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GOTM 190 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Ali Ardavan, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I started playing last week.


    Purple is ideal for early landing. Starting location is 1-special.

    Where to build the capital? There is a 2 special 2 tiles away. If I could get a hut during the delay I would have waited but as is, it is not worth it.

    Size-1 settler? Possible with forest but will delay the second settler significantly. It could build a road for 1g per turn, do hut hunting, and get into position for the next city though that last one is risky with unknown terrain.

    After careful black -clicking and map analysis, the second settler will reach a hut before the first row of shields is completed. If I get a unit, I will go for size 1 settler. Otherwise, I will have to produce a unit before going for size 1 settler. Meanwhile, the second settler will build a road, go for another hut, and get into position at 65,61 which is 3-specials and a possible candidate for SSC.
  2. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Date Notes

    -4000 Delhi founded. Working on forest.
    -3950 -> Alphabet.
    -3850 Horseman from first hut.
    -3700 Alphabet from hut.
    -3650 -> Code of Laws
    -3500 Code of Laws from hut! Wow!
    -3450 -> Currency. Chariot from hut. This causes 1 support shield cost in Delhi.
    -3400 The original 3-special site considered for SSC (65,61) has horrible surrounding terrain. SSC will be at 4-special site (63,57) which has much better terrain. The entire landscape seems to be pretty harsh; another oddity is abundance of lakes.
    -3250 Waited on 2 huts.
    -3200 Size-1 settler produced. Bombay (SSC) founded. Hut yields single barbarian horseman which my chariot kills and turns vet. Advanced tribe from second hut founds Madras at 56,54.
    -3150 Aztec civilization destroyed by barbarians.
    -3100 Delhi becomes size 2 and riots. I cannot even hire an entertainer because there is not enough food.
    -3050 Monarchy from hut! As usual I am getting a lot of techs out of huts but for the first time ever, I am very happy about the outcomes!

    Status at -3000
    Population: 0.05M; Cities: 3; Techs: 5; Government: Despotism
    Gold: 6; Cost: 0; Trade routes: 0D0F;
    Units: 1 settler, 1 horseman, 1 chariot
    Goals: Expansion, Trade, Hanging Gardens, Marco
    Russian: no contact
    Japanese: no contact
    German: no contact
    Aztec: Destroyed by barbarians
    yellow?: no contact
    Persian: no contact
    Carthaginian: no contact
    Barbarian: no contact

    -2950 Horseman runs into Japanese. My power is already supreme! Peace -> Japanese (3) -> 0g
    -2900 Persian horseman appears near undefended Delhi. Revolution started.
    -2850 Peace, Alphabet -> Persian (5) -> Pottery, no alliance. They also have Masonry and horseback riding. Monarchy established. T3L0S7
    -2650 Currency -> Mapmaking
    -2600 Bangalore founded.
    -2500 Luck hut continues! Trade from hut. T7L0S3
    -2450 Nomad from hut
    -2400 2 Barbarian arches near Madras which is defended by a Phalanx. Horseman heads for Madras.
    -2350 One barbarian drifts towards Japanese, the other towards me.
    -2300 Horseback riding from hut.
    -2250 Barbarian archer kills 2 Japanese units in succession. The other archer steps next to Madras now having 2 phalanx defenders. Horseman is delayed by rough terrain.
    -2200 Barbarian kills a Madras phalanx and gets heavily wounded. Barbarian horseman from hut.
    -2150 Madras survives the wounded barbarian. The hut barbarian disappears. Calcutta founded. Nomad founds Lahore.
    -2050 Barbarian leader for 150g.

    Status at -2000
    Population: 0.15M; Cities: 6; Techs: 9; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 182; Cost: 0; Trade routes: 0D0F;
    Units: 1 settler, 5 warriors, 1 phalanx, 1 horseman, 1 chariot
    Goals: Expansion, Hanging Gardens (67/200), Marco
    Russian: no contact
    Japanese: no embassy
    German: no contact
    Aztec: Destroyed by barbarians
    yellow?: no contact
    Persian: no embassy
    Carthaginian: no contact
    Barbarian: no contact

    -1950 50g from hut.
    -1850 Advanced tribe founds Karachi.
    -1650 Kolhapur founded. Mapmaking from hut! Warrior runs into Spanish. Peace -> Spanish (0) -> Writing.
    -1600 -> Mysticism.
    -1550 Jaipur founded.
    -1500 Japanese (1) -> 100g. Spanish (0) -> 0g. Bronze Working -> Persian (6) -> Mysticism, 100g.
    -1450 -> Polytheism.
    -1400 Barbarian horseman from hut.
    -1350 Barbarian kills my warrior.
    -1250 Hanging Gardens built in SSC Bombay which celebrates. Polytheism -> Literacy. Persian (6) -> maps. Japanese -> 0g.
    -1150 Persian, Japanese -> 50g. The situation with Spanish is too tense to ask for tribute. Hyderabad founded. 50g from hut.
    -1100 25g from polar hut.
    -1050 Bengal founded on hilltop being mined at the Japanese border. 50g from hut.
    -1000 50g from Spanish.

    Status at -1000
    Population: 0.28M; Cities: 12; Techs: 13; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 208; Cost: 0; Trade routes: 0D0F;
    Wonders: Hanging Gardens
    Units: 3 settlers, 10 warriors, 3 phalanx, 1 horseman, 1 chariot, 1 elephant, 1 diplomat, 4 vans
    Goals: Expansion, Marco (in 3 turns), Colossus, conquest of Spanish?, alliance with Persians?
    Russian: no contact
    Japanese: no embassy
    German: no contact
    Aztec: Destroyed by barbarians
    Spanish: no embassy
    Persian: no embassy
    Carthaginian: no contact
    Barbarian: no contact

    -0950 Chittagong founded. Barbarian horseman from hut.
    -0925 Barbarian kills my warrior. Marco built. Punjab founded near Spanish Seville. T3L0S7
    Trade, Monarchy -> German (3) -> peace, maps, 0g
    Mapmaking, Burial, Mysticism -> Carthaginian (2) -> peace, Iron Working, maps, 0g
    Mapmaking, Monarchy, Mysticism -> Russian (4) -> peace, maps, 0g
    Mysticism, Horseback riding -> Spanish (1) -> peace, maps
    Germans, Russians, and Carthaginians are off shore. Others on my continent. No idea where Aztecs used to be. I shall conquer the 3-city Spanish who are too close for comfort. I may conquer the 2-city Japanese but it has no priority. Persians are larger (4 cities), stronger, and easier to live with. I shall try to make alliance with them. The other 3 shall be my trading partners.
    -0900 Barbarian horseman kills another warrior. Spanish withdraw troops when asked. This is a relief. I have an elephant nearby but not much else.
    -0875 Dacca founded. First black head appears. First boat built in the south, another will be ready in 2 turns in the north.
    -0850 Elephant kills barbarian horseman.
    -0825 Spanish -> 0g.
    -0800 Literacy -> Philosophy. Literacy -> Persian -> 25g. Chariot from polar hut.
    -0775 Indus and Ganges founded.
    -0725 Pottery -> Spanish -> 50g.
    -0700 Spanish -> 25g.
    -0675 Spanish -> 25g. Kish founded as the first offshore city on island 19. Republic from polar hut.
    -0650 Colossus built in the science city. Spanish -> Warrior Code. Goa founded.
    -0625 Horseman from polar hut. Spanish -> 25g.
    -0600 Philosophy -> Monotheism -> Medicine. T7L0S3. Japanese -> 25g. Spanish -> 0g
    -0575 Germans build Pyramids. Japanese, Spanish -> 25g; Persian -> 50g.
    -0525 Spanish -> 0g.
    -0500 Spanish finally declare war over my repeated ransom demands. An army of 5 elephants is anxiously standing by. Single legion defending Seville killed after losing an elephant and the city taken for 10g. Rejected Spanish offer of 50g for cease fire because I cannot defend Seville and they had a few units around. Killed a Spanish legion and a warrior.
    Japanese declare war over my tribute demands. I am not prepared to fight them.

