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GOTM 198 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Ali Ardavan, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I have had very little time to play in 2017 and missed on most games. I hope 2018 will not be as bad. Started on this special map earlier this week.

    Goal is space ship victory. Build Lighthouse. Settle the 4 islands. Evaluate making colonies in the mainland and possibly conquering some rivals. Research goals are mapmaking and monarchy.

    Date Notes
    -4000 Persepolis founded. Going for size 1 settler, boat, and Lighthouse.
    -3950 -> Code of Laws
    -3750 Code of Laws -> Ceremonial Burial
    -3350 Settler produced
    -3300 Capital is size 2. Ceremonial Burial -> Mapmaking

    Status at -3000
    Population: 0.03M; Cities: 1; Techs: 3; Government: Despotism
    Gold: 23; Cost: 0; Trade routes: 0D0F;
    Units: 2 settlers (1 none)
    Goals: Mapmaking, Monarchy, Lighthouse
    Viking: no contact
    Spanish: no contact
    Greek: no contact
    Mongol: no contact

    -2950 Mapmaking -> Monarchy
    -2800 Trireme built. Lighthouse started.
    -2450 Monarchy -> Writing. Monarchy established. T3L0S7.
    -2250 Capital is size 3.

    Status at -2000
    Population: 0.06M; Cities: 1; Techs: 5; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 75; Cost: 0; Trade routes: 0D0F;
    Units: 2 settlers (1 none), 1 Trireme
    Goals: Lighthouse, settling the 4 islands, Trade
    Viking: no contact
    Spanish: no contact
    Greek: no contact
    Mongol: no contact

    -1850 Writing -> Bronze Working
    -1300 Lighthouse built.
    -1200 Advanced tribe builds Pasargadae on the SE island. It will have to be relocated eventually to take advantage of the whale. But for now this is great.
    -1100 Persepolis builds settler. Bronze Working -> Currency.
    -1000 Susa founded on the SW island.

    Status at -1000
    Population: 0.08M; Cities: 3; Techs: 7; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 16; Cost: 0; Trade routes: 0D0F;
    Wonders: Lighthouse
    Units: 2 settlers (1 none), 1 Warrior, 1 Trireme
    Goals: settling the remaining 2 islands, Trade, Pottery?
    Viking: no contact
    Spanish: no contact
    Greek: no contact
    Mongol: no contact
  2. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    -1000 to +500
    No big surprises in this period. The big decision was to skip Marco and in retrospect it was a great decision. The wonder race was tight and Marco is not essential on this map. With a small map and known location for rivals, making embassies with diplomats is a lot more effective. I had embassies with the southern rivals before I finished Hanging Gardens (which would/could have been Marco). The northern ones took a while, but it was well worth it. Spanish started on Hanging Gardens shortly before I did and switched to Colossus after I beat them to it. Once I beat them in the race to Colossus, they switched to Pyramids and built it 6 turns later. Vikings started shortly after the Spanish and eventually built Great Wall. Greeks started later but they too finished Great Library in +600. Only Mongols, who lost early cities to Greeks and Vikings, did not get in the wonder race. Had I opted for Marco, I would have lost either Hanging Gardens or Colossus.

    Date Notes
    -0900 Pasargadae disbands into a settler.
    -0875 Pasargadae refounded at the 3-special location.
    -0850 Currency -> Trade. Arbela founded on the NW island.
    -0650 Trade -> Pottery. Antioch founded on the NE island. T7L0S3
    -0600 Spanish start Hanging Gardens
    -0525 Diplomat runs into Greek chariot. Mapmaking -> Greek (4) -> peace. They have Mysticism.

    Status at -0500
    Population: 0.26M; Cities: 5; Techs: 9; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 40; Cost: 0; Trade routes: 0D0F;
    Wonders: Lighthouse
    Units: 2 settlers (1 none), 5 Warrior, 1 Trireme, 2 diplomats, 2 caravans
    Goals: Establishing embassies with rivals, Colossus, Hanging Gardens
    Viking: no contact
    Spanish: no contact
    Greek: no embassy
    Mongol: no contact

    -0475 Greek embassy established. Monarchy -> Greek -> pottery.
    -0450 -> Mysticism. Currency -> Greek -> Mysticism. T3L0S7
    -0425 -> Literacy. Diplomat in the south runs into wounded Viking horseman. They are supreme. Mapmaking, Monarchy -> Viking -> peace, enthusiastic, no alliance, no map exchange.
    -0400 Warrior runs into Mongols. They are inadequate (the weakest). Mapmaking -> Mongol -> peace. Mongol embassy established.
    -0325 Literacy -> Republic. Copper from Susa to Persepolis for 76 establishes the first trade route.
    -0275 Hanging Gardens built. Spanish switch to Colossus. Persepolis celebrates.
    -0250 Not going to have Republic by next turn. T7L0S3
    -0200 Republic -> Philosophy. Did not expect Republic so soon.
    -0150 Revolution started.
    -0125 Diplomat runs into Spanish elephant. Spanish -> peace. Demanded tribute from Mongols and they declared war. My power is moderate, so I am not going to bother with others. Republic established. T1L8S1
    -0100 Spanish expel my diplomat. All cities celebrate.
    -0075 Viking embassy established.
    -0050 Colossus built. Spanish switch to Pyramids. Arbela can no longer celebrate. T2L7S1
    -0025 None other than capital can continue celebrations. T4L3S3
    +0001 8 barbarian horsemen from hut surround my diplomat on my mainland. My power is now Mighty.

    Status at +1
    Population: 1.3M; Cities: 5; Techs: 13; Government: Republic
    Gold: 46; Cost: 0; Trade routes: 2D0F;
    Wonders: Lighthouse, Hanging Gardens, Colossus
    Units: 3 settlers (1 none), 4 Warrior, 2 Trireme, 2 diplomats, 2 caravans
    Goals: Spanish embassy (next turn), map exchange with rivals, expansion on mainland?, Michelangelo
    Viking: 9 cities, 18 techs; war with Greeks and Mongols
    Spanish: no embassy
    Greek: 7 cities, 15 techs; war with Vikings and Mongols
    Mongol: 2 cities, 5 techs; war with Vikings, Greeks, and me

