[PTW] GOTM 183 America Emperor -- Discussion and Spoilers

I got a slight problem here:


I captured the Great Wall in Persepolis. The barb horseman in the picture entered Susa the following interturn, and of course the game crashed because of the GW bug.
I loaded the autosave (which is where the above screenshot is from) and found out there is no way to cover Susa with a unit this turn. :(
So I have three options:
  1. Disband Persepolis to get rid of the Great Wall. (But I still need that for starting my Golden Age!)
  2. Disband Susa. (But this is going to be a very important harbor for my ongoing invasion of Persia!)
  3. Or go back to the previous autosave. Then I will be able to unload the pikeman (that can be seen on the furs tile) into Susa instead of on the furs.
Do you think it is OK to go back two turns instead of one on this special occasion?
The re-load should accomplish that the game does not crash and that the bug does not give you additional disadvantage.

I guess the barb would only take away some money, right? In my eyes, re-loading 2 turns would be ok, but you would have to waste the money that you would have lost without the bug (or whatever the barb might have taken).

Industrial Times or Game Submitted

Spoilers are allowed covering the game up until reaching Industrial Time or having submitted the game. The results of getting and trading bonus technologies at this stage are a permissible topic as well.

No spoiler information from after fulfilling the spoiler requirement is allowed!
800 A.D. I enter the Industrial Age. I celebrate by establishing peace with India in exchange for their Democracy and Navigational skills.

1000 A.D. I research Steam Power and the only coal is north in Roman territory. The Romans are already on the ropes so I eliminate them with my beautiful Buffalo Soldiers. Thanks to Piu Freddo for these terrible Dreadlock Rastas. The added defense helps, but they can still die sometimes as I find out. Russia has a presence in the northern jungle so I stake out a perimeter presuming I will need to get my rubber up there.

1200 A.D. Lugundum has rubber! I’m glad I eliminated Rome and glad I don’t have to fight the Cossack hordes for rubber. By now I have stopped acceding to Russia’s demands for tribute, but I still don’t want to fight it out. (Maybe that’s why I have never had a leader yet?)

1210 A.D. Mass upgrades to infantry! I LOVE doing that, especially if I have Sun Tzu’s and barracks in every city, which is not the case this time. With this more potent defense I can sleep more easily at night.

1320 A.D. Persia sneak attacks! I build the Hoover Dam! There is oil by Jaipur!

Lots of headlines this turn. The Hoover Dam might make me a wealthy nation. The oil on my territory rewards my earlier wars against India and means I can avoid further expansion by military means. The attack by Persia was worrisome, but their horde of troops was mostly guerillas and longbowmen with a few warriors. By now I have railed all my cities so I send my dreadlocked Buffalos in to deal with the Persians and they eliminate the threat with little loss of life. No Persians survive to bring the news of defeat back to Xerxes.

I ask Gandhi to join me in war against Persia. He accuses me of “betraying” Rome! I have been very careful of my reputation since I wanted a diplomatic victory, but this means I have somehow sullied my good name. Feeling miffed and rather like a bully I attacked India and fairly quickly took all their cities eliminating Gandhi entirely.

1395 A.D. I enter the Modern Age. I have all eight luxuries on my land as well as uranium and aluminum. I will not need to expand. France and Russia seem ascendant, and I think building the United Nations might be out of my reach. Unless I do I won’t be a candidate.

1475 A.D. Mass upgrades to mechanical infantry. Atlanta flips to France and I am worried about my lack of culture. I build temples and cathedrals all over, but is this too late? No further city flips happen anyway.

1540 A.D. I build the United Nations and hold a vote. In anticipation I had earlier paid France and Persia to join me in mutual protection pacts. I guessed rightly that Russia would be the nation running against me for leadership, but despite the MPP Persia votes for Catherine. The vote is inconclusive. Perhaps I should have declared on Russia and then Persia and France would have been my allies in war?

On the next vote I am surprised to see Joan d’Arc AND Catherine on the ballot opposing me. Xerxes has been furious with me the whole game and he votes against me once more. I can see that I will not be elected and I never hold another vote.

1575 A.D. I build the Apollo Program, but I am the third to do so.

1675 A.D. Persia declares and invades. I am able to beat back his force easily.

1690 A.D. I suffer a humiliating space race loss. I was close with only two or three parts left to build. I think I should have used my military more and attacked both France and Russia at some point. I never did get a great leader.

(I submitted my game and it was recorded as a conquest loss though it was really a space race loss. I suppose it doesn’t matter and I know there is a different thread to report this, but I couldn’t find it.)
I could found over 30 cities. In the Middle Ages I first discovered Engineering (690 BC) and then Invention (410 BC) and Gunpowder (270 BC) to go for Military Tradition. But in 250 BC I learned Education from the French. So I switched to Astronomy and got it in 30 BC to build Cope in 50 AD, which started my GA. After that I could research other MA techs in four turns and got MilTrad in 250 AD. With the Discovery of Magnetism (370 AD) I was in the Industrial Ages and discovered Steam Power in 430 AD. After that I stopped Researching. It was nice to build Rail Roads.

In 70 BC I declared war on the weak Romans. Then on India, Spain, France, Persia, Greece and at least on Russia. My Buffalo Warriors (and Knights) were to strong for all of them and I got a Domination Victory in 600 AD.

It was my first victory over 10.000 points.
I enjoyed the game enormously but unfortunately forgot most of it by the time of the final spoiler.

I discovered the wrap-around feature of the map and only then realized that Lincoln was on the opposite side of it. I tried to bring him back, he popped up lots of Workers on the way and some warriors and I managed to bring all Workers home safely! It took a while and they popped more Workers and met everyone eventually.
It was like a great migration of a Worker flock.

The starting position was gorgeous, I wasn't sure if I should go for fast Diplo or for fast Conquest but the delightful setup of the map settled it for me: the map was mirrored with a natural barrier which could be crossed and guarded, and which would make it perfect for organized gradual Conquest.

So that's what I did: went for military branch with the idea to beat everyone by Knights and then by Cavs. AMost of the time was spend roading to the Jungle Civs and through them as they were lazy about it, even on Emperor. I also had to ally everyone against Russia so that it wouldn't become a runaway.

It worked maybe too successfully as Russia also didn't manage proper roads by the time I crossed the mountains and came for them. The last Russian town fell in 600AD.

The map was so fun I replayed it many times afterwards with various scenarios. I even managed my fastest ever 20K win at1530AD, with 1 turn left till Persian spaceship launch! I just popped lots and lots of Great Leaders in that one,
Only now do I realize “All Things Being Equal” is itself a clue to the symmetry of the board. That’s a nice crossword puzzle type hint. I’m sorry I was too dull to get all the juice out of the fruit.

I really don’t understand what is meant by the wrap-around feature. Aren’t the maps always set up so that you can travel in one direction and end up where you started?
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