    Status at -0500
    Population: 0.58M; Cities: 19; Techs: 19; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 47; Cost: 1; Trade routes: 0D0F;
    Wonders: Hanging Gardens, Colossus, Marco
    Units: 7 settlers, 19 warriors, 5 phalanx, 2 horseman, 2 chariots, 4 elephants, 2 Triremes, 1 diplomat, 4 vans
    Goals: Expansion, Michelangelo, conquest of Spanish, alliance with Persians?
    Russian: 3 cities, 12 techs; war with Carthaginians
    Japanese: 3 cities, 6 techs; war with Persians and me
    German: 4 cities, 11 techs; Pyramids
    Aztec: Destroyed by barbarians
    Spanish: 3 cities, 11 techs; war with me
    Persian: 5 cities, 13 techs;
    Carthaginian: 3 cities, 10 techs;
    Barbarian: no contact

    -0475 Fortified warriors survive Japanese and Spanish ones.
    -0450 Spanish develop Masonry. Have to get to Madrid before they can make city walls. Gujarat and Puneh founded.
    -0425 Persian -> 50g.
    -0400 2 elephants kill 2 defenders of Madrid. The city is captured for 15g and Masonry. Crusader kills Japanese warrior and turns vet.
    -0375 Size 2 Cordoba is too expensive to bribe despite lack of Spanish capital and Toledo (their only other city) is several turns away. Needs funds badly to rush Michelangelo. Spanish offer of 50g for cease fire accepted.
    -0350 Germans build Great Library. Persians build Lighthouse. Japanese phalanx killed. Persian -> 50g.
    -0325 Japanese kill my horseman. NoSaari founded.
    -0300 Alhambra founded. Kharg founded on island 10. Once again Spanish declare war over my demands. Lost a horseman and a vet chariot on Cordoba. Killed a Spanish horseman.
    -0275 Spanish kill an elephant. Legion defending Toledo killed and the city taken for 8g and barracks. Cordoba bribed for 106g. Got 5g and 2 units. Spanish civilization destroyed. Germans get a bunch of techs via Great Library which seems to indicate a respawn but foreign minister report shows no respawn! T3L0S7
    -0250 Medicine -> Math. No yellow respawn. 25g from hut. Silk from Delhi to Kyoto for 120 establishes the first trade route. Kashmir founded. Persians turn down offer of alliance. They have an elephant next to an undefended new city of mine.
    -0225 Persians move on and spare my undefended city.
    -0200 Michelangelo built.
    -0175 Japanese lose 2 units attacking me.
    -0150 Valencia founded. Revolution started.
    -0125 Persian -> 100g. Russians declare war over my demands; Germans and Carthaginians ignore me. Republic established. Hides to Osaka for a mere 32. T2L6S2
    -0100 5/6 size 3 and above cities celebrate.
    -0075 Senate hands cease fire to Japanese. I accept their offer of 100g for peace.
    -0025 Math -> University.
    +0001 Kartikha founded. Hides to science city for 72 establishes the first domestic route.

    Status at +0001
    Population: 2.0M; Cities: 30; Techs: 22; Government: Republic
    Gold: 71; Cost: 3; Trade routes: 2D2F;
    Wonders: Hanging Gardens, Colossus, Marco, Michelangelo,
    Units: 19 settlers, 15 warriors, 5 phalanx, 1 archer, 1 chariot, 3 elephants, 2 crusaders, 4 Triremes, 2 diplomats, 10 vans
    Goals: Expansion, trade with Germany, Construction, Bridge Building, conquest of Japanese?, alliance with Persians?
    Russian: 5 cities, 16 techs; nominal war with me
    Japanese: 3 cities, 8 techs; war with Persians
    German: 4 cities, 20 techs; Pyramids, Great Library
    Aztec: Destroyed by barbarians
    Spanish: Destroyed by me
    Persian: 6 cities, 15 techs; Lighthouse; war with Japanese
    Carthaginian: 4 cities, 13 techs;
    Barbarian: no contact
  3. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    GOTM190. Ordinarily, with a medium map, I’d do landing since we are my own key civ. But I just started a new job today on the 12th, so I won’t have that much time. Conquest it is!

    I’ll try to conquer with (mostly) settlers and dips instead of crusaders. That way, the mainland cities can be useful at the very last second. Seems OK. (Post-game edit: key word here is “TRY”.)

    Deity mode.

    4000 BC: Delhi built.

    3950 BC: > Alphabet. Will be able to go straight to Monarchy if I don’t get 2 extra techs, since we also have CB.

    3850 BC: Hut: 50g. I was waiting to write in BARBS and end up with the hilariously short play session… has this ever happened to anyone else during a GOTM?

    3800 BC: Terrain NW of Delhi is super rough. Lots of marshes/jungles and hills/mountain.

    3750 BC: Finally. A whale. That’ll do.

    3650 BC: Bombay built. Now it’s barren land, plains and tundra… definitely EC so far.

    3600 BC: Alphabet > Code of Laws. Hut: Mercenaries.

    3400 BC: Hut: More mercenaries. Going to run into support problems.

    3300 BC: Hut: Another freakin’ mercenary! A Chariot this time. Also supported by Delhi. I hope for an AT soon so I can offload some stuff…

    3250 BC: Hut: Mysticism. That’s one. That’s bad, because now I can’t pop until I start researching Monarchy. 21/33. Oedo year 3050 BC.

    3050 BC: Wait, it was CoL, not > Monarchy. Lol. Hut: Currency. Ok, but not what I was seeking. Hut: TRADE. Is the game mocking me? 24 turns until Monarchy. Only two cities. If I don’t get many more huts it won’t be helping me at all. Might as well start building vans in Delhi instead of settlers.

    3000 BC: Hut: ANOTHER CHARIOT SUPPORTED BY DELHI. I mean, seriously. I have to disband my warrior outside. This is ridiculous.

    2900 BC: Bombay settlers. First one of the game. Lol.

    2800 BC: Hut: BARBS. Just when it couldn’t be worse… it was the Bombay unit. Fml.

    2750 BC: Madras built.

    2700 BC: Hut: Map Making.

    Interturn: Japs meet my archer. I get peace and 50g tribute. They do not want to trade.