    +0020 Barbarians kill my diplomat. Spanish embassy established. Despite being Enthusiastic, the Spanish do not want to exchange maps.
    +0080 Spanish build Pyramids. Vikings switch to Great Wall. Philosophy -> Seafaring -> Medicine. Seafaring, Republic -> Spanish (3) -> Construction, Polytheism, maps. They offered alliance and I accepted but then they wanted me to declare war on Vikings which I refused. Construction, Republic, Polytheism, Seafaring -> Greek (4) -> Wheel, Enthusiastic, but no map exchange?
    +0140 Persepolis builds the first structure, an Aqueduct, and celebrates to size 9. Reached peace with and gifted Mongols to Enthusiastic and still no map exchange. Beads from Antioch to Spanish Seville for 128 establishes the first foreign trade route.
    +0180 Medicine -> Banking.
    +0200 Persepolis builds marketplace and celebrates again. Tarsus founded as the first city on mainland at 36,46.
    +0240 Hides from Persepolis to Arbela for 206. T3L4S4
    +0260 Banking -> Monotheism.
    +0300 Vikings build the Great Wall. Vikings demand Philosophy and declare war. Salt from Pasargadae to Viking Valnecia for 264.
    +0360 Monotheism -> Engineering. Philosophy -> Mongol -> Iron working, no maps. Philosophy -> Greek -> maps. Philosophy, Writing -> Spanish -> Engineering, Math. Philosophy -> Viking -> peace.
    +0380 -> Sanitation.
    +0400 T6L3S1
    +0440 Michelangelo built.
    +0460 Hides from Persepolis to Toledo for 416 (capped). T4L3S3
    +0480 Sanitation -> Invention.
    +0500 Gems from Pasargadae to Spanish Seville for 450 (capped). Gordium founded south of Tarsus on main land.

    Status at +500
    Population: 1.9M; Cities: 7; Techs: 25; Government: Republic
    Gold: 640; Cost: 8; Trade routes: 4D4F;
    Wonders: Lighthouse, Hanging Gardens, Colossus, Michelangelo
    Units: 3 settlers (1 none), 5 Warrior, 3 Trireme, 2 diplomats, 6 caravans
    Goals: Sewer in Persepolis (next turn), Shakespeare, two more cities in main land, more trade routes, conquest of Vikings?
    Notes: Vikings are very hostile. Have not exchanged maps and do not want to exchange knowledge (have Bridge Building).
    Viking: 10 cities, 24 techs; Great Wall; war with Greeks
    Spanish: 10 cities, 21 techs; Pyramids
    Greek: 9 cities, 21 techs; war with Vikings
    Mongol: 2 cities, 15 techs;
  3. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Played up to 420 AD. At first had a great start: relatively rapid expansion and a quick LH allowed me to grab land quickly. Unfortunately the Vikings grabbed HG before I could: which meant that I had to invest non-insignificant resources into capturing the wonder (which fortunately was in a frontier city, thus vulnerable to an ellie strike). Also lagging behind in techs, trade and WoWs. I lack Pyramids and am nowhere near the tech for Philosophy (only recently switched to Republic... have techs but not the right ones). Have plenty more cities but mostly size2`s.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
  4. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    OK. What do I do now? GOTM198. Do I research Map Making first, open 1warrior – Lighthouse straightaway? Do I try a size-1 settler? A Trireme? Both, so I can leave with a fully loaded Trireme? If I go the first route, I will get a size2 city, with 5s output, very quickly. 17/100 in LH after 10 turns, size3 after 15 turns, 92/100. Will then have 7s output, which will take another 16 turns. I will get LH on turn 42. Another 4 turns to make a boat w/some rushes, and we leave to build a new city on turn 50. Only one settler. Hope for an AT southwest. That tech path will also give us two offpath techs to Monarchy: MM one, and BW the other. 5 turns, 10 turns, 13 turns, 14 turns, 17 turns (assuming new city on size50) Monarchy at turn 60.

    Alternative, is size1+Trireme opening. We get a Settler after 13 turns (Turn 15) We then build a new Trireme, (Turn 23) Turn and dock it for crowd control when the city goes to size3. We will only have 1food surplus, however, which means that the city will only grow to size3 on turn 54!! That also would mean that the LH would be only completed on turn 73. (Two new cities on turn 77) However, it could be quicker if we get Monarchy early. We start with Alphabet, so we could go CoL (0) -> Burial (1) -> Monarchy not available > Map Making > Monarchy. 5 turns, 10 turns, 15 turns, 20 turns. Monarchy at turn 51. That is not helping much.

    The food advantage seems pretty clear if we take the first option. LH rush it is! Prefer getting the 2nd city up as much as possible. Once I get Monarchy we should be able to get enough settlers from the main city regardless, to populate the main islands and nearby footholds, if they start first. Lots of food. How many settlers, I don`t know.. maybe 3? I don`t want to lose out on Colossus. That`s for sure. We will, for sure, go ahead now. Let`s a go.

    4000 BC: Persépolis built. T4L0S6.

    3950 BC: Map Making not available. Umm… OH, RIGHT. Because it`s a 0 tech. Well, that`s a bummer. Guess I`m doing Warrior – Trireme first then, before LH. > CoL. (0). Techrate 5 turns.

    3800 BC: Warrior in Persépolis. Settler started.

    3750 BC: CoL > Map Making. (1)

    3650 BC: 4/22 beakers.

    3500 BC: 10/22 beakers. This new launcher is quite useful.

    3300 BC: Map Making > Bronze Working. (2) Trireme next turn. Mine near Persépolis complete.

    3250 BC: LH started. We are on Turn 16.

    2950 BC: Starting to irrigate first Plains square.

    2700 BC: Persépolis size3, LH in 21 turns. We are Turn 27.

    2550 BC: Bronze Working > Ceremonial Burial (0).

    2100 BC: Some roads and irrigations done near Persépolis.

    STATUS AT 1850 BC: (Beginning of 44th turn)

    Population: 60.000 Cities: 1 Government: Despotism Total advances: 4 (researching Burial)
    Gold: 86 T4L0S6 Income/Cost per turn: 2 income, 0 cost. Production: 5MT 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: Currently building LH, Will be done in 4 turns.

    GOALS: Build LH, build settlers to expand, go for Monarchy. Trade too ambitious for now. Possibility of losing Colossus. Consider it more highly than Pyramids this game. HG still required tho. Should I criss-cross and let the colonies build each other`s respective islands? If I`m feeling pressured I could do that, WoW-wise.

    1750 BC: Burial > Monarchy (1)

    1650 BC: LH BUILT. Start Settler. Move 1 worker to Spice in order to speed up Monarchy


    I,m going to give up on the settler and hope it gets lucky. Don`t think that it`s worth sacrificing the Trireme for the 2nd city is worth it, it`s too much momentum loss.

    Interturn: ``Pour sa bravoure au combat, notre unité Colons a été promue au statut de Vétéran.`` Well, I`m the luckiest… One HP.

    1350 BC : Build Pasargades after taking the time to finish an irrigation, for 2 2f1s squares on SE island. Persépolis settlers. Turn 54.

    1150 BC: Suse built on NE island. Oh, and it falls into an Oedo year. PERFECT.

    1050 BC: Monarchy > Currency (2) REVOLUTION. Monarchy. T3L0S7.

    STATUS AT 1000 BC: (Beginning of 61th turn)

    Population: 50.000 Cities: 3 Government: Monarchy Total advances: 6 (researching Map Making)
    Gold: 66 T3L0S7 Income/Cost per turn: 3 income, 0 cost. Production: 1MT 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: LH.

