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[Civ2] GOTM 188 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by catalin72, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    I started to play,and I started the spoiler.
  2. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    4000 BC
    Using informations of Ali about north tile,I moved a settler up,one left.Kyoto is founded.
    3950 BC-Begin COL
    A settler saw a special,wine,this is very good.
    Paris founded in (57,59),will see 3th special with a warrior,will move the settler in river,maybe will found the second town if is a good area.
    3750 BC-Greeks,Romans,Sioux are in map.
    First warrior in Paris,3th special is buffalo.Resource seed is 59.
    With wine,4 trade,pheasant irrigated and one tile in river maybe can make the capital SSC,will see.
    First hut in sight,editor shows that one tile near is 4 specials,but unfortunately have code 1...,is ocean.
    3700 BC-Settler takes the hut,tribe,very nice,Orleans,have fish and other special,wheat.
    3600 BC-Begin irrigation near wheat/second hut ruins,this is bad,no more huts in my area,is more water.
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  3. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    GOTM188. Emperor level. 2 settlers. 7 civs, large, no respawns. Leaning towards EC.

    4000 BC: Move settler west. Paris built.

    3950 BC: > Burial.

    3900 BC: Orléans built 2 squares west of Paris. As usual, temporary ICS if you can do it over a river. Helps a bunch before BB.

    3600 BC:. Burial > CoL.

    3500 BC: Hut: Chariot.

    3250 CoL > Writing. Monarchy not available.

    3200 BC: Hut: 50g.

    3150 BC: Hut: AT of Lyons.

    3100 BC: Reims built. Lyons only has a fish for special and is in the middle of plains. Not the highest-value hut.

    3050 BC: Hut: Settlers. Very nice start! Except for the fact that I seem to be on an island.

    3000 BC: Tours built.

    2950 BC: Marseille built.

    2900 BC; Writing > Monarchy. Techrate 6turns. Swapping 2 workers changes it to 5 turns, and a 2650BC revolution.

    2650 BC: Monarchy > BW. REVOLUTION. Monarchy established. T3L0S7. Hut: Settlers again! Really couldn’t have asked for better luck. Topography is starting to make me reconsider my EC plan. Plain plains isn't very strong for shield production.

    2600 BC: Hut: 50g.

    2550 bC: Chartes built. Hut: Horsemen.

    2450 BCC: Avignon built.

    2350 BC: BW > MapMaking.

    2250 BC: Besancon built. Rouen built. Lyons building a Trireme to ship some settlers north to landmass 16 (and uncover some sea squares along the way)

    2200 BC: Grenoble built.

    2100 BC: Dijon built. 12 cities this early. Is this real life?

    2050 BC: MapMaking > Currency.

    STATUS AT 2000 BC: (End of 41st turn)
    Population: 200.000 Cities: 12 Government: Monarchy Total advances: 7 (researching Currency)
    Gold: 1 T3L0S7 Income/Cost per turn: 5 income, 0 cost. Production: 34MT 0 polluted tiles

    Units: 2 Settlers, 3 Warriors (no garrisons bc Emperor) 1 Horseman, 1 Chariot from huts. 2 Triremes under construction.
    Wonders: None. Paris will start a placeholder WoW in 2 turns.
    Foreign relations: Nobody has been met.

    GOALS: Expand north and to landmass 16. Build HG. Get a basic road network down. Expand SE of Chartres as well, and explore south of main landmass. Main priority will soon shift to vans. Should. But only after 1500BCish.

    Excellent start!
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  4. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    @Jokemaster :'Excellent start!'
    My huts were 2 consecutive ruins(very rarely this in my all games Civ II),one hut tech in progress started previous turn,Ceremonial Burial..
    Map is very easy,you will finish the map before 1200 AD maybe...
  5. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    If going EC. I'm going landing (300ADinv). Given my hut luck level, probably could have finished around 800 ADish otherwise if went EC, earlier if I'm able to BigTrade with Egypt and Americans before conquering them.
  6. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    I finished now,1762 AD,spaceship,no fundi this game,just 36 cities maked,was a pause for Civ III....An old player will finish with more turns distance.
  7. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    Part II:3600 BC-40 AD

    3550-COL,begin BW/Second warrior,first sees a mountain with gold
    3400-3th huts again ruins/irrigation finished near Orleans
    3350-hut,25 g,better than ruins...
    3200-hut,archer from Paris
    3100-BW,begin Ceremonial Burial /Egyptians are in map/phalanx hurried in Paris
    3000-hut,...Ceremonial Burial:))
    2950-Begin Monarchy/phalanx huried in Orleans
    2800-hut,50g/phalanx from Paris moved to Orleans,too more support,have archer garrison now/gold to hurry settlers spent
    2650-Paris size 3,working wine,research every 12 turns
    2600-one warrior explorer appears in city screen to be near Thebes
    2550-Paris phalanx rehomed in Orleans/settler hurried in Orleans,37 g
    2400-begin mine in wine with none settler
    2350-Monarchy,begin Currency/8g spent for settler in Paris
    2300-Paris settler,revolution
    2250-Monarchy estabilished /Paris settler moved to wine
    2200-Lyons founded
    2100-mine finished in wine
    1950-Rheims founded
    1850-Paris size 3,working wine with road,prod 6/19g spent for settler in Orleans
    1700-Currency,begin MM/Paris settler
    1350-Tours build,whale and gold
    1250-Explorer warrior from Paris rehomed in Tours
    1200-MM,begin Trade
    1000-3th phalanx in Paris for happiness before wonders,begin temple
    900 -Marseilles founded,whale+4 grassland shield
    875-Trade,begin Writing/Washington demands copper,so light blue are Americans
    825-Egyptians begin Pyramids
    800-Egyptians changed to GL/Paris temple,begin wonder
    775-Americans begin GL/First trireme in Tours
    750-Romans begin Pyramids
    725-Irrigation in buffallo finished/second trireme Orleans,will take a warrior from Lyons,trying to meet Egyptians/
    warrior landed in continent 16
    675-Writing, begin Pottery
    650-Sioux begin HG/Chartres built/hut island 16,tribe,Avignon,have a whale,pheasant hidden in grassland
    550-Paris size 4,prod 10
    500-Pottery,begin Seafaring
    450-Second van with food
    425-Saw a Roman chariot,give tribute Writing,exchange Trade for Masonry
    In F3-power supreme
    400-3th van with food
    375-Besancon build in island 16,spice and whale/van used for HG
    350-HG in Paris,celebration/Sioux changed to Colossus/begin other wonder in Paris
    hut near Avignon,in island 16 50g,good for vans
    325-new van
    300-Warrior landed near an irrigation,saw fortress and a roman settler
    275-Seafaring,begin Mysticism/Romans demand retreat of my warrior,is near Veii,size 4
    250-3 vans for Colossus/Rouen founded in island 16,2 hidden specials/settler hurried in Orleans,have one red citizen
    225-Colossus in Paris/Sioux changed to Lighthouse/hut in island 30...again tribe,Grenoble,will 'repair' my bad luck with huts in the start maybe ? :))
    150-Japanese begin Pyramids/road finished near Rouen,begin mining for pheasant
    See Memphis,refuse Trade tribute,exchange Trade for Literacy,they are Republic
    125-exchange with Egyptians Currency for The Republic,Literacy for Construction with Romans
    Begin irrigation in pheasant near Paris
    100-Greeks begin Lighthouse/Sioux completed Lighthouse
    Exchange Construction for Mysticism with Egyptians,Romans want just The Republic for exchange,can't accept,are enough a Republic..
    Dijon built,3 specials
    100-begin Philosophy/saw Thebes,is in disorder/Romans complete Pyramids,Egyptians abandoned
    First van for foreign trade,wine Rheims for Thebes/AI are enthusiastic
    50-first explorer

    --------------------------------- AD Years ------------------------

    20-Free tech from Philosophy lost,Egyptians first,again one turn distance like in previous GOTM played:))
    Marco Polo built in Paris
    1.From Japanese Iron Working and HBR for MM and Construction,no maps
    2.From Greeks Warrior Code for Construction,maps
    3.From Egyptians Philosophy+Medicine for Iron Working+Warrior Code,maps
    4.From Sioux The Wheel and Polytheism,but need to give The Republic,this is bad.. + Construction,maps
    5.From Americans-Banking for Philosophy,gift Masonry,maps

