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GOTM 122 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by CharlieChuck, May 22, 2011.

  1. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Prince

    Feb 6, 2007
    I guess most other people are still finishing 121, but this is the first game I've been able to play for 6 months or so. I knew I'd have time for a landing game this month and despite the fact I seem to have forgot various things in only six months, I've really enjoyed this one.

    Firstly, what to do with the built up capital. Personally I pillaged it, converting it into settlers by rush buying. I didn't keep a log, but by 1500bc I had six cities and had met and swapped maps with the Carthags. They were a bit too near for my liking so I went for an ICS conquest of them. Luckily they asked for an alliance while I was planning the attack so I was able to build "launch attack" cities right next door to their capital and another city. The attack took place in the early AD's.

    Some stats at 1AD
    14 cities, 31 techs, researching navigation, Monarchy, 12 crusaders ready for attack, contact & maps from French & Aztecs. Hanging Gardens built.

    At the moment I'm just finishing off the space ship, I'll post a few more stats some other time.
  2. Inkerman

    Inkerman Engineer Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Jan 14, 2011
    Charlie - I guess I've come in whilst you've been away. As you may have noticed from the results for 118 in my case it's more a case of not knowing rather than having forgotten!

    I agree that it seems continuing play in GotM 121 has kept people occupied. The large map and excess of forest with the need for conquest make for a long game. In fact I was done on that quite early with momentum from the bug investigation, and I moved onto this one, and have already sent my files in. And I'm now playing one of the games from the past that seems to have gone down well - a bit of a classic with yourself and the rest of the top 5 from the Hall of Fame all playing. (First choice was "The Gauntlet" GoTM 58 but I couldn't seem to find the starting save.)

    In 122 the part that was most interesting to me was how to handle the situation from the accelerated start. A built up capital isn't a situation I was familiar with. Given the strong technical position I thought about one city challenge but I took on board the comments in the game thread that location wasn't so great. Also that playing as purple if you get to supreme you are your own key civ - that may make a traditional landing plan successful, although I didn't think I would have to choose between conquest and landing for a time. On the other hand I didn't want to just ignore the strengths, scrap nearly everything, and convert the game to a "normal" one.

    I decided I would try and use such a strong city as a main strength, for example for wonders and trade. I would add rather than lose buildings. I did disband a legion into settlers but nothing else. I tried to manage science carefully in the initial turns.

    Black clicking suggested we were at the north-west of a large continent so I sent units south and east, and as things turned out some land near Little Bighorn in the other direction stayed unvisited for a very long time.

    As I explored the near terrain didn't seem so grass-rich, but I got on with founding cities, including more overlaps than I used to so as to get closer to the usual way play proceeds here.

    I went for Hanging Gardens and MPE as others took Pyramids, Great Library and Colossus.
  3. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    I also have started and hit the AD-barrier. I guess I have messed up a good score already by having "just played along" for too long. After having finished MPE I should have gone straight for conquest (like Charlie), but went for science, trade routes and slow expansion in republic instead. I was planning to build HG, but couldn't due to lack of pottery. AI- and hut-techs allowed Mike's chapel instead. Carths managed to win the philo-race, french built Shakes in 125 BC (which is really early for AI in my estimation).
    As I mentioned earlier, I should have realized earlier that there is no point in early-science. :mischief:

    However I was surprised at how friendly the AI were! :eek: This is the first game I played after having downgraded to civ2-classic and everybody loves me. Carth troops were outside a new-founded city and instead of demanding all my gold for not declaring war (as they would have done in MPG) we exchanged techs and they marched off.

    I still think that OCC would be a good choice for that game. I would settle the supported settler into town, send out two units to explore to AI and find huts, disband others for necessary buildings/wonders/caravans. The NONE-settler could mine the pheasant at the river mouth and chop down some trees for trade arrows and food.
    So if you have nothing else to do/play and would like to replay this GOTM for OCC, this would be my suggestion. ;)
    The disadvantage would be that you won't be your own key civ and might have none at all.
  4. Peaster

    Peaster Emperor

    Sep 26, 2004
    I didn't have time for 120-121, so I'm reviving my game with 122. As always, I believe in ICS, and built 6 cities by 1600BC. Growth stalled until 1000BC ... then MPE 700BC ... HG 525BC and easier growth again. As I approach AD years, I have about 30 cities and am researching metallurgy (!). I generally avoid INV + NAV, but in this game, the Babs researched Inv/Gun, and gave me Gun. I expect Metallurgy + Explosives by 100AD from van trade. If the Babs will now research NAV (I gave them Seaf and Astro) and perhaps Physics, I might be able to go very far in science without the usual Ren era trade penalty. I was planning to go for EC at approx 400AD, but this weird tech thing is attractive. Also, two AI capitals are huge and walled, maybe with musketeers, so EC may be slower than usual, or at least different.