    GOALS: We lost population! EVERYTHING IS GOING WELL!!! No but seriously, I got lucky. Going to focus on getting two more Settlers out of Persépolis – one more than planned – because of Monarchy`s special efficiency. I have good foods and production now. Once those two settlers are planned, I`ll build the standard Marco - HG – Colossus. Will also have to possibly make a flotilla to transport all required vans from the different islands. Persépolis will need help to get all three of those.

    925 BC: Hut: HBR. (0) Two 44%`s in a row that don’t pan out. Too close perhaps?

    875 BC: Vikings start HG. Hoo boy! Not what I wanted to hear. Most likely going back to 3-settler instead of four. Arbela built as first Landmass 1 city.

    825 BC: Suse settlers. Will start a Trireme next.

    650 BC: Currency > Trade. (1) Going to play it safe from now on with hut pops.

    Interturn: Meet Mongols. They demand 50g tribute for peace. I do relent, and eventually do get their maps. Power is Moderate. They are SW, Greeks are SE.

    625 BC: Tarse built.

    Interturn: Greeks move in to Tarse. Trade for Masonry. They had more techs, only managed to raise their attitude to Receptive.

    600 BC: 22turns on Colossus.

    525 BC: Hut: AT of Gordion, SE. Thank god for not playing it safe. Now Suse can more readily focus on vans.

    475 BC: Trade > Pottery. (2)

    STATUS AT 475 BC: (Beginning of 82nd turn)

    Population: 160.000 Cities: 7 Government: Monarchy Total advances: 10 (researching Pottery)
    Gold: 49 T3L0S7 Income/Cost per turn: 8 income, 0 cost. Production: 25MT 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: LH.

    GOALS: Things going as well as I can see so far. Have good expansion on eastern side of map, will send settlers to SW side soon. NW is sadly not going to be very focused on, maybe send some SW there soon. (Specials aren`t as good) Getting a foothold on the continents is going to get tricky, and I am likely to lose one of HG – Marco – Colossus. Debating skipping Marco. HG first.

    450 BC: Bactres built.

    INTERTURN: VIKINGS ALMOST DONE WITH HG. What the hell, that was so fast… wait, why is SEVILLE under Viking control? Weird stuff.

    425 BC: Trade for The Wheel to Mongols. Well, this does mean that Suse goes back to building Settlers… need to find the builder city and conquer it ASAP.

    Interturn: Kaupang builds HG. Well, at least it`s not the capital city… I think?

    400 BC: Sidon built. Tyr built.

    Interturn: Meet Viking ellie. Pay 50g tribute for peace. They don`t want to trade for Pottery, annoyingly enough. Get maps nonetheless. Madrid is size1 and only city in Spanish control. At least I am my own key civ now. And Kaupang is relatively vulnerable. Border city as well. NW.

    350 BC: Sardes built. Meet Spaniards. They also have size1 Cordoue.

    300 BC: Trade a bunch with Vikings, get Pottery, Mysticism and Polytheism. They don`t have Masonry.

    275 BC: > Writing (0). I do intend to capture Kaupang. Even if I lose Sardres in the process.

    225 BC: Madrid razed by Viking ellie. 2nd most powerful. Samarie built within road access of Kaupang. I really do intend to conquer the city.

    175 BC: Writing > Literacy. (1)

    150 BC: T5L0S5.

    125 BC: PERSÉPOLIS COLOSSUS. Will now build three vans for trade. Have Hides available. Hamadhan built. Ergili built.

    75 BC: T3L0S7. Vikings start building Sun Tzu. WHAT. This is actually super dangerous.

    50 BC: T7L0S3.


    1 AD: Some Viking Archers are near Samarie. Seems like they might have had the same idea… Greeks: 75g.

    20 AD: Too many units around Kaupang. If I want to get HG alive, I need to defeat them in open battle. Rush Barracks for Veteran status. Plan is not going according to… plan.

    STATUS AT 20 AD: (Beginning of 102nd turn)

    Population: 430.000 Cities: 14 Government: Monarchy Total advances: 16 (researching Literacy)
    Gold: 67 T7L0S3 Income/Cost per turn: 29 income, 0 cost. Production: 52MT 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: LH, Colossus. Vikings have HG.

    GOALS: Well things went off-plan quick. First, Vikings nab HG. Then, they start SunTzu and start stockpiling around Kaupang as I start building up as well. I am not currently able to ascertain whether they have Pikemen, so I need Vet horses. This is going to slow me down quite a lot. Other players have probably already started focusing on trading from now on. I have a single van, but not going too fast.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
  5. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Interesting log Jokemaster. You took quite a different approach than me. At the outset I went for size1 which you considered but decided against. As a result my Lighthouse got done a lot later than yours (-1300 vs. -1650) but I set out with 2 settlers on board even though the none settler was not going to build any cities, only improvements. My hut yielded the advanced tribe you were hoping for which allowed me to sail to the next island and build my third city pretty quickly. That third city came only a turn after your third one. From then on our approach departed even more widely. You went for colonizing the main land. I only did the 4 islands and instead concentrated on wonders and switching to Republic. By +1 you have a whopping 14 cities vs. just 5 for me (last of which was founded in -650). But thanks to land improvements and 3-4 turns of celebrations my population of 1.3M is three times yours of 0.43M.

    My key decision early on (besides not expanding to the mainland) was to skip Marco. Without it, I could not have grabbed both Hanging Gardens and Colossus.

    Another interesting development (this one pure chance) in your game is Vikings taking over Spanish. In my game Mongols are the weakest due to losing early cities to rivals. The other 3 are well established despite having lost a city or two to rivals.

    It is going to be interesting to see how things evolve from this point on.
  6. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +500 to +1000
    The big decision in this era was what to do with Vikings. They were hostile, never exchanged techs or maps with me, were always supreme, and built Great Wall in +300. Several times I had to give away techs to them just to appease them and save my units. At the start of this era they had 10 cites vs. only 7 for me. Conquering them did not seem very practical. One event changed all that. In +540 I managed to bribe their city with the Great Wall which was revolting for a mere 276g. This made a huge difference going forward. In +860 I switched back to Monarchy to allow me to conquer Vikings.

    Having built only two cities on main land (in +200 and +500) at +500, one obvious main occupation was expansion in this era. Cities were built near the first 2 in the SE region which was empty because Greeks expanded entirely west and left the north empty. Cities were also built south of Hladir (Viking city with Great Wall) which was also empty.

