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GOTM 186 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Ali Ardavan, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA

    Goal is space ship victory. Settle the islands. Evaluate whether Lighthouse is needed or not. Make colonies in the north and possibly conquer the northern rivals. Research goals are mapmaking, monarchy, and trade.

    Date Notes

    -4000 Carthage founded. Considered size 1 settler and decided against it. Will make warrior (to allow research to catch up), then boat, and finally a settler.
    -3950 -> Alphabet.
    -3750 Alphabet -> Mapmaking
    -3500 Capital is size 2.
    -3400 T6L0S4
    -3350 Mapmaking -> Code of Laws
    -3300 Trireme built.
    -3000 Settler produced.

    Status at -3000
    Population: 0.01M; Cities: 1; Techs: 4; Government: Despotism
    Gold: 11; Cost: 0; Trade routes: 0D0F;
    Units: 2 settlers (1 none), 1 warrior, 1 trireme
    Goals: Expansion and Monarchy
    Celt: no contact
    Babylonian: no contact
    French: no contact
    Spanish: no contact
    American: no contact
    Mongol: no contact

    -2950 Utica found on the jungle island.T4L0S6
    -2850 Code of Laws -> Monarchy
    -2750 French civilization destroyed by Mongols. I hope blue respawns up north.
    -2550 Multiple Viking, German, and French civilizations destroyed by Mongols. T4L0S6
    -2450 Monarchy -> Currency. Monarchy established. T3L0S7. Malaca founded on the eastern island.
    -2050 Caralis founded on the swamp island.
    -2000 Currency -> Writing. T3L0S7

    Status at -2000
    Population: 0.08M; Cities: 4; Techs: 7; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 31; Cost: 0; Trade routes: 0D0F;
    Units: 2 settlers (1 none), 1 warrior, 1 trireme
    Goals: Settling the remaining island, Trade, Marco, Colossus, Hanging Gardens, Lighthouse?
    Celt: no contact
    Babylonian: no contact
    blue?: no contact
    Spanish: no contact
    American: no contact
    Mongol: no contact
  2. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    I started yesterday. Since it is already late, I took the chance to do an OCC-game on a 1-tile-island. Never tried that before, and this is an almost optimal setup to do it.

    -4000 Karthago founded, 2nd settler joins city and it is the next turn already??? Start again and adjust the settings first, then do the same; also set science to 60%; we will build 2 warriors for happiness, then a wonder
    -3950 Research Alph
    -3800 Alph->Laws, start on Colossus
    -3500 Laws->Mapmaking;
    -3100 Maps->Monarchy;
    -2650 Mon.(Revolt+est.)->Currency
    -2300 We are size 4 (and are producing exactly 9 shields, worst number of all...)
    -2250 Curr.->(Trade blocked, shouldn't have researched mapmaking earlier)Writing (to have a 30s-slot); 1 shield short for Colossus
    -2200 Colossus built, start a trireme (needed anyway to contribute vans to wonders)
    -2000 Writing->Trade;

    stats at -1000:
    city size 4; techs: 8; Gold: 138; units: 2 warriors; Gov: Mon.; city: -; Colossus; TR:0
    Goals: Marco Polo, Navigation, start trade

    -1950 Boat built, start settler, should discover trade before it's completed
    -1750 Trade->Literacy; cut down science, switch production to van
    -1600 Barb trireme attacks us, fails
    -1450 We are size 5
    -1350 3 vans built, start Marco, add 2 vans, carefully move the trireme, it's also needed for crowd control
    -1050 Marco Polo built; Sign peace with Mongols, get Myst. ; Gign peace with America, get seafaring, exchange maps; Babylonians demand 50g tribute, denied, war, peace+Alliance with Spain
    -1000 Get Math from america; Peace + Alliance with Mongols

    stats at -1000 BC:
    city size 5; techs: 12; Gold: 75; units: 2 warriors, 1 boat; Gov: Mon.; city: -; Colossus, MPE; TR:0
    Goals: Navigation, start trade
  3. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I was playing the other night and sometime before -1500 a barbarian trireme stopped by at my eastern 3-tile island and an archer landed. I had a trireme with a warrior on board heading to the city on that island for crowd control. They both got in and fortified. The barbarian archer was a tile away from the city and I was hoping that after the first kill of a fortified unit it will lose to the second one. It killed both my units in successive turns and captured the city which was building my first wonder for quite sometime. Loss of your third city at a time when you only had 5 and when you cannot expand before the lighthouse is devastating. I had tens of shields accumulated in that city. I stopped playing for the night after the incident and have been thinking about it since.