    Stats at 40 AD:

    Government:Monarchy Wonders:HG,Colossus,MPE all in Paris Cities:12 Population:830 000(1st) Trade Routes:0
    Units:7 settlers,7 warriors,14 phalanx,1 archers,3 horsemen,1 elephant,3 trireme,3 van,1 explorer
    F3:Supreme and Spotless
    Romans: Pyramids,Gvn: Despotism Cities:8 Research:Mysticism /Peace and Enthusiastic
    Japanese:Gvn: Despotism Cities:6 Research:Bridge Building/Peace and Cordial
    Egyptians:Gvn:Republic Cities:5 Research:Banking/Peace and Enthusiastic
    Americans:Gvn:Republic Cities:5 Research:Mysticism/Peace and Cordial
    Greeks:Gvn: Despotism Cities:8 Research: Polytheism/Peace,just Receptive
    Sioux: The Lighthouse Gvn: Despotism Cities:7 Research:Masonry/Peace and Cordial

    Goals:Spaceship victory(don't have patience for Civ II wars..),more trade.
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  8. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    Part III:40 AD-1000 AD

    40-Begin Monotheism ,can't obtain maps from Japan and Romans
    60-Gift The Wheel +Philosophy for maps from Japanese,gift Philosophy for Romans,for nothing:)),no maps...
    100-Egyptians and Americans peace treaty,exchanging techs/Sioux revolution to Republic/copper van in Paris,begin wonder
    First foreign trade route estabilished, Rheims wine to Thebes 350g
    temple hurried in Orleans
    140-Monotheism,begin Feudalism,can just this and Bridge Building,will wait from AI BB
    160-Washington makes GL
    barbs legion near Osaka
    180-first tech from GL obtained by Americans,Polytheism...
    220-Romans have Great Wall
    240-Second foreign trade route,416 g Paris copper to Thebes
    280-Toulouse founded in Japanese island,2 whales
    300-Bridge Building have Japanese and Greeks,Americans take from GL,but want Monotheism,so exchange with Japanese for The Republic
    340-Japanese revolution to Republic
    Start wonder in Rheims
    360-Feudalism,begin Mathematics
    380-Romans and Egyptians war
    400-Michelangelo in Paris
    Romans want to cancel peace with Egyptians,refuse/new maps from Americans and Sioux
    460-Republic estabilished,luxuries 30%
    Egyptians have Shakespeare
    500-3th foreign route,180g Tours coal to Thebes
    520-Exchange Monotheism for Mathematics with Egyptians
    540-Sneak attack Japanese,a pike lost near Toulouse,kill chariot with crusader,veteran
    560-Americans take from GL Engineering,exchange with Medicine
    2 japanese units killed with crusader
    580-Tours silk to Thebes 600g
    600-Astronomy,begin Invention/Paris aqueduct,begin library
    660-760 g wine Paris to Memphis/352g Marseilles dye to Memphis
    680-Invention,begin Navigation
    First van to Americans,Tours wine to Washington 420g/164 g Paris coal to Thebes
    Paris library,begin wonder
    700-Sioux begin KRC
    740-285 g Lyons wine to Thebes
    760-Navigation,begin Physics/Americans begin Leonardo
    780-Egyptians begin Leonardo
    800-Copernicus in Paris,begin Leonardo
    120 g Orleans beads to Thebes/245g Besancon wine to Thebes
    860-Physics,begin Magnetism
    War Romans-Egyptians ended
    Second van to Americans,285g Dijon wine to Atlanta
    920-Leonardo in Paris
    Americans change to Oracle
    960-Romans and Greeks peace treaty
    Japanese want Navigation,refuse,chariots attack,a pike veteran
    980-Magnetism,begin Chemistry,can't Gunpowder
    hut taken with an explorer in island 6,tribe,Cunaxa

    Stats at 1000 AD:
    Government:Republic,taxes:10/50/40 Wonders:HG,Colossus,MPE,Michelangelo,Copernicus,Leonardo,all in Paris
    Cities:23 Population:5 090 000(1st) Trade Routes:12F,0D
    Units:16 settlers,36 pike,one archers,18 mounted,13 galleons,6 van,2 explorers
    F3:Supreme and Spotless
    Romans: Pyramids and Great Wall,Gvn:Monarchy Cities:11 Research:The Republic, Peace with me and Greeks,Enthu
    Japanese:Gvn:Republic Cities:7 Research:Mysticism War with me,no other contacts(all game no contacts..)
    Egyptians:Shakespeare Thebes Gvn:Republic Cities:6 Research: Democracy, Peace with me,no other contacts now,Enthu
    Americans:Gvn:Republic Cities:7 Research:Navigation,Peace with me,no other contacts,Enthu
    Greeks:Gvn: Despotism Cities: 14 Research:Engineering Peace with me and Romans,Neutral
    Sioux:The Lighthouse Gvn:Republic Cities:7 Research:Monarchy Peace with me,no other contacts,Enthu
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  9. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    When was the last time we've had a LARGE map, unknown, with 7 civs? Very few points of comparison to go off of when judging our own pace. We've had large 3-civs, but never vanilla 7. Interesting!
  10. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    In the end of this GOTM,when all will have the game to finish,to not provide informations to 'damage' the pleasure to play this map,will make the comparison with Civ IV maps settings:).
  11. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    Part IV:1000 AD to end(1762 AD)