    +0520 Persepolis builds sewer and celebrates to size 13. Bactra founded.
    +0540 Vikings demand tribute and declare war. Revolting Viking Hladir bribed for 276g. Got Great Wall, 49g, Bridge Building, phalanx, archer, granary, and marketplace in a city of size 6. What a bargain! T3L3S4. Persepolis cannot celebrate beyond size 14 without temple or Shakespeare (in 4 turns).
    +0560 Invention -> University. Spice from Arbela to Hladir for 60. Sidon founded near other main land cities. T2L4S4. Bridge Building -> Spanish -> maps. Math, Engineering -> Greek -> Enthusiastic but no maps.
    +0580 Vikings and Mongols ally against me. T4L4S2
    +0600 Greeks build Great Library.
    +0620 Shakespeare built in capital Persepolis which celebrates. Babol founded near Hladir.
    +0660 Viking Lindholm bribed for 504g. Got 44g, Horseback riding, a boat, and 4 soldiers in a size 5 city. Expensive, but still a good deal. Vikings offer cease fire because of the wall and the senate accepts.
    +0700 Senate hands peace to Vikings.
    +0740 Persepolis reaches size 20.
    +0800 Invention -> Spanish -> University. Hides to Vikings for 116.
    +0820 2 Viking elephants approach Hladir but back off. -> Chemistry -> Gunpowder. Domestic offshore Hides for 60.
    +0840 Revolution started. Vikings need to be conquered. Accepted Mongol offer of 150g for peace. Greek -> 100g. Viking, Spanish -> 0g
    +0860 Spanish build King Richard's. Vikings put a catapult next to Hladir but remove it when asked to. Monarchy established. T7L0S3
    +0880 Crusader from hut. Vikings -> 50g, Spanish -> 0g.
    +0900 Viking -> 75g. Amol founded. The Udal bribed for 660g. Vikings declare war. So do their allies Mongols. Got 14g, Astronomy, barracks, and 3 soldiers.
    +0920 Lost a crusader and a vet elephant attacking Viborg before it is conquered for 22g and Masonry. Accepted Mongol offer of peace.
    +0940 Saari founded. Mongol -> 0g.
    +0960 Viking elephant kills legion defending Viborg despite the Great Wall. Viking explorer approaching Hladir and Viking elephant at Viborg killed.
    +0980 Legion kills Viking catapult and turns vet. Mongols declare war over my tribute demands. T7L3S0
    +1000 Beads from Susa to Samarkand for 108. Viking Aarhus bribed for 348g. Got 20g, warrior code, 3 structures, and 2 soldiers in a size 5 city. T77L0S3

    Status at +1000
    Population: 6.5M; Cities: 17; Techs: 33; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 273; Cost: 25; Trade routes: 10D5F;
    Wonders: Lighthouse, Hanging Gardens, Colossus, Great Wall, Michelangelo, Shakespeare
    Units: 6 settlers (1 none), 7 Warriors, 1 Phalanx, 4 Archers, 1 legion, 1 pikeman, 2 Crusaders, 2 catapults, 4 Trireme, 4 diplomats, 9 caravans
    Goals: Conquest of Vikings and switching to Democracy afterwards, Copernicus (6 turns), Leo ( next turn), Navigation, Magellan
    Viking: 5 cities, 28 techs; war with me, allied with Mongols
    Spanish: 11 cities, 28 techs; Pyramids, King Richard's
    Greek: 10 cities, 29 techs; Great Library;
    Mongol: 2 cities, 21 techs; war with me, allied with Vikings
  7. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +1000 to +1500
    The focuses of this era were finishing the conquest of Vikings while making sure no wonder race is lost to rivals. Tech race was very selective and focused on getting explosives and democracy.

    The other thing happening in this era was that I noticed the SW corner is very cosmopolitan. Somehow everybody had a city or two there. Most surprising were Spanish whose mainland is at the opposite corner of the world. I decided to take over the area. By +1500 all Viking and Spanish cities (plus one Greek-formerly-Mongol city) in that area were taken over. This boxed in Greeks and Mongols. Spanish are also boxed in after the conquest of Vikings. The remaining available land is all in between my other cities now.

    +1020 Vikings kill a diplomat. Leo built and there is nothing to upgrade but all rivals have invention and I did not want to risk losing it to someone. Viking catapult killed. Accepted Mongol offer of 50g for peace. Spanish -> 50g. Greek Samarkand subverted for 2x231g. Got 34g, Feudalism, 3 soldiers, and 3 structures.
    +1040 Ramsar founded.
    +1060 Tyre founded. Beads from Pasargadae to Athens for 92.
    +1080 Spanish -> 0g. Lost a crusader before killing the single defender of Kaupang and capturing the city for 24g. Spanish Bilbao in Mongolia subverted for 2x194g. Got 24g and archer.
    +1100 Viking legion killed in attack on mine. Viking catapult killed.
    +1120 Gunpowder -> Explosives. Copernicus built. Sardis founded. Domestic offshore silk for 60. T3L0S7
    +1140 Greek explorer bribed for 87g. Mongol, Greek, Spanish -> 0g.
    +1180 Mongol -> 25g; Greek, Spanish -> 0g.Viking settler bribed for 316 and turned none. T7L0S3.
    +1200 Explosives -> Theology. Greek, Spanish -> 0g. Rasht founded near Aarhus. Viking catapult killed.
    +1220 Musketeer barely manages to kill pikeman defending Jorvik. The city is captured for 17g. Greek, Spanish -> 0g.
    +1240 First university built at Persepolis. Chalus and Lahijan founded. Spanish -> 0g; Greeks declare war over my repeated tribute demands. Spanish settler bribed for 356 and turned none.
    +1260 Attack on Trondheim botched due to failure to take account of sabotage destroying ongoing production first. Lost a diplomat and a vet catapult. Have to wait 2 more turns.
    +1280 Spanish develop Gunpowder and Greeks get it from the Great Library. Musketeer kills Greek catapult approaching Sardis.
    +1300 Viborg survives a Viking crusader's attack. T3L0S7
    +1320 Theology -> Democracy. Samaria founded. 4 diplomats sabotage Trondheim to take down its city walls. Losing one vet crusader the 3 archers defending Trondheim are killed and the city captured for 27g. T7L0S3
    +1360 Viking settler bribed for 200 and turned none. Viking Valencia bribed for 244g. Got 45g and legion. Greek crusader approaching Samarkand killed. T4L0S6
    +1380 Spanish crusader kills my none settler. Bach built.
    +1400 Spanish catapult approaching Valencia killed. Single defender of Spanish Roskilde killed and the city taken for 75g and marketplace. Mongol -> 100g. T77L0S3
    +1420 Spanish lose a crusader attacking Lindholm. Democracy -> Navigation. Spanish catapult approaching Valencia killed. Viking legion killed. Democracy established. T3L3S4
    +1440 Thanks to the Great Wall, musketeer in Valencia survives attack by 2 Spanish units and turns vet. Sanitation -> Greek -> peace.
    +1460 Valencia survives yet another Spanish attack. 2 more Spanish units killed. Coal from Persepolis to Greeks for 635. T4L4S2
    +1480 Navigation -> Physics. Viking Westness discovered after much searching and bribed for 174g. Got 29g and musketeer. Domestic deliveries for 321, 429, 194. Tech bombed Mongols. Navigation, Banking, Chemistry -> Spanish -> peace, maps.
    +1500 Physics -> Magnetism. Magellan built. Hamadan and Espoo founded. Domestic deliveries for 120. T0L4S6

