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Gotm 112 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by CharlieChuck, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Prince

    Feb 6, 2007
    As I said in the main thread, I was going for an ICS style landing. The lack of purple and also the smallish map have pretty much put a halt to my plans in the 200-300ad mark. But, I have to say I was definately more advanced at 1ad than I normally would have been. I'll post stats at that time if anyone wants to see them. I doubt I'll have time to finish, If I did I'd need to take out the Romans and maybe the Aztecs to get a decent number of cities.

    Nice touch with the luxury rate, Magic. It's been a while since we've had a curve ball like that. Reminds me of the one we started in Anarchy a few years back.
  2. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    Always pay attention.....you never know what can happen....
  3. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I decided to play OCC due to lack of real time. I started late because of GOTM110 and did not want to start GOTM112 late either.

    The 4 special location I identified nearby during map analysis was OK but not great. The huts yielded None units which were not all that useful in a small island. Having an extra settler and units from huts I had nothing to build at the beginning and ended up building a barracks for sale and a temple before switching to a wonder.

    The rest of the game was rather typical. I made 3 alliances: Romans, Aztecs, and later Chinese. I milked all three and usually had more than enough on hand. Never fought with anyone till near the end when Zulu started colonizing my homeland. I had to kill a few of their units and raze one of their cities. All my former allies got into the space race but never built more than a few structurals even though I gave away superconductor as well.

    I am surprised there are so few entries here thus far.
  4. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Date Production started Tech started Other notables

    -4000 Both settlers move
    -3950 None Chariot from hut.
    -3900 None Archer from hut.
    -3850 structure Athens founded.
    -3800 Ceremonial Burial
    -3650 Archer from hut.
    -3400 -> Temple Alphabet
    -3350 50g from hut
    -3300 Barracks
    -3100 Athens is size 2
    -3050 Archer from hut
    -2950 Bronze Working
    -2800 Barracks Barracks sold
    -2400 Colossus Code of Laws Barracks sold
    -2350 Athens is size 3
    -1900 Monarchy
    -1350 Athens is size 4
    -1250 Currency Monarchy established. T3L0S7
    Barbarians land.
    -1050 wonder
    -0950 barbarian archer kills mine
    -0925 Trade
    -0900 barbarian archer killed in attack on mine
    barbarian leader captured for 50g.
    -0700 -> Marco Mapmaking
    -0675 Romans build Hanging Gardens
    -0575 Athens is size 5
    -0550 Marketplace
    Chinese (3) demand 50g and declare war.
    Trade, Currency -> French (4) -> Mapmaking
    Aztec (6) refuse knowledge exchange while building Pyramids
    Trade -> Roman (5) -> Writing, then cut off
    Mapmaking -> Zulu (2) -> Wheel, maps

    -0525 -> Literacy
    Mapmaking -> Roman (5) -> Literacy
    Monarchy, Mapmaking -> Aztec -> alliance, maps, 150g
    -0500 -> Republic Currency -> Roman (5) -> Republic
    -0475 -> Banking Wheel -> Roman (6) -> Iron Working
    -0450 Chinese build Pyramids
    Republic -> Aztec (4) -> Construction
    Revolution started
    -0425 Library Republic established. T0L2S8
    Construction -> Roman -> Math
    50g, Literacy -> Chinese -> Seafaring
    -0400 Seafaring -> Roman -> maps
    Republic -> Chinese
    Literacy, Republic -> French
    -0375 Construction -> Zulu -> Mysticism. T0L3S7
    Construction -> French -> maps
    Writing -> Chinese -> maps
    -0350 Aqueduct Athens celebrates
    -0325 Athens is size 6.
    Mysticism -> Roman (6) -> alliance
    -0300 Athens is size 7. T0L2S8
    Seafaring -> French. Aztec -> 50g
    -0275 Caravan
    -0225 Caravan Philosophy
    -0175 Trireme Mysticism -> Aztec -> 50g
    -0125 Caravan Roman -> Warrior Code. Aztec -> 50g
    -0075 Caravan T0L4S6
    -0050 Roman -> 125g. Aztec -> 50g.
    Athens is size 8. T0L3S7
    -0025 Athens celebrates
    +0001 Athens is size 9