    Welcome back CC.
  5. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Prince

    Feb 6, 2007
    Hello Inkerman and Major Advantage. When I first found this site, I'd never used van deliveries I used to only play only with monarchy and communism governments. Like you, I learnt a lot here very quickly.

    It's no surprise to see Peaster has discovered metallurgy in the bc years. I half expected you to finish BC!

    I got a bit caught up in wars throughout my game, firstly the carthags then the French and Aztecs towards the end, this lost me time. I also seemed to stall in the AD period, under Republic I just didn't seem to grow, maybe the terrain didn't help? Also, I don't know about other's games, but the Babs only built 1 city throughout the game, and they didn't even build an aquaduct in that. I found that odd.
  6. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    I've successfully fninished and submitted.

    The same in my game. Late in the fame, they founded their second city just outside Babylon's city radius. However there is hill with fortress and road on their island, so maybe a city was destroyed by barbs early in the game. I'm replaying the game as OCC right now and they expand normally.

    Here is the first part of my log:
    -1950: Start exploring, production to settler
    -1850: hut: 50g
    -1800: discover ocean with continent number 3.
    -1700: LB settler, start another, disband horse; pop hut: Math, Wounded Knee founded at 26,10
    -1550: (Egypt starts Pyramids), found Cedar Creek at 19,13; meet Carthags, give Mysticism and Construction, get Wheel and Poly, demand tribute, get iron w., peace
    -1500 research to Trade, LB settler -> Trireme(?), sell colosseum
    -1350 Slim Buttes foundd (29,5)
    (Carth. troops outside WK)
    -1300 NONE-Legion from hut, talk to Carths, give techs, share maps, no alliance
    (Carth retreat)
    -1200 WK settler, 50g from hut
    -1150 LB riots>elvis; Slim Buttes Warrior ->settler
    -1100 Trade -> Literacy; CC settler > Van
    -1000 Three Forks founded at 30,14
    -975 LB settler, start Marco
    -925 WK Dip
    -875 Stony Lake founded (24,16)
    -825 France builds Pyramids
    -800 Carth -> get Trade for Literacy, Research to Philo
    (plan1: pottery as freetech, change marco to HG?
    plan2: Build Marco, get pottery from AI, build HG as 2nd wow?)
    -775 Killdeer (36,4), Stony Lake red, rush Warrior
    (Carth discover Philo, bad)
    -750 Alliance with Carth, give currency, get philo, maps
    -725 choose mono to research, pottery not available, Stony riots, elvis
    plan: I guess now Mike's should be top priority
    -700 mono -> republic, Bear Paw founded
    -575 Aztecs build Colossus
    -525 French start Marco, Mike's has 234s already. Still: Finish Mike's first, try to get Marco afterwards
    -450 WK starts Marco, meet Aztecs, give Literacy, get Seafaring, peace, maps
    -400 Hut: University
    -350 Meet French, give philo, get pottery, peace, disband Phalanx in LB to complete Mike's next turn
    -325 Mike's finished, re-arrange workers
    -275 French almost done with Marco, disband Archer to beat them, found Big Mound
    -250 Marco's completed, French change to GL, get Republic from Babylon, peace, maps, no tribute, REVOLUTION
    -225 Republic established, T3S7L0, NONE-Crusader from hut
    -175 French medicine, switch their wonder to Shakes; Astronomy -> Navigation
    -150 French almost done with Shakes, Carth: give Rep, Uni, get Medicine, ask for gift, get Warrior code
    -125 Paris builds Shakes, Copper(d) SB to Cartaghe 72g, pop hut just north of France: nomad
    -75 Wood Lake founded (deep south), T1S2L7 to trigger celebrations
    -50 Dead Buffalo founded
    -25 Beads(d) to Caralis for 28g
    1AD Celebrations stopped T2S8L0

    Stats at 1AD:
    Population: 850,000; Cities: 11; Trade routes: 0D2F; Government: Republic
    Gold: 31; Cost per turn: 2; Total advances: 27; Production: 48; 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: Marco, Michelangelo
    Units: 3 settlers, 4 Warriors, 1 Phalanx, 1 Archer, 2 Legion, 2 Chariots, 1 Crusader, 2 Trireme, 1 Diplomat, 4 Caravan
    peace with all

    20 hut: Gravity, Dye(d) LB to Utica 196g
    40 Navigation -> Physics Silver(d) CC >Carthage 85g
    80 Copper(d) WK>Utica 58g, Hides (d) SB>CC 10g
    120 LB finishes Library, WK starts HG
    Hold on: Where the *** is this supposed to lead to? New plan: build Sun Tzu (instead of HG), build up army and start conquering

    After that, things went pretty well (at least by my estimation). ;)
  7. Peaster

    Peaster Emperor

    Sep 26, 2004
    For me, this gotm is different because the Babs researched gunpowder for me (and now democracy). So... many Renaissance benefits such as engineers without the heavy trade penalties. They also researched Nav, but I haven't been able to direct them to Physics yet, so no RR, Corp, etc.

