir disbands,Kaupang copper ulundi(u)140g, taxes 0-8-2
    1ad tax 1-7-2
    20 sea->construc
    40 swap const for repub chinese, swap maps
    60 choose engineering
    80 taxes 7-1-2, van 60
    100 greeks peace, swap 1 tech
    140 kashgar destroyed, peace signed
    160 van 100, jarrow
    180 van 312
    200 engin-> iron work
    240 mongols sneak attack, karakorum destroyed 25g
    280 bokara captured 60g, cease fire
    380 nishapur captured 60g, mongols destroyed

    @ 1000ad
    25 cities, 29 techs, researching demo, only 2 or 3 greek cities left, 6 triremes, 7 vans, Kaupang is size 7 with colossus 24 trade & 19 corruption arrows!
  14. Peaster

    Peaster Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2004
    = The most corrupt city of all time ?

    I was trying to decide which of you [Charlie vs Magic] was better off at 1AD. Not enough info from Blasph to compare. I thought Magic might've been slightly ahead because of the extra WoW, but it seems the games stayed pretty close.

    Anyway, your logs made me glad that I played for conquest - I just don't have the patience for such long landing games. Congrats on your successes, though!

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