GOTM 141 Vercingetorix of the Celts

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  1. greatbeyond

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    Jan 7, 2002
    Coming soon to a GOTM near you, Gotm 141 where you play as Vercingetorix of the Celts.
    Screen shot and information will be posted on Saturday, May 02. A hard drive/OS wipeout had to be taken care of before I could finish the announcement and save. Be patient I hope it will be worth the wait.

    How much do you know about the Celts and Vercingetorix? He was a great Celt leader long before Brennus came along. Sharpen your knives! (Hint :mischief:)
    Edit: (Thanks to templar_x for the correction, note to self, read more carefully next time.) Brennus was circa 400bc and Vercingetorix was circa 82bc.

    It is however Vercingetorix we focus on for this game.

    Here is the screen shot of your starting area. As a bonus Rome, not yet in all it's glory., but with a head start!

    (Rest of post reserved for more details.)

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  2. templar_x

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    sounds interesting. however, Brennus was long before Vercingetorix, not the other way around. ;)
  3. Più Freddo

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    Thanks, greatbeyond. Please email the save to AlanH!

    Vercingetorix lost against Julius Gajus Caesar, who then went on to attack the Germans, even across the Rhine. I assume there will be Germans and Romans.

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