    The game is easy to play - with trade profits approx 1000g per turn thru the early AD years, and almost 1 tech per turn with that. I'm curious whether this could be used to improve on standard EC or EL strategies. Probably not EC; I think I could've conquered faster by staying in monarchy, using normal methods. It might work better for EL, in general, but in my game I've allowed the Babs to build Copes, so - no SSC this time. Also, I've been forced to start on Inv.

    So, the experiment is about over. I'll probably go back to monarchy and a slightly-delayed EC game, a decent hybrid game.
  8. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I have managed to get started too. I just built Marco a few minutes ago, exchanged maps with all rivals and came here to read this thread. I was not sure whether to go for landing or conquest and decided to play the game to Marco and then decide. The map is well poised for conquest but I have to think this over.

    My expansion was much slower than most of you guys, not surprisingly. I had only 4 cities by -1000 and have 8 now at -550. I did not disband any units nor did I sell any infra structure. I did quickly rehome units though and within a few turns I got rid of my support problem. I also kept the None settler.

    That is indeed odd, even for perfectionist Babylonians. In my game they already have 2 cities at -550 which is still the lowest by far of their rivals. Aztecs have 4, French and Carthaginians 5.
  9. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Status at -1950
    Population: 0.28M; Cities: 1; Techs: 12; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 140; Cost: 6; Trade routes: 0D0F;
    Units: 2 settlers (1 None), 6 Assault units
    Goals: Expand and build Marco before deciding whether to go for conquest or landing.
    Babylonian: No contact
    French: No contact
    Aztec: No contact
    Carthaginian: No contact

    -1950 T3L0S7. Switched production to settler.
    -1800 Wounded Knee founded with access to whale, pheasant, and furs.
    -1750 Literacy and horseman from huts.
    -1650 None archer from hut. Cedar Creek founded.
    -1550 Carthaginian horseman runs into my archer. Construction, Mysticism, Monarchy, Literacy -> Carthaginian (4) -> Wheel, Polytheism, peace, map exchange. My power is moderate which means there is one civ below me.
    -1500 -> Philosophy.
    -1350 25g from hut.
    -1250 Philosophy -> Trade -> Monotheism.
    -1100 Slim Buttes founded.

    Status at -1000
    Population: 0.18M; Cities: 4; Techs: 17; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 11; Cost: 6; Trade routes: 0D0F;
    Units: 4 settlers (1 None), 8 Assault units
    Goals: Expand and build Marco before deciding whether to go for conquest or landing.
    Babylonian: No contact
    French: No contact
    Aztec: No contact
    Carthaginian: 3 cities at last update

    -0950 Three Forks founded.
    -0900 Stony Lake and Killdeer founded.
    -0875 Philosophy -> Carthaginian -> Iron Working, Warrior Code.
    -0725 French build Pyramids.
    -0700 T5L0S5
    -0625 Monotheism -> Bridge Building. Barbarian leader captured for 100g.
    -0600 Bear Paw founded.
    -0575 First Trireme produced.
    -0550 Marco built.
    Trade, Philosophy, Iron Working -> Aztec (4) -> Seafaring, Republic, Pottery, peace, maps, 150g.
    Iron Working, Wheel -> French (5) -> Math, maps, peace, 150g
    Literacy, Philosophy, Republic -> Babylonian (2) -> Engineering, Astronomy, peace, maps
    Given the map, I am going to go for conquest. T7L0S3.
    -0500 Big Mound founded.

    Status at -0500
    Population: 0.34M; Cities: 9; Techs: 26; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 140; Cost: 6; Trade routes: 0D0F;
    Medieval Wonders: Marco
    Units: 5 settlers (1 None), 9 Assault units, 1 Trireme, 1 Caravan
    Goals: Expand into NE peninsula of homeland which is unsettled and free of rivals.
    Establish an offshore presence on islands 2 and 7.
    Build a city at the NW tip of homeland.
    Build Hanging Gardens.
    Assess the situation for going after Carthage.
    Babylonian: 2 cities, 20 techs
    French: 5 cities, 22 techs; Pyramids
    Aztec: 4 cities, 18 techs
    Carthaginian: 6 cities, 16 techs
  10. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    -0475 Kish founded on island 7.
    -0450 Dead Buffalo founded.
    -0425 Point of Rocks founded. No tributes.
    -0350 Barbarian legion lands near Kish. Hanging Gardens built. Barbarian legion bribed for 82g.
    -0300 Aztec -> 25g.
    -0250 Barbarian leader captured for 100g.
    -0225 Kharg founded on island 2.
    -0200 Carthaginians build Great Library.
    -0175 My power just became supreme. Math -> Carthaginian -> Bridge building.
    -0150 French build Colossus. -> Navigation.
    -0100 Aztec -> 100g. French -> Medicine.
    -0075 Running Bear founded.
    -0025 French -> 300g. Carthaginian -> 0g. Silver Moon founded. Carthaginian Phalanx bribed for 254g to occupy a fort with my assault units.
    +0001 I refuse to withdraw and Carthaginians kill the Phalanx, a horseman, and 2 vet Crusaders. All I have left in the fort are 2 chariots. One kills an elephant, the other a legion. Aztec -> 50g. Carthage is defended by 2 warriors and a Phalanx, no city walls.