    Status at +1500
    Population: 11.8M; Cities: 34; Techs: 40; Government: Democracy
    Gold: 1825; Cost: 41; Trade routes: 21D5F;
    Ancient Wonders: Lighthouse, Hanging Gardens, Colossus, Great Wall
    Medieval Wonders: Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Copernicus, Magellan
    Industrial Wonders: Leo, Bach
    Units: 16 Engineers (3 none), 22 Musketeers, 3 Crusaders, 1 Catapult, 4 Caravels, 4 diplomats, 16 caravans, 1 Explorer
    Goals: Conquest of last Viking city, Magnetism (next turn), Newton, Adam Smith
    Viking: 1 cities, 32 techs; war with me
    Spanish: 9 cities, 33 techs; Pyramids, King Richard's
    Greek: 9 cities, 39 techs; Great Library;
    Mongol: 2 cities, 38 techs;
  8. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Humm. You seem to have the same amount of cities I have, but conquered a lot more. A bit curious whether that gambit will pan out. Outside of the HG war, I haven`t tried.
    Also not really sure how you ended up with far less cities than I in the early ADs I guess you had to scrap a lot more to get HG/Colossus than I, but I`m still surprised the disrepancy was this dramatic.

    40 AD: Samarie Barracks, will build 2 Vet Elephants and attack in 4 turns. Dariush Kabir built. Hut: Elephants.

    60 AD: Ghulaman built.

    80 AD: Lots of Viking ellies in NE, in the ruins of the former Spanish empire. I`ll have to build some horsemen to intercept them.

    100 AD: T4L3S3 to WLTKD Persépolis in preparation for 1st delivery. Lack of funds delays Viking attack by 1 turn.

    120 AD: Aaaand I` dumb. Forgot to research Literacy first. T0L3S7. Attack is still next turn.

    140 AD; Will skip one more turn to see if the Settler moves out of the way. Literacy > Republic (0)

    160 AD: The Settler does move out of the way. Sneak attack Kaupang: city defended by single Pikeman. Lose 1 Vet ellie, but conquer city for 2citizens+45g+IW (1)+HG. Hladir defences are unknown. Roskilde defended by 1 Phalanx.

    180 AD: T3L4S3, Will deliver for real this time. Viking ellie near Sardes, my horseman will not get there in time. Dilpomat not very useful here. Kill Viking archer, ellie vet. Stack defended by Pikeman, not touching that. Istakhr built.

    200 AD: Lose Sardres phalanx to Viking ellie. Looks like the city is lost. They also have a horseman. Should not have built a diplomat there. Persépolis spice (d) to Athènes: 253g. Finally get Greek maps. Also, that delivery was capped. Kill Viking ellie near Hamadhan, horseman et. Nevemind, Sardres is good. Bribe Horseman for 74g, use it to kill Elephant (vet).

    220 AD: Kill Viking settler: Elephant in the red, but vet, that`s what was important. Going to attack Hladir next turn. Rosklide is softer, but out of the way, and I`m more vulnerable to a pincer there.

    240 AD: Kill Viking ellie south of Kaupang, no vet. Kill a single Archer defender in Hladir, city stormed for 2c+50g+Feudalism (2)+Granary. (Seriously? A single Archer? Once the “1 Encore Unité” disappears I expect a second defender to be there. Not a side-grade…)

    260 AD: Try to kill Viking ellie near Sardes on river+marsh, but fail. Kill Viking ellie near Hamadhan after losing a horseman. Kill Viking archer, no vet. Find road to Rosklide, position two ellies nearby. Hut: 25g.

    280 AD: Vikings almost done with Sun Tzu. Kill offending Ellie near Sardes (which for some random reason did not attack?) Kill defending Phalanx in Rosklide, city stormed for 1c+32g. Sell Granary in Hladir. Bribe threatening Archer near Sardes for 103g. Greeks: no tribute.

    Interturn: Trondheim does finish SunTzu.

    300 AD: Unfortunately unable to investigate Trondheim. Legion in the way. I don`t think the will to fight is there anyways. The peninsula is secured enough. Jinjan built.

    320 AD: Wait, there are respawns? Just saw a yellow Phalanx. Welp, Trondheim is NOT HAPPENING. 3 defenders. Sign cease-fire with Vikings. Next goal is to bribe Seville, and find remaining Viking cities. However, it is not of any priority. Aarhus is too easily accessible from Trondheim to be easily defensible. Hut: Legion. Once I get Republic, I will switch to it. Going to try to get cities to size3 soon. Will rush 4vans for Pyramids somewhere. Should have done that earlier as well.

    What even is my priority right now? Guess I should build some boats for trade… I am genuinely unsure whether I am doing well or not. Outside of the obvious lost-HG problem.

    340 AD: Persépolis beads. Will build Temple next. Borazjan built.

    360 AD: Republic > Astronomy. (0) REVOLUTION.

    380 AD: REPUBLIC. T8L0S2. Vikings: They offer peace (what?) Give Republic, Mathematics. Greeks: Give Republic. Trade to Mongols for Construction (1), give Republic. Herat built. Techcost 616 beakers.

    420 AD: T6L0S4.

    440 AD: T2L0S8. Delivery next turn.

    460 AD; Persépolis hides (d) to Nishapur: 368g. Not capped. Dakyanus built. Bampur built.

    480 AD: Astronomy > Philosophy. (2) Will wait until Persépolis is size12 before starting work on Cope`s. Hides vans for now.

    Interturn: Greeks start Marco`s. Vikings develop Masonry, switch to PYRAMIDS. Were previously building oracle, started after SunTzu. Oh that`s not good… I’ll have the wonder in 2 turns max. Hoping.

    500 AD: Vikings back up to Enthusiastic. Ok, I think this AI patch might be working TOO well… Suse hides (d) to Samarkand: 328g. Tech bomb Mongols: will discover Philo next turn. Both Pyramids and Mikes should be done in 3 turns now.

    STATUS AT 500 AD: (Beginning of 102nd turn)

    Population: 1.020.000 Cities: 26 Government: Republic Total advances: 23 (researching Philosophy)
    Gold: 40 T2L0S8 Income/Cost per turn: 24 income, 4 cost. Production: 102MT 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: LH, Colossus. Stole HG from Vikings. Vikings SunTzu. Will get Pyramids and Mikes in a few turns.