    Status at +0001
    City Size: 9 Government: Republic Gold: 153 Techs: 19 Trade routes: 0
    Structures: Temple, Marketplace, Library, Aqueduct
    Wonders: Marco, Colossus
    Units: 1 None Settler, 1 vet Chariot, 2 Archers (1 None), 1 Trireme, 3 Caravans.
    Roman: 5 cities, 22 tech; Allied with me; Hanging Gardens
    Zulu: 7 cities, 16 tech; War with Chinese
    French: 3 cities, 19 tech;
    Aztecs: 5 cities, 17 tech; Allied with me
    Chinese: 4 cities, 18 tech; War with Zulu; Pyramids

    +0020 Caravan Aztecs beat me to Philosophy.
    Iron Working, Wheel -> Aztec (6) -> Philosophy, Medicine, 50g
    +0040 -> Astronomy Roman (5) -> 75g
    +0060 Caravan
    +0080 Chinese and Zulu reach peace, but neither wants to ally with me. Roman (5) -> 100g
    +0100 Caravan T7L3S0
    +0120 Beads to Roman Orleans for 381. T6L3S1
    +0140 Copernicus University Cloth to Roman Orleans for 398. T0L3S7
    Aztec -> 100g.
    Astronomy -> Chinese -> alliance, 150g
    +0160 Caravan
    +0200 Caravan Theory of Gravity
    +0240 Shakespeare Aztec -> 100g. Temple sold.
    +0260 University Athens celebrates. Roman -> 75g
    +0280 Athens is size 10. Roman -> 50g
    +0300 Athens is size 11.
    +0320 Bridge Building Athens is size 12. T2L0S8. Chinese -> 50g
    +0340 Roman -> 50g. Aztec -> 100g
    +0360 Caravan Chinese -> 125g
    +0380 University -> Aztec -> Engineering, 50g
    +0400 structure Sanitation Wine to Tenochtitlan for 468.
    +0420 -> Sewer Chemistry Sanitation -> Roman -> Navigation, 100g
    Chinese -> 75g
    +0460 Caravan T1L3S6. Chinese -> 100g
    +0480 Athens celebrates
    +0500 Harbor Physics T0L3S7. Roman -> 100g. Chinese -> 50g

    Status at +0500
    City Size: 12 Government: Republic Gold: 1120 Techs: 29 Trade routes: 3
    Structures: Aqueduct, Marketplace, Library, University, Sewer
    Wonders: Marco, Colossus, Copernicus, Shakespeare
    Units: 1 None Settler, 1 vet Chariot, 2 Archers (1 None), 1 Trireme, 2 Caravans.
    Roman: 6 cities, 28 tech; Allied with me; Hanging Gardens
    Zulu: 7 cities, 28 tech;
    French: 4 cities, 29 tech;
    Aztecs: 5 cities, 23 tech; Allied with me
    Chinese: 8 cities, 25 tech; Pyramids

    +0520 Athens is size 13
    +0540 Athens is size 14
    +0560 Bank Athens is size 15
    Bridge Building -> Roman -> Invention, 50g
    +0580 Steam Engine Athens is size 16. French build Great Library
    +0600 Athens is size 17
    +0620 Newton Athens is size 18. T0L2S8. Roman -> 100g
    Aztec -> 25g. Chinese -> 100g
    +0640 Athens is size 19
    +0660 Railroad Athens is size 20
    +0680 Athens is size 21. T2L0S8
    Navigation -> Zulu -> Economics
    Physics -> Roman -> Democracy
    +0700 Roman -> 100g
    +0720 Gunpowder
    +0740 Caravan Aztec -> 50g
    +0760 Magnetism Gunpowder -> Chinese -> 100g
    Aztec -> 50g
    +0780 Aztec -> 50g.
    +0800 Diplomat Metallurgy 50g from hut. Aztec -> 50g. Roman -> 100g
    +0840 Galleon Electricity Aztec -> 50g
    +0860 Caravan Aztecs build King Richards. Chinese -> 100g
    +0880 Conscription Aztec -> 50g. Roman -> 100g
    +0920 Stock Exchange Refrigeration Barbarian Crusader lands near Athens.
    50g from hut. Aztec -> 50g.
    Revolution started.
    +0940 Democracy established. T1L0S9
    Aztec -> 50g. Chinese -> 100g
    +0960 Engineer 50g from hut. Aztec -> 50g.
    Conscription -> Roman -> Explosives, 50g
    +0980 Atomic Theory Aztec -> 50g.
    +1000 Supermarket T0L0S10. Barbarian crusader killed.
    Chinese -> 200g