    1020-Greeks and Romans war/hut island 6,100g,good
    1030-Peace Greeks and Romans,GW effect../200g Bayonne wine to Philadelphia
    1040-Sun Tzu in Rheims/Greeks revolution to Monarchy//hut island 6,again tribe,with temple,Cremona,size 2
    1050-Chemistry,begin Theory of Gravity/230g Amiens wine to Boston
    1060-Egyptians+Americans peace,exchanging techs,I take Democracy from Americans for Physics/304g Besancon dye to Wash/hut island 3 100 g
    1070-Hut near Cremona nomad,this is nice../gift Invention and Physics for Greeks,maps/gift Sanitation for Romans,first time maps
    I don't have noted when I took Sanitation from Americans
    1090-hut island 3 100g
    1100-Magellan in Paris/Theory of Gravity,begin Theology/Egyptians and Romans again war/376 g Tours copper to Little Bighorn/hut island 5 tribe size 4 with temple,Cannae/hut island 7,100g
    1120-A van egyptian in Strasbourg to take my silk.../255 g Marseilles wine to Thebes/first japanese catapult killed/hut,legion Cannae
    1130-hut island 7 100g
    1140-Theology,begin Gunpowder/Americans have Gunpowder,exchange with Egyptians for The Wheel,Americans want Magnetism/barbs legion near Toulouse
    1150-Begin Explosives
    1160-Bayonne dye to New York 212 g/hut island 5 100 g
    1170-Romans are Republic now
    1180-Egyptians take Syracuse from Romans and Sanitation/180g Chartres dye to Slim Buttes/hut island 44 200g
    1190-Explosives,can AtomicTheory,Chivalry,Economics,begin Economics/Paris and Tours sewer system,size 13 now
    1200-Greeks revolution to Republic/395g Cherbourg wine to New York
    1210-240g Avignon dye to Kildeer/310g Rouen wine to Kildeer
    1220-Economics,begin Metallurgy/hut island 27 50 g
    1240-Bach in Paris,begin marketplace/Statue Egyptians/Romans and Egyptians war ended
    First frigate
    1250-Barbs legion near Marseilles and Besancon,destroyed with crusaders/455g Tours wine to Chicago
    1260-Metallurgy,can just Atomic Theory and Steam Engine(Romans have this,trying Eiffel) and researching ..Railroad,Romans exchange with Greeks Steam Engine,Americans take Steam Engine from GL,exchange with Americans for Explosives
    Begin university in Paris
    1270-Start Electricity to make GL obsolete and farms with Refrigeration/Greeks begin Eiffel//668 g dye Paris to Philadelphia/hut near Philadelphia,tribe size 3,granary,temple,Crete
    hut island 27 100 g
    Bank hurried in Paris,have a red citizen
    1290-Tours gold to Chicago 594g
    1300-Electricity,begin Conscription,can't Railroad,science to 10%,want Railroad without giving Conscription
    Coloseum in Paris,celebration,begin wonder/Crete sold temple,can't mantain../hut near Crete 100g
    1310-Greeks Eiffel/236 g Avignon salt to Slim Buttes
    1330-Toulouse silver to Pompeii 425 g,first van to Romans/522 g Rheims gold to Elephantine/344g Issus copper to Atlanta
    1340-Conscription,begin Railroad/pollution near Paris/208 g Poitiers dye to Thessalonica/180g Marseilles salt to Elephantine
    1350-324g Rouen dye to Philadelphia
    1360-Japanese emissary,forced peace by Senate /245g Chartres wine to Heliopolis
    1370-Railroad,begin Industrialization/more celebrations canceled,-1 happy.../174g Amiens dye to Boston/my only destroyer kills a barb legion in fortress near Edo,veteran
    380g Poitiers gems to Pompeii
    1380-Romans have Railroad,exchange with Greeks and begin Darwin/254 g Lyons cloth to Knossos/hut island 2 none rifle
    1390-Greeks begin Darwin/my second destroyer
    1400-Industrialization,begin Chivalry,can't The Corporation/science to 0%,just one scientist in Paris,will make Darwin with 2 van
    1410-Darwin in Paris,choice Corporation,begin Fundamentalism,to have an option if guys become aggresive
    240g Dijon salt to Satsuma/disband a rifle to hurry university in Paris/390 g Orleans gems to Neapolis/240g Brest beads to Little Bighorn
    1420-360g Issus wine to Chicago/414g Cremona silk to Little Bighorn
    Luxuries to 60 %
    1430-Fundamentalism,begin Electronics/245 g Bordeaux wine to Nagoya/280 g Naples silver to Cedar Creek/342g Cunaxa silk to Kildeer
    1440-Gift Gunpowder for Japanese,maps/420 g Rouen cloth to Boston/678 g Tours gold to Cedar Creek
    1450-Electronics,begin Steel/Americans rev to Demo/252 g Chartres beads to beads to Delphi/Poitiers wine to Herakleia 435 g /Orleans wine to Boston 550g
    1470-Adam Smith in Paris,begin other wonder/280g Rheims beads to Three Forks/170 g Dijon oil to Little Bighorn/a barb leader killed with frigate near Rhodes,100g
    1480-Steel,begin Refrigeration/765g Tours coal to Atlanta/258g Cherbourg spice to Lugdunum
    328g Bordeaux dye to Pompeii/402g Capua silk to Little Bighorn/318g Grenoble silk to Little Bighorn
    1490-Refrigeration,begin Refining/Americans have Industrialization,begin Women's S/300g Amiens salt to Kyoto/480g Orleans spice to Alexandria/195g Brest wine to Cumae/336g Poitiers beads to Thessalonica
    345g Cremona coal to Little Bighorn
    1500-Cannae spice to Brundisium 144g/468 g Besancon spice to Caesaraugusta
    1505-Refining,begin Leadership
    All icy now/156 g Bordeaux cloth to Little Bighorn/630g Lyons gold to Lutetia/654g Orleans gems to Cumae
    1510-180g Naples salt to Mycenae/440g Avignon wine to Stony Lake
    Americans back to Republic from Democracy
    1515-Leadership,begin Combustion,can just this and Atomic Theory
    1520-Greeks and Romans 'Artemisium Pact','French aggresion',bla,bla..
    225g Turin coal to Kildeer/356g Lyons dye to Wounded Knee
    1525-Romans and Americans 'Chicago Pact'
    1530-Romans steal Chemistry from Hamburg,is in Romans island,no war/2 sioux van in Paris/148g Genoa salt to Little Bighorn/pollution near Paris,but can't clean,a sioux van:))
    1535-Combustion,begin Communism,Romans too/Women's Suffrage in Paris,begin other wonder,supermarket in Tours,need mines/Sioux van with gold in Issus/190g Chartres cloth to Little Bighorn/214g Rheims cloth to Little Bighorn
    1540-Tours cloth to Mycenae 380g/188g Orleans salt to Little Bighorn/276g Rouen Oil to Little Bighorn
    1545-Turin copper to Philadelphia 292 g
    1550-Communism,begin Tactics,to upgrade dragoons before Automobile/380g Lyons beads to Little Bighorn/498g Orleans gems to Wounded Knee
    UN hurried with 10 freights,Revolution
    1555-Democracy estabilished/all Uncooperative now from 'Icy'/340g Strasbourg beads to Little Bighorn/630g Crete silk to Little Bighorn/286g Amiens oil to Little Bighorn
    Salzburg coal to Little Bighorn 255g
    1560-Tactics,begin Automobile/first factory in Chartres,90% celebrations,Paris+ other cities
    565g Rouen cloth to Mycenae/200g Bergen beads to Little Bighorn
    1565-Second factory,but 3 pollution now/first cruiser/272g Cherbourg cloth to Atlanta/666g Lyons gold to Cedar Creek/
    234g Bayonne cloth to Little Bighorn
    1570-Automobile begin Machine Tools/396 g Turin gold to Cedar Creek/218g Brest oil to Little Bighorn/336g Poitiers salt to Little Bighorn
    1575-294g Bergen gems to Atlanta/saw El Amarna with a destroyer,near Syracuse/508g Rheims beads to Little Bighorn
    1580-Machine Tools,begin Miniaturization
    1585-630g Naples spice to Thermopylae/492g Strasbourg oil to Orleans,first van with oil demanded
    1590-American diplo expeled near Cunaxa/588g Crete beads to Little Bighorn/492g Toulouse beads to Little Bighorn
    Hoover hurried with freights and 1 rifle disbanded
    1595-Hoover in Paris/Miniaturization,begin Atomic Theory,can just military techs and this
    Superhighways hurried in Paris with a rifle disbandede/310g Prague oil to Besancon/500g Grenoble oil to Rheims
    1600-First battleship/Cunaxa gems to Paris 1038 g,Paris demands oil now../372g Lisbon wool to Lyons
    1337g Genoa oil to Paris
    1605-Atomic Theory,begin Mass Production/second battleship/306g Capua gold to Mycenae/Cannae dye to Argos 420g/318g Salzburg oil to Rouen/348 g Bergen spice to Little Bighorn
    1610-Besancon spice to Little Bighorn 1002 g
    1615-Mass Production,begin Computers/barbs frigate near Lyons killed with destroyer from Toulouse,veteran/520 g Capua oil to Crete/510g Turin spice to Little Bighorn/906g Crete spice to Little Bighorn/756g Grenoble spice to Little Bighorn
    1620-Computers,begin Recycling to decrease pollution/begin SETI in Paris for Apollo/Tours factory,production 61
    452g Hamburg gold to Rouen/399g Avignon oil to Lyons/888g Chartres silk to Washington
    1625-3th battleship to protect routes to Sioux/540g Venice spice to Little Bighorn/888g Verona spice to Little Bighorn
    1630-Recycling,begin Flight,can't Guerilla Warfare/410g Capua wine to St.Louis/American emissary near Washington,my freight with wool,wants Computers,refuse/620g Avignon wool to Washington/500g Poitiers dye to Thessalonica/300g Salzburg copper to Little Bighorn/324g Cannae hides to Little Bighorn
    1635-Flight,begin Radio/Tours Superhighways,have mountain with gold and demands oil/Lisbon oil to Tours 700g/564g Strasbourg spice to Little Bighorn/227g Cunaxa beads to Little Bighorn/128g Prague beads to Little Bighorn/223g Genoa cloth to Little Bighorn/341g Salamis oil to Naples/358g dye Brest to Troy
    1645-Radio,begin Advanced Flight/676g Rheims gems to Atlanta/203g Brest salt to Little Bighorn/132g Prague salt to Little Bighorn
    1650-A roman diplomat near Prague wants Conscription,refuse/296 g Venice dye to Veii/171g Cherbourg salt to Little Bighorn
    Luxuries to 50 %
    1655-Japanese emissary offer 500 g for alliance vs Greece,they no contact with they:)) /barb frigate near Alexandria,cruiser and battleship moved to kill for veteran
    1660-Advanced Flight,begin Genetic Engineering,can't Guerilla Warfare or Rocketry/barb frigate near Alexandria killed with battleship,veteran/512g Cherbourg spice to Little Bighorn/223g Besancon beads to Little Bighorn
    1665-First airport in Issus/212g Toulouse salt to Atlanta/207g Marseilles beads to Atlanta/222g Verona oil to Chartres
    1670-Genetic Engineering, begin Rocketry/Greeks revolution to Democracy,researching Espionage../600g Orleans dye to Philadelphia
    Begin wonder in Tours
    1675-Japanese research....Pottery,in the age of Flight..:))/331g Hamburg dye to Delphi/300g Verona wine to Buffalo
    1685-Rocketry,begin Space Flight/3 vans +one cavalry disbanded,SETI next turn/780g Genoa silk to Little Bighorn
    1690-324g Issus cloth to Mycenae/460g Orleans dye to Thebes
    1695-Space Flight,begin Plastics/Romans and Egyptians 'Giza Pact' vs French:)/First veteran fighter in Salzburg/barbs dragoons near Avignon,an irrig pillaged,cavalry kills one,veteran/618g Lisbon gold to Chartres/408g Verona oil to Chartres/Salamis dye to Cherbourg 356g
    1700-Apollo in Tours/all Receptive now/start Cure in Paris
    1705-Plastics,begin Nuclear Fission/Japanese start obsolete Oracle/expel a roman diplo near Salzburg with fighter,Salzburg and Prague are in Romans island,up to egyptian Syracuse,Prague coastal
    544g Orleans dye to Neapolis/227g Hamburg beads to Little Bighorn
    1710-2 structurals/Japanese abandon Oracle
    1715-Nuclear Fission,begin Nuclear Power/Greeks have Espionage,but want Advanced Flight for Espionage/one american engineer clean pollution near Grenoble:)(Grenoble and Strasbourg are in one island near Thebes)
    990g Cannae gems to Paris
    1720-Romans have Espionage from Greeks,exchange with Romans for Computers/too for Computers Guerilla Warfare from Americans/962g Cremona oil to Besancon
    1725-Nuclear Power,begin The Laser/1614g Crete oil to Rouen/416g Cremona cloth to Little Bighorn/564g Avignon wool to Neapolis
    1730-The Laser,begin Superconductor/460g Orleans dye to Pi-Ramesses
    Demand retreat of egyptian crusader near Cannae,they declare war,but is good,they have 2 wonders in Thebes..
    Kill a destroyer egyptian near Grenoble,battleship veteran
    Egyptians activate alliance with Romans,Romans declare war
    Kill a rifle in Thebes
    1735-Barbs dragoons near Venice
    Attack with egyptian ironclads in Orleans,2 dead in coastal fortress..
    Kill garrison in Thebes with battleship,a destroyer with fighter,one engi with fighter from Strasbourg,Thebes captured with rifle from Strasbourg,243 gold,Statue,Shakespeare,library,city wall,bank,coastal fortress hurried
    Hyera.. size 1 near Salzburg,captured with alpine from Bayonne,30 gold
    My alpine emissary near Heliopolis,sign peace
    Sign peace too with Romans
    1142g Rheims oil to Cremona
    1740-Superconductor,begin Labor Union,can just Amphibious Warfare and this
    Cure in Paris/a Roman spy expeled near Prague/820g Cannae spice to Wounded Knee
    1745-566g Cunaxa gold to Chartres/barb dragoons and leader killed with fighter near Venice/Cunaxa gold to Chartres 566g/1202g Chartres oil to Lisbon
    1750-Labor Union,begin Fusion/1755g Rouen oil to Hamburg/828g Marseilles oil to Salamis/1056g Rheims gems to Kildeer
    1752-Fusion,begin Future Tech 1
    SS LAUNCHED,10 years,arrival 1762
    A roman spy expeled with fighter/938g Bordeaux oil to Cannae/222g Salamis beads to Little Bighorn
    1753-Americans steal Space Flight,no war
    Sneak attack Romans(now Communism gvn) and Japanese
    Sioux want alliance vs Greeks,refuse,they too no contact with others:))/280g Salzburg dye to Philadelphia
    Gift more techs to Sioux to increase research/start Manhattan in Tours
    1754-Future Tech1,begin Amphibious,single option,Greeks first having this,exchange with Advanced Flight
    I don't kill roman units,just staying in defense,they have alliances,want to keep peace.
    Romans reject my emissary,my destroyer kills defending roman destroyer near Syracuse
    Sign peace with Japanese/ 6-7 roman spies near Salzburg,but can't attack.
    First bomber
    1755-Begin Enviromentalism/Americans build a structural/Romans don't want negociations,they back to Republic
    Americans have Mobile Warfare,exch for Superconductor/They want 9950 g to declare war to Romans/2 new bombers/488g Thebes spice to Cedar Creek/1050g Lyons wine to Boston/600g Orleans dye to Philadelphia
    1756-Enviromentalism,begin Combined Arms
    Sign peace with Romans/expel a diplo american near Venice,one japanese near Toulouse
    830g Poitiers wine to Bear Paw
    1757-Combined,begin Robotics/a Roman spy expeled/750g Naples wine to Boston/1504g Capua uranium to Paris
    1758-Robotics,begin Future Tech 2
    Hut near Stony Lake,tribe:)),Milan.A 'little' too late instead of starting ruins ?
    592g wool Avignon to Big Mound
    1759-Sneak attack Romans...
    1760-Future Tech 2,begin Stealth/1308g Capua gems to Toulouse
    Sign peace with Romans
    New cities to use engineers:Ghent build near Cremona,Pisa near Verona,Dublin near Lisbon,Toronto island 24,Melbourne near
    600g Thebes gold to Slim Buttes/1056g Brest silk to Cedar Creek
    Disband troops in Turin+food van +gold for obsolete Oracle,luxuries to 70 %
    1761-Oracle Turin,Manhattan Tours/Stealth,begin Future Tech 3
    Sydney built near Capua,Paris2 near Venice,Lyons2 island 12,Rheims2 near El-Amarna,Tours 2 island 41,Marseilles 2 near Toulouse,Chartres2 island 40,Avignon 2 near Alexandria
    1762-Arrival in AC,end of game with 53 cities,30-36 main,all techs+Future Tech2,peace with all.

