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GOTM 194 spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Major Advantage, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    It has been getting a little quiet around here... So, for #194, I did not have anything specific in mind when starting, just see where it goes and don't be afraid of a rather big game. I chose not to go for size-1, instead to use the river go for 3 arrows to start with. Expansion was ok, but not great so far.

    -4000 move north
    -3950 Washington founded @ 51,23; plains or grass doesn't matter before mon
    -3900 research Alph, not sure about mon or rep...
    -3700 Alph->Laws; warrior built; uncover fish, the ocean#2...should have black-clicked more elaborately...
    -3250 Laws->Writing
    -2950 settler built, instantely founds New York
    -2750 Writ.->Burial; None-Archer from hut
    -2300 Bur.->Mon
    -2200 Nomads from the north, we will keep them for terrain improvement; Boston founded @50,28; possible SSC; empty hut
    -2000 Leave huts alone until Mon.
    -1850 Mon.(rev+est)->Lit.; Adv. tribe in the far north (Philadelphia)

    Stats at 1850BC:
    pop.: 60k; Cities: 4; techs: 5; gold: 22; Gov.: Mon; wonders: -; TR: 0D/0F
    units: 2 settler, 2 warrior, 1 Archer
    Goals: Expand, explore

    -1800 Atlanta founded; 50g from hut
    -1600 Barb Legion from hut
    (Legion kills our warrior)
    -1550 Another adv. tribe in the north (Chicago)
    -1500 Lit.->Bronze, we are not set for republic now
    -1150 San Francisco founded; Discover Celt Carmarthen, give Lit. peace, gamble on tech exchange and get Bronze(other choices pot and mas)
    (Dip expelled from Celt territory)
    -1100 Research Mapmak. (trade would be blocked after curr.)
    -1050 Buffalo founded
    -1000 Mapmak.->Curr.; St. Louis founded

    Stats at 1000BC:
    pop.: 150k; Cities: 9; techs: 8; gold: 90; Gov.: Mon; wonders: -; TR: 0D/0F
    units: 3 settler, 2 warrior, 1 Archer, 2 dip
    Goals: Expand, explore; Marco's, HG, Pyramids

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