    Status at +0001
    Population: 0.59M; Cities: 15; Techs: 28; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 2; Cost: 7; Trade routes: 0D0F;
    Ancient Wonders: Hanging Gardens
    Medieval Wonders: Marco
    Units: 7 settlers (1 None), 10 Assault units, 2 Trireme, 5 Caravan
    Goals: Finish off the expansion of NE peninsula of homeland
    Build Michelangelo.
    Destroy Carthaginians.
    Establish trade routes particularly with offshore Babylonians.
    Babylonian: 3 cities, 22 techs
    French: 5 cities, 25 techs; Pyramids, Colossus; War with Carthaginians, allied with Aztecs
    Aztec: 4 cities, 21 techs; War with Carthaginians, allied with French
    Carthaginian: 7 cities, 22 techs; Great Library; War with all but Babylonians

    +0020 Wounded Carthaginian legion pull back into Carthage and is replaced with a fresh warrior which my vet Crusader kills. Wildcat Valley founded.
    +0040 Carthaginian elephant kills my Legion in fort and is killed by my Crusader.
    +0060 Carthaginian Archer killed.
    +0080 3 Carthaginian units killed. 3 Crusaders easily kill 3 defenders of Carthage. The city is taken for 59g and Great Library. This causes the Carthaginians to get Astronomy, Masonry, Trade, and one other tech from the Great Library!! Carthaginian empire divided into Carthaginian and Persian factions.
    Republic -> Persian (0) -> peace. French -> 100g
    +0120 Persians build King Richards. Carthaginian catapult killed. Cloth, Hides to Kish for 50, 60 establish the first trade routes. Aztec -> 100g. Persian -> 0g.
    +0140 Navigation -> Sanitation. Great River founded.
    +0160 Lost 1 Crusader and killed 3 defenders of Utica. The city taken for 79g.
    Navigation -> Babylonian -> University
    +0180 Carthaginians kill my chariot. Seven Brothers founded.
    +0200 Michelangelo built. Carthaginian elephant killed. Domestic delivery for 52. T7L2S1
    +0220 Trireme barely survives attack from Carthaginian one. Cartenna bribed for 194g. Got 42g and Phalanx.
    +0260 Barbarian legion kills Phalanx defending Kish. Aztecs build Great Wall. Rushed diplomat bribes barbarian legion for 82g. Two defenders of Caralis killed by Crusaders and the city taken for 66g. Carthaginian civilization destroyed.
    +0280 Iron Working -> Babylonian -> Invention.
    +0300 Navigation -> Persian -> maps.
    +0320 Persian -> 75g. Aztec, French -> 0g.
    +0340 Persian -> 50g. Aztec, French -> 0g. French Tours bribed for 264. French declare war. So do their Aztec allies. Got Banking. French catapult killed. Single defender of Persian Rusicade killed and the city taken for 9g. Snake Canyon founded.
    +0380 Gave French invention to divert an attack on Tours. Gave Aztecs cease fire as well. 2 defenders of Malaca killed and the city taken for 17g and barracks.
    +0420 Persians kill a Crusader.
    +0460 Hides from LittleBigHorn to Babylon for 468 establishes the first foreign trade route.
    +0480 Democracy from Great Library. Persians kill another crusader. Sanitation -> Chemistry. Magellan built. Coal to Babylon for 330. 2 defenders of Persian Gades killed and the city razed for 10g. 25g from hut. T1L2S7