    Some notes:
    A mistake maybe was to keep the second settler all game,in most games I make this,a city in river close to my Lyons can be a good option.
    Other mistake was to switch too late to Democracy,1555 AD in this 'weak' map..
    Huts no help in the start,a little change late.
    Good luck all !
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  12. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    1900 BC: Reims Trireme. Will head north.

    1750 BC: Currency > Trade.

    1700 BC: Amiens built. From Chartres. 3rd wave is still being formed or heading to sites.

    1650 BC: Grenoble disorder. Unlucky number 13! Whale discovered near Besancon.

    1600 BC: Cherbourg built.

    1550 BC: Tours disorder. Southern trireme gets boarded by Horse/Chariot.

    1400 BC: Trade > Pottery. Will not get HG pre-1000 BC, I prioritized settlers over vans in the Orléans peninsula. Poitiers16 built as first offshore colony.

    1350 BC: Toulouse16 built.

    1250 BC: Bayonne built.

    1200 BC: Hut: Legion. Jesus Christ, where are the Barbs? Not complaining…

    Interturn: Roman horse meets mine on southern landmass. I give them BW for peace. Trade for HBR and Masonry. Give more techs, maps. Romans have 5 cities. Antium rather far away NW. Shipchain would require 7 Triemes. Tempting. But that’s probably not going to be done until the early ADs.

    1150 BC: Van in Paris: 81s left for soon-to-be-HG. The Hanging Gardens of… apparently Nineveh IRL.

    1050 BC: Van in Paris: 21s left. Hut: Chariot. Landmass north of landmass16. Stratsbourg built. Brest built.

    1000 BC: Pottery > Polytheism. Civil disorder in 3 cities. Going to move Dijon a square west.

    STATUS AT 1000 BC: (End of 61st turn)
    Population: 480.000 Cities: 20 Government: Monarchy Total advances: 12 (researching Polytheism)
    Gold: 14 T3L0S7 Income/Cost per turn: 9 income, 0 cost. Production: 57MT 0 polluted tiles

    Units: 8 Settlers, 7 Warriors 1 Horseman, 2 Chariots, 2 Triremes, 1 Legion.
    Wonders: None. Paris done with HG in 4 turns. Americans building Pyramids.
    Foreign relations: Peace with Romans.