    2650 BC: Delhi caravan. My god, this is pathetic.

    2550 BC: Hut: SETTLERS. Hallelujah, I’ll be able to unload a support shield.

    2500 BC: Maybe found the Japs’ homeland.

    2400 BC: Find Kyoto. They have 2 settlers out… do they even know BW? I think they do.

    2350 BC: Holy moly the storm outside! It was hailing and we could not see out the window at a distance of 25meters. Thank god I have a roof under my head. Hut: Pottery. Still 13 turns until I research Monarchy from natural causes… Hut: Barbarians. Notice the lack of all-caps: that’s because the unit was killed and the horseman vet (very low hp)

    2250 BC: Hut: Barbs. I bail out.

    2200 BC: Find Japanese Osaka. They are 3rd in techs. Get them to Enthusiastic, fail to get maps. Darnit. Barbs near Bangalore.

    2100 BC: Calcutta built. Already riot factor. Usually it’s because I get cities too fast on normal maps/Deity b4 Mon, but this time it’s quite a comical situation. Around 70% of the way there, techrate 18 turns. Hut: HBR. LUL. This time I do get maps from the Japanese, but they’re quite limited in usefulness. They’re an isolationist bunch when it comes to exploration. Kill barb archer near Bangalore, 60%hp+vet.

    STATUS AT 2000 BC: (End of 41nd turn)

    Population: 70.000 Cities: 5 Government: Despotism Total advances: 10 (researching Mon)
    Gold: 8 T4L0S6 Income/Cost per turn: 2 income, 0 cost. Production: 13MT 0 polluted tiles

    Units: 1 Settler, 3 Warriors, 1 Archer, 1 Horseman, 2 Chariots, 1 Caravan.
    Wonders: None.

    Foreign Relations:

    Peace w/Japs.

    1950 BC: Hut: AT of Lahore. That’s what waiting for a settlement will bring you! Karachi built.

    1900 BC: Kill last remaining archer near Bangalore.

    1850 BC: Second van in Delhi. I’ll build a 3rd one, send them to Bombay and build HG there.

    1800 BC: Monarchy > Masonry. Nothing on path to Poly or Philo.

    1700 BC: REVOLUTION. Hut: Legion.

    1650 BC: Monarchy established.

    1600 BC: Exit Calcutta to meet Persians. Get peace, maps, 50g and trade for Masonry and WC. They are pretty far west, also on same landmass. Change of plans: build HG in Delhi and send from Bombay.

    1450 BC: Hut: Horseman.

    1350 BC: I’ll try to kill the Japanese first if possible. Don’t have Poly, but have WC and Archers are pretty powerful earlygame. Hopefully get an offshore respawn/cash cow. Minimum six civs!

    1300 BC: 2 cities settlers, Delhi last van.

    1250 BC: Hut: Legion. So, many, units… 4 vans in Delhi for HG.

    1200 BC: DELHI HG. Now, time for a settler. Kolhapur built. Jaipur built.

    1100 BC: Germans start Pyramids. Try to ally with Persians for ZOC movement, but not wiling to lose my surprise factor on Japanese for it

    1050 BC: Hut: 25g.

    1000 BC: Kyoto still defended by a single Phalanx. Hyderabad built. Once had a BC finish on normal map: doubt I’ll achieve anything near that this time.

    STATUS AT 1000 BC: (End of 61nd turn)

    Population: 200.000ish? Cities: 10 Government: Monarchy Total advances: 13 (researching Poly)
    Gold: 30 T3L0S7 Income/Cost per turn: 3 income, 0 cost. Production: 35MT 0 polluted tiles

    Units: 0 Settlers, 7 Warriors, 2 Archers, 2 Horseman, 2 Chariots, 2 Legions.
    Wonders: None.

    Foreign Relations: Peace w/Japs (for now) and Persians.

    Peace w/Japs
  4. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I think barbarians are suppressed in the very early game though not sure when the cutoff is.
    Indeed. Made me question my plan to go for a landing victory but as it turns out there are enough nice spots and a lot of the harsh terrain is clumped together which is nice. Though I wonder whether those will be barbarian breeding grounds in the future.
    I know the feeling. Typically this happens to me with techs. I get so many of them out of huts that my current tech goal becomes unattainable in the foreseeable future. For some reason, I typically get more techs out of huts than other supposedly equal probability outcomes. This game was no exception in that, but for a change and for the first time I can remember most of the techs I got were either what I was researching at the time or what I wish I had! Here is my hut outcomes till -2000:
    hut1: horseman; huts 2 and 3 the tech I was researching; hut 4: chariot; hut 5: barbarian; hut 6: advanced tribe; hut 7: Monarchy; hut 8: Trade; hut 9: nomad; hut 10: horseback riding; hut 11: barbarian;
    5/11 were techs; 2/11 were units; 2/11 were barbarian, 1/11 was advanced tribe, 1/11 was nomad, 0/11 was gold.
    As you can see very lopsided towards tech as nearly half were techs. But 4/5 techs were exactly what I wanted!
  5. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +1 to +500

    The big gamble in this period was setting science to zero when my research box for construction was full and hoping one of the rivals would discover it soon. All but one were working on it, but unfortunately the Persians were stuck with yellow (which no longer existed) for their key civ making their tech progress very very slow and the Germans having probably not spending on tech because of the Great Library. This left weak Carthaginians and moderately powerful Russians. It took 5 turns, before the Russians eventually got it but then an unforeseen problem surfaced. They had started working on Sun Tzu and because I did not have Feudalism they would not share. I had to wait another 3 turns for them to finish Sun Tzu to be able to get construction. At first this seemed like a horrible decision but in retrospect it was not so bad. It allowed me to get a lot of tax money and get everything prepared. Once I got construction I finished 4 aqueducts and had a lot of vans in place to deliver. The next 7 turns I got 1 tech per turn which would not have been possible otherwise.

    +0020 Beads to Osaka for 124. Kanpur founded. T2L4S4
    +0040 Hides to Osaka for 64.
    +0060 University -> Construction. Polytheism -> Carthaginian (2) -> Seafaring. Salamanca founded. T4l4S2
    +0080 2 barbarian legions land near Kanpur defended by a phalanx.
    +0100 Barbarians raze Kanpur rather easily.
    +0120 Another barbarian legion lands. Freshly produced crusader kills one barbarian legion.
    +0140 Persians capture Japanese Osaka.
    +0160 Barbarian legion kills a warrior. Crusader kills wounded barbarian legion and turns vet. Istanbul founded as the first city in German island.
    +0180 Crusader kills last barbarian legion.
    +0200 Iron working -> Persian (3) -> Wheel. 25g from hut. T6L4S0 to keep the research box from overflowing.
    +0220 Salt to Berlin for 288. Barcelona founded. Everyone except Japanese is researching Construction. I am going to keep science at zero hoping one would discover it soon.
    +0240 Japanese take Osaka back. 4 barbarian horsemen from hut.
    +0260 Barbarians kill my warrior. None crusader from hut. Nomad from German hut.
    +0280 Izmir founded.
    +0320 Advanced tribe founds Teo on island 4. I think Aztecs used to be here.
    +0340 Russians develop Construction! Philosophy -> Russian -> peace. They do not want to share Construction because they are working on Sun Tzu. Others have Feudalism too but I do not want it. Will wait one more turn.
    +0360 Vigo founded. Will wait one more turn for construction.
    +0380 Barbarian trireme sinks mine with diplomat on board near Aztec land. Good thing I left the None crusader on land. The place has a lot of barbarians lurking around. Russians have nearly completed Sun Tzu and so have Germans!
    +0400 Russians build Sun Tzu. Germans build Great Wall and develop Construction. Math -> Russian -> Construction. Construction to other rivals. T2L4S4
    +0420 -> Astronomy -> Bridge Building. 4 Aqueducts built. University -> German (4) -> Banking, maps. Beads to Hamburg for 360. Hides to Japanese Edo for 136. Domestic Hides for 84. Another nomad from German hut. Kanpur re-founded. T3L4S3
    +0440 Bridge Building -> Theory of Gravity. Silk to Germans for 485.
    +0460 Theory of Gravity -> Engineering. Domestic Salt to science city for 104. Hides from science city to size 2 German Hamburg for 502. Science city now has 3 routes. Hides to Persians for 84. Barbarian archer near Teo bribed for 61g. Persian warrior bribed for 28g.
    +0480 Engineering -> Sanitation. Ahmadabad founded. Gold and Hides to Germans for 520, 352.
    +0500 Sanitation -> Invention. Silver to Germans for 537. Domestic Hides for 128. Chemistry from hut. This ruins my plan for Democracy at 540 as Democracy will be hidden next turn. Gifted tech and updated maps. T0L4S6

    Status at +0500
    Population: 7.9M; Cities: 38; Techs: 33; Government: Republic
    Gold: 2082; Cost: 28; Trade routes: 7D13F;
    Wonders: Hanging Gardens, Colossus, Marco, Michelangelo
    Units: 29 settlers (2 none), 15 warriors, 4 phalanx, 2 archer, 1 chariot, 3 elephants, 4 crusaders (1 none), 7 Triremes, 7 diplomats, 37 vans, 1 explorer
    Goals: Expansion in southern Germany, small islands, and Aztec land; expanding foreign trade beyond Germany; Democracy; Copernicus (next turn), Leo, Magellan, Newton; conquest of Japanese?, alliance with Persians?
    Russian: 6 cities, 22 techs; Sun Tzu
    Japanese: 3 cities, 14 techs; war with Persians
    German: 4 cities, 30 techs; Pyramids, Great Library, Great Wall
    Aztec: Destroyed by barbarians
    Spanish: Destroyed by me
    Persian: 7 cities, 21 techs; Lighthouse; war with Japanese
    Carthaginian: 7 cities, 18 techs;
    Barbarian: no contact
  6. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    975 BC: Polytheism > Seafaring. Nothing on path yet again. Could have gone Feudalism, but too early.

    950 BC: Decide to sneak attack on open field as the Japs would likely declare war otherwise: my horsie is blocked to ZOC and don’t want to lose pace (a.k.a have Kyoto build more defences). Kill a Warrior inside a forest: horse vet, but on low HP and threatened by a Phalanx. Move in on Kyoto and Osaka with a motley crew of not enough.

    925 BC: Jap horseman near Calcutta: block ZOC with a settler on mountains. Barely kill defending Phalanx in Kyoto with non-vet Archer (wrong unit!) conquer size1 Kyoto for 39g+Barracks. Kill defending Phalanx in Osaka with now-vet Chariot. They keep giving me heart attacks by losing the first engagement, only to turn it around… but the Japs should be felled.

    900 BC: Sadly, a settler managed to slip inside Osaka. They will live for now, since I don’t have dips. Settler barely survives Jap horseman, that was way closer than it should have been.

    875 BC: Kill Jap Phalanx in the open. Persians: they remove troops. T7L0S3.

    850 BC: First trireme launched in Jaipur, Will explore northeast.

    825 BC: Kill a warrior on the field: Archer vet, but again in the red! Working on an ellie in Kyoto. With Barracks, it should do short work of the Osaka defenders. Do not want to risk my motley army: vet Archers and Horsemen can still be viable, given my likely (or not?) trade focus. Chittagong built. Punjab built.

    750 AD: Kill a… Warrior in Osaka. Didn’t need the vet elllie, but hey I have it. Size1 city, I’ll wait a turn in hopes of getting a live city .

    Interturn: Vet ellie survives a warrior attack from Osaka, nohp.

    725 BC: Conquer size2 (now size1) Osaka for 67g. JAPANESE CIV DESTROYED BY INDIANS. Barb lands between Chittagong and Punjab, I’ll have to pony up. Fortunately, conquering the city gave me enough to pay. Kyoto is pretty central in the world, so I’ll let it keep its Barracks. Indus built.

    700 BC: Civil disorder in 3 cities. Very far away from Mikes.

    650 BC: Need to start building roads. I have zero progress on that. ZERO. T3L0S7.

    625 BC: Germans almost done with Pyramids.

    600 BC: Berlin builds Pyramids. Hut: 50g. Techrate 7 turns.

    575 BC: Madras MPE. Carths: trade for Writing and something else, peace, maps. NW. Respawned Babylonians: on my continent, far SE. Not important. Germans: peace, maps. NNW. Aztecs: NE. Russians: West. PLAN: Send settler near Aztecs, only 2 cities.

    550 BC: > Republic. T7L0S3.

    525 BC: Hut: AT of Ganges. Naples built. Plan time: Kyoto army goes to Carthaginians, settler to Aztecs. Really not managing to get much done. Lagging on most indicators, and no commodity vans done either.

    500 BC: Huts: Barbs (will lose a Vet Chariot), 25g. Scrap that, I’ll send the settler towards Germans and use eastern cities to build Aztec invasion force. Also need Lighthouse, direct routes not really a thing.

    450 BC: Nothing, really. Just trying to actually build my road network and get closer to enemy lands. Very much doubt that I will finish before 700 AD, maybe even post-1000AD if I get unlucky with respawns.

    425 BC: Cunaxa built.

    400 BC: Cremona built as canal city and base of operations for the Germans. Cannae built. Capoue built. Hut: settlers. Will be headed to an island near Carthage.

    350 BC: Gênes built.

    325 BC: MADRAS LIGHTHOUSE. Hut: BARBS. Losing a Vet horseman this time. Increasingly considering SunTzu when I get the tech.

    300 BC: Crète built. Update maps with Persians. They most definitely are the biggest threat. Nice thing they are on my landmass, means I can feasibly save them for last.

    275 BC: Vérone built. Salamis built. Lisbonne built.

    250 BC: Waterways are long and sinuous. EXTREMELY inhospitable map for EC. Hut: Barbs… near Ganges. Seriously. That’s 2 Legions that are likely lost. I’m losing all my army to bad hut luck!

    Interturn: Lose both of my Legions to barbs.

    225 BC: Don’t get the opportunity to tell Aztecs to leave Crète… are they going to sneak attack? Prague built as Carth outpost. Kill Barb horse with new horse of mine near Ganges.

    Interturn: Aztecs do not sneak attack. Russians develop Feudalism. (!!) Lose my horse to Barbs.

    200 BC: Trade Poly to Russians for Feudalism. Bombay starts Sun Tzu. Kill another horse with Vet chariot, not in range of retaliation. Salzbourg built. Bergen built. Update Carth maps. Will maybe try to trade w/Aztecs a little bit to fund wars w/Germans, Carths and Russians (Russian outpost not built yet)

    150 BC: Trade to Carths for Math. Bad idea. Just went past 20techs.

    50 BC: My peace treaties always seem to expire behind by back… what? Venise built. 120s left for Sun Tzu. Germans now have cities behind Cremona as well.