    Status at +0500
    Population: 1.87M; Cities: 26; Techs: 34; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 50; Cost: 11; Trade routes: 6D2F;
    Ancient Wonders: Hanging Gardens, Great Library
    Medieval Wonders: Marco , Michelangelo, Magellan
    Units: 11 settlers (1 None), 11 Assault units, 6 boats, 22 Caravan
    Notes: Babylonians are researching Gunpowder; French Feudalism.
    Goals: Buy off last Persian city.
    Expand into former Carthaginian home lands.
    Get Explosives and Metallurgy.
    Build Leo and Liberty.
    Keep trading with Babylonians .
    Babylonian: 3 cities, 28 techs
    French: 6 cities, 32 techs; Pyramids, Colossus; Allied with Aztecs
    Aztec: 5 cities, 28 techs; Great Wall; Allied with French
    Persian: 1 city, 28 techs; King Richards
    Carthaginian: Destroyed by me
  11. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +0520 Silk to French for 195. Accepted Persian offer of 50g for cease fire. Persian Panormous bribed for 216g. Got King Richards, 20g, a settler, and 2 soldiers. Persian civilization destroyed. Revolution started.
    +0540 Democracy established. T3L4S3. Domestic delivery for 18.
    +0560 Babylonians develop Gunpowder! Chemistry -> Gunpowder. Seven cities celebrate. Sanitation -> Babylonian -> Gunpowder. First Wind founded. Domestic delivery for 102.
    +0580 -> Metallurgy. Yellow Tree founded across the water from Babylon. Beads to French for 134.
    +0600 Hides to Babylonians for 208, 272.
    +0620 Metallurgy -> Explosives. Domestic deliveries for 114, 84.
    +0640 Leo built. Silk to Paris for 246. T0L4S6
    +0660 Babylonians build Copernicus. Explosives -> Conscription. Chief's Crag and Morning Rock founded. Wine to Babylonians for 420, 530.
    +0680 Conscription -> Feudalism. French have Feudalism but are unwilling to exchange. Naples founded. Beads to French for 94. T4L4S2
    +0700 Silver to Babylon for 480.
    +0720 Feudalism -> Theology. Coal to French for 137, Aztecs for 102. Domestic deliveries for 42, 55.
    +0740 Coal to Babylon for 360.
    +0760 Theology -> Fundamentalism. Leptis Parva founded. Deliveries to Babylonians for 292, 226; Aztecs 85; domestic 54, 20. T1L4S5
    +0780 Rifleman survives barbarian Knight. Fundamentalism -> Chivalry. Domestic delivery for 66. LeptisMagna founded. T4L4S2
    +0800 Girba founded. Domestic delivery for 42.
    +0820 Bach built.
    +0840 Domestic delivery for 38, 50. Cloth to French for 165.
    +0860 Chivalry -> Leadership. Deliveries to Aztecs for 159, 87.
    +0880 Democracy -> Babylonian -> Economics.
    +0900 Sanitation -> Aztec -> Physics, maps. WoodLake founded. Domestic delivery for 50.
    +0920 Hides to Babylonians for 188. Kerman founded.
    +0940 Leadership -> Tactics. Domestic delivery for 50. Hides to Babylonians for 364.
    +0960 Domestic delivery for 54.
    +0980 Tactics -> Amphibious Warfare. Offshore Spice to French Orleans for 728 (capped). T3L4S3
    +1000 French build Liberty. Amphibious Warfare -> Magnetism. Conscription -> Babylonian -> Magnetism. Raging Brook and Oea founded. Domestic delivery for 213. Gems to French for 291. Revolution started. Aztec -> 100g. French -> 0g. 3 Cavalry attack Tenochtitlan easily killing its three defenders. T2L6S2

    Status at +1000
    Population: 18.6M; Cities: 39; Techs: 49; Government: Anarchy
    Gold: 860; Cost: 97; Trade routes: 32D23F;
    Ancient Wonders: Hanging Gardens, Great Library
    Medieval Wonders: Marco , Michelangelo, Magellan , King Richards
    Industrial Wonders: Leo, Bach
    Units: 19 Engineers (1 None), 4 Cavalry, 2 Diplomats, 6 Caravel, 14 Caravan
    Notes: Every one is in Democracy. Babylonians developed Gunpowder on their own and I gave them Conscription. French have Feudalism, but not Gunpowder. Aztecs have neither.
    Goals: Bring the clergy to power. Conquer Aztecs and French with Cavalry.
    Babylonians would require powerful attack boats at the very least. Fortunately all their cities are coastal.
    Keep expanding and keep trading with Babylonians.
    Tech goals are Steam Engine or Electricity for attack boats.
    Wonder goal is Sun Tzu.
    Babylonian: 3 cities, 36 techs; Copernicus
    French: 6 cities, 35 techs; Pyramids, Colossus, Liberty; War with me, allied with Aztecs
    Aztec: 5 cities, 32 techs; Great Wall; War with me, allied with French
    Persian: Destroyed by me
    Carthaginian: Destroyed by me
  12. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    I am pleased to see that I am not too far behind Ali, except for trade routes. ;)

    Here is the next part of my log:

    120 LB finishes Library, WK starts HG
    Hold on: Where the *** is this supposed to lead to? New plan: build Sun Tzu (instead of HG), build up army and start conquering
    160 physics -> Feudalism
    180 pop hut: supported Legion
    200 Carth: give Navigation, they refuse to tech trade (KRC), get 100 g gift, silk(d) WK>Carthage 90g, Point of Rocks founded
    240 Advanced tribe: Raging Brook
    280 Feudalism-> Theology
    320 Running Bear founded, Sun Tzu almost done
    340 Sun Tzu completed, 4 vet Crusaders will be completed next turn
    360 Hmpf, Malaca out of Dye-demand, deliver anyway for 24g, demand gift: 100g
    380 Coalogne founded (on Coal being mined), just missed oedo year to change back to monarchy; next: 460
    400 Meet Babylonians: give Navigation & Irown working, get banking & engineering, alliance, maps: There is continent #1 in the middle of the ocean, 100g from Carth
    (Carthage builds HG)
    420 Great River founded, another 100 g from Carths, still allied, pay 50g to Aztecs so they declare war with Carths
    440 Refuse to join Carths war with Aztecs, refuse to give physics, still allied, get 100g gift, REVOLUTION
    460 Monarchy established, another 100g from Carths
    480 Cancel Carth alliance, talk to Aztecs: no invitation to join their war with Carth
    500 Theology -> Bridge Building, Seven Pheasants founded, 200g from Aztecs, 75g from Carth (wanted them to declare war), start exploring continent1

    Stats at 500AD:
    Population: 1.17 Mill.; Cities: 25; Trade routes: 2D7F; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 1032; Cost per turn: 4; Total advances: 35; Production: 80; 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: Marco, Michelangelo, Sun Tzu
    Carth: HG
    French: Pyramids, Shakespeare
    Aztecs: Colossus
    Units: 5 settlers, 3 Warriors, 1 Phalanx, 1 Archer, 3 Legion, 1 pike, 1 Chariot, 8 Crusaders, 2 Trireme, 1 caravelle, 6 Diplomat, 1 Caravan
    peace with all, allied with Babylon

    520 Another 150g tribute from Carths, sneak attack anyway, Carthage captured, 2g+HG
    bribe Legion 84g, bribe Utica 424g, bribe Caralis 265g, Barb Leader 100g, Slim Butts starts Bach
    560 Bribe Malaca 318g
    580 Bribe Panormus 159g, Carths down to 1 city but only 43g left
    future plans: build up democracy empire before attacking Aztecs & French
    techs: Invention (Babylon working on), Demo, Explosives
    (interturn) Seven Pheasants destroyed by barbs
    600 Snake Canyon founded
    660 First Wind founded (on cont. 1)
    680 Bach Cathedral finished, time for better government, Yellowtree founded, REVOLUTION
    700 Republic, Chief's Grag, Morning Rock founded
    720 bribe Leptis Parva 212g, Carths defeated, Panama founded, Bornholm (island 7) founded
    740 Babs have Invention first offshore-trade: wool(d) LB<Bornholm 54g, T2S5L3 for some celebration
    760 Barb Caravelle sent to the seafloor, get Invention for Astro from Babs
    780 Bridge Build. -> Democracy
    820 50g from hut; French: give Astro, get chemnistry
    840 Seven Pheasants rebuilt
    900 Leo's completed; Democracy->Gunpowder
    920 Some deliveries, REVOLUTION
    940 Demo established T2S6L2
    960 Copper Bear Paw>Teotihuacan 128g