    On the one hand it is hard to muster the enthusiasm and real time it takes to move on at this point even though I have done this before. On the other hand I have been looking forward to this map ever since I designed it about 2 months ago. I eventually decided to do something I have never done before: replay at the cost of disqualification from scoring. I will likely go back to a point between -2000 and -4000.
  4. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    Seriously? I vaguely remember somebody having told me about the glory of turning a screwed-up game back around, and I think it was you!
    So walk on, through the wind, walk on through the rain! At the end of the storm, there's a golden sky!
  5. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    Is anybody else playing?
    Things are going quite well over here. Barb activity was heavy as well, but with OCC on a 1-tile-island they are fun to watch. Also, we are creating heavy pollution, but with no tiles that can be polluted...I wonder when somebody adapts this in real-life, just dump everything into the ocean and it's gone for good and no harm done... ;)
    Furthermore, this is quite a unique setup, I managed to get 2 1-turn-techs, which is quite rare in OCC-games (at least I think so).

    -975 Library built;
    -925 Lit.->Astro; Nav should be available next; Ask for gifts, get none
    -800 Market place; Ask for spanish gift, get hbr...
    -775 Mongols destroy French, german respawn; get 25g from Mongols
    -700 Mongols destroy Germans
    -650 Astro->Navigation;
    -600 Vikings develop IW
    -575 Sign peace with Vikings, exchange maps; 100g from Mongols

    stats at -500:
    city size 5; techs: 12; Gold: 75; units: 2 warriors, 1 boat, 2 van; Gov: Mon.; city: Market, Library; Colossus, MPE; TR:0
    Goals: Navigation, start trade

    -475 Mongols destroy Vikings; Spanish destroy Celts, Russians are in, French are in
    (Mongols pick up Nav.)
    -425 Get Nav from Mongols, sign peace with French +get maps
    -400 Research Republic(almost there), set sails south with 3 vans, will delay deliveries until Republic; cancel science for 2 turns
    (Aaaand the French are dead)
    -375 No blue respawn
    -350 Pick up science, but keep celebrating
    -325 Rep(rev.+est.)->Philo; Delivery for 164
    -300 Tempel built; Alliance with America (They wouldn't share Construction because of HG)
    -275 Get IW from Mongols
    -250 Harbor built; Get Construction from Spain
    -225 No chance to keep celebrating, not enough gold to rush colosseum
    -200 Philo->Medicine->University; Delivery for 256
    -175 Colosseum built, celebrate again; Mongols gift 150, others pity
    -100 We are size 12, maybe should have focused on Sanitation a little more a little earlier...10%Lux is enough to keep order
    (And another barb attack, #3 I think)
    -75 Uni->Banking; Delivery for 304; Nobody is busy with engineering; get wheel + 100g from Mongols
    -25 Banking(Wow, that was fast, we just became moderate)->Engineering;

    stats at 1 AD:
    city size 12; techs: 24; Gold: 601; units: 1 warrior, 1 boat, 3 van; Gov: Rep.; city: Temple, Market, Library, Aquaeduct, Colosseum, Harbor; Colossus, MPE; TR: 3
    Goals: Sanitation, Shakespeare, Copernicus

    120 Engineering->Sanitation(475); Copernicus built; Ask for spanish gift, get Poly :(; ask Mongols, get 100
    220 San.->Economics(513); City starts to celebrate; Ask for spanish gift, get physics, at leat a useful tech, 50g from America
    240 Sewer built;
    260 Size 14 and we cannot eliminate unhappiness, cancel celebrations
    (Barb attack #4)
    280 100g from Mongols
    300 Eco->Invention;
    340 Colloseum sold;
    360 Shakespeare built, city celebrates again
    380 Inv.->Demo(570); temple sold; Spanish gift WC, we do I keep asking????? 50g from America
    400 Bank built; 114 beakers done
    420 234 done
    460 Demo(rev.+est.)->Gravity; 100g from Mongols
    480 University built; Spain gifts pottery, I knew, but they will run out of techs soon, and then they have to gift gold
    520 Grav.->Chemistry(680); we have built a spice van but nobody demands, will delay shipping for 2 more turns when the city is maxed out; Spain gift BB, America 50g

    stats at 520 AD:
    city size 22; techs: 34; Gold: 236; units: 1 warrior, 1 boat, 2 van; Gov: Demo; city: Market, Library, Aquaeduct, Bank, Uni, Sewer, Harbor; Colossus, MPE, Copernicus, Shakespeare; TR: 3
    Goals: Grow to full, Newton college
  6. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Decided to go for EC for a quicker game. Yeah. "EC."