    GOALS: Build a few cities in Chartres peninsula to act as staging ports for an eventual shipchain to Romans. 2 settlers are on their way, building a road as they go. Will arrive in 600BCish. Expansion in homeland almost complete. Build some cities on landmass 16 and keep exploring, building WoWs. Priority on WOWs needs to be higher. Most likely going to miss one. No suitable SSC site found, will let Colossus go. Also, WoW vans are higher priority than trade vans for the time being.

    MPE second wonder, as usual.

    Actually, Avignon might do fine as an SSC. (56, 52) looks like a hidden special. 4special-site as well.
  13. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    @Jokemaster But you know the resource seed....
    Yes,(56,52) is silk.4 specials is a forest.
  14. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Of course I went for Early Conquest. My goal was a BC finish, but I did not achieve that.

    GOTM 188
    French, 2 Settlers, Emperor, Alphabet, Restarts Off; Large random map, 7 Civs
    MPE totally necessary
    Large map means big trade payoffs possible, so trading for War techs and money is good.

    Starting square has pheasant and ocean access, 1 square north is 3 specials but no ocean. I reject that.

    Initial plan:
    Early Conquest using Peaster’s furthest colony first plan.
    Goal: BC conquest.
    Found on Site
    2nd city right away (Size 1 using pheasant is not possible.)
    Build 2 Warriors to explore
    No Roads. ICS until MPE
    Off-tech will be Map making for colonies

    4000 Paris founded on site. Working river.
    3950 research Code of Laws. (0/12)
    3900 Orleans founded on River. First decision: Keep Science high or build Warrior with shields? Science now 2/12. Working river gives 3 beakers. Nothing is lost by switching to pheasant for 2 turns.
    3800 Paris warrior.
    3750 Orleans wine found.
    3700 CoL => CB
    3650* Orleans warrior. RB first row in Paris.
    3600 Hut: Lyons (3). Well, that’s good. But it’s on plains with no visible specials.
    3550 OK, fish found for Lyons. It’s still a crummy city.
    3500 Hut: 50g. RB all first rows.
    3400 CB => Maps. Want Triremes.
    3350 rush settler in Paris.
    3250* Hut: Horse (Paris)
    3100 Rheims (4) in south. Rush settlers in Orleans
    3050* Orleans Settlers.
    3000 MM => Monarchy, goal 2650. Tours (5) on river mouth. Science: 3/60. Getting 8/turn. Decide to pop No Huts till Mon.

    Status 3000 BC:
    5C, 0 Settler 4 techs, res Monarchy
    2 warrior

    2850* RB all first rows.
    2700 Trireme in Paris.
    2650* Monarchy => BW. Gov: Monarchy Discover Whale .
    2550 Hut: Nomads. With this luck, maybe I shouldn’t have waited…
    2450* Marseilles (6) in the East. Hut in Marseilles city limits: 25g
    2400 Chartres (7) RB settlers in Orleans and Tours.
    2350 BW => Curr.

    2300 Avignon (8) in south. Trireme has 2 settlers. Which way?
    If I go West, I can get a pretty long way on my island.
    If I go South, there is an Archipelago. South it is.
    Found no colonies until MPE or 10 turns (1900) unless I get a hut.
    2250* Hut: Archers (Marseilles)
    2200 find continent 39.
    2100 looks like a 4-special at (65,81)
    2050* Curr => Trade. Besancon (9) Rouen on continent 39. I couldn’t bear to pass up a whale/fish city.

    2000 find continents 47 and 44.

    Status 2000BC

    10C, 1 Sett 7 tech, res. Trade. (ETA 1750
    3 Warr, 1 Archer, 1 Horse
    1 Trireme

    Plan for 1500:
    Trade, Pots or HB; 15 Cities; Collect vans for MPE and HG; More Boats.

    1950 Black clicking finds continent 46
    1900 Hut on continent 46: Barb horse.
    1850* Barb disappears.
    1800 Trade => HB Sioux found on continent 46.
  15. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Trade – HG

    1750 Grenoble (11)
    1650* Sioux: give MM, Curr, CB for HB, peace, maps.
    *** Turn Science Down** - I should have done it right away.
    1600 res Poly.
    1500 Dijon (12) near Sioux.

    Status 1500BC:
    12C, 2 Sett. 9 techs, res Poly.
    4 Warr, 1 Archer, 1 Horse
    2 Trireme 3 Van
    MPE in 2 turns.

    How did I do?
    Trade, Pots or HB - Trade, HB, working Poly
    15 Cities. - only 12. Need more next time.
    Collect vans for MPE and HG - MPE coming in 2 turns.
    More Boats. - 2nd boat up.

    Plan for 1000:
    Poly, MPE techs; 17 Cities; Collect vans for HG ; More Boats.
    Send Trade trireme after MPE.

    1400 MPE in Orleans

    Greeks: trade MM, BW, Alph, CB for Pots, Mas, Wheel, peace, maps
    Americans: trade Trade, Mon, for Wri, peace, maps.
    Egypt: give Trade, Monarchy, CB for peace, maps.
    Japanese: trade Trade, BW for Myst, peace, maps.
    Romans: give Wri, Mon, Trade, MM.f or IW. Peace, maps.

    Poly in 10 turns unless I get some vans going.

    New Plan
    Send Silk and Wine van to Thebes
    Send 2 Hides vans to Sioux
    Send 2 Settlers East for colonies near Rome/America
    Prepare wine/Silk vans for Memphis
    Keep Science down to 30.
    HG will increase production, so it is a priority

    1300 Hut: 100g rush LBH expedition. Need some settlers on line.
    1200. Amiens in far East.
    1150 Cherbourg in North
    1050* Romans start HG. Find peninsula of Roman Continent.

    Status 1000BC:
    14C, 4 Sett MPE 15 techs res Poly
    11 Warr, 1 Archer, 1 Horse
    4 Trireme 2 Van

    How did I do?
    Send 2 Settlers East to rome/America - √
    Send 2 vans to LBH - √ arrives in 3 turns
    Prepare wine/Silk vans for Memphis - in 4 turns?
    make 5 more cities in North. - made 1.
    HG vans - in 6 turns

    Hey, I can reach Japan continent by trireme!

    Plan for 750
    Deliver vans to LBH for Poly and Lit
    Send and Deliver vans to Thebes for Lit and Phil/Mono. Use existing boat
    May need WC to get Lit next.
    HG in 6 turns, Then MC ASAP
    Another round of settlers for LBH chain, Japan, and production centers
    Maybe a colony in Greece?
    Make partial Shipchain to Sioux for Hides trade. +2 boats, +1 settler for island in the way.
    Make Boat, Ellie/Dip for Antium. And need another ellie.

    950 is it worth it to drop a colony off near Antium on Whale/fish/Bullffalo? Yes, need production site later. Peaster would have had more discipline.
    925* Egypt develops Literacy! We can trade. Declare War on Egypt. Paris Hides to LBH (d, 96). Not a great return, but gets us Poly next. Poitiers near Antium on Roman island)
    900 Poly => WC Tours Hides to LBH (d, 128) Hut: Elephant (Poitiers). Japanese: trade IW for WC, update maps.
    875 res Lit. Egypt: trade Myst for Literacy.
    850. No Phil offered. Res Feud. HG in Orleans. Romans switch to Colossus. Toulouse in Eastern Lands. Hut: 50g.
  16. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    HG to MC

    800 Hut: Bayonne
    750 Strasbourg in North.

    Status 750BC:
    18C, 6 Sett MPE, HG 18 tech, res Feud.
    12 Warr, 1 Archer, 1 Horse, 3 Ellie, 2 dips
    8 Trireme 2 Van

    How did I do?
    HG in 6 turns. √
    Then MC ASAP well, it will be a while till Mono.
    Another round of settlers for LBH chain, Japan, and production centers √
    Maybe a colony in Greece? Thinking about it
    Deliver vans to LBH for Poly and Lit √
    Send and Deliver vans to Thebes for Lit and Phil/Mono. Next turn
    May need WC to get Lit next. √
    Make partial Shipchain to Sioux for Hides trade - + 1 boat, +1 settler
    Make Boat, Ellie/Dip for Antium. √.

