[PTW] GOTM 157 Aztecs Monarch Domination - 1st Spoiler - End of ancient times

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Jan 26, 2005
Vienna, Austria
This thread is for your reports of events and progress in the GOTM 157 Aztecs Monarch Domination game up to the date where you are able to research a Medieval tech.

Do not read or post in this thread until you meet this condition. You may reveal Medieval bonus techs from the end of the last Ancient turn and discuss your plans for continuing the game.

Please do not post information here relating to later dates, and please only post maps of your home area and no mini-maps.

How are you expanding?


Jan 23, 2005
Boston, USA
Well, that was an interesting map! I don't remember last time I've started without a food bonus, so that was a refreshing challenge.

Settled in place, built Jags until could build a Settler. Exploring showed that our land was very productive, but poor in food. Also 80% Oceans meant that Great Lighthouse would probably be a must.

So my build order was Jags->Settler->Granary in the capital. Settler went SE to the productive coastal spot, and founded a city (sorry, can't pronounce it) which immediately started on a Lighthouse prebuild. I built cities in RCP4 and RCP7.

One of the Jags popped a Worker almost immediately, that was a big help.

The rest was very easy. Met the neighbours, researched towards MM and then Republic, finished Lighthouse in 850BC, had that city improved by then. Looked around and saw that nobody is building Pyramids, so started on Pyramids. It was almost done by the end of AA (see screenshot).

Built barracks/Jags inland, galleys on the coast. Made Swords from Jags, attacked both North and South. Met everyone else in 270BC.
Got Republic around that time, attacked with Jags and started GA. Used GA to build Swords/Temples/Harbours/Aqueducts everywhere I could, while researching on max towards MA. It also helped with Pyramids.

Entered MA in 50BC, traded Germany up, they got Engineering. Researching Feudalism.
Got my first GL in 70BC, one turn before that. He could be seen on a screenshot.
Wondered a while what to do with him, but that's for the next post.


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