    Spoiler alert: it's not really "early" conquest.

    Well, I just lost my markup for GOTM186. Resume: EC. Size1 settler. Emperor. Can’t go for MM in two shots. Go for easternmost island, then build on forest on westernmost island. Nearest islands would take too long to irrigate.

    4000 BC: T5L0S5. Carthage built.

    3950 BC: >Alphabet.

    3750 BC: Rush 1, then 4 shields.

    3500 BC: Alphabet > Map Making?! I thought it would be blocked! Ok then. Maybe I misunderstood. Count doesn’t include starting techs… Entertainer for size1 settler, in order to prevent more food. (19/20)

    3400 BC: Settler rushed. T4L0S6.

    3350 BC: Carthage settler.

    3300 BC: Carthage size 2.

    3050 BC: Map Making > Currency. Trireme next turn.

    2950 BC: Just realized easternmost island won’t be able to see the whales w/o Trireme support. Oh well. It means the third city will be built after 10 turns and not 15.

    2800 BC: Utique built, Trireme rehomed.

    2750 BC: Carthage 2 Warriors, starts LH.

    2650 BC: Currency > Code of Laws.

    2400 BC: Malaca built on westernmost island (forest) Only 2shields prod. Holy Despotism… bad choice.

    2350 BC: CoL > Monarchy.

    2250 BC: Carthage size 3.

    2000 BC; Utique Settlers.

    STATUS AT 2000 BC: (Beginning of 41st turn)
    Population: 80.000 Cities: 3 Government: Despotism Total advances: 6 (researching Monarchy)
    Gold: 70 T4L0S6 Income/Cost per turn: 6 income, 0 cost. Production: 12MT 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: None built.
    Notes: Screwed up the opening. Should have irrigated the forest square on Malaca. CIty's gonna grow too slowly, and Despotism corruption nullifies the added shields.

    1950 BC: Monarchy > Trade not available. Choose Writing instead.

    1900 BC: REVOLUTION. 101s/15t on Lighthouse.

    1850 BC: Monarchy.

    1650 BC: Writing > Trade.

    1550 BC: Malaca trireme, almost done with size 2. Utique needs to build Caravan to start working on MPE.

    1400 BC: Carthage size 4. 9spt, 3 turns.

    1350 BC: Trade > Literacy. Carthage swaps to MPE. Malaca size 2, settler next turn. Will cut woodlands first.

    1250 BC: CARTHAGE MARCO’S. Lighthouse started. Americans: peace, maps, trade for Myscitism and Masonry. Celts: Trade for HBR and Pottery, peace, maps. This is breaking my tech rate. French: peace, maps. Babs: Peace, maps. Mongols are currently researching Polytheism. Will wait until they finish to contact them, in order to not slow their research down. Power is Strong.

    1200 BC: Draining in easternnear Carthage island is done.

    1150 BC: Van in Carthage: 68/200s done.

    1100 BC: Caralis built.

    1000 BC: Start irrigating westernnear-island. I am so late on this one. Utique will have settlers next turn, to irrigate the shielded grassland and mine the non-shielded one. Or whatever it can do before LH is completed and it goes north.
  7. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    I finished my game today. It turned out to be a very quick game in the end, Not caring for terrain improvement (and barbs destroying it or AIs blocking it) or where to work or pollution saves a lot of RL-time.
    The end was unspectacular in terms of action on the board. I kept the alliances with Mongols, Spain and America until the end (and didn't contact them anymore of course).
    It was a little more spectacular in terms of dates. I never finished an OCC-game this early (except for that one with the ideal setup, we played the French and I beat Starlifter by 4 turns).
  8. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    Now that the deadline is over, here is the final part of my log. The only remarkable thing was that I had so many vans that my caravel was no longer in the list to be activated! Wothout a boat, there was no option to contribute vans to wonders, so I didn't see any other option than to disband it (from the left part of the city screen) and build a new boat.