    Status at +1000
    City Size: 20 Government: Democracy Gold: 1859 Techs: 42 Trade routes: 3
    Structures: Aqueduct, Marketplace, Library, University, Sewer, Harbor, Bank, Stock Exchange
    Wonders: Marco, Colossus, Copernicus, Shakespeare, Newton
    Units: 1 None Settler, 1 Engineer, 1 vet Chariot, 2 Archers (1 None), 1 Galleon, 1 Diplomat, 3 Caravans.
    Roman: 6 cities, 39 tech; Allied with me; Hanging Gardens
    Zulu: 7 cities, 35 tech;
    French: 4 cities, 42 tech; Great Library
    Aztecs: 5 cities, 31 tech; Allied with me; King Richard
    Chinese: 9 cities, 35 tech; Allied with me; Pyramids

    +1020 Industrialization T0L0S10. Aztec -> 50g. Roman -> 100g
    +1040 Chinese -> 200g
    +1060 Corporation Aztec -> 50g
    +1080 Chinese -> 100g
    +1100 Freight Refining Chinese build Leo. Aztec -> 50g
    +1120 Aztec -> 50g. Roman -> 100g
    +1140 Combustion Chinese -> 100g
    +1160 Freight Aztec -> 50g
    +1180 Steel Barbarian Knight near Athens. Aztec -> 50g
    +1200 Barbarian Knight bought for 82g.
    +1220 structure Automobile Aztec -> 50g. Roman -> 100g.
    Chinese -> 100g
    +1240 Zulu build Sun Tzu. Gold to Zulu for 560.
    Aztec -> 100g
    +1260 ->Superhighways Mass Production T0L2S8
    +1280 structure Athens celebrates. Chinese -> 100g
    Aztec -> 50g. Roman -> 100g
    +1300 ->Mass Transit Nuclear Fission Athens is size 21
    +1320 Athens is size 22
    +1340 Electronics Athens is size 23
    +1360 Romans build Statue of Liberty.
    Athens is size 24. Chinese -> 100g
    Aztec -> 100g. Roman -> 50g
    +1380 Caravan Communism Mass Production -> Roman -> Communism, 50g
    +1400 -> Nuclear Power Aztec -> 50g. Chinese -> 50g
    +1420 Espionage Athens is size 25. T2L0S8
    Zulu demand 50g and declare war when I refuse. Silk to Chinese for 990.
    +1440 unit Zulu deliver to Athens.
    Reached peace with Zulu
    +1460 -> Spy Feudalism Mass Production -> Chinese -> Feudalism, 100g. T0L0S10
    +1480 Caravan -> Laser
    +1500 Horseback riding Electronics -> Chinese -> Horseback riding, 50g

    Status at +1500
    City Size: 25 Government: Democracy Gold: 5084 Techs: 58 Trade routes: 3
    Structures: Aqueduct, Marketplace, Library, Bank, University, Mass Transit, Stock Exchange, Sewer, Superhighways, Harbor, Supermarket
    Wonders: Marco, Colossus, Copernicus, Shakespeare, Newton
    Units: 1 None Settler, 1 Engineer, 1 vet Chariot, 2 Archers (1 None), 1 Knight, 1 Galleon, 1 Diplomat, 1 Spy, 2 Caravans, 2 Freights.
    Roman: no embassy; Allied with me; Hanging Gardens, Statue of Liberty
    Zulu: no embassy; Sun Tzu
    French: no embassy; Great Library
    Aztecs: no embassy; Allied with me; King Richard
    Chinese: no embassy; Allied with me; Pyramids, Leo