    GOALS: Get Pyramids/Mikes, then take stock. When are my cities going to be size3? Honestly leaning towards celebrating early regardless, as Persépolis needs to grow as my SSC. Build trade vans as required. They are starting to show up. Expand northeast and west, meet Egyptians. Also settle NW island. Still haven`t done that. Next goals are JSB, Cope`s and Gunpowder-Leo`s. The last one is ambitious.

    520 AD: Philosophy > Monotheism > Seafaring.(1) Persépolis beads (d) to Trondheim: 433g (capped). Tureng Tepe built.

    540 AD: 4vans in Sidon for Pyramids. 8vans in Jinjan for Mikes. Merv built.

    560 AD: MIKES, PYRAMIDS. Vikings switch to GW. Seafaring > Theology. (2) Will delay celebrations until Theo is researched (JS Bach is later) Behistoun built on NW island.

    620 AD: Antioche copper (d) to Thèbes: disappointing 96g.

    640 AD: Kandahar built. T3L0S7. Will celebrate next turn.

    660 AD: Theology -> Medicine. (0) T1L4S5 to start celebrating. Altin Tepe built. I will do a small, half-hearted celebration, then a second one to get my cities up to 8. Will plan on getting Persépolis to size20+ as well. T4L4S2.

    680 AD: Population exceeds 2 million citizens. Some cities have red hats, and cannot celebrate past size5. Unfortunate. Not wiling to budge from 40% luxes for those. Roskilde silk (d) to Persépoils: 336g.

    700 AD: T0L4S6. I`m going to need to ferry vans to Persépolis to build Cope`s, as the city needs to churn out hides vans non-stop. Going to stop next turn when the city goes to size8.

    720 AD: T1L4S5.

    740 AD: T5L0S5. Next priority is to now ship enough vans to Persépolis for Cope`s. Not many cities demanding Hides in Mongolia anymore.

    Interturn: Greeks almost done with Marco`s. Vikings develop Banking.

    760 AD: Medicine > Banking. (1) Suse3 silk (d) to Samarie: 192g. Vikings do not want to trade.

    780 AD: Antioche5 dye (d) to Aarhus: 392g. Holy that`s a lot. Vikings will still not trade. Oh well. Bunyan built.

    800 AD: Banking >Engineering. (2) Karakorum no longer demands Hides. Persépolis hides (d) to Kaboul: 522g (capped) Kaboul no longer demands Hides. T2L0S8.

    820 AD: Engineering > Sanitation. (0) Charsadda built. Suse3 hides (nd) to Karakorum: 260g. Sadly the demand is not coming back. Need to start putting vans towards JSB.

    840 AD: Ura Tyube built. Cope`s in 900 AD. Or should I go Shakes instead? I`ll probably hijack some of the generic trade vans for JSB and get Shakes+celebrate. Cope`s can go after.

    860 AD: Naples built.

    880 AD: Sanitation > Bridge Building. (1). Persépolis4 hides (d) to Aleppo (1 trade): 528g. Still demands it! Kaupang gold (d) to Suse3: 162g. 6 vans in Persépolis4 for Shakes. JSB the turn after. Still need to get vans for Cope`s.

    900 AD: Bridge Building > University. (2). 8 vans in Bactres for JSB. Suse3 hides (d) to L’Udal: 240g. Issos built. Cunaxa built. Cremona built. T2L7S1. Cope`s vans will have to wait a bit.

    920 AD: BACTRES JSB. Persépolis hides (d) to Aleppo: 528g. T1L7S2. Celebrations start again. Pop currently 3.4mil.

    940 AD: WLTCD in all cities. Will build Aqueducts in cities such as Suse, for higher payouts. Will need to run >0% luxuries but I hope the trade payoffs will be worth it. Pop goes to 4.8 million citizens.

    960 AD; University > Economy. (0) Population goes to 6 million citizens. Changing my mind, will keep Suse and the like to size8 for now. Not enough cash. T1L8S1. Cannae built.

    980 AD: Population exceeds 7 million citizens. Tarse copper (d) to Persépolis4: 308g. Persépolis lost Hides supply… Persépolis4 hides (d) to Aleppo: 616g (capped). Won`t get it back. Quite sad. Capoue built.

    1000 AD: Economy > Theory of Gravity. (1) Will wait one more turn before stopping celebrations, hopefully Persépolis wont be too expensive to keep going. Will keep going in Persépolis no matter what. Will hold on on delivering Spice van from Persépolis to Seville one turn to do a domestic trade w/city. Need to keep Dye demand. Persépolis size12, Sewer rushed.

    STATUS AT 1000 AD: (End of 151nd turn)

    Population: 7.930.000 Cities: 40 Government: Republic Total advances: 34 (researching ToG)
    Gold: 41 T1L8S1 Income/Cost per turn: 51 income, 24 cost. Production: 198MT 0 polluted tiles

    Units: 17 Settlers, 5 Warriors, 1 Archer, 1 Legion, 9 Pikemen, 5 Elephants, 8 Triremes, 1 Diplomat, 17 Caravans.
    Wonders: LH, HG, Colossus, Mikes, JSB, Pyramids, Shakes. Stole HG from Vikings. Vikings SunTzu, Greeks Marco. Will have Cope`s in about 4-ish turns.

    GOALS: Progress further down the trees. Cobble together enough vans for Leo`s and Mag`s. Build Isaac Newton`s in Persépolis and send some engies to clear the marshes. Build Temples to keep the peace, Libraries for science, and keep trading when worthwhile. However, I expect city science to carry the pace for now. I expect to get up to Magnetism up to 1500 AD.
  9. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I made a decision to stick to 5 cities (the islands) and concentrate on wonders and growth. At +1 you have a whopping 14 cities vs. just 5 for me and at +500 it is 26 for you vs. 7 for me. But in both cases, I beat you in population. It is after that time that I made a decision to go after Vikings and actively colonize the mainland. However, by +1000 you are ahead in all measures except perhaps infrastructure and trade routes (which you do not mention in your status). By +1500 I doubled my number of cities to 34 but it is still less than the 40 you have at +1000. By +1500 I am about to finish off Vikings and have made peace with others and contained them geographically. They have no more room to grow. From here on it is going to be a celebrating democracy aiming for space race.

    Now I should go play.
  10. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    I had made a conscious decision to not build a city on NW island until very late, due to the absence of a whale special. SE was fine, since my settler was precharged. NE was big priority since it had silk+whale. The big difference was probably that I used my island cities to build cities on the mainland, which would themselves build more cities instead of building vans. (NE island would have been on van duty after 1st settler but Vikings got HG too quick for that so it swapped back to settlers.) Ended up sending a settler from main island south of Vikings to build near their HG city, instead of nearby NE island. Other mainland cities stuck to settlers, and boxed in others almost by accident.