    560 Stock exchange, City maxed out at size 24
    (Barb attack #5)
    580 Realize that we do not need any more Lux...
    600 Chem.->Steam engine(700); 150g from Spain! Nice, they still would have masonry to gift... Also 100 from Mongols, sell sewer
    620 Delivery for 222
    640 Key civ shift cost a discovery
    660 Steam->Railroad(720);
    700 Railroad->Magnetism(777)
    740 Mag->Industry(760);
    760 Newton College; 522 Beakers done
    780 Ind.->Corporation;
    800 Corp.->Refining
    820 Ref.->Atomic;
    840 75g from Spain
    860 Atomic->Gunpowder
    880 Get Gunpowder, Fedalism + 50g from America
    900 Research Metallurgy, ouch, forgot we wouldn't discover this turn...
    920 Metall->Explosives
    960 Expl.->Electricity;
    1000 Electr.->Steel(987); Sign peace with Babylon

    stats at 1000 AD:
    city size 24; techs: 48; Gold: 1469; units: 1 warrior, 1 boat, 8 van; Gov: Demo; city: Market, Library, Bank, Uni, Factory, Stock exchange, Harbor; Colossus, MPE, Copernicus, Shakespeare, Newton; TR: 3
    Goals: Store vans; Superhighways

    1040 Steel->Combustion;
    1080 Comb.->Automobile
    1120 Auto->Electronics;
    (Spain Communism, canceling MPE, build Darwin and get Chivalry)
    1160 Electron.->Chivalry; Superhighways built, get Chiv+50g from Spain
    1180 Research Leadership
    1200 Leader->MassProd.
    1240 MassP.->Conscription;
    1280 Conscr.->Tactics;
    1320 Tactics->Communism; Get Commy+50g from Spain
    1340 Research Mach Tools
    1360 MachTools->Amph. Warf.
    1400 Amph->Mini;
    1440 Mini->Computers;
    1460 Offshore platform, heavy pollution, but no tiles to be polluted
    1480 Computers->Flight(1525);
    1500 Science Lab, 968 beakers done

    stats at 1500 AD:
    city size 24; techs: 62; Gold: 2283; units: 1 warrior, 1 boat, 18 van; Gov: Demo; city: Market, Library, Bank, Uni, Factory, Stock exchange, Superhighways, Science lab, Harbor, Platform; Colossus, MPE, Copernicus, Shakespeare, Newton; TR: 3
    Goals: Store vans; Spaceship

    1510 Flight->Radio
    1520 Power plant built;
    1530 Radio->Nucl. Fission; Now there are so many vans that I cannot activate my boat...
    1550 Nucl. Fission->Adv. Flight;
    1560 Barracks
    1570 Adv. Flight->Rockets;
    1580 Coastal Fortress;
    1590 Rockets->Space;
    1600 Transport built;
    1610 Space->Plastics(1675);
    1620 Apollo built
    1630 1st structure
    1640 Plastics->Espionage
    1670 Esp.->Nucl. Power; 5 structures done
    1700 NuPower->Laser; 8 structures
    1730 Laser->Guerilla;

    stats at 1500 AD:
    city size 24; techs: 72; Gold: 469; units: 1 alpine, 1 boat, 15 van; Gov: Demo; city: Barracks, Market, Library, Bank, Uni, Factory, Power plant, Stock exchange, Superhighways, Science lab, Coastal fortress, Harbor, Platform; Colossus, MPE, Copernicus, Shakespeare, Newton, Apollo; TR: 3
    Goals: Spaceship

    1754 Guerilla->Laser(1800); 15 strucures done; We are a little short of gold, gift some techs to Mongols, get 150, 100 from Spain, 50 from America, still short, will spend 3 turns building the first component solely by city shields
    1766 Supercond.->Fusion(); 3 components built
    1772 All 6 components done
    1776 2 modules done, but only 1 van + 820g left, needs some calculation...factory sold for 200, transport disbanded, module rushed (no 300s wonder was available) and 40 gold left!
    1778 Ship 15-3-3-1-1-1 and.... Hey, where is my fusion??? Another power-shift made us inadequate and thus key-civ-less! Args!!!! So we need two more turns of science
    1780 Fusion(Huh?)->Labor; We are moderate again, Ship launched
    1783 Factory rebuilt
    1791 UN built
    1793 Adam Smith built, Science Lab sold
    1794 Lighthouse built
    1795 Touchdown and Game over
  9. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Thanks Major. Your encouragement actually did make me reconsider my decision but real life had other plans and I ended up being so busy that I had no time left for playing Civ2 till this week. Not only I had to skip this game, but also the following 2 GOTMs. I have started playing GOTM 189 which was actually due 2 days ago but given that I am playing OCC, I should be done by early next week.

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