    Interturn: Germans learn Republic.

    1 AD: Trade Monarchy to Germans for Republic. Hut: NONE elephant. Milan built.

    Interturn: Aztecs swap to GW as Gemans build GL. Welp, trade civ it is.

    20 AD: > PHILO STILL NOT AVAILABLE. Choose Astronomy. Pise built. 2 more vans in Bombay, ST next turn.

    STATUS AT 20 AD: (End of 102nd turn)

    Population: 930.000 Cities: 38 Government: Monarchy Total advances: 22 (researching Astronomy)
    Gold: 22 T7L0S3 Income/Cost per turn: 55 income, 1 cost. Production: 123MT 0 polluted tiles

    Units: 16 Settlers, 1 Phalanx, 2 Archers, 2 Horseman, 1 Chariots, 2 Elephants, 10 Triremes.
    Wonders: HG, MPE, Lighthouse. SunTzu next turn.

    Foreign Relations: Peace w/all. Japs respawned as Babylonians.

    Plans: Start buying necessary armies to take down enemy capitols after building SunTzu. Trade w/Aztecs, as they have GW in Tenochtitlan. Can use the profits to rush more dips and units in Carthage/Germany, use homeland units for Persians and Russians. The former is going to be hard, as I have to punch through many cities before reaching Persepolis.
  7. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +500 to +1000

    This era was about growth under democracy not just in size but also in techs. Most turns there was a tech advance and I had several turns of double tech advances.

    +0520 Barbarian legion kills my archer near Teo. Invention -> Democracy. It was not hidden because it is the first alphabetically! Copernicus built. Barbarian legion killed by crusader. Another barbarian legion bribed for 82g. Hides to Persians for 116. Domestic beads for 24.
    +0540 Democracy -> Gunpowder. Japanese -> 100g, Persian -> 50g, others ignore me. Democracy established. Hides to Persians for 154. Japanese chariot bribed for 130g to get it out of the way. Edo subverted for 2x306g. Got 30g, 2 archers, and barracks. Barbarian legion bribed for 82g. T3L4S3
    +0560 Barbarian archer kills my legion near Teo.
    +0580 Germans deliver to Istanbul. Domestic offshore spice for 159. Tenochtitlan discovered and bribed for 260g. Got 5 archers! Crusader kills barbarian archer approaching Teo.
    +0600 Barbarian archer killed in attack on mine near Tenochtitlan. Barbarian kills my legion near Teo. Gunpowder -> Explosives. Gems to Germans for 606. T2L4S4
    +0620 Explosives -> Economics. To Persians for 92. Silver to Leipzig for 385. Invention -> German -> Economics.
    +0640 -> Metallurgy -> Navigation. Domestic Silk for 69. Hides to Persepolis for 112. Crusader kills barbarian archer.
    +0660 Gold to Kyoto for 129. Domestic offshore wine for 237. 50g from polar hut.
    +0680 Navigation -> Physics. Leo built. Kushadasi founded. 50g from Russian hut. Beads to Persians for 66. Domestic deliveries for 50, 138, 192.
    +0700 Barbarians kill a diplomat and a musketeer. Physics -> Magnetism. Musketeer kills barbarian archer and turns vet. Domestic deliveries for 66. Hides to Persians for 118. T0L4S6
    +0720 Magnetism -> Steam Engine. Domestic deliveries for 212. Silver to Germans for 670. T1L3S6
    +0740 Steam Engine -> Conscription. Silk to Germany for 516. 50g from hut. Qeshm founded on island 16. T3L3S4
    +0760 Conscription -> Electricity. Wine to Russians for 150. Domestic deliveries for 56, 162, 198. Bodrum and Konya founded. 3 barbarian knights from polar hut.
    +0780 Electricity -> Refrigeration. Magellan built. Polar barbarians disappear and spare my explorer. Advanced tribe founds Zabol on island 6. Beads to Persians for 104. T2L3S5
    +0800 Refrigeration -> Railroad. Domestic deliveries for 90, 288, 144, 192. Cloth to Persians for 80. T7L3S0 delaying Railroad and expiration of the Hanging Gardens by a few turns.
    +0820 Zahedan founded on island 6. Navigation -> German -> Theology. Domestic deliveries for 74, 157.
    +0840 Tlat founded.
    +0860 Japanese declare war rather than move troops. Japanese units killed.
    +0880 2 Japanese units killed. Nara founded.
    +0900 Germans build King Richard's; Russians and Carthaginians abandon. Railroad -> Industrialization. Domestic deliveries for 85, 62, 158. Deliveries to Germans for 208, 417. Musketeer from polar hut. Tonb founded on island 9. T2L2S6
    +0920 Industrialization -> Corporation. Newton built. Texcoco, and Island cities of Hormoz and AbuMusa founded. Babarian elephant on Russian island bribed for 82 and turned none. It captures its former leader for 150g. What a deal! 68g and a none unit. 2 Japanese units killed. T0L2S8
    +0940 Japanese legion killed in attack on my rifleman making it vet. Corporation -> Genetic Engineering -> Refining. Domestic deliveries for 145, 62. Gold from science city to Moscow for 866. Gems to Kyoto for 90. Antalya founded. Rifleman kills spearman defending Kyoto. Kyoto could have been captured if it was not for the fact that I have to get Feudalism. Will wait. T1L2S7
    +0960 Refining -> Steel -> Combustion. Bach built; Germans switch to Adam Smith! Domestic deliveries for 80, 132. German deliveries for 280, 700.
    +0980 Japanese lose a unit attacking me. Combustion -> Electronics -> Automobile. 2 defenders of Kyoto killed and the city captured for 114g and Chivalry. Senate hands cease fire to Japanese. I accept their offer of 200g for peace. Abskun founded on island 18. Tlax and Vaan founded. Domestic deliveries for 360, 488, 97, 64, 354.
    +1000 Automobile -> Mass Production -> Recycling. Toledo relocated one tile over. Domestic deliveries for 98. German deliveries for 312. T3L2S5

    Status at +1000
    Population: 24.1M; Cities: 57; Techs: 58; Government: Democracy
    Gold: 456; Cost: 190; Trade routes: 71D25F;
    Wonders: Hanging Gardens, Colossus, Marco, Michelangelo, Copernicus, Magellan, Leo, Bach, Newton
    Units: 34 engineers (2 none), 26 riflemen, 9 crusaders (2 none), 8 Transports, 6 diplomats, 28 vans
    Goals: Continuing the expansion in southern Germany, small islands, and Aztec land; expanding foreign trade beyond Germany; Cure (2 turns), Adam Smith (4 turns), Hoover, SETI; bribing last remaining Japanese city, bribing and disbanding Frankfurt (sandwiched between two of my cities)
    Russian: 8 cities, 24 techs; Sun Tzu
    Japanese: 1 cities, 16 techs;
    German: 5 cities, 36 techs; Pyramids, Great Library, Great Wall, King Richards
    Aztec: Destroyed by barbarians
    Spanish: Destroyed by me
    Persian: 9 cities, 23 techs; Lighthouse;
    Carthaginian: 7 cities, 22 techs;
    Barbarian: Destroyed by me
  8. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    'HBR from hut,MM from hut'..I think that patch 2.42 has other probabilities for huts than MGE,I said about a 'strange' outcome from a hut in a post of Blasph more time ago,last tech none,Pottery,to make HG before AI,with Feudalism and others,useless Chivalry to loose units with 20 shields after Gunpowder has very more chances...:)
    Having Monarchy and many others advanced techs the trend is to obtain more advanced techs,not techs with prerequisites None or just one,this I know from my MGE games played 7-8 years.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2017
  9. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +1000 to +1500

    +1020 Recycling -> Leadership. German deliveries for 570. Russian delivery for 360.
    +1040 Leadership -> Tactics. Cure built. Osaka subverted for 2x216g. Got 29g, Feudalism, a spearman, and barracks. Japanese civilization destroyed. Domestic deliveries for 90.
    +1060 Tactics -> Machine Tools. First pollution appears around science city. Edo relocated by one tile. Domestic deliveries for 107.
    +1080 Machine Tools -> Mini. Adam Smith built. Domestic deliveries for 122. German deliveries for 426, 324.
    +1100 Germans develop democracy. My days for bribing Frankfurt are now numbered. Mini -> Computers. Just noticed that Zulu have appeared. Gunpowder, Navigation, Industrialization -> Zulu -> maps. As expected they are in the uninhabited southern Russian/Carthaginian continent with one city. Fortunately they are quite far from others. Domestic deliveries for 133, 172. T2L2S6
    +1120 Computers -> Mobile Warfare -> Atomic Theory. Second pollution, this time near Delhi. Germans already switched to Democracy with no anarchy. Dealing with Frankfurt is going to be a headache for the rest of the game. Domestic deliveries for 576, 148. Russian deliveries for 558. Calix and Xochi founded.
    +1140 Atomic Theory -> Nuclear Fission -> Nuclear Power. SETI built. Domestic deliveries for 232, 177. T4L2S4
    +1160 Nuclear Power -> Robotics. Vijay and Bubiyan founded.
    +1180 Robotics -> Laser. German deliveries for 480. T0L2S8
    +1200 Laser -> Amphibious warfare -> Flight. Hoover dam built. Domestic deliveries for 336. Russian deliveries for 355. T4L2S4
    +1220 Flight -> Fundamentalism -> Radio. Domestic deliveries for 268, 142. Persian deliveries for 216. Bulsara founded.
    +1240 Radio -> Advanced Flight. Persian deliveries for 144.
    +1260 Advanced Flight -> Rocketry. First airport built. Hengam founded. Domestic deliveries for 98, 285, 444.
    +1280 Rocketry -> Combined Arms -> Space Flight. Domestic deliveries for 84, 38. Persian deliveries for 23. German deliveries for 254, 580.
    +1300 Space Flight -> Environmentalism. Shared Industrialization with Persians and Germans hoping they would discover Communism before I have to.
    +1320 Environmentalism -> Plastics. Domestic deliveries for 266. Madagascar founded.
    +1340 Germans steal space flight. I have 2 commodity vans in their land and they are in democracy, so bribing is not an option. I ignore the incident. Plastics -> Communism -> Espionage. Domestic deliveries for 104, 264. German deliveries for 228, 187, 220. Barbarian leader near Zimbabwe captured for 150g.
    +1360 Espionage -> Superconductor. Tlacopan founded.
    +1380 Superconductor -> Fusion Power.
    +1400 Fusion Power -> Stealth -> Guerilla Warfare. Domestic deliveries for 307, 296. Persian deliveries for 36, 39. German deliveries for 411, 208. Carthaginian deliveries for 304, 240, 372.
    +1420 Guerilla Warfare -> Labor Union -> Future Tech 1. Domestic deliveries for 234, 155.
    +1440 Germans build Darwin. Future Tech 1 -> 2. Domestic deliveries for 184. Cyprus founded.
    +1460 Future Tech 2 -> 3. German deliveries for 260.
    +1480 Major barbarian uprising in the unsettled corner of Aztec land. Germans steal Fusion power. Once again, I keep the peace to save my trade units. But I am going to get a stealth fighter to be ready for a major counter attack next time. Future Tech 3 -> 4 -> 5. Domestic deliveries for 450, 307. German deliveries for 188.
    +1500 Future Tech 5 -> 6. Apollo built. Stealth fighter built. German deliveries for 277, 155. Barbarian vet fanatic bribed for 41g and used to kill barbarian artillery.

    Status at +1500
    Population: 65.8M; Cities: 67; Techs: all+5FT; Government: Democracy
    Gold: 4057; Cost: 427; Trade routes: 103D50F;
    Ancient Wonders: Hanging Gardens, Colossus
    Medieval Wonders: Marco, Michelangelo, Copernicus, Magellan
    Industrial Wonders: Leo, Bach, Newton, Adam Smith
    Modern Wonders: Cure, SETI, Hoover, Apollo
    Units: 51 engineers (2 none), 1 pikeman, 1 fanatic, 26 riflemen, 8 crusaders (2 none), 1 Stealth fighter, 8 Transports, 6 diplomats, 1 spy, 31 vans
    Goals: Continuing the expansion in southern Germany, small islands (3 and 7), and Aztec land; attacking and conquering Frankfurt (sandwiched between two of my cities) at next German aggression; Space race (starting next turn)
    Russian: 9 cities, 24+ techs; Sun Tzu
    Japanese: Destroyed by me;
    Zulu: 1 city, ? techs;
    German: 6 cities, 36+ techs; Pyramids, Great Library, Great Wall, King Richards, Darwin
    Aztec: Destroyed by barbarians
    Spanish: Destroyed by me
    Persian: 9 cities, 23+ techs; Lighthouse;
    Carthaginian: 7 cities, 22+ techs;
    Barbarian: Destroyed by me
  10. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Interturn: Persians develop Astronomy.

    40 AD: Trade to Persians for Astronomy. Germans: WAR when they refuse to withdraw troops. Kill German archer and horseman near Cremona. Dublin built as Aztec outpost.

    Interturn: Persians acquire Navigation. Will hold off until I have Monotheism.

    60 AD: > Philosophy.

    100 AD: Toronto built. Melbourne built. sYDNEY BUILT.

    120 AD: Disembark some troops near Berlin, kill a German Trireme mounting guard. (Vet status from LH is invaluable in trireme fights: defender’s advantage is huge when it’s rookie units with 1atk/def power.) Delhi II built.

    140 AD: Bombay II built as Russian outpost. Attack Berlin with 2 Elephants, 2 Archers, 1 Horseman and 1 Chariot: all vet. Kill 3 defenders of Berlin: Berlin stormed for Pyramids, GL, 50g and 3 citizens. Kill 2 defenders in Hambourg: city stormed for 54g+Harbour+4citizens. Carths: down to Receptive.

    Interturn: Persians develop Philosophy. FIRST. Spend it on University.

    160 AD: Trade for Philosophy to Persians, but am forced to give up Poly for it. Carths: WAR. Kill 2 defenders in Carthage: Carthage stormed for 60g+2citizens. Kill German settler near Konigsberg. Madras II built. Bangalore II built.

    Interturn: Cremona under attack by Barb legion, an ellie enlisted to help out.

    180 AD: >Monotheism. Lose an ellie attacking Utique to a Phalanx?!? I send my two other ellies to join the attack and empty the city of 2 defending units, but lack the movement points to take the city and the bulk of my expedition force is liable to an easy counterattack. Kill 2 units defending Konigsberg, city empty.

    Interturn: Persépolis builds Cope’s. Apparent SSC for the Persians? (Post-game edit: Col/Cope;s in different cities. Dum-dumbs.) My Ellie stack in Carthage thankfully survives a Warrior counterattack. If it had been a horseman, dead as heck.

    200 AD: Utique stormed for 55g+1citizen. Find Persian city of Gordion. Calcutta II built. Hut: Medicine. Trade to Persians for University. Will not trade for Navigation bc of trade bonuses. Kill a Phalanx in Konigsberg, conquer city for 54g+3+Harbour.

    220 AD; Osaka beads (nd) to Tenochtitlan: 88g. Tech box full. Lahore II built.

    240 AD: Monotheism > Theology. Karachi II built. Kolhapur II built. Jaipur II built. Hyderabad II built. Kill defender in Leipzig, city stormed for 42g+2. Road to Persia is starting to get built: plan is Antioche-Pasargades-Persépolis, ignoring all else.

    260 AD: Lose an ellie killing a defender of Malaca, on a river. Malaca sacked for 25g. Kill defender in Francfort.

    280 AD: 300/400s dumped in Madras for Mikes. Kill another defender in Francfort.

    300 AD: Vérone dye (d) to Tenochtitlan: 280g. T3L0S7 to rush for Theology.

    320 AD: Bengale II built. Kill yet another defender in Francfort: city’s size 1 now… should have sent a dip, it looks like! Catapult killed near Munich. T7L0S3. Kill defender in Caralis, city stormed for 76g+2. Update Russian maps. Also need to let Antioche survive: city’s size 2, so will need a dip to bribe the Persian city when I decide to sneak attack. Road’s done, at least.

    340 AD: Hyberabad gems (d) to Pasargades: 90g. T3L0S7. Kill a defender in Panoromos. Kill defender in Munich: Munich taken for 79g+3. Moscow now has 3 units, I’ll neeed up to 6 attackers!

    360 AD: Theology > Chemistry. Persians: 75g. 200/400s in Madras for JSB. Storm defenseless Panoromos for 82g+1. CARTHAGINIAN CIV DESTROYED BY INDIANS. No respawn. GW still not built in Tenochtitlan… If I get them to switch? I give Medicine as a result. Chittagong II built. Punjab II built.

    380 AD: Russians: 200g. Persians: 75g. Delaying the Persian attack a bit, I want to keep reputation high-ish in order to be still able to get maps from respawns.

    400 AD: Persépolis has walls. Dacca wine (d) to Tenochtitlan: 300g. 306/400s. Russians: 150g. Persians: Nothing.

    420 AD: Kill defender in Francfort, bribe empty size1 city for 28g. Get 20 back. FATALITY. No respawn. Going to make a basic 2-attacker fleet for Babylon now. Russians: 100g. Babs: 75g. Aztecs drop to Cordial. Persians: nothing. Decide to sneak attack Persians now. Kill Phalanx in Antioche: city bribed for 50g, get 9g+1+Navigation back alongside a settler. Kill defender in Gordion: city stormed for 17g+1. Dacca II built. Indus II built. Ganges II built.

    Interturn: Lose 2 settlers to Persians.

    440 AD: Russians: Chivalry. Kill defender in Pasargades: city stormed for 29g+2+60g (Granary). Babs: 25g.

    Interturn: Lose another settler to Persians, but kill a horse.

    460 AD: > Chemistry > ToG. Kill Persian elephant. Kill 2 defenders in Arbela: city stormed for 31g+2+Harbour. Russians down to Uncooperative. Babs: 25g. Aztecs down to Neutral. Salamis wine (d) to Teotihuacan: 70g. Issos II built. T7L0S3 again.

    480 AD: Russians down to Icy. Babs: 25g. Aztecs down to Neutral. Will try to attack through Persépolis’ walls, no dips. Bribe Tarse for 49+60g and 3 citizens. Cremona II built.

    500 AD: Russians still are not being provoked. Fairly certain that if I sneak once more, my rep goes down to Atrocious, which means no peace treaties (and no maps? That’s what I’m afraid of) Babs: Construction. Aztecs: No luck. Cannae II built. Capoue II built. Turin II built. Gênes II built.

    STATUS AT 500 AD: (End of 126th turn)
    Population: 3.4440.000 Cities: 81 Government: Monarchy Total advances: 32 (researching ToG)
    Gold: 79 T7L0S3 Income/Cost per turn: 143 income, 6 cost. Production: 269MT 0 polluted tiles

    Units: 23 Settlers, 1 Phalanx, 4 Archers, 12 Pikemen, 2 Horseman, 1 Chariots, 8 Elephants, 26 Crusaders, 16 Triremes, 3 Caravels, 4 Caravans.
    Wonders: Pyr, HG, LH, GL, ST, MPE, Mikes, JSB.

    Foreign Relations: Peace w/all. Japs respawned as Babylonians.

    Plans: Uhhh... kill all remaining opponents? I hope that, with respawns on, I get to get some natural DoWs (declarations of war). The sucky thing is that I also want to switch to Republic to boost my score and celebrate for endgame, but the Senate might interfere with my plans then..
  11. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +1500 to end

    +1510 Germans put a canon next to Bodrum. Future Tech 6 -> 7 -> 8. Space race starts with a component. Germans declare war rather than move troops! Stealth fighter kills 4 German units and turns vet. Crusader kills German diplomat. Paratrooper captures Frankfurt for 164g. Domestic deliveries for 136, 395. Carthaginian deliveries for 182, 144, 212. Malta founded.
    +1520 Future Tech 8 -> 9. Senate hands cease fire to Germans. I gladly accept their offer of 700g for peace. Domestic deliveries for 110. German deliveries for 90. Vet None Crusader lost in attack on barbarian fanatic. Barbarian artillery bribed for 102g and used to kill another barbarian artillery.
    +1530 The same barbarian fanatic kills a rifleman. Future Tech 9 -> 10 -> 11. Domestic deliveries for 174, 111, 234. Artillery killed in attack on barbarian fanatic. Another barbarian fanatic bribed for 41g and used to kill the wounded barbarian fanatic.
    +1540 Future Tech 11 -> 12. Germans declare war rather than move their diplomat. 3 German units killed. 2 Barbarian fanatics bribed for 2x41g. Barbarian artillery killed.
    +1550 Future Tech 12 -> 13 -> 14. Shakespeare built in science city. There are a record 7 polluted tiles. 2 German units killed.
    +1560 Future Tech 14 -> 15. Domestic deliveries for 320. Russian deliveries for 196. Zulu deliveries for 64. German deliveries for 630.
    +1570 Barbarian fanatic kills mine. Future Tech 15 -> 16 -> 17. There are a record 9 polluted tiles. German transport killed. Domestic deliveries for 260. Carthaginian deliveries for 244. Russian deliveries for 110, 154.
    +1580 Barbarian fanatic kills my engineer and is killed by mine. Future Tech 17 -> 18. Full space ship launched. Number of polluted tiles down to 4. Domestic deliveries for 210. Russian deliveries for 292.
    +1581 Future Tech 18 -> 19 -> 20. 3 German units killed.
    +1582 Germans sink an empty transport. Future Tech 20 -> 21. German Ironclad sunk. German deliveries for 62.
    +1583 Future Tech 21 -> 22. 3 German units killed.
    +1584 Carthaginians land troops on my main land. Future Tech 22 -> 23 -> 24. Domestic deliveries for 679. Carthaginian deliveries for 214.
    +1585 Carthaginian troops stay put. Future Tech 24 -> 25. Carthaginians declare war rather than move troops. Their 2 invading units killed by riflemen. Carthaginian deliveries for 120, 144. Zulu deliveries for 154.
    +1586 Germans enter the space race. Science city of Bombay maxes out at size 33. Future Tech 25 -> 26 -> 27. Tanzania and Tzi founded. Domestic deliveries for 224.
    +1587 Future Tech 27 -> 28. T2L2S6. All pollution is cleaned up.
    +1588 Persians build Statue of Liberty and Eiffel; I would have been done in 2 more turns on both. Future Tech 28 -> 29 -> 30 -> 31. Lisbon, Nagoya and Farsi founded. 2 German units killed. Zulu crusader approaching Tanzania bribed for 234g. Domestic deliveries for 262, 88, 334, 123. German deliveries for 235. Carthaginian deliveries for 267. T0L2S8
    +1589 Future Tech 31 -> 32 -> 33 -> 34. Domestic deliveries for 442, 294. Russian deliveries for 292, 48. Endgame1 founded.
    +1590 Future Tech 34 -> 35 -> 36 -> 37. UN, Suffrage, Oracle, and Manhattan built. Domestic deliveries for 934. Carthaginian deliveries for 102. German Munich bribed for 380g. Spy captured. Got 106g and a soldier. Frankfort and Endgame2-5 founded. 81 cities. T0L10S0
    +1591 Space ship arrives.
  12. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    520 AD: I think I might have to go full warlord on this one. That problem regarding “Can I get maps w/o getting peace?” Let’s find out. Oedo year 620 AD, so I need to get all multi-city civs down by then (and hope for respawns). Attack Persépolis (finally) kill 3 defenders at the cost of 2 Crusaders. Persépolis stormed for 61g+Cope’s+6+City Walls. I always get super nervous before breaking a peace treaty. I don’t know why, it’s just a game… Sneak attack Russians: kill 4 defenders in Moscow. Moscow taken for 5g+1. Take Russian northern cities, bribe Minsk. Try to get Aztecs to attack naturally. Crète II built. Vérone II built.

    Interturn: Aztecs; WAR.

    540 AD: Kill defender in StPetersburg: city stormed for 49g+4+Barracks.Kill 2 defenders in Suse: city stormed for Colossus+40g+2. Kill 3 units in Tenochtitlan: city stormed for 62g, 3c and 3 trade routes that bring 0. Heh. Might have to move my palace to minimize corruption soon. Kyoto looks like a fine place. Kill defender in Tlateloco: city stormed for 30ishg+2citizens. I think I found Bactres: dip rushed. Salamis II built. Lisbonne II built. Hambourg II built. Hut: 50g. Prague II built. Salzbourg II built.

    560 AD: Bactres II built. Teotihuacan defender killed, city razed for 28g. 2 more cities left, that I’m not aware of. 200/400s in Madras for Mag’s. Hut: 50g.

    Interturn: Crusader on a river repels Russian ellie. Wut?

    580 AD: Kill unit in Smolensk, lose Horseman against Pikeman. Bit disorganized rn, might not get more than scraps for cities. Babs; WAR. Finally. Kill 2 defenders, Babylone conquered for 23g+2+Marketplace. Zulus respawn. Bribe Bactres for 161g, get 51 back and 2 citizens. PERSIAN CIV DESTROYED BY INDIANS. Americans and Zulus declare war on each other. Ok, they spawned right next to each other… the question is where? Hut: Crusaders. As if I needed more of these. The respawned civs are actually SW of former Russia, and W of former Persia, and where I happen to have a random Horseman… but in no position to do anything yet. I’ll need to build boats from Persia to do stuff. Venise II built. Milan II built. Ghent II built.

    600 AD: Kill defender in Smolensk: city stormed for 10g+1c. Lose a Chariot attacking Kiev. Bribe Mink for 216g, get 16back and 3 citizens. Find Aztec city of Texcoco. 2 more vans in Madras: Mag’s next turn. REVOLUTION. I’ll bribe the last Aztec city if necessary. Same for any individual settlers if I made peace with them. T0L6S4.

    620 AD: MADRAS MAG’S. Find city of Washington. Raze city of Texcoco to the ground. Monarchy. Kill defender in Kiev: city sacked for 8g. RUSSIANS KILLED OFF BY INDIANS. No respawn. Declare war on Americans: kill Pikeman in Washington and raze the city. AMERICAN CIV KILLED BY INDIANS. Chinese respawn on same spot. This time we get a TKO. But no “Chinese civ killed off” message. T6L4S0. Pise II built. Dublin II built. Toronto II built. REPUBLIC. 255 income or techrate 4 turns.

    640 AD : Celebrations that actually matter this time. Melbourne II built. I simply cannot find Tlaxcala for the life of me… Sydney II built. Delhi III built. Bombay III built. Madras III built.

    660 AD: Capital moved to Kyoto. Pop goes from 5.3 to 7.8 million citizens. Where is the world is Tlaxcala? Hut: 50g. Bangalore III built.Calcutta III built. Lahore III built… IN THE VICNITY OF AN AZTEC CITY. On the former German continent. No way I would have found them if I didn’t settle the whole thing. Karachi II built. Kolhapur III built. Buy GW for score. Finishing next turn, hopefully.

    680 AD: Bribe Tlaxcala for 114g, get 74 back. AZTEC CIV DESTROYED BY INDIANS. Jaipur III built. No respawn. That means I can finish this turn. Hyderabad III built. Bengale III built. Chittagong III built. Punjab III built. Score optimization. SAVE.

    Bribe Zulu settler for 164g. Dacca III built. Score 1030.

    Interturn: Barbs disembark near empty cities of mine. Fortunately, they don’t conquer anything before turn processes. ZULU CIV DESTROYED BY INDIANS.

    Oddly enough, the turn counter shows “700 AD” I guess because the game didn’t check for opposing civ units (a win con?) before the beginning of next turn, it counted it as an extra turn before the game ended (and a turn wasted. Much like in a spaceship victory, except you don’t get extra points from it this time) If I declared conventional war instead, I probably would have saved a turn for the cost of a few ingame points, leaving me up in GOTM score (running the risk of respawns maybe? How does this work?). Instead… I got that. Oh well. At least I was technically right that I wouldn’t finish before 700 AD, right? Right?


    FINAL SCORE: ***0 points. GAME TURN/DATE: Turn136/700 AD. GOTM SCORE: ***.343
  13. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    When you bribe a settler, the game does not check and hence does not notice that its civilization could be destroyed till the next turn.

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