GOTM 133 spoiler

Mar 21, 2011
For me, this was a both both easy and hard. (Very) easy to dominate the AI, but (thus) hard to to stay focused on efficiency. Here is the first part of my log.

Initial thoughts: GOTM #132 will be long and tough, so those who finish will try #133 for fast&easy => We'll go for score
chieftain level => no worry about happiness, embassies will come for free, top wonder priority: Pyramids
black clicking shows a lot of cont. #1, #2 nearby, #16 and 17 somewhere central

-3180 production to settlers, start exploring
-3160 huts: Barb horse & 50g
(Chariot fights off Barb horse & vet)
-3120 hut: wheel, Edo founded NE of Osaka
-3100 settlers produced, barb horse from hut, killed
-3080 discover Heliopolis, give CoL to Egypt, get currency, peace
-3040 constant power-ranking-shifting, tech costs up&down
-3020 Satsuma founded, gift some techs to Egypt, maps
(Egypt fighting with Greece)
-3000 Kagoshima founded, horse from hut

stats at -3000
pop.: 160k; cities: 5; techs: 10, gov: Despo, gold: 51, Trade routes: 0D0F; cost/turn: 1
units: 8 army
wonders: -
Egypt: peace, enth., no embassy

-2960 Monarchy -> Trade (1 turn late), continents 16&20 are lakes > check out island 2 soon
-2920 Revolution
-2900 Monarchy established, Nara founded on SE peninsula, get trade from hut, NONE-Legion from other hut (nearest city Bombay)
-2880 Researching writing
-2860 Writ. -> Lit.; gift writing to Egypt, maps, alliance, 25g gift, free embassy
-2840 Meet Indian horse, peace, gift writing, maps, 150g tribute, embassy
-2800 7 Barb horses from hut in Egypt territory, 1 killed, horse vet
(horse fights bravely and almost survived)
-2780 Lit. -> Myst.; get myst. from Egypt, first boat produced
-2760 Myst.-> Philo, hut on island 2: 50g, other: AT (Izumo), Feudalism (that's not good news, no more warriors)

Nowadays historians believe it must have been around this time that our ancestors decided to found a city on island #2 at a specific location that would allow its citizens to harvest 3 whales and 1 still-to-be-planted forest full of silk. Goods from this city were expected to be of high value all over the mainland, making this the wealthiest cities of all, so it would get all available benefits, improvements and Wonders of its current time.

-2740 Nagasaki founded, Egypt starts colossus
-2720 Meet Greek horse, peace, maps, no embassy, elephant from hut
-2700 Meet Celtics, give some techs, peace, embassy, hail Greeks, give techs, embassy, Yokohama founded
-2680 Philo -> Republic -> Masonry; hail Egypt, get Masonry for trade +75g gift, revolution
-2660 Republic established
-2640 Researching construction, Shimonoseki founded on island 2
-2600 50g from hut; give all techs to India, republic to all
-2580 Constr. -> Bridge build., Matsuyama founded
-2560 Banking from hut
-2540 Osaka builds Pyramids, Egypt switches to colossus
-2520 Math from hut, Barb horse close to undefended Izumo, raise lux to celebrate 4 cities
-2500 Izumo captured by barbs, -4g get Seafaring from Egypt, no gift

stats at -2460 (didn't have a save from -2500)
pop.: 750k; cities: 12; techs: 26, gov: Rep, gold: 73, Trade routes: 0D0F; cost/turn: 1
units: 3 settlers, 1 boat, 3 vans, 5 army
wonders: Pyramids
Celts: peace, enth., 2 cities, 15 techs
Egypt: peace, enth., 4 cities, 22 techs
Greece: peace, cordial, 3 cities, 18 techs
India: peace, enth., 3 cities, 23 techs
plan: keep on developing empire
GOTM #132 will be long and tough, so those who finish will try #133 for fast&easy

Yes! I'm visiting here because I've just finished #133, after a very long #132, and I did go fast and easy.


I find it hard to imagine how this will play, so I will try and allow for alternative plans. This does mean I may be a bit wasteful.

It is not a good trade or black clicking map as nearly all number 1. After our accelerated start the torch of knowledge sputters in our hands, and military is mighty pleased. All set for conquest then. We've a temple and a barracks in Kyoto.

Let's use the rivers to explore.
Switch cities to settlers and do some IRB.
NON settler is set to reveal a special silk, for more arrows (learning from #132.)

3180- settlers started, 2 horses, 1 chariot, 2 soldiers go out, leaving one garrison unit per city.
3140- hut - mercenary legion, hut - 50g.
3100- Discover CoL --> Monarchy.
Kyoto builds settlers - there's a nice site to the north.
3080- Osaka builds settlers - there's a nice 4-special site to NE.
Disband archers in Osaka.
Hold off on popping huts till monarchy.
3060- Warrior meets Egyptians. Decline swap. Agree peace. Give CoL, Warrior Code. Get maps.
3 cities - Thebes, Memphis, Heliopolis.
Can see a Celtic horse in Egyptian lands.
3040- Celts are fighting Egyptians. Note 2980 is next OEDO.
3020- Found Edo (16, 32) and Satsuma (31,33).
Exploring Osaka horse is now “near Bombay.” Have units poised by 3 huts.
3000- Risk popping one hut as racing Egyptians to it - get 50g. Hold off popping others again. Rehome a unit in Satsuma.
Now have silk next to Kyoto (thanks to NON settlers work.)
2980- Discover Monarchy --> Polytheism. Become Monarchy.
Kyoto, Osaka builds settlers.
Pop hut - masonry. Pop hut - currency. Pop hut (Horse nr Bombay) - NON legion.
Swap masonry to Egyptians (6 sticks) for Mysticism. They decline tribute.
Kyoto starts Pyramids.
2940- Found Kagoshima on south coast.
2920- Found Nara to south-west of Kyoto. Pop hut - 100g.
2900- Discover Polytheism --> Trade.
2880- Pop hut - 50g.
2860- Egyptians start Colossus. We are Mighty.
Emissary Egyptians. We decline a tech swap (they have Writing.) We ask for tribute and get 75g.
They swap ambassadors - apparently it sometimes happens like this at Chieftain level.
Egypt: 4 cities and 11 techs, 109g, 13 units. (We have 13 techs.)
2840- Egypt captures Kells from Celts, and take Iron Working.
Pop hut - construction.
2820- Greeks contact us. We decline a tech swap. We agree peace. We give them Iron Working.
We swap maps. We ask for tribute and get 200g.
Their map shows Bombay. They have two cities, Athens and Sparta.
We have become Supreme.
2800- contacted by Indians. Decline swap. Agree peace. Give construction. Swap maps. Demand tribute and get 200g. They have Delhi, Bombay and Madras.
Discover Trade --> Feudalism. (will inhibit IRB, but help conquest.)
2780- Indians (4 sticks) - give Iron Working.
2740- Discover Feudalism --> Chivalry.
Build trireme - will send east along a hoped for south coast of the continent, with settlers.
2720- Emissary Egyptians - decline swap, give trade, get 150g.
Pop hut (near India)- 50g. Pop hut - advanced tribe, Nagoya - it is near Egyptians.
2700- Finish caravan in Edo, it will help wonder. Otherwise tending to build settlers.
2680- Emissary Greeks (3 sticks) - they have wheel, we decline swap and get 25g.
2660- Give construction to Egyptians - they run out of time before giving map.
Exploring horse finds Indian Bangalore.
2640- Indians discover Currency (I think.) We discover Chivalry --> Writing.
Exploring elephant appropriately bumps into the Egyptian city of Elephantine and we swap monarchy to them for writing.
Pop hut (on mtn) - bridge building.
Emissary Egyptians (5 sticks) - swap maps.
Emissary Indians ( 4 sticks), decline swap, they refuse maps.
Sell Kyoto's barracks as decide to do Sun Tzu rather than Pyramids.
2620- Start on Literacy, but reduce science to allow more gold for builds.
2600- Trireme from Edo with settler (NON) on west coast decides to go outside (west of) the peninsula facing us, as it is land mass 1.
2580- Found Izumo, towards the Indians.
Emissary Greesk - 50g.
Emissary Indians - 25g.
Pay 300+g to finish Sun Tzu.
2560- Kyoto builds Sun Tzu.
2540- A couple of (vet) knights complete. Found Nagasaki on a central lake.
Emissary Egyptians - they ignore our feeble threats. We have 260g.
South coast trireme continues past Egyptians, presumably off Celtic coast - keen to get round nearer Greeks. A legion is on the land partway up east coast now, and could meet them if they can get round. Meanwhile other trireme on west may be sailing out of the game.
2520- We see a Celtic settler on the shore.
2500- Some more, rushed, knights complete.

stats at 2500BC
Cities: 9. Population: 380,000. Monarchy. 19 techs. No trade.
Wonders; Sun Tzu. Others: none.
Units: 5 Settler, 1 Warrior, 1 Phalanx, 1 Archer, 2 Legion, 2 Horse, 1 Chariot, 2 Ele, 5 Knights, 2 Trireme.

Celts: (2?) no contact, probably only 1 or 2 cities (from the space they have.)
Egyptians: (5) Enthusiastic, Peace, 5 cities, 15 techs, 113g, 11 units.
Greeks: (3) Uncooperative, Peace, probably 2 cities.
Indians: (4) Enthusiastic, Peace, probably 4 cities.
Yes! I'm visiting here because I've just finished #133, after a very long #132, and I did go fast and easy.
Just as I thought! Psychology works! :D
NON settler is set to reveal a special silk, for more arrows (learning from #132.)
Not sure if that was worth it, I used the settler for the first city I founded myself. I planted that silk-forest around -2000, when the SSC had trade routes, colossus and Copernicus.

Here are my next 1000 years (with some gaps, I can't tell when I got Invention and missed to mention some cities)

-2440 Bridge -> Medicine
-2420 Nomads near Greece
-2380 Hakodate founded, get first van going to AI
(Egypt ask for my help with Greeks, I deny, they offer 150g, accept, they sign peace with them the same turn! Great investment)
-2340 Shimonoseki builds colossus
-2320 Ise founded east of India
-2300 Medicine -> University, celebration
-2200 Uni -> Engineering, barb horse bribed 41g
-2180 domestic silver >Shimo 208g
-2160 Engin.->Chem, Izumo bribed back 52g
-2140 Fukushima founded
-2120 Silver (d) 216g
-2100 chem -> gunpowder, undemanded deliveries to Shimo: 56,100. Leo or not Leo? 11 settlers out there, but most can be settled > rather not (for now)
-2060 get Astro from Egypt
-2020 Gunpowder->Explosives, foreign deliv 110
-2000 Explos.->Navigation, Shimo builds Copernicus, Dye Shimo>Thebes 256g

stats at -2000
pop.: 2.23M; cities: 17; techs: 32, gov: Rep, gold: 445, Trade routes: 4D3F; cost/turn: 6
units: 11 settler, 6 army, 1 boats, 7 vans
wonders: Pyr, Colossus, Copernicus

AI: 2-4 cities; no wonders, alliance with Egypt

-1980 Nav. -> physics, Suo, Bizen, Echizen founded
-1960 start celebration
-1940 Shimo builds Shakespeare, 204g deliv, Omi founded
-1920 phys.->Democracy, Echigo founded, for. 48g
-1900 Demo -> Sanitation; Kozuke, Sado founded, give some techs to Greece, peace
-1880 Takeshi founded, revolution
-1860 Democracy establ.
-1840 San. -> Steam Eng., deliv 202g
-1820 Steam. -> Rail deliv. 262g
-1800 Rail -> Economics; science to 90% for 1 t/a
-1780 Eco -> Ind.
-1760 Ind. -> Corp; Sapporo & SLH (Shimo's Little Helper) founded
-1740 Corp -> Magnetism
-1720 Hail Egypt, give Sanitation, Railroad, get Monotheism + 250g gift
-1700 Magn. -> Metall, domestic gems to Shimo: 264g
-1680 Metal. -> Electr.; Michelangelo built, Cremona founded near Greece, foreign 84, 300, dom. 264, science to 70%, rush some libraries
-1660 Electr. -> Steel -> Refining, deliv 132, 206
-1640 Ref. -> Comb.
-1620 Comb.->Automob.
-1600 Automob. -> Conscription, delay deliveries until Shimo's SH is done
-1580 Sun Tzu built, demanded copper > Shimo 384g
-1560 Conscr.-> Chivalry (just missed)
-1540 Chiv -> Leadership (again just missed), demanded gold from Shimo 426g
-1520 Leader -> Tactics; oil(d) to Shimo: 485g
-1500 Tactics -> Communism (for Espionage); start building army

stats at -1500
pop.: 8.95M; cities: 29; techs: 53, gov: Demo, gold: 1781, Trade routes: 12D10F; cost/turn: 33
units: 22 Engineers, 6 army, 1 destroyer, 1 boat, 3 vans, 2 dip
wonders: Pyr, Colossus, Copernicus, Shakepeare, Sun Tzu, Michelangelo

AI: 2-5 cities; no wonders, alliance with Egypt, others peace

Plan: Start conquest soon, railroad to (and through) Egypt & India done, destroyer will help with greek and celtic coastal cities
I played this game as a fast game. I actually finished about 3 weeks ago. I think it took me about 8 hours of real time (over 3 days) to complete the game.

Here is the first part of my log. I hope I am not giving away too much information.

-3180 Move units out of cities.
-3160 Edo founded at 14,44. Hut -> Wheel.
-3140 Hut -> Nomad
-3120 Code of Laws -> Monarchy (36). Satsuma founded at 16,32.
-3100 Kyoto Settler. Hut -> Horse. Hut -> 1 Barb Horse.
-3080 Archer survives Horse attack (Vet).
-3060 Osaka Settler.
-3040 Should have discovered Monarchy, but Tech Cost is now 54. Kagoshima founded at 23,45. Nara founded at 27,35.
-3020 Monarchy -> Writing. Hut -> 50g.
-3000 RB Kyoto 5sh. REVOLUTION.

stats at -3000:
pop.: .17M; cities: 6; techs: 10, gov: Anarchy (Monarchy next turn), gold: 105; trade routes: 0D0F; cost/turn:1
units: 2 warriors, 1 phalanx, 2 archers, 3 horsemen, 1 chariot
wonders: None
Footprint: 6 cities on continent 1.

Celts: No Contact
Egyptians: No Contact
Greeks: No Contact
Indians: No Contact

-2980 Monarchy establish.
-2960 Kyoto Settler. Encounter Celts (5 - Uncooperative), Peace?, no, 200g for peace? Yes. Trade Wheel for Currency and Monarchy for Mysticism (Tech cost is 60). No maps. Hut -> Legion. Hut -> 100g. Hut -> 50g.
-2940 Kagoshima builds first Trireme.
-2920 Writing -> Trade(65).
-2900 Kyoto Diplomat. Encounter Egyptians(5 - Receptive), Trade Writing for Masonry, Peace? no, 200g for peace? Yes, Egyptians agree to exchange of diplomats.
-2880 Hut -> 1 barb Horse. Encounter Indians(2 - Cordial), Trade Iron Working for Pottery (tech cost now 105), Peace? no, 200g for peace? Yes, Enthusiatic, exchange maps. Hut 3 barb horse plus 1 barb legion.
-2860 Egyptians get Pottery from Indians, sign Peace treaty. Archer survives 3 horse attacks (legion disappears). Legion survives horse attack. Osaka Settler. Hut -> Legion.
-2840 Satsuma Settler. Trade -> Polytheism(112). Contact Celts(3 - Cordial). I give them Writing and Pottery to make them worshipful, exchange maps, they ignore tribute demand, Celts agree to exchange of diplomats.
-2800 Egyptian gov't overthrown. Encounter Greeks(3 - Cordial), Peace? no, 250g for peace? Yes, I give them Pottery and Monarchy, exchange maps.
-2780 Egyptian Monarchy established. Nara Settler, Kagoshima Settler, Edo Settler. Nagoya founded at 35,41. Bribe Heliopolis for 106g (6g + warrior) WAR with Egyptians. Kill Egyptian Warrior.
-2760 Legion survives Legion and Archer attackes from Thebes. Population reaches 300k. Legion kills Phalanx in Thebes. Thebes captured (29g + Mktplc). Hut -> Seafaring(119).
-2740 Egyptians contact, CF?, no. Kyoto Diplomat. Population reaches 400K. Hut -> Construction(126). Kill Egyptian Phalanx.
-2720 Thebes Diplomat. Bribe Egyptian phalanx for 43g. Hut -> Polytheism.
-2700 start Feudalism. Feudalism -> Literacy. Izumo founded at 27,27. Nagasaki founded at 31,33.
-2680 Bribe Memphis for 162g (31g+phalanx). Egyptians destroyed. Bribe Celt horse for 48g.
-2660 Edo food. Population reaches 500k.
-2640 Kagoshima food, Kyoto food. Yokohama founded at 8,44. Shimonoseki founded at 18,20.
-2600 Memphis diplomat. Population reaches 600K. Bribe Celt phalanx for 109g. Matsuyama founded at 39,39.
-2580 Osaka food.
-2560 Attack Kells, kill 3 units in Kells, bribe size 1 Kells for 63g (12g+nearby Legion). Celts demand Construction, no, CF? no. Indians agree to exchange of ambassadors. T/L/S = 5/0/5.
-2540 population reaches 800k.
-2520 Memphis diplomat. Bribe Celt phalanx for 80g. Hut -> Legion (NON).
-2500 Celts develop Construction. Literacy -> Philosophy. Izumo Diplomat, Nara Wine. Population exceeds 900,000. Greeks agree to exchange of ambassadors. Sell Kyoto barracks.

stats at -2500:
pop.: .91M; cities: 16; techs: 21 gov: Monarchy, gold: 5; trade routes: 0D0F; cost/turn:2
units: 2 warriors, 5 phalanx, 2 archers, 4 legions, 1 pikeman, 4 horsemen, 1 chariot, 6 elephant, 1 trireme, 3 diplomats
wonders: None
Footprint: 16 cities on continent 1.

Celts: 2 cities, 16 techs, 142g, 5 units, Uncoooperative, War, Monarchy
Egyptians: Destroyed
Greeks: 3 cities, 14 techs, 150g, 14 units, Neutral, Peace, Monarchy
Indians: 3 cities, 13 techs, 91g, 13 units, Enthusiastic, Peace, Monarchy
I got started a couple of nights ago. As predicted, having spent too much time on 132, I am going to try to finish this one quickly. My goal is this weekend.

Unlike you guys I only met Indians and Egyptians. Also, unlike you guys, neither offered to exchange ambassadors and they would not even share maps despite being Enthusiastic.

Upon discovery of trade, I debated myself whether I should build Marco (having already met 2 out of 4 rivals) or not. I eventually decided to do it and in retrospect it was a good decision. My 2-city Greeks and Celts had no units nearby.

I too decided to keep the None settler for work. Log will follow soon.
Date Notes

-3180 Units move towards huts.
-3160 Legion from hut.
-3140 Barbarian horse from hut.
-3120 Barbarian horse dies in attack on my Phalanx. Code of Laws -> Monarchy. Masonry from hut.
-3060 Monarchy from hut.
-3040 -> Currency. Edo founded with access to two whales.
-3000 Satsuma founded. Revolution started.

Status at -3000
Population: 0.11M; Cities: 4; Techs: 10; Government: Anarchy
Gold: 16; Cost: 1; Trade routes: 0D0F;
Units: 2 Settlers (1 None), 1 warrior, 1 Phalanx, 2 Archers, 1 Legion, 2 Horsemen, 1 Chariot
Goals: Monarchy, Trade, Marco
Celt: No contact
Egyptian: No contact
Greek: No contact
Indian: No contact

-2980 Monarchy established. T3L0S7. Kagoshima founded.
-2940 Currency -> Trade. 50g from hut.
-2920 5 barbarian horsemen from hut. None horseman from hut.
-2900 Archer survives all 5 and turns vet. Horse runs into supreme Egyptians. Monarchy -> Egyptian -> Mysticism.
-2880 Same horse finds Indians. Monarchy -> Indian (4) -> Pottery, 50g.
-2860 50g from hut.
-2840 Trade -> Writing. Math from hut.
-2780 Writing -> Literacy. Nara founded.
-2740 Nagoya founded. Construction from hut.
-2720 50g from hut.
-2680 Legion from hut.
-2660 Literacy -> Philosophy. 8 barbarian horses from hut.
-2640 This is ridiculous. Chariot on forest survives 8 barbarian horsemen and turns vet. Izumo and Nagasaki founded.
-2560 Philosophy -> Polytheism -> Monotheism.
-2540 Marco built as the first wonder of the world. Rivals have 2 or 3 cities. Indian -> maps. Literacy -> Egyptian (5) -> Seafaring, maps. Philosophy -> Greek (2) -> Wheel, maps, 150g. Philosophy, Wheel -> Celt (3) -> maps, 200g.
-2500 Egyptian (5) -> 200g, Indian (4) -> 0g. None horseman from hut. First offshore city, Yokohama, founded.

Status at -2500
Population: 0.4M; Cities: 10; Techs: 22; Government: Monarchy
Gold: 577; Cost: 1; Trade routes: 0D0F;
Wonders: Marco
Units: 3 Settlers (1 None), 2 warriors, 1 Phalanx, 2 Archers, 2 Legion, 4 Horsemen, 1 Chariot, 1 Elephant, 1 Trireme, 2 Diplomats
Goals: Bribing Madras, attacking Egyptians after they complete their wonder, building 2 strategic canal cities
Celt: 2 cities, 15 techs, 14 units;
Egyptian: 3 cities, 15 techs, 8 units;
Greek: 2 cities, 10 techs, 8 units;
Indian: 3 cities, 12 techs, 13 units;
I got done over the weekend as expected. Here is the next part of the log

-2460 Second offshore city, Shimonoseki, founded.
-2440 Indian -> 0g. Madras bribed for 118g. Horseman kills Indian Chariot.
-2420 8 barbarian horsemen from hut. My horseman kills one and is killed by the others.
-2400 Matsuyama and Sapporo (canal city) founded.
-2380 Medicine from hut.
-2360 25g from hut.
-2340 Monotheism -> Bridge Building.
-2300 Celt, Egyptian, Greek -> 50g.
-2280 Offshore Hides for 44 establishes the first trade route.
-2240 Celt -> 25g, Greek -> 50g.
-2220 100g from hut.
-2200 Bridge Building -> Engineering.
-2180 Two defenders of Bombay killed.
-2160 Hakodate founded. One more defender of Bombay killed and the city taken for 54g.
-2120 Egyptians build Pyramids. Indians kill a crusader. Republic from hut. Egyptian, Greek -> 100g. Celt -> 50g. 2 defenders of Delhi killed to bring its price down and then the city bribed for 300g. Indian civilization destroyed.
-2100 Celt -> 50g.
-2080 Ise, the second of planned canal cities, founded.
-2060 Toyama founded.
-2040 Egyptian -> 0g. T7L0S3
-2020 Greek -> 50g, Egyptian -> 0g.
-2000 Engineering -> Invention. Sliver to Thebes for 110 establishes the first foreign route.

Status at -2000
Population: 1.4M; Cities: 19; Techs: 27; Government: Monarchy
Gold: 27; Cost: 8; Trade routes: 2D1F;
Wonders: Marco
Units: 9 Settlers (1 None), 6 defenders, 5 slow attackers, 11 fast attackers, 7 Trireme, 3 Diplomats, 8 vans
Goals: Capturing Egyptians and Celts, moving units towards Greece, building Marketplaces in older cities.
Footprint: One city on each of islands 2 and 3. All others on homeland.
Notes: The lake around Delhi is also land mass 2! I have never seen anything like this before.
Celt: 3 cities, 15 techs, 16 units; war with Egyptians
Egyptian: 3 cities, 16 techs, 10 units; Pyramids; war with Celts
Greek: 4 cities, 11 techs, 14 units;
Indian: Destroyed by me
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