    Stats at 1000AD:
    Population: 4.61 Mill.; Cities: 32; Trade routes: 23D3F; Government: Democracy
    Gold: 340; Cost per turn: 22; Total advances: 35; Production: 80; 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: HG, Marco, Michelangelo, Sun Tzu, Bach, Leonardo
    French: Pyramids, Shakespeare
    Aztecs: Colossus
    Units: 22 settlers, 15 Musketeers, 8 Crusaders, 1 catapult, 4 caravelle, 5 Diplomat, 3 Caravan
    peace with all, allied with Babylon, Carth destroyed
  13. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +1020 Cavalry survives Aztec elephant. Fundamentalism established. T4L5S1. One more defender of Tenochtitlan killed and the city taken for 38g, two structures, and Great Wall. 2 Aztec units killed.
    +1040 Cavalry survive Aztec elephant. -> Electricity. 25 of the eligible 29 cities celebrate. Texcoco captured. Crete founded. Hides to Babylonians for 400. Domestic Hides for 38. T2L5S3
    +1060 Electricity -> Refrigeration. Coal to Babylonians for 655. T4L5S1
    +1080 Sun Tzu built. Lost a cavalry in capture of walled Teo. Domestic delivery for 82.
    +1100 Tingis founded. French elephant killed. Gems to Paris for 216. Stole Steam Engine from French and gave it to Babylonians.
    +1120 Babylonians develop Railroad. Cavalry barely survives Aztec legion. Refrigeration -> Railroad. Domestic delivery for 65. Wine to French for 175.
    +1140 Domestic deliveries for 124, 125, 52. Railroad stolen from Babylonians.
    +1160 -> Industrialization. Coal to Babylon for 414. Domestic delivery for 47, 37
    +1180 Industrialization -> Theory of Gravity. Deliveries to Babylonians for 88, 227. Domestic delivery for 75, 50. Destroyer easily kills 3 archers defending Marseilles. Tlax captured.
    +1200 French Marseilles conquered. Domestic deliveries for 19. Tlacopan founded.
    +1220 Domestic delivery for 26, 88, 28. Rusaddit and Alalia founded. Spice to Babylon for 436. Aztec Calix razed.
    +1240 Barbarian dragoons kill rifleman and diplomat defending their favorite target: Kish. Cavalry survives Aztec elephant. Theory of Gravity -> Corporation. Destroyer kills barbarian dragoons. Domestic delivery for 40, 44. Coal to Babylon for 334.
    +1260 Selinus, Himera, and Zardabad founded. Tlat captured. Aztec civilization destroyed. Domestic delivery for 44.
    +1280 Destroyer kills defenders of Orleans. The city captured for 120g and 2 structures. Domestic delivery for 56, 78, 32. Sirjan founded.
    +1300 Tlal founded. Domestic delivery for 60. Hides to Babylonians for 262.
    +1320 Corporation -> Steel. Deliveries to Babylonians for 605, 365. Domestic deliveries for 66, 78, 82, 72. GreenTree and Ghent founded.
    +1340 Steel -> Genetic Engineering. Adam Smith built. Destroyer lost in attack on French Charters defended by a Rifleman! They do not have Conscription or Gunpowder. The unit must have come from a hut. French elephant killed. 2 barbarian dragoons killed. Domestic delivery for 95, 116, 32, 56.
    +1360 Domestic delivery for 138. Deliveries to Babylon for 456, 500.
    +1380 Genetic Engineering -> Refining. Spice to Babylon for 300. Domestic delivery for 72, 504. Lost a Cruiser on the rifleman in Charters. Cavalry finished off the wounded rifleman. None Musketeer from hut.
    +1400 Charters captured. Accepted French offer of 450 for cease fire. Railroad, Industrialization -> French -> maps. Hides to Babylonians for 412. Advanced tribe founds Dublin of size 4 on continent 14.
    +1420 Refining -> Combustion. Sabzabad founded. Domestic delivery for 212, 57, 236, 30, 37. Hides to Babylonians for 512.
    +1440 Combustion -> Flight. Demand for tribute causes French to declare war. 2 French units killed. Domestic delivery for 52, 84. Deliveries to Babylonians for 255, 228. Akragas founded. Rushed Darwin to keep it away from Babylonians. T5L5S0
    +1460 Darwin built. Flight -> Radio -> Machine Tools. T4L5S1. Two defenders of Paris killed and the city taken for Pyramids, Colossus, and Liberty. 3 French units killed. Domestic delivery for 44, 27, 110, 32, 34, 21, 36. 50g from hut.
    +1480 Babylonians build Eiffel. Cremona founded. Cruiser kills single defender of Babylon. The city taken for Communism, Copernicus, 307g, and 2 structures. 2 partisans show up and are immediately killed. Plane kills 3 defenders of Lyons. The city is captured. Cavalry kill 2 defenders of Rheims. Advanced tribe founds Shush on continent 8. Shushtar founded on continent 8. Domestic delivery for 44.
    +1500 Barbarians kill an Engineer, Babylonians a Cruiser, and French a Cavalry. Rheims captured after plane easily kills its single defender. Domestic delivery for 46, 35, 42. Nineveh captured after its single defender killed by plane. Again two partisans appear. Lost a cruiser killing one of them.

    Status at +1500
    Population: 24.9M; Cities: 70; Techs: 63; Government: Fundamentalism
    Gold: 12; Cost: 291; Trade routes: 144D3F;
    Ancient Wonders: Hanging Gardens, Great Library, Pyramids, Colossus, Great Wall
    Medieval Wonders: All but Shakespeare
    Industrial Wonders: Leo, Bach, Adam Smith, Darwin, Liberty
    Units: 50 Engineers (1 None), 11 Assault units, 12 boats, 8 vans
    Notes: Every one is in Democracy. Babylonians have Conscription but did not make Riflemen for their cities.
    Goals: Finish off the remaining rivals.
    Babylonian: 1 city at last update; Eiffel; War with me
    French: 1 city at last update; War with me
    Aztec: Destroyed by me
    Persian: Destroyed by me
    Carthaginian: Destroyed by me
  14. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    Now you really got ahead of me. I have been expanding (and growing) peacefully during this era.

