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[PTW] GOTM 183 America Emperor -- Discussion and Spoilers

Più Freddo

From space, earth is blue
Jan 26, 2005
Vienna, Austria
GOTM 183 All Things Being Equal
In this game, you will rule as Joseph Robinette Biden over the Americans, who are Expansionist and Industrious and start the game with the knowledge of Masonry and Pottery. This is an Emperor-level game. The Americans this time have two Unique Units! One is the F-15, a Jet Fighter replacement. The other is the Buffalo Soldier, a Cavalry replacement with better defence.

In this game, all things are Equal -- in the beginning. Will Equality last, or will ability, ambition, willpower, talent and chutzpah make a difference in outcome? Will these differences be accepted or even acceptable? How will the Black Cavalry fare on the battle field? Will there be winners and a losers?

It may be that Joe will find some other contemporary personalities of power in this game. How will he fare against them?

This game was created by Più Freddo.

Starting Position




Somewhere on this map, President Lincoln has appeared out of the depths of History to stand by and support his people. President Lincoln behaves in every way like a Scout.

Scope of the Game

Normal-Size Map
Pangaea, 60% water, 5 billion years old, wet and warm
Roaming Barbarians
AI Civs: 7 Select Opponents

Time Plan

The game is released on July 1, 2021.
Submissions are due by September 30, 2021.


Game Release Page

Game release page

Spoiler Limit

Pre-Game Discussion

No spoiler information from after opening the game save file is allowed!

(This limit will be changed as the game progresses.)
I'm sure I will found my capital city right where I am. It looks to me like a prime location. Wouldn't it be nice if there was iron in those hills?
With Honest Abe somewhere distant would it be a smart move to build another scout on this pangea map? I could see popping huts all over and reaping a massive benefit.

But it's all just biding time until we can import our Dreadlock Rastas and unleash them on the world. Thanks Piu Freddo, this looks like it will be fun.
I will at least consider moving 2NW for first city and next city 2S of opening settler position, for improved mobility, if start location is well southwest of map center.
Otherwise, start location is just fine with me.
as good as it is, this start still does not provide for a 4t-combo settler factory in despotism. we would require another cow in the fat cross. so if that could be obtained, i sure would consider moving the settler from its start position.
as good as it is, this start still does not provide for a 4t-combo settler factory in despotism. we would require another cow in the fat cross. so if that could be obtained, i sure would consider moving the settler from its start position.

You can chop a game forest and get a 4 turner
Yes, it's a wonderful little 4-turner right there, but I guess not a 4-turn combo. It's just Emperor after all. What do you expect?
Forbidden Palace Available or Size 12

Spoilers are allowed covering the game up until being allowed to build the Forbidden Palace or reaching the size 12, in one of your cities, whichever occurs earlier.

No spoiler information from after fulfilling the spoiler requirement is allowed!
GOTM_183 America

I found New Amsterdam in place and send my scouts in search of fertile lands. We are in wide open country and the next few centuries will see me building and placing settlers in all directions. One of my scouts popped a hut that spawned a settler in the far eastern desert. I settled him in place but that proved decisive as it was farther away from my capital than I would normally have settled and it compelled me to grow more cities east to connect him. Eventually oil was found in that region, and it was in my land because I fought the Indians for the desert.

It was not until 2950 B.C. that I contacted another civilization, Russia. They were not willing to trade much, but the huts kept me in the science loop and by 1790 B.C. I was in contact with all the other civs. My Lincoln Scout suffered death at the hand of the barbarians and I had some barb problems for quite a while. There was so much open land and I took a LONG time to settle my zone down.

By 1250 B.C. the Forbidden Palace was possible. I was paying a small 8 gpt tribute to Russia for peace and I was even in technology with all the Civs. Not winning, but not losing, and with hope for the future.
4000 BC
Settle in place.