    Plan for 500
    Deliver boat to Thebes
    Conquer/bribe Antium
    Conquer Egypt. Use forces after Antium.
    Begin building Roman and American force.
    Conquer Sioux. 4 ellies, 1 dip.
    Start Japanese expedition force. Start with 1 boat and 2 ellies. Make a colony. It’s a big island and overland will be necessary.
    Feud, Phil, Mono
    Collect vans for MC. And Sun Tzu.

    725* Chartres Silk to Thebes (d, 168)
    700 Feud => Phil. Orleans builds MP. Chartres Wine to Thebes (d, 260) Bribe Roman Settler . Nut: Legion (Avignon) on Japanese continent.
    675 Romans: WAR. Antium emptied and subverted. Bordeaux on Sioux pipeline.
    625* Egyptians develop Mathematics.
    600 Naples canal. Hut: Legion near Romans.
    575 Ready to attack Egypt – but nervous about getting Mon next. Wait 1 turn.
    550 Phil, Mono => Chiv. Egypt: WAR. Thebes captured. (Mathematics)
    525* Hut: Nomads near Rome. Issus on Japanese continent

    Status 500BC
    24C, 6 Sett MPE, HG 22 tech, res Chiv.
    12 Warr, 1 Archer, 2 Legion, 1 Horse, 7 Ellie, 2 Crooks, 2 dips
    11 Trireme, 6Van

    How did I do?
    Deliver boat to Thebes - √
    Conquer/bribe Antium = √
    Conquer Egypt. Use forces after Antium. - in progress
    Begin building Roman and American force - √
    Conquer Sioux. 4 ellies, 1 dip. –next cycle.
    Start Japanese expedition force. - √
    Feud, Phil, Mono - √
    Collect vans for MC. And Sun Tzu. - in progress

    Plan for 250:
    Conquer Egypt
    Conquer Sioux
    Deliver vans to Greeks
    War with Romans
    War with Americans
    LH in Western Lands
    Japanese colony. War with Japanese.
    Grecian force collected.

    475 Barbs land near Besancon. Cunaxa on Roman South Coast. Sioux: War. Crook kills Sioux horse=>vet. Besancon crook kills barb legion. Japanese attack our outpost force. It’s touch and go now. Heliopolis captured.
    450 Japanese force weakened but alive. Memphis captured.
    425* Elephantine emptied and bribed..
    400 Cremona on South Roman Coast. Japanese: give Wheel for peace. Cannae founded. They withdraw.
    375 Orleans builds MC LBH captured.
  17. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    MC to The End

    350 Capua in far north. Wounded Knee captured. Cedar Creek emptied and bribed.
    325* Alexandria emptied and bribed, Egyptians destroyed. Sioux: 150g for peace. Japanese: WAR. Kill legion
    300 Roman Cumae captured.
    250 Paris Wine to Corinth (d, 130)

    Status 250bc
    36C, 6 Sett MPE, HG, MC 22 tech, res Chiv.
    12 Warr, 1 Archer, 2 Legion, 9 pike 1 Horse, 7 Ellie, 6 Crooks, 1 dips
    12 Trireme, 3 van
    vans delivered for LH.

    How did I do
    MC √
    Conquer Egypt √
    Conquer Sioux 2 cities left
    Deliver vans to Greeks 1 delivered, 1 moving overland
    War with Romans 1 city captured
    War with Americans boats enroute
    LH in Western Lands next turn
    Japanese colony. War with Japanese. √
    Grecian force collected. Coming vrom both Rome and Sioux.

    Plan for 1AD
    Finish Conquest
    Sun Tzu
    Pyr in East.

    225* Japanese develop Poly. Japanese chariot immolates on pike. Amiens builds LH.
    200 Hut: Legion (Cremona). Three Forks captured. Americans: 100g.
    175 Rome builds Colossus. Orleans builds Sun Tzu. Slim Buttes destroyed, Sioux destroyed. Orleans Silver to Knossos (d, 340g). Americans: 50g. Turin on American continent.

    The big van payoff to the Greeks facilitated a conquest victory.
  18. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    Initial plan is to walk one settler north to uncover one of the 2 additional specials and the other settler to the river and to uncover the 3rd special. Having the river, this alone makes me think i will likely build 2 fast cities rather than utilizing the size one settler tactic. I really like the idea of building on the grape since it adds all three bonuses: Food, shield and road (including a trade bonus) and all three bonuses are able to be capitalized upon immediately in despotism. Included within this, the grape capitol will provide 3 sci and 2 gold in despotism, (and 4/2 at size two) and this extra science could potentially be the difference in getting to my government 4 turns earlier.

    Briefly entertained the possibility of combining the size one settler tactic with the mining of the grape by the other settler, but more than likely it is not worth it as compared to simply building a fast 2nd city on the grass/river. In weighing all of the known possibilities at this moment at the end of 3950 an un-mined grape capital and a grass/river 02 @ 53/62 looks like a sound plan to race forward with. Of course there is a chance of discovering something even better before that plan is put in place. I will use the river settler to explore the river a bit first hoping to find a hut... while the settler that just found the bull can walk 2 steps to the grape and build the cap there in 3800. Will likely build 02 in the same year and possibly a few steps further away on the same river, but we will see how the river exploration goes.

    Focus is a non-conquest civ building game which would be towards spaceship if i was planning to go that far.

    3900: River is tiny : ).
    3850: No huts in view as yet. Will build my two cities next turn and explore with warriors 5 turns later.
    3800: Build cap on grape and 02 on grass/river 50/62 which has more squares in the black and thus more potential for something great than the 53/62 location.
    3750: > Code
    3650: Code > Writing
    3550: 2 warriors emerge. Nothing exciting uncovered in the first step of each warrior.
    3500: Each warrior finds a hut. I know with starting alphabet i can go strait to Republic without an off path tech, but i will open one hut at a time and only stop if or when an off path tech is chosen. I believe the potential for something positive makes it worth the risk.

    3500 status: 2 cities, 2 warriors. 2 shields in each city towards settlers. 18 gold.

    3450: First hut > supported archer. 2nd hut > wandering nomad. Might be near a whale (or a less exciting fish) given the special pattern, but i would not be able to explore it without a boat... So likely this settler will head towards the river two steps from the cap. 02 settler production rushed from 4 to 10. Cap which is paying unit support on the archer is 2nd priority with which to do the same. As well if one of the two cities is to stay in size 2 longer, it should be the one that will be producing 4 science as opposed to a maximum of 2. The archer is very local and i will re-support it in 03.
    3400: Writing > Lit. This is going fast : ). Settler production in cap utilizes the entire treasury of 11 gold and is rushed from 5 to 10.
    3300: Both cities going from size 1 > 2 next turn. Capital secures the shared grass/river/shield so it will choose another of these and go to 4 science and 02 chooses a forest to work and will have the other grass/river/shield as it's other square.
    3250: Grass/river 03 built at 53/61 and the archer re-homes himself there.
    3050: Lit > Republic. Looks good to complete this in 2650. 3 slow guys doing a great job of exploring.
    3000: 02 completes settler.

    3000 status: 3 cities, one settler, one archer, 2 warriors. Republic in progress with a likely completion in 2650.

    2900: Warrior locates a hut and with the race to reach Republic in 2650 being tight, he will not open it as yet. Completion of a much needed road bringing 02 back to 2 science.
    2800: Cap builds settler and food stores are full so next turn he is back to size 2 with 4 science. 03's settler production is rushed along to 30. Need boats to uncover my whales (or less appealing fish) : )... and some of them are in known locations and are almost certain to be there given the special patterns. As such i will likely choose map making before Bronze/currency/trade. All three exploring units are closest to their own civ. Boats may also allow me to reach one or more other civs and possibly trade for bronze and/or currency.... along with potentially Masonry and/or pottery. Next two city sites planned and the decisions were not simple.
    2700: Completion of road on the 63/55 wheat en route to a planned city site. 04 built on 57/59 plain which accesses a Bird and a Bull. Science to 40%.
    2650: Republic > Map Making. Science @ 80% for this one tech. Warrior in the heart of exploration holds off on another hut so he can continue to explore without risk. Other two exploring units have uncovered their region and will be headed in that direction. Grape capital with a grass/river square and an ocean putting out a ridiculous 9 science.
    2600: Build grass city 05 @ 54/66 which accesses the roaded wheat and a likely hidden ocean special. New settler completes. Status: 5 cities, 1 settler. Archer opens hill top hut > supported chariot. Will use him to open the desert hut with one of his two movement points.
    2500: 3rd road built. Cap disbands a warrior that is too far away from further exploration to justify his shield cost.

