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[PTW] GOTM 180 France, Deity -- Spoilers

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of the Month' started by Più Freddo, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. CKS

    CKS Deity

    Feb 9, 2004
    I just barely finished in time. Diplomatic win in 1740, after taking the UN from the Egyptians coincidentally on the turn of the vote. (I counted up when I took Thebes, but hadn't known it beforehand.)

    Several towns flipped to Babylon during the game, but they stayed friendly to me. They weren't friendly to the rest of the world. Japan kept declaring on me, but they never attacked. The Americans and the Ottomans fell to me, eventually.

    I'd had everyone allied against the Egyptians, who were quite a bit ahead in tech. I thought that I'd chopped them down small enough so that Babylon would be my opponent, which would have not been great, but at least two of the 5 remaining tribes liked me, so I decided to risk it. Egypt was my opponent, the Babs voted for me (along with the Japanese and Koreans), and I finished at 10 minutes after midnight, local time.

    I didn't get a great leader until very late in the game. I thought I'd use it for SETI or the Internet - thinking about going for space, but eventually didn't use it at all. I learned computers one turn too late.

    It was an interesting game. Thanks.
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  2. Nata

    Nata Warlord

    Jan 23, 2005
    Boston, USA
    Sorry I bailed out early on this game after an experience similar to to Lanzelot.
    I moved to the nearby hill to build 4-turn Settler+Warrior factory - not a good idea on Deity in the afterthought. Should have stayed in place and emphasized the food. My scout spotted Babilonians early and we traded some Techs.
    Then when I was almost ready to settle into factory cycles I saw TONs, like tons of Bab spearmen/archers coming over the hills! How did they manage to build so many in such a short time? Arghh.
    As my capital was on the hill and I switched my Setller to Spearman in time the capital survived the first onslaught. But the 2nd wave destroyed all my improvements and 1 of my 3 towns. I made peace with the Babs but the game looked too bleak for Deity, so I quit and started over just for fun.

    And it was a lot of fun - replayed it 3 times just for myself and won it 3 ways (Dom, Conquest and Diplo). Thank you for designing such an enjoyable game even though it went unlucky for me.
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