    1020 2*100g from huts
    1040 settler lost due to food issues, advanced tribe in bad location, Tijuana & Second Wind founded
    Nobody started Kopernikus so far, best SSC(without Shakespeare & Colossus)-location would be Utica with 18 rivers
    1060 Explosives -> Chivalry (Aztecs working on Sanitation)
    1080 Squared River founded
    1100 Barb Legion kills Bornholm defender, Kreta founded
    1120 Bornholm captured by barbs, gets wine from WK 130g, hut: advanced tribe Verona offshore (cont. 8)
    1140 Chivalry -> Magnetism
    1160 Aztecs almost done with Kopernikus.. RB it for 940g, Bornholm bribed back for 104g; French: Give Mysticism+Astro, get Steam Engine
    1180 Kopernikus finished (Aztecs aband), Magnetism -> Railroad, Third Wind founded
    1200 Lissabon, Hamburg founded
    1220 Railroad -> Metallurgy
    1240 Köln founded
    1300 Metallurgy -> Industr. Little Bighorn Darwin: Ind.->Electricity->Corporation
    1340 Corporation -> Steel
    1360 Barbs from hut (escape via boat) start partying
    1380 Steel -> Refinement
    1400 Blue Sea Mine founded
    1420 Refinement -> Electronics, gems(d) Bear Paw>Paris 378g
    1460 Electronics -> Combustion
    1480 Party's over for now
    1500 Combustion -> Conscription, Barb knight bribed 82g

    Stats at 1500 AD:
    Population: 12.86 Mill.; Cities: 43; Trade routes: many; Government: Democracy
    Gold: 27; Cost per turn: 71; Total advances: 54; Production: 302; 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: Marco, Michelangelo, Sun Tzu, HG, Copernicus, Leo, Bach, Darwin
    French: Pyramids, Shakespeare, Adam Smith
    Aztecs: Colossus
    Units: 31 Engineers, 17 Musketeers, 6 Crusaders, 1 Knight, 1 Cannon, 7 Transport, 8 Diplomat, 2 Freight, 1 Explorer
    peace with all, allied with Babylon

    Maybe it was not smart to build up an SSC/STC so late in the game, but I enjoyed the effects anyway. ;) Fully developed, Utica could produce 139 trade arrows and 1496 beakers at 100% science (just theoretical, would of course be rioting). Other cities could benefit from trade routes with Utica, so I decided to put all that science and tax income into a full-size-spaceship.
  15. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Just finished, by OCC landing. Won't provide a log this time.
  16. RedKi-rr

    RedKi-rr Prince

    Apr 15, 2010
    @Jokemaster, what is your date?

    I also tried this one with OCC landing. This is my second GOTM, so I'm just interested)
  17. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Landing? 1874 AD. Not my best OCC game: I could, and should, have done better.
  18. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    I played pretty well early, but as usual was very poor late.

    I had 15 cities at 1ad, but otherwise was doing quite well. I was in Democracy at 390ad, and then got sidetracked buiding and celebrating and forgot to conquer. I had only 31 cities at 31ad. Eventually, I switched to fundy. Unfortunately, I delayed leadership too long, and everybody had musket when I got it. Even the cavalry weren't strong enough, but a few fighters emptied the last cities. Ilimped home in the early 19th century.

    In this game, I did not build Marco Polo (because I needed Mike's more) and used the diplomats for embassies when I got close to the AI civs. I would have been so late getting MPE that I am not sure I would have gotten enough techs from the AI to make it worthwhile. What were other players' experiences with MPE in this game?
  19. Inkerman

    Inkerman Engineer Civ2 GOTM Staff

    Jan 14, 2011
    Hello grigor,

    As I found the starting situation quite puzzling I thought I would look to see what had happened in previous GotMs using an accelerated start. There are not very many. GotM 28 (May 2003) was one, and in the spoiler for that game I read something I found helpful: it was written by ...... grigor!
    This was very good advice I think. It gave me confidence to set off on EC (early conquest) for the first time. I read a fair amount Peaster has written to try and understand what that means. And that too proved very helpful.

    I built Hanging Gardens, Marco Polo, Sun Tzu and Lighthouse (a first for me). The conquest, based on triremes and crusaders, seemed to go well, though perhaps not as fast as the experts might have managed. I did the work in Monarchy, and became despicable. I was particularly mean to Babylon.

    I discovered and spent some turns in democracy at the end to reward the people for their sacrifice in our wars. Michaelangelo's Chapel was built in this period.

    So very many thanks for recording your comments back in May 2003. Without them I do not think I would have tried EC, built the Lighthouse or indeed experienced how you can do whilst becoming despicable. It was enjoyable.

    If only I had had such advice for GotM 123 I would not have to be admitting to a colossal blunder from inattention ... no, it must wait for my entry to the spoiler - I am past AD500 (and it's Prince level!) and still not qualified to read or submit to that spoiler thread.

    kind regards, Inkerman
  20. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    I never considered NOT building MPE in this GOTM. Without it, you would have to rely on finding the AIs on your own, and (hindsight) that would require a lot of time for Aztecs, French and Babylonians.
    So MPE was my first wonder choice, and I don't regret it. I didn't build HG because of not having pottery (researching it myself felt like a waste of time at that stage), and when I finally had it, I chose to build Mike's chapel instead.

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