    2500 status: Republic, 5 cities and one each: Settler, chariot, archer, warrior. 3 roads.

    2450: Map Making > Bronze. Science reduced to 20%. Will build just one boat for now which will make a huge difference in permitting informed city prioritization and placement.
    2400: Chariot to open desert hut with Archer standing by for support in case of any trouble. The hut produces a supported archer that is welcome but he also makes 04 go unhappy. Will not alter lux rate and in 3 turns 04 will spill into size 2 and be able to utilize an elvis. Meanwhile the 04 archer will walk back home and be there in 8 turns.
    2350: 4th road - grass/shield.
    2300: Chariot uses his first movement point to open another desert hut and 2nd to kill the barbarian horse that emerged... becoming a vet in the process.
    2250: Completion of first boat and a settler. 04 reaches size 2 and an elvis is assigned to quell the unrest. Grass 06 built @ 50/68 which has a fish and likely another hidden ocean special to be uncovered in exactly one turn. 05's likely hidden ocean special will be uncovered the following turn. warrior opens a hut in the far east and it is a tribe for city 07. Chariot is two turns from this city and will re-home there to eliminate the need for an elvis in 04.
    2200: Hoping to find a whale, boat uncovers a fish accessible to city 05.
    2150: Hut: 50 gold. Boat uncovers a desired whale accessible to city 06.
    2000: After walking for 5 turns, build grass 08 @ 57/51 which captures a whale.

    2000 status: Republic, 8 cities, 2 Settlers, 2 archers, 1 each: Boat, chariot, warrior. 4 roads, 0 irrigation.

    1900: Settler and archer arrive upon island 39 which is south and east of cap. (Edit: In hindsight, did not map click thoroughly enough and went out of my way to reach this island safely from 64/64 rather than going much more quickly to island 40 which is just west of it.).
    1850: Build grass 09 @ 56/54 which accesses a shared bull to be utilized primarily as its first square while the other city primarily utilizes the Pheasant. Bull will occasionally be loaned out to the other city. Status: 9 cities, 2 settlers.
    1750: Bronze > Currency. Science still @ 20%. 5th and 6th roads built.
    1700: 7th road built.
    1650: Build island city 10 on the grass with a whale @ 67/75. City will wait one turn then rush a dip from 3 to 30 for potentially lucrative island exploration.
    1600: 3rd boat built and settler number is now at 5. Fast and furious chariot kills the barb horse that approaches our city.
    1550: Boat with Settler and dip reach island 37 to the west and south and immediately spot a whale. Another boat lands an Archer and warrior in the promised land on island 32 far east and south.
    1500: Another settler completes. Boat-transported settler builds island grass/whale city 11 @ 42/68. Completion of 1st and 2nd highly valuable irrigation projects as settlers await sea transportation.

    1500 status: Republic, 11 cities, 5 settlers, 3 boats, 2 dips, 2 archers, 1 chariot, 1 warrior, 8 roads, 2 irrigation. 34 (gross) tons, 48 gold income, 10 beaker income. Treasury: 113 gold. Currency has about 45 or 50 beakers out of 112.

    1450: 3rd irrigation all of which are the grass/shield/river squares on the original river which are shared amongst France's first 3 cities. Dip uncovers a 2nd whale in island 11 city. With much to quickly explore, city 11 rushes dip from 3 to 30.
    1400: Island hut: supported archer.
    1350: Bribed a menacing barb horse. Island 32 hut: tribe 83/67 for city 12. Meet Japanese, they offer to trade tech, i take a chance and pick up unwanted Ceremonial. Gifted to enthusiastic and this wasn't enough to trade maps so i gifted them again to worshipful to make it happen.
    1350 status: 12 cities, 5 settlers, 3 boats, 3 dips, 3 archers. 1 chariot, 1 horse, 1 warrior. 8 roads, 3 irrigation.
    1300: Horse disembarks from boat and eliminates a horse/explorer barb stack that was threatening a city.
    1250: After walking for several turns, settler builds grass/whale 14 @ 56/42. 9th road.
    1200: Hut on uninhabited island: Tribe for city 15. Hut: supported chariot. Completion of 10th road.
    1150: Met Rome, traded techs and they had only pottery which is pretty good for me, my 4th priority. Gifted them as necessary to worshipful to trade maps. Island city 16 built, grass with whale and roaded wheat @ 40/66.
    1150 status: 16 cities, 6 settlers, 3 boats, 4 dips + misc units, 13 roads, 3 irrigation.
    1050: Built island 4-special city 17 @ 36/68, 17 cities, 7 settlers.
    1000: Currency > Trade. Science to 80%. Egyptians had begun Pyr in 1250 so i don't want to be too carefree about the race to it. Build island city 18 @ 65/81, a beautiful grass location with 2 whales and a fish. New island hut: nomad. Hut: 50 gold.

    1000 Status: 18 cities, 7 settlers, 4 boats, 4 dips, 2 chariots, 1 horse, 3 archers, 1 warrior, 16 roads, 3 irrigation. Income: 56 gross tons, 70 beakers, 18 gold. 110 gold in treasury, 411,000 land area. About 15 out of 200 towards Trade and barring any financial emergencies we should have it in 3 turns and then hopefully Masonry in about 3 additional turns.
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  19. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    975: Hut: 50 gold.
    950: Build grass 19 @ 57/47 with access to wheat.
    925: Trade > Seafaring. Masonry was not offered and nor was my 2nd choice of Warrior Code which i know the Japanese have and which i thus could have received from them one way or another. Since it would cost me 220 beakers to get Seafaring and then maybe 250 more to get masonry, Marcos and an 80% tax rate (actually it would be 60% now and 40% lux. is looking like a better choice at this point. I wanted Marcos anyway, but would have preferred getting it after both Pyr and HG. Chariot happens upon a third civ, the Greeks. Maybe they will have Masonry for me. In any case i am seeking to build 4 caravans as fast as possible. for one wonder or another. 4th irrigation, all 4 are grass/shield, on or adjacent to the original river. Chariot kills 2nd barb horse and hopes to capture the leader.
    900: Met Sioux, traded tech with no further concern of delaying masonry and received horseback from them. Gifted to worshipful and traded maps.
    French chariot found Greek roads and irrigation,, but still no Greeks. Japanese in supposedly receptive disposition explored towards my empty city on their continent. Not trusting them i rushed a phalanx when he stepped within my city limits 2 steps away. 2 turns later the warrior attacked this phalanx and the defender survived and became a vet.
    900 Status: 19 cities, 10 settlers, 5 boats, 5 dips and other misc units.
    875: Unsupported a settler and the just rushed diplomat and intentionally allowed a stacked barb archer and explorer to capture my 09 and we bribed it right back for a net profit. After walking for several turns, settler builds 20 on a 4-special grassland which includes 2 whales and a bull. Island city 21 built on 3-special grassland site which includes 2 whales. Met the Greeks, traded techs with them and all they had was warrior code. Gifted to worshipful and traded maps. Warrior opens a hut on a plain and a barb horse emerged who will remove the warrior from the game. Would have much preferred opening that hut with a dip and bribing the highly valuable "none" horse.
    850. Barb boat from the black kills one of my boats diminishing my navy from 5 boats to 4. The silver lining is that it was empty. As anticipated, barb horse kills my warrior that released him from the hut. Build 22, grass city with whale and 2 fish. Hut opened by dip: 6 barb horses. Bribes one of them who is able to run to safety 3 steps from the pack. Hut: 100 gold.
    850 Status: 22 cities, 7 settlers, 1 cara, 4 boats, 5 dips, 2 chariiot, 2 horse, 4 archers, 1 phalanx.
    825: 5th irrigation completes on another grass/shield square, this one on an island. Racing towards 4 caravans and secondarily towards 8 and 12, hoping to have Pyramids, HG and Marcos within about 10 turns. Under normal circumstances, Marcos would likely be third, but since i need Masonry and was forced off path with tech more expensive at this point, i will likely need to get Marcos first. It was announced that both the Egyptions and Americans are building Pyramids, so neither of them would willingly trade it to me. But if they are close enough and reachable, maybe i can steal or capture it. Otherwise i might have to rush my science to hopefully get Masonry in time and i believe off shore foreign trades would take too long and with my tiny cities, would not likely be very lucrative at this point. The 4 civs i have met do not have Masonry unless they have obtained it recently. Finally, It's not impossible to play a successful game without Pyramids and i have had to do it many times vs. skilled human opponents, so i may end up having to make due without it. This game cries out for Lighthouse as well, so this would likely be my 4th wonder priority. Let's see how this all shapes up : ).
    800: Unsurprisingly, the pack of barb horses kill my diplomat. Boat dropped 2 settlers (and separately a dip) to island 16 and all are searching for the best city placement. One settler is ready to build the island's first city and is on a grassland with access to a whale and spice, but since a dip just located a hut, he will wait a turn in the hopes of first gaining an uninhabited island tribe for which there is a high likelihood. Built 23 on island 40, a grass city with a whale, a fish and 3 grass/shield squares one of which is irrigated and roaded. One barb horse among the pack pursues my horse to the barbs own demise. Hut: 25 gold.
    775: 4 caravans reach capitol contributing to a secret building project. Diplomat pops hut on uninhabited island 16 and is rewarded with a high percentage tribe for city 24. Building of island city 25, grassland with fish and grass shields. Treasury 384. Gold income per turn: 88.
    750: Completion of Marcos. Analysis of the embassies: Only Egypt and America have Masonry and both of them are building Pyramids so i don't anticipate either of them trading it. Sioux have masonry in progress so waiting for them to complete it is a possibility. Also the only civs who have Seafaring which is my current tech are the two who are building pyramids and who thus are unlikely to trade with me. No other civ has seafaring in progress. After this partial analysis, spent gold down from 472 to 10 and went to America to see what they would say. To my surprise they traded techs with me. i picked up Masonry, Seafaring and also Mysticism. Wondering now why they traded it and if maybe it was because a second civ already had it? Maybe somebody knows and can offer insight? Gifted them one tech and traded maps.