3950 BC
Goody hut gives a free worker.

3500 BC
Goody hut gives Warrior Code.

3400 BC
Goody hut gives Bronze Working.
My Scout meets a russian warrior.

3350 BC
Discover Ceremonial Burial.

3200 BC
Contact to Persia.

3050 BC
Contact to Greece.

3000 BC
Goody hut gives Alphabet.

2950 BC
Lincoln meets a spanish warrior.

2850 BC
Goody hut pops out New York.

2750 BC
Found Boston.

2670 BC
Discover Mysticism.

2630 BC
Goody hut gives The Wheel.

2590 BC
Found Philadelphia.

2430 BC
Found Atlanta.

2310 BC
My Scout meets a french warrior.

2270 BC
Found Chicago.

2230 BC
Contact to India.
Contact to Rome
Learn Iron Working.

2190 BC
Discover Writing.
Learn Horsback Riding.

2110 BC
Found Seattle.

1790 BC
Goody hut gives Philosophy.

1750 BC
Found San Francisco.
Forbidden Palace available.
Russia demands Philosophy. I refuse. They declare war on me.
It's too early to post 1000BC stats and that's my only save so far.

Thinking back to reaching OCN:
Settled in place, built a 4-turner with help of 2 extra popped Workers, built a ring of 7 RCP4 cities and that was my OCN.

Lincoln popped 2 more Workers, a couple of Warriors and some maps. The Workers and Warriors were still trying to get home at OCN time. Home Scout popped 3 Workers total and some more Warriors and maps, and some cash.

The map is so interesting - I still can't decide on the winning condition. Should I try out Buffalo Cavs and kill everyone? Or should I slog it to Diplo win? Hopefully will know by the next spoiler.
Middle Ages

Spoilers are allowed covering the game up until reaching the Middle Ages. The results of getting and trading bonus technologies at this stage are a permissible topic as well.

No spoiler information from after fulfilling the spoiler requirement is allowed!
710 B.C. The Republic of America is founded. One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all. I celebrate by going to war with Rome because they are weak and vulnerable and they have some cities in what I perceive to be my territory. (This game is not bringing out my highest qualities.) I take Neapolis in the north and then eventually settle for peace on easy terms.

390 A.D. Russia declares. One of two wars with Russia that span nearly a thousand years, but I never saw a Russian troop come to my territory and I never sent one north. A war in name only.

720 A.D. I declare on India and I take six of their towns, six workers, and all their lands and towns that were intertwined with mine. My Albuquerque is destroyed.

800 A.D. I enter the Industrial Age. I celebrate by establishing peace with India in exchange for their Democracy and Navigational skills.
I think you rushed ahead there, Jack. The designation "The Middle Ages" may be unclear, the intended meaning is "until you reach the Middle Ages". No big deal, no real spoiler there.
Sorry. I should have realized that.
It is true that no one will learn anything very useful from my game!
No, you certainly didn't offend me. I knew what you meant! All is well.
I am content winning at Regent always, Monarch usually, and Emperor occasionally. That might be my happy ceiling, but I still enjoy hearing about successful strategies even if I am sometimes too lazy to implement them.
I entered the middle ages in 975 BC:
1725 BC: Discover Literature
1525 BC: Learn Map Making
1500 BC: Discover Code of Laws
1500 BC: Learn Mathematics
1075 BC: Discover The Republic
975 BC: Learn Construction
975 BC: Learn Currency
975 BC: Learn Polytheism
975 BC: Learn Feudalism
975 BC: Learn Monotheism

Cities founded:
1650 BC: Found Miami
1175 BC: Found Houston
1000 BC: Found Buffalo
975 BC: Found St. Louis

Wars and alliances:
1575 BC: Alliance with Rome vs. the Russians
1500 BC: Alliance with Spain vs. the Russians
1500 BC: Alliance with Persia vs. the Russians
975 BC: War on Persia declared
975 BC: Alliance with France vs. the Russians and the Persians

1250 BC: Washington builds the Pyramids
975 BC: Republic established.
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