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[Civ2] GOTM 197 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by catalin72, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    I started to play this map yesterday.
    BC Years:
    4000-Cardiff built in starting location
    3950-start COL/road near Cardiff
    Germans,Aztecs,Americans,Carthaginians are in map
    3800-begin irigation in pheasant left side/warrior moved to east
    3700-first hut in sight
    3650-1st hut-COL
    3600-Start Monarchy,discoveries every 26 turns.../second warrior in Cardiff,begin phalanx
    3450-second hut 25g/begin irrigation in buffalo
    3300-hut 3.....Monarchy,begin revolution/phalanx Cardiff,begin settler/warrior garrison moved to 4 th hut
    Interturn met Japanese chariot,exchange Warrior Code+HBR for my CB+Alphabet,refuse tribute Mysticism,war,warrior lost vs chariot
    3200-begin Writing/Monarchy estabilished
    3150 hut archer Cardiff
    3100-Mongols destroyed by Germans/sign peace with Japanese
    3050 settler hurried
    3000-settler moved to east,phalanx escort
    2950-Germans destroyed by barbarians
    2800-Horsemen garrison in Cardiff/hut The Wheel
    2650-Kells founded,2 specials
    2600-phalanx now supported by Kells
    2400-hut horse barb/new settler moved east/none settlermoved to Kells
    2350-warrior killed by barb horse
    2250-horse Cardiff garrison
    2100- Japanese chariot 2 tiles to Kells
    2000-Writing,begin Currency
    1950-chariot in Cardiff
    1800-Carmarthen founded in forest,4 specials,one hidden,demand retreat of Japanese troops,2 warriors,one chariot
    1600-see Osaka,Japan demand retreat of my horse near Osaka
    Me too demand retreat of chariot in forest near Carmarthen,they declare war,killed that chariot and warrior near Osaka/settler Cardiff/begin irrigation in forest Carmarthen tile.
    1550-sign peace with Japan
    1500-exchange my Mysticism for Iron Working
    1400-finished irrigation in forest Carmarthen
    1300-demand tribute from Japanese,they refuse
    1250-again refuse to pay tribute
    1200-Japanese demand retreat of my units near Kyoto/Armagh build
    They refuse to pay tribute/new settler Cardif moved to north
    1150-first tribute from Japanese,50 g
    1100-Currency,begin Literacy,can't research Trade/Americans begin Colossus/settler in Kells/25 g tribute
    1000-Aztecs begin Pyramids
    950- tribute 25 g/begin temple in Cardiff
    900-Japanese refuse to tribute,declare war,settler killed near Osaka with chariot
    850-Osaka razed,11 g/chariot now veteran/Caernafon build,after forest irrigated,3 specials
    825 refuse peace with Japanese for 50 g/killed 2 units
    800- my chariot killed by chariot
    775 Cardiff temple,begin wonder
    725-a chariot lost against archer garrison from Kyoto/captured with other chariot,35 g,no buildings/JAPANESE DESTROYED/
    700-Carthaginians begin Colossus/Kells temple
    650-Literacy,begin Philosophy
    575-horse barbs near Kyoto/Tintagel founded in river
    550-a horse barb killed near Kyoto
    450-barb leader captured,150 g/second horse killed near Kyoto
    400-Americans completed Colossus
    375-Washington Colossus,other city switching to GL,Carthaginians switch to Oracle
    350-Philosophy,choice Trade/begin Polytheism
    275-first 2 van,hurried
    250 Aztecs completed Pyramids
    225-Tenochtitlan Pyramids and other city switching to HG
    175-Carthaginians completed Oracle
    150-Oracle in Utica
    125-silk appears near Kyoto after mining
    100-Cardiff GL,keep this wonder production/Americans switch to MPE/Caerphilly founded near Cardiff/pheasant appears near Tintagel
    50-Polytheism,begin The Republic,can't research Monotheism

    STATS AT 1 AD:
    Government:Monarchy,Cities:8,Population:640 000(1st),Techs:16,Treasury:42 g Wonders:Great Library
    Units:5 settlers,3 warriors,5 phalanx,1 archers,8 horsemen,5 chariot,3 caravan.
    Japanese:destroyed by me
    Germans:destroyed by barbarians
    Aztecs: Pyramids,no contact
    Americans:Colossus,no contact
    Cartahginians:Oracle,no contact
    Mongols:destroyed by Germans
    Goals:9th city founded,Michelangelo's Chapel,Republic estabilished,exploration of the seas after Navigation,more trade.

    40-first tech from GL,Masonry,Carthaginians begin Great Wall
    100-silk near Tintagel
    180-Americans completed MPE/Pheasant near Kyoto
    200-Washington build MPE
    220-The Republic,begin Monotheism/first van with goodies,hides Caernarfon/Cork founded near Kyoto,4 specials
    240-second van,dye Tintagel
    300-3th van,spice Kells
    400-Mathematics from GL
    480-Aztecs completed HG
    500-Map Making from GL,Teotihuacan HG,Aztecs switch to Great Wall,Carthaginians begin Lighthouse
    520-first trireme,Kells,begin Lighthouse in Kells
    540-Monotheism,begin Astronomy/completed with van Michelangelo+Lighthouse
    560-Michelangelo+Lighthouse,Carthaginians complete GW,abondon Lighthouse/begin walls in Cardiff and Kells
    580-Carthaginians Great Wall,Aztecs abandon
    600-Second trireme Kyoto
    620-Republic estabilished,luxuries to 60%/56 g Tintagel dye to Cardiff
    660-60 g Caernarfon hides to Kells
    640-Kells celebration
    680-72g gold Caernarfon to Carmarthen/Rhymney founded,2 whales/hut island 3 nomad/City Wall hurried in Cardiff
    700-Americans begin Copernicus/48 g Carmarthen hides to Cardiff/hut island 19 crusader Tintagel/Caernarfon celebration
    740-Astronomy,begin Pottery/begin Copernicus in Cardiff
    760-48g Carmarthen hides to Cardiff/nomad landed near Kyoto,loaded settler for island 3/too for island 19
    780-28 g wool Tintagel to Cardiff
    800-Iona build island 19,3 specials
    820-Rhondda build island 3,2 specials
    840-hut island 23 legion Iona
    880-See Aztec catapult,landing legion,peace,exchange The Republic,Monarchy,Philosophy for Pottery,Seafaring,Construction,exchange maps,they have 8 cities,Tlatelco captured by barbs,barbs legions near Xochicalco
    With Aztec map I see New York
    900-Begin Navigation/hurry Copernicus/hut island 23 none crusader
    920-Copernicus Cardif,Americans change to Shakespeare/keep wonder in Cardiff/catapult of Aztecs destroyed by barb archer

    STATS AT 1000 AD:
    Government:Republic,Cities:12,Population:2 010 000,Techs:25,Treasury:39g
    Wonders:Lighthouse,Great Library,Michelangelo's Chapel,Copernicus' Observatory
    Units:7 settlers,17 defensive units,17 mounted units,3 trireme,1 diplomat,5 van
    Japanese:destroyed by me
    Germans:destroyed by barbarians
    Mongols:destroyed by Germans
    Aztecs: Peace,no embassy,Pyramids,Hanging Gardens
    Americans:no contact,Colossus,Marco Polo Embassy
    Carthaginians:no contact,Oracle,Great Wall
    Goals: Democracy estabilished,contact with all civs,embassies,peace with all,spaceship launched before 1900 AD

    1040-barb legion near Cardiff/kill a barb archer in island 23,hut with none crusader University
    1060-other legion barb near Cardiff
    1080-Navigation,begin Engineering
    1100-2 settlers landed in isl 23,with Xochicalco
    1120-Americans change to Adam Smith /legion attack Cardiff,archers resist/capture leader with chariot,150g
    1140-Kells city wall/Illauntanig founded in island 23/kill legion with chariot/hut island 23 with crusader none,tribe,Swansea,size 1 ,emple//begin wonder in Armagh
    1180-Magellan in Cardiff/Carthaginians begin KRC
    1200-Maps from Aztecs/land legion near American horse,they demand Construction,give,exchange Seafaring for Chemistry/kill last legion with crusader near Cardiff
    1220-hut near Swansea 100g
    1240-Americans completed Adam Smith
    1260-Adam Smith in Washington/hut near Xochicalco Engineering/Crusader near Illauntanig kills a barb archer,veteran
    1280-Begin Physics,can't Invention/begin KRC in Cardiff
    1300-Carthaginians completed KRC/begin irrigation in island 3 in forest for city 4 specials/kill another barb archer
    1320-Utica KRC/Build Durrow in swamp,island 20,4 specials/kill leader near Xochicalco with trireme,150g
    1340-Build Merthyr Pass continent 23,near Xochicalco,for good communication of ships with caravans
    1360-barb legion near Mertyr/estabilished embassy in Xochicalco,Aztecs no contacts with other civs
    1380-Physics,begin Invention/first explorer
    1400-Build Tara in island 3,forest irrigated,4 specials/kill barb legion with none crusader near Swansea
    1420-Build Llangollen in swamp near Cardiff,2 specials
    1440-380 g Armagh hides to Texcoco/500 g Caerphilly wine to Texcoco
    1460-Invention,begin Feudalism/hut island 16 100g
    1480-455g Carmarthen wine to Calixtlahuaca/732 g Caernarfon silk to Calixtlahuaca
    1500-Feudalism,begin Theology/Dinas Powys founded in island 16,3 specials,one hidden
    1510-Barb horse near Dinas Powys,hurried pikeman/exchancge with Americans Invention,Iron Working,The Wheel for Banking,Economics,Medicine,exchange maps,just 4 cities,one island
    gift Invention to Aztecs,maps/hurried Leonardo's Workshop,126 g
    1520-Interturn Aztecs begin Leonardo,abandoned,Leonardo in Cardiff
    barbs horse near Tara/hut island 36 near Swansea,tribe Aberystwyth,size 2,temple,market
    1530-Kyoto gold to Cardiff 52 g/324 g Kyoto dye to Tlatelco
    Estabilished embassy in New York,they research Physics,no contacts with others,having MPE...
    Hurried harbor in Cardiff
    1540-Pike Dinas Powys veteran after horse attack /510g Rhymney silver to Teotihuacan/172g Cork beads to Texcoco/Lux to 60%,just 3 beakers need
    1550-Theology,begin Theory of Gravity/Sun Tzu Armagh/aqueduct Kells/few celebrations,including Cardiff/leader captured near Dinas Powys,150g/hurry market in Cardiff
    1560-leader captured near Tara with caravel,150g
    1570-hut island 48 Rhayeder,size 3,temple,market/aqueduct hurried in Cardiff
    1580-Cardiff size 9/begin wonder in Armagh/saw Berlin of barbarians with caravel,size 8/324 g Kells beads to Tlaxcala
    Saw a fortress of Carthaginians,2 units,elephants,killed with caravel,veteran,appears in Kells to be near Carthago Nova
    1590-Kells market,celebration/hut near Rhayeder 100 g,with diplomat
    1600-Cardiff van silver,begin wonder
    1610-Cardiff size12
    1630-Estabilished embassy in Carthago Nova/contact Carthaginians,pay tribute Navigation,exchange Invention for Bridge Building,gift The Republic,maps
    Despotism,18 cities on 4 islands,Russadit smal island near Philadelphia of Americans
    1640-Carthaginians declare war to Americans/Americans take Warrior Code from Carthaginians/480 g Rhonda silk to Washington/104g to complete Bach in Armagh/180 g Kells spice to Swansea
    1650-Theory of Gravity,begin Steam Engine/leader killed with caravel near Boston/285 g Cardiff silver to Xochicalco
    1660-Carthaginians capture Atlanta,take Physics
    Price of Berlin 416 g,too much...
    1670-Aztecs begin Shakespeare in 2 cities
    Attacking a barb archer,The Hawk Party helps for war vs barbarians:))
    1690-Carthaginians revolution to Republic/bribe one archer near Berlin,61g,kill other archer with it,veteran
    1700-Americans Gunpowder,exchange for Bridge Building,refuse alliance vs Carthaginians and Engineering tribute/van near Tlacopan,Aztecs want Iron Working,gift,maps/366g Tintagel gems to Tlacopan
    bribe other barb archer,kill other with crusader
    1710-other archer bribed 1 tile to Berlin/Abergavenny build in island 23,with Xochicalco,Berlin/520g Tintagel wine
    to Texcoco/624 g Kyoto gems to Texcoco
    1720-Steam Engine,begin Magnetism,can't Railroad/Chicago of Americans is now founded in island 14/interturn barb archer from Berlin attacks a musketeer,veteran/500 g Armagh coal to Texcoco/140 g Iona salt to Texcoco/214g Rhymney gems to Texcoco/188 g Cork gems to Texcoco
    1740-Dinas Emrys founded in island 36,common tiles with Aberystwyth,for trade with Aztecs/barb caravel killed near Aberstwyth
    1750-Aztecs receptive,others icy
    1752-Magnetism,begin Railroad
    1756-Isaac Newton's College in Cardiff
    Berlin captured after attack with crusaders and one muske,0 gold,no buildings,size 4
    1758-Aztecs now too icy/Shakespeare's Theatre in Tenochtitlan
    1760-Americans have Democracy/start Eiffel in Cardiff
    1762-510g Kells wine to Tlacopan
    1764-Railroad,begin Industralization/luxuries to 50% /barbs legion near Caernarfon
    1766-War Carthaginians-Americans finished
    1768-250g Armach cloth to Girba/334g Kyoto wine to Girba/muske vet Caernarfon after legion attack/516g Tintagel gems to Texcoco
    1770-Americans begin Statue of Liberty
    1772-410 g Rhonda coal to Teotihuacan
    1774-interturn Americans offer 500g,Democracy,alliance vs Carthaginians,accept
    Industrialization,begin The Corporation/kill a muske near Caernarfon
    disband a rifle,Darwin next turn in Cardiff
    hut near Oea island 22 with explorer,200g/begin wonder in Armagh
    1776-Darwin in Cardiff,The Corporation,choice Explosives
    Begin Metalurgy/Cardigan build near Berlin ,Iona,whales,fish/Llanelli build between Mertyr,Swansea,4 specials,2 hidden
    786g Caernarfon gold to Tenochtitlan/282 g Tara silk to Tlacopan/660g Carmarthen gems to Texcoco/hut near Oea 50g
    Contact Carthaginians,now despotism,they want 600 g for peace,refuse
    1778-Metallurgy,begin Communism,revolution
    1780-Democracy estabilished/Americans Steam Engine,Carthaginians Magnetism
    Pay tribute Gunpowder,cease fire,they don't want peace/barbs knights near Abergavenny/kill muske near Tara,legion near Caernarfon/720g Cardiff silver to New York
    678g Tintagel gold to Atzcapotalco/298 g wool Kells to Texcoco/528 g Carmarthen dye to Tenochtitlan
    1782-Communism,begin Conscription/Aztecs just contact,don't want peace treaty/UN next turn,van +disband horse+88g/Maesteg build at sea,main continent,in swamp,one whale/Neath build near Dynas Powys in swamp,3 specials
    1784-UN in Armagh,begin Women's Suffrage /sign peace with Aztecs and Carthaginians/pollution near Carmarthen,prod 20/282 g Cardiff cloth to Texcoco/298g Caernarfon gems to Texcoco
    1786-Carthaginians Republic/Naples founded near Swansea,4 specials,one hidden
    1788-Conscription,begin Refining/Library in Cardiff
    1792-leader captured near Mertyr,150g
    1794-Refining,begin Atomic Theory/Women's Suffrage in Armagh/Issus founded near Dinas Emrys
    1798-Atomic,begin Electricity
    1800-Cunaxa founded near Rhayader
    1802-Americans Statue of Liberty,Aztecs try,abandoned
    1804-Electricity,begin Electronics/Cremona founded in island 26
    1808-Carthaginians Eiffel Tower/Cannae founded near Berlin,island 24/Capua founded near Illauntanig
    1810-Electronics,begin Steel/Turin founded near Berlin/leader killed with destroyer near Boston,veteran,150g
    1814-Steel,begin Chivalry/saw Tzintzuntzen with explorer near Turin,common tile
    1816-Genoa builded in main continent
    1818-Chivalry,begin Leadership
    Aztecs steal Steam Power from Issus,no war
    1820-Hoover Dam in Armagh
    1824-Leadership,begin Tactics/Gift Railroad to Aztecs,exchange Industrialization for Sanitation,maps
    Crete founded near Berlin/bribe Aztec catapult near Crete 304g,can make trouble on roads
    1826-many sewer systems/Verona build near Crete,Berlin
    1828-Tactics,begin Machine Tools/Americans peace treaty with Carthaginians/Americans Isle build near Americans,one tile island
    1830-Lisbon founded near Cannae,island 32
    1832-first cruiser Rhayader
    1834-Machine Tools,begin Miniaturization
    1836-Miniaturization,begin Combustion
    1838-Hamburg build near Cannae for communication with Americans
    1840-Combustion,begin Automobile
    1844-Barbs dragoons near Cardiff in forests
    1846-Automobile,begin Genetic Engineering
    1848-kill most barb dragoons
    1850-Genetic Engineering,begin Refrigeration/first freight with oil for Kyoto
    1852-Refrigeration,begin Mass Production/Superhighways in Cardiff/hut near Rhayader 50 g
    1853-Cure for Cancer in Tintagel,Aztecs finished Genetics Engineering interturn and abandon
    1854-Mass Production,begin Computers
    1856-Computers,begin Recycling
    1857-SETI in Tintagel
    1858-Recycling,begin Flight
    1859-Flight,begin Radio
    1860-Radio,begin Advanced Flight
    1861-Advanced Flight,begin Amphibious Warfare,can just Mobile Warfare and Espionage other techs
    1863-Amphibious Warfare,begin Rocketry
    1864-Rocketry,begin Space Flight/hut ice border with explorer 100g
    1865-Space Flight,begin Plastics/kill a barb frigate near Texcoco with destroyer,6 units
    Carthaginians research ...Writing...:)) in 1865 AD...
    Salzburg build up to Armagh,in forest,2 sea specials/food vans +2 cavalry disbanded+360g Apollo Program next turn
    1866-Plastics,begin Nuclear Fission/Apollo Programin Tintagel
    Aztecs emissary Aztecs delivering freight,friendship,gift Conscription
    1867-Nuclear Fission,begin Nuclear Power
    1868-Nuclear Power,begin The Laser/first 2 structural/gift Industrialization to Carthaginians/hut ice border 100g
    1869-The Laser,begin Enviromentalism,can't Superconductor
    1870-First component
    1871-Enviromentalism,begin Superconductor
    1872-Bergen build near Cremona
    1873-Superconductor,begin Fusion
    Aztecs steal again,Plastics,no war
    1874-Fusion,begin Guerilla Warfare/hut ice border barb knights
    1875-hut ice border 200g/Venice founded near Lisbon
    1876-Guerilla Warfare,begin Future Tech 1
    1877-Future Tech 1,begin Future Tech 2
    50 g hut island 2
    1879-Future Tech 2,begin Labor Union
    1880-Labor Union,begin Future Tech 3
    1881-Future Tech 3,begin Future Tech 4/tribe island 10,Dublin
    Start Manhattan Project in Carmarthen,production 72
    1883-Future Tech 4,begin Espionage
    1885-Arrival on AC,END OF THE GAME with 61 cities,peace with all,5 techs missing,researched Future Tech 4.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018

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