    Also traded with Egypt for their only available tech which was Monarchy. Gifted them a tech, traded maps and now have every map and every tech from all civs. Attempted to gift techs the other civs had in progress when it was one of the two possible techs i could offer them.

    All in all, Marcos has proven itself invaluable in this situation as is so often the case. Initially and most urgently because it got me Masonry. Secondarily because it got me my current tech which is Seafaring, as well as the final 2 maps. Of course as always it is also invaluable in providing essential intel on all future developments.
    I would normally seek this wonder, but under most circumstances and aside from OCC, not until at least after Pyramids and HG.

    Next tech comes at a cost of 391 beakers which means that optimal trades (which my small cities are not able to provide at this point) will yield about 261. Will hold back as long as possible in choosing my next tech which will hopefully be philosophy.

    Adventuring dip opens an island hut for tribe city 26 on a plain which accesses a whale. After the wonder rush we French will likely hurry an explorer there as well as in other new world locations. Chariot pops hut and out come 8 red horses to completely surround him. Puts on his cloak of invisibility, closes his eyes and hopes for the best.

    750 status: Republic, Marcos, 26 cities on 8 separate land masses, 5 settlers, 0 caravans but 4 @ 50 shields one turn from capitol, 4 boats, 4 dips, 2 chariot, 2 horse, 4 archers, 1 phalanx, 10 gold in treasury. Income: 79 megatons and 99 gold. 17 techs, 643,000 sq. mi. Next wonder will emerge in 700 bc.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
  20. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    725: Boat transported settler builds city 27 on island 16, grassland with Whale and Spice. Completion of 6th irrigation on another grass/river/shield square. Americans began research on writing and i was able to gift it to them on the first try. Hut: none horse.
    700: Completion of Pyramids. Completion of 7th irrigation. Completion of a trireme and 2 explorers in a remote and heavily unexplored area and the two explorers climb into the boat eager for adventure. When life is tough, explorers make everything ok. Dip opens hut on a tiny uninhabited island and it yields a high percentage tribe for city 28.
    700 Status: Republic, Marcos, Pyramids, 28 cities, one cara and 2 more at 50 shields, 5 settlers, 5 boats, 2 explorers plus misc units. 3 cities are size 3 this turn and next turn it will be a total of 6, then 8 in two turns and 10 in 3 turns. Also 3 size ones will become size twos next turn racing to size 3 and others are similarly close. New focus is on the fastest possible completion of food storage, in various instances choosing fish over whales until size 3 is reached.
    675: Boat-transported settler builds island city 29. City 30 built on mainland grass site that accesses wheat. Boat and settler locate grass/whale/fish city and settler with 4 turns of stored work is dropped onto an adjacent grass/shield. Wishing that after my boat has moved the game would allow my passengers to disembark before re-directing me to a different part of the world : ). Lux adjusted from 30% to 40 to maintain the peace, gold to 60. Treasury spent down to 3 gold to rush a 4th caravan to 50 shields.
    650: 4th caravan completes as does 7th boat. Build grass mainland city 31 with access to irrigated grass/shield and peat. 8th irrigation completes on another grass/shield square.
    625: Completion of Hanging Gardens. Lux set to 60% where 9 of 10 size 3 cities are able to initiate celebrations. Dip avoids forest hut and will allow an explorer to open it to minimize risk. Separate hut elsewhere: nomad.
    600: Settler who completed adjacent irrigation with 4 stored turns of work builds grass/whale/fish/irrigated grass/shield city 32.

    600 status:
    Republic, Marcos, Pyramids, HG, 32 cities, 3 settlers, 7 boats, 4 explorers, 4 dips, 2 chariot, 3 horse, 1 phalanx. Head count (f4 heads): 66. 24 roads, 8 irrigation. Income: 97 tons and 67 gold. 831 sq. mi. Treasury: 41 gold.

    575: Celebration growth leads to 78 heads which is an increase of 12 since the previous turn. 9 size 4 cities. Lux to 80 to keep celebration going. Since a boat is nearby, i am using caution with a hut that a dip is ready to open. Boat is now in position for next turn to rescue him if necessary. Separate hut: 50 gold. Next hut by explorer: barbarian horde of horses which completely surround him. Archer is nearby to kill one of them to open up an escape and in the hopes they won't notice the explorer slipping 2 steps away. Moderate chance the explorer survives, but he is still be within striking range of 2 of the horses. Archer will surely be removed from the game. Horde is also very close to one of my cities, so it was necessary to prioritize the rushing of a dip there to help with the solution. Treasury: 28 gold.

    Head count is 91 which is an increase of 25 over the past two turns. 8 cities are now size 5, and some of these are continuing to celebrate. Additional city sizes: 2 size 4s, 6 size 3s. Population statistic is 2.1 million.

    Explorer goes undetected by the horde and the archer who sacrificed his life for this explorer dies a heroes death.

    Made war with the Egyptions who are "hostile" by insisting they remove their non existent troops in my territory and in the hopes of resetting their gold edition attitude for one turn so i can receive banking in a tech trade. Hut: Wheel. Build grass/whale/wheat city 33. Hut on another uninhabited island is a tribe for city 34.

    550 Status: Republic, Marcos, Pyramids, HG, 32 cities, 3 caras. 8 boats, 6 explorers, 4 settlers. 5 dips, 3 horse, 2 chariot and other misc units.

    525: Head count is 103, an increase of 37 from 3 turns ago. Population statistic is 2.57 million. City sizes: 3 size 6, 6 size 5, 6 size 4, 1 size 3, 10 size 2, 8 size 1.
    Secret project nears completion.
    Build grass/river city 35 which has access to fish. Build Grass/whale city 36.

    500: Completion of Lighthouse. 117 heads. 1 size 7 city, 2 size 6s. 9 size 5s, 3 size 4s. population statistic: 2.95 million,

    Peace with Egypt and procure banking from them. Uninhabited island hut is a tribe for city 37. Separate uninhabited island hut: tribe for city 38.

    500 status: Republic, Marcos, Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Lighthouse, 38 cities, 2 settlers, 8 boats, 7 explorers, 5 diplomats. 3 horse, 2 chariot, 3 archer, 1 phalanx. 1,003,000 land area, 19 techs. Income: 146 tons, 71 gold.

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