    You were able to get both HG and Colossus in the same city (I wasn`t) This shows in your size20 @ 1000 AD, I only have size12. If it wasn`t a frontier city, then you likely had no choice. I got lucky, feels like.
  11. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Indeed. I made both the gardens and Colossus in my capital Persepolis. These helped a lot during Republic celebrations allowing Persepolis to reach size 20 in +740. Also helpful was all the land improvements around Persepolis which were mostly done by my first two settlers while waiting for the Lighthouse.

    My NW island was most of the time, and still is, my second largest city. It does not produce many shields but produces a lot of arrows. It has the most hospitable land (among the 4 islands) for population growth. SW has hills, SE has deserts, and NE has forests which could have been turned to plains but I kept them for shields.
  12. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    "I expect to get up to Magnetism at 1500 AD."

    1020 AD: Pop exceeds 8 million citizens. Jinjan dye (d) to Persépolis4: 328g. Persépolis4 spice (d) to Séville: 634g (capped) T3L3S4.

    Interturn: Greeks develop Chivalry.

    1040 AD: Theory of Gravity > Chemistry. (2) Suse3 silk (d) to Arbela: 300g. I`m actually having too many of my vans actually sold! Do not have enough trash vans for Cope`s. This could hurt science output soon. T7L3S0.

    1060 AD: Borazjan dye (d) to Persépolis4: 356g. Does NOT unblock silk, city was too small. T5L3S2.

    Interturn: Mongols almost done with GL.

    1080 AD: T6L3S1. Need to stockpile vans in SW and SE neighbourhoods for Leo`s/Mag`s. Start RBing stuff in preparation for just that.

    Interturn: Greek gov`t switched to Monarchy. Darnit… Karakorum builds GL.

    1100 AD: Chemistry > Invention. (0) Pop exceeds 9 million citizens. Dariush Kabir wine (d) to Antioche5: 180g. Removes Hides supply. Not worth. Pasargades6 spice (d) to Lindholm: 684g. (capped) Antioche5 hides (d) to L’udal: 440g. T1L2S7.

    1120 AD: Invention > Democracy (1) Would not otherwise be available for research next time. Oedo year 1180. T3L2S5, will not deliver until then. Turin built.

    1140 AD: Sadly lost 3 turns of progress to the nil difficulty bug, so I have to restart from 1080 AD. This is going to be an arse to deal with. (…restart done) DYE SUPPLY IN PERSÉPOLIS. You know what, Cope`s can wait one more turn.

    1160 AD: Are you f’ing kidding me. Persépoils swapped back to Coal and Salt instead of Coal and Dye. I didn`t even edit the city or anything… 6 vans in Persépolis for Cope`s. T6L2S2. I should be able to research Demo with Cope`s built.

    1180 AD: Democracy > Navigation. (2) PERSÉPOLIS COPE’s. Revolution. Democracy. Rush a few Temples to deal with unrest. Techrate 2 turns, T1L2S7. Will wait until delivering Persépolis vans to get the salt van over there built. I mean, it`s a Persépolis van…

    Interturn: Mongols get Mono from GL.

    1200 AD: T1L0S9. I will be able to get Nav before Persépolis processes. Celebrations there end at size22. 364 beakers. Isaac Newton`s not built yet. (1/8 vans available) Crète built. Roskilde silver (d) to Suse3: 137g. Beaker output is 879/turn, techrate is 1064. Roskilde gold (d) to Trondheim: 93g. Unblocks Dye in Roskilde, GIMME DAT.

    Interturn: Mongols start KRC.

    1220 AD: Navigation > Gunpowder. (0) Suse3 hides (d) to Sparte: 280g. Leo`s SE in 2 turns. Mag`s NE in 3 turns. Will soon have 5/8 for Newton`s. Adam Smith is 2/8.

    1240 AD: Gunpowder > Metallurgy. (1) Pasargades6 beads (d) to L’Udal: 280g. Techbomb Mongols, manage to get down to 1tech per turn. T0L0S10.

    1260 AD: ARBELA LEO`S. Metallurgy > Explosives > Physics. (2, 0). Sidon copper (d) to Persépolis4: 172g. Now all the demands are blocked… I`m not sure if I understand the system here. There is only 1 supplier of silk to Persépoils and its trade is minimized. No trash vans to spend either, they`re reserved for Newton`s. Persépolis4 hides (d) to Corinthe: 484g. Copper unblocked. 8 vans in Sidon for Mag`s. Persépolis4 hides (d) to Sparte: 468g. Again, no clue what to do to unblock silk… next one will try to unblock dye instead. Unfortunately all 3 trade routes of Persépolis` are foreign routes… might not be very easy to remove them. Next copper shipment nowhere to be seen.

    1280 AD: Physics > Magnetism > Steam Engine. (1, 2) Persépolis4 coal (d) to Roskilde: 287g. Now the Dye demand is gone entirely, replaced by Silver… and Silk is still blocked. That`s not helping. At least Isaac Newton`s is queued in 2 turns. Persépoils4 hides (d) to Aleppo: 432g. Note to self: lower Roskilde`s trade before sending in your food vans next turn. Vérone built. Antioche5 beads (d) to Aarhus: 280g. Salamis built. Missed box fill. T4L0S6.

    1300 AD Steam Engine > Electricity. (0) Now just got the old demands back in Persépolis… at least I get to unblock Dye. Food-based unblocks don’t seem to work still. Isaac Newton`s queued for next turn. Ergili hides (d) to L’Udal: 120g. T3L0S7.

    1320 AD: Electricity > Conscription. (1) PERSÉPOLIS ISAAC NEWTON`S. Back to 1advance per turn, but I`m stuck at 50% fill and full box isn`t happening yet. Tyr cloth (nd) to Persépolis: 92g. Unblocks Dye demand, HOLDUP, and Spice supply. Rush van there ASAP. 170g. Actually not in need of CfC right now if I get Temples up on every city. Which is pretty nice. Adam Smith`s queued for 3 turns. T1L0S9. Road between NE and SE landmasses almost done. Railroad soon, as well. 38 engineers.

    1340 AD: Conscription > Railroad. (2) Persepolis was the one who discovered it, darn. Alright, 22arrows or lower=I keep Dye demand. Hamadhan dye (d) to Persépolis4: 222g. Unblocks Silk! Except my Silk vans are out of movement points, trying to board a Pasargades-bound ship. Darnit. Arbela salt (nd) to Persépolis4: 94g. Those lower-tier trade routes are hurting Persépolis` science output, max 550 bpt instead of the usual 600. 24/24/23. Naples dye (d) to Persépolis4: 266g. Blocked again, seriously… On the bright side, one of the marshes square is cleaned. Gordion nd to Persépolis4 for 86g. I had a Beads supply, but I think clearing some of the waiting-on-Persépolis vans is more important. Dakyanus dye (d) to Persépolis4: 192g. Sidon undemanded to Persépolis4 for 86g. Merv dye (d) to Persépolis4: 178g. Not sure why the demand is not stable available, I`m not delivering over the top 3.