    +1510 -> Chivalry
    +1520 Freight Recycling
    +1530 Aztec embassy established.
    +1540 French embassy established
    +1550 Freight Leadership Roman embassy established. Chinese -> 100
    +1570 Tactics
    +1580 Freight Zulu build Darwin. Chinese -> 100g
    +1590 Machine Tools
    +1600 Barbarian Knight from hut
    +1610 structure Zulu embassy established. Chinese -> 100g
    +1620 Masonry Tactics -> Roman -> Masonry. T3L0S7
    Chinese embassy established.
    +1630 ->Miniaturization Zulu elephant attacks and kills my None Archer in fort. Knight kills Zulu elephant.
    Chinese -> 100g
    +1640 Chinese -> 100g
    +1650 Computers
    +1680 -> Research lab Mobile Warfare T0L0S10
    +1690 Offshore Platform T2L0S8
    +1700 Robotics Chinese -> 100g
    +1710 Recycling Center French build Suffrage.
    +1720 Pottery Zulu build Magellan. T1L0S9
    Mobile Warfare -> Chinese -> Pottery, 100g
    +1730 Factory ->Flight Chinese -> 100g
    +1740 Radio T0L2S8. Chinese -> 100g
    +1750 Nuclear Plant Aztecs build Hoover dam. Athens celebrates
    Laser -> Chinese -> Monotheism
    Archer disbanded.
    Zulu Knight turned None bought for 262g.
    Zulu have built a city in my homeland.
    +1752 Manufacturing Plant Athens is size 26
    Roman -> 50g, Chinese -> 100g
    +1754 Advanced Flight Athens is size 27.
    Aztec -> 100g Roman -> 50g
    +1756 Freight Athens is size 28. T2L0S8
    +1758 Freight Chinese -> 150g Roman -> 50g Aztec -> 100
    +1760 Armor Rocketry Zulu catapult killed. Zulu Knight turned None bought for 168. Aztec -> 100g
    +1762 Zulu build Adam Smith. Aztec -> 100g
    +1764 wonder Chinese -> 100g
    +1766 Space Flight Aztec -> 50g
    +1768 Coal to Aztecs for 810. Undemanded Salt for 324.
    +1770 -> Apollo Plastics All 3 allies cancelled alliance over my refusal to share Space Flight.
    +1774 SS Structural First pollution appears
    +1776 SS Structural Polytheism Space Flight -> Roman -> Polytheism
    +1778 SS Structural -> Superconductor
    +1780 SS Structural 100g from hut
    +1782 SS Structural Environmentalism T1L0S9
    +1784 SS Structural
    +1786 SS Structural 100g from hut
    +1788 SS Structural Theology Superconductor -> Chinese -> Theology
    +1790 SS Structural -> Fusion Power Romans join the space race
    +1792 SS Structural
    +1794 SS Structural Future Tech 1 Zulu tank kills mine. 100g from hut.
    Chinese join the space race.
    Zulu None tank bought for 496g and used to raze Zulu Tugela.
    +1796 SS Structural
    +1798 SS Structural
    +1800 SS Structural Combined Arms T0L2S8
    +1802 SS Structural Athens celebrates
    +1804 SS Component Athens is size 29 and out of food.
    Sewer sold. T2L0S8
    +1806 SS Component Aqueduct sold
    +1808 SS Component Future Tech 2 T10L0S0
    +1810 SS Component
    +1812 SS Component
    +1814 SS Component
    +1816 SS Module
    +1818 SS Module Diplomat disbanded. T0L0S10.
    Zulu engineer killed.
    +1820 SS Module
    +1822 Freight Romans build SETI. Superconductor -> Aztecs. 15s3c1m Space ship launched.
    Aztec tank bought for 312.
    +1823 Freight Power drops to weak for the first time
    +1824 AEGIS Future Tech 3
    +1825 Aqueduct
    +1826 Sewer Aztecs join the space race
    +1827 Guerrilla Warfare Advanced Flight -> Aztec -> Guerrilla Warfare. T1L2S7
    +1828 Eiffel Future Tech 4 Athens celebrates. Engineer disbanded
    +1829 Athens is maxed out at size 30.
    T3L0S7. Sewer sold
    +1830 Aqueduct sold.
    +1831 Future Tech 5 French sneak attack and sink my Galleon.
    Deliveries to Aztecs for 942, 338. T0L0S10
    +1832 Lighthouse
    +1833 Genetic Engineering Plastics -> Aztecs -> Genetic Engineering
    +1834 Future Tech 6 Aztecs build Michelangelo
    +1835 Oracle Manufacturing Plant sold
    +1836 T0L10S0
    +1837 Space ship arrives
  5. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Prince

    Feb 6, 2007
    I carried on and went for a landing. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, the chinese demanded salt and silk which I had a good supply of. I took out the romans fairly late on, mostly via subversion that boosted my score and number of cities, but on the whole, it was peaceful.
  6. Peaster

    Peaster Emperor

    Sep 26, 2004
    Glad to see at least 2 players are finishing this GOTM. I thought it might be zero.

    I'm playing for EC, but not too seriously, and not especially well. I knew that getting to Monarchy quickly would be an issue, but I blew it by popping a hut. Pottery not only added to tech costs, but somehow forced me to research 2 off-path techs instead of 1. Very slow game. The rest, to about 100AD has gone OK, but I may need another 500 years to finish. Depends on respawns.
  7. haleewud

    haleewud Prince

    Feb 16, 2010
    I just finished playing. I have played mostly EL (or OCC) since joining the CFC. I really didn't want to try EC. So I decided to go back to the way I used to play.

    I built my CIV up slowly, took out a couple of the AIs early, then switched to Fundy to conquer most of the world. After that, I build the Max size spaceship and let the Population soar.

    The one thing I did differently was massive trade. I haven't finished compiling the results, but I probably had over 400 Van/Truck deliveries. Total delivery bonuses was well over 200,000. I think I have figured out how to reset the supply/demand commodities. I was able to have one city produce Uranium about 7 times. Most of those were delivered for 2896 gold.

    All 67 of the spaceship components were built in 2 turns (1849 and 1850), I launched in 1850, so the landing was in 1861. I spent a little too much time in Fundy, so my Population only reached 238 Million.

    I will post some summary information, but I will probably not post a full log. I kept my log by hand and it is 23 sheets of paper, front and back.
  8. Peaster

    Peaster Emperor

    Sep 26, 2004
    So, did you enjoy the game ? With numbers like these, you can certainly be proud of it. I just don't have the patience to play that way, at least not very often. How do you reset commodities ... with "Wonder Bread" ? I never got the hang of that.

    I managed to conquer before 500AD, but probably lost 5-10 turns in the opening, trying to get to monarchy, and also had fairly bad luck with respawns, so this game will not find a place in the record books. Quick log:

    -4000: Athens(1) [We visited Athens this summer, along with Delphi, Ephesus, etc... so this game brought back nice RL memories].
    -3950: Hut=horse ... I never got barbs or nomads or much gold from a hut. My hut luck was about average, I guess. But after Alphabet, I got Pottery from one, which wrecked my plans for early monarchy.
    -1050: Monarchy finally, with 8 restless cities.
    -850: Trade
    -675: HG, 15 cities
    -550: MPE, maps. I see no special problems getting to AIs.
    -375: LH
    -300: Van 1 gets 176g. I probably delivered about 20 vans for about 5000g total. My messy ship chains were used for vans, EC, and then they spread out for the respawn phase. Also, phil +hbr --> poly this turn.
    -75: Zulus down, with barb help, but they respawn as Babs at 89,59. This IDs the main kill zone, and I send plenty of troops there. Unfortunately, 2 of the later dozen respawns occured far away, which cost some time.
    -25: Poly... this is really very late in an EC game for Poly.
    +100: Rome [walled city] down, but they build a new capital at Veii soon. French and Chinese are building GW, so I rush to stop those. It'd probably be simpler and safer to build GW myself, but that'd cost an extra 2 turns or so.
    +120: Vans and tribute total around 1500g ... rich!
    +160 [or +200?]: Conq Antium and get Pyr's.
    +220: Babs down (with no respawn!)
    +280: Walled Paris down, so I can probably stop GW in Tours anytime [but Tours demands Hides, so I keep it a while]. I got to Beijing a bit later, but in time to stop GW2.
    +340: About this time, the game becomes the usual respawn mess. About 10 occured in the "kill zone" [handled quickly] and 2 others in the far boondocks [which cost me a few turns]. I did not switch to republic at the end for more score. Finished 4xxAD.
  9. haleewud

    haleewud Prince

    Feb 16, 2010
    I did enjoy the game, although it does get a bit tedious. During the last 20 or so turns, with delivery 10 to 20 trucks and doing rush builds on 20 or 30 cities, it was taking several hours per turn.

    My final total was actually 395 deliveries for a total of 292691 gold.

    I have only tried te Wonder Bread trick a couple of times. I never got it to work. I was able to reset commodities by manipulating the trade routes and trade values of the cities. All of this manipulation also took quite a bit of time.

    Here is one example of resetting a commodity.

    I have two cities. Eretria which demands Uranium, Artemisium which has a truck carrying Uranium.

    Before delivering, looking at Eretria shows the following:
    Supplies: (Coal),(Spice),(Gold)
    Demands:Uranium, Silver, Copper
    Tours Gold: +16
    Paris Coal: +15
    Neapolis Gold: +15

    Artemisium has this display:
    Supplies: (Dye),(Silver),(Uranium)
    Corinth Dye: +14
    Rhodes Silver: +16
    Eretria Dye: +16

    While looking at the cities, I make sure Trade is maximized for every square in both cities.

    Coal is a much demanded commodity, but the supply is blocked in Eretria. So I would go to Paris and remove all of the workers from its squares. This reduces the value of the Coal trade route (in Eretria) from +15 to +8. Since this is the lowest trade route, it should be the one replaced.

    Then I deliver the Uranium. After delivery Eretria shows the following:
    Demands:Uranium, Oil, Silver
    Tours Gold: +16
    Artemisium Spice: +16
    Neapolis Gold: +15

    So Artemisum has replaced Paris as the middle trade route and the commodity has changed from Coal to Spice. The Supply of Coal has been unblocked.

    This approach worked quite often, but not every time. Sometimes reducing the value of an existing trade route and then delivering an Undemanded commodity could also reset a supply commodity, this seemed to work less often.

    Once I got a supply commodity unblocked, I would not make any more deliveries to that city until I produced a truck for the commodity. I was afraid if I made a delivery, the commodity would be blocked again.
  10. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Moderator Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    I just finished. Played OCC and landed in 1904. Do not have a log this time.

    Long time not played OCC and had a lot of trouble at the end. The Zulu's had a few cities near me and started a war near the end. Luckily I got some howitzers to counter attack.
  11. Peaster

    Peaster Emperor

    Sep 26, 2004
    @haleewud: Thanks for a very clear explanation. I will try it, though it seems to depend on having mostly domestic routes, so that you can manipulate all the city workers.

    I don't need to see all 23 pages of your log, but am curious .... Since you had over 200,000 in bonuses, you also got over 200,000 beakers from van deliveries [probably]. I guess that's more science than you need to build a space ship. So, you could have finished much earlier, if you had wanted to, but you wanted to grow for score ... is this about right ?
  12. haleewud

    haleewud Prince

    Feb 16, 2010
    I guess that is basically correct. I discovered Superconductor in 1768. During that year-end process (just before the discovery), the Zulus sneak attacked. I was somewhat undecided on how I was going to proceed, but that clinched it. I had to destroy the Zulus. In 1772, the Chinese and Aztecs activated their alliance with the Zulus and declared war. So then I had to kill them as well. The Zulus went down in 1774, the Chinese in 1776 and the Aztecs in 1782.

    After that I spent until 1822 in Fundy, building up the infrastructure of my cities. In 1822 I had 59 cities (the last was founded in 1822). Each city had Temple, Marketplace, Library, Aqueduct, Factory, Sewer Sytem, Superhighways and 50 of the cities had Airports. Once I went to democracy, I was also checking to see when I could get 3 discoveries in 1 year (practicing for GOTM113). It was 1834 before I could make 3 discoveries. Of course, the cost by that time (with no purple) was 5607.

    I actually wanted to max the population (at 320 million), but I released it would take a long time, so I finally decided to launch in 1850. I made 2 discoveries almost every turn from 1836 until the end in 1860. I made it to FT34.

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