    1360 AD: Railroad > Industrialization > Atomic Theory. (0, 1) Had I had Darwin’s up next I would have had a perfect 0-turn downtime. So good… Adam Smith’s in Kaupang.

    1380 AD: Atomic Theory > The Corporation. (2) Cost per turn 10. I have to give the Mongols all my techs in order to keep up 1apt per turn from techs. This ain`t gonna last.

    1400 AD: The Corporation > Steel. (0) Behistoun2 spice (d) to Karakorum: 552g. Ergili silk (d) to Persépolis: 456g. Now demands Coal (silk demand gone!) supplies Oil. Roskilde silver (d) to Athènes: 220g. Kaupang silver (d) to Athènes: 160g.

    1420 AD: Steel > Electronics. (1) Off by 53 beakers! Dammit. Didn`t give both techs and it screwed me, got pumped to an even plane tech-wise instead of a techbonus with my key civ. It literally went from techcost 1352 to techcost 1248. (Current output is 1299 at SCI 100%.) This bonus is the same regardless of being 1 or 15 techs behind. Keep in mind for future EL games. OCC might be too risky to pull off.

    1440 AD: Electronics > Refining > Combustion. (2, 0) Tureng Tepe dye (d) to Persépolis4: 202g. Hamadhan silk (d) to Pasargades6: 224g. Antioche5 salt (nd) to L’Udal: 130g. Pasargades6 salt (nd) to L’Udal: 126g. Tyr gold (nd) to Persépolis4: 103g. Goes back to Copper, Coal, (Silk). Samarie gems (nd) to Persépolis4: 86g. Back to prv trade set, dye demand and beads supply unblocked. Suse3 beads (d) to Tabriz: 292g. Suse3 hides (d) to Aleppo: 304g.

    1460 AD: Combustion > Automobile > Mass Production. (1, 2) Will build SuperHighways on every island city, including Persépolis4. I really wish I had more cash to rush SHs in Behistoun and Persépolis… Behistoun2 coal (d) to Samarkand: 455g. NOTE TO SELF: Create a fortress SW of the buffalo near Tarse, next to Greek border. Next tech available is a Zero. Nuclear Fission is a zero… I`ll have to trade this turn. Mongols want to trade Chivalry (0) for Automobile… You drive a hard bargain but I`ll take it! Tech cost instantly goes down 90beakers. Which in turn, allows T3L0S7. I’ll fill the box next turn anyways, so I don’t want to start half-full.

    1480 AD: Mass Production > Leadership. (1) Persepolis Superhighways. Pollution near Persepolis. The Pheasant square, one of the only two not roaded. Bampur dye (d) to Persepolis4: 422g. Dye demand replaced for OIL. Hladir oil (d) to Persepolis4: 682g. Persepolis4 salt (nd) to Trondheim: 507g, unblocks Beads. Lisbonne built. Gordion hides (d) to Pharsale: 60g. Ghulaman gems (nd) to Persepolis4: 139g. Kaupang cloth (nd) to Persépoils4: 168g. Bunyan beads (nd) to persépolis4: 126g. Zohak spice (d) to Seville: 206g. I have an overstock of Dye vans at the moment… the Oil demand in Persépolis was the cause. Send some to Suse. T1L0S9 after giving MassProd to Mongols. Back to 2techsperturn.

    1500 AD: mongols almost done with KRC. Leadership > Wait, both Tactics and NukeFission are available. Don`t make sense. Am I at 1? Tactics > 13 beakers off. Dammit. Should have gone 100% science. Behistoun copper (d) to Karakorum: 498g. Kandahar oil (d) to Persépolis4: 744g. Does not get rid of Oil demand, now in 3rd. Bribe in-the-way Greek catapult for 444g. Whoops, cannot do 100% science, turn over+7g in bank. Oh well, I have 1565bpt, should be good now that I have a few more libraries on the way.

    STATUS AT 1500 AD: (End of 176th turn)

    Population: 11.560.000 Cities: 46 Government: Democracy Total advances: 59 (researching Tactics)
    Gold: 11 T1L0S9 Income/Cost per turn: 115 income, 39 cost. Production: 306MT 0 polluted tiles

    Units: 32 Engineers, 27 Riflemen, 13 Transports, 1 Diplomat, 68 Freight.
    Wonders: LH, HG, Colossus, Mikes, JSB, Pyramids, Shakes, Cope`s, Newton`s, Leo`s, Adam Smith`s. Stole HG from Vikings. Vikings SunTzu+GW, Greeks Marco, Mongols GL.

    GOALS: Finish game. Hoping for a pre-1750 AD launch. 11/12 vans in position for SETI when the game breaks the fourth wall. Should be able to maintain 1tpt from cities. Vans are going to be more difficult but doable. Will have SuperHighways on all island cities, and a few more.
  13. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Interesting log. How could you maintain T0L0S10 for more than a turn or two? Your huge tech push in this era puts you way ahead of me tech-wise for the first time in the game (40 vs 59). You are also way ahead in cities, units, and wonders.

    I have played to 1600s and things are going according to plan. Had to wage war against Spanish and Greeks at times and have taken over some of their cities. I am still building new cities but there is only a bit of of unused land is left here and there. I am getting mostly 1 tech per turn.
  14. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Maintaining SCI100%, cash-wise or unrest-wise? Unrest was not a problem with Mikes+JSB, as I did not have black hats (a Temple could easily take care of the rest). Finances-wise, I had enough leftover cash from van flow, and Adam Smith`s help. Although I did get the "Running out of cash, Change Fiscal Policy" prompt quite often.

    Seems like the wars you were fighting were a bit too expensive in terms of opportunity cost, however. Reading your log, I can`t help but notice that you weren`t able to celebrate your newly-conquered cities up to size8, or at least no mention of it. Bribing cities is expensive, and kinda hurt van-building comparatively to my game. (Fighting by grabbing the land first worked out better for me, looks like. No-one attacked first. Of course, had I not been able to conquer HG then it would be a whole other story...)

    Since you did wage war, it`s also possible that your size 5-6s were lagging against my size 7-8s: however, dividing your pop growth against your city growth leads to avg 311.000 per new city... unless your SSC grew a lot, wouldn`t make sense.
  15. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Just finished. Rather satisfied with my landing date. Unsure whether it would have held up had more people been playing, however. Never felt like I was much ahead of our natural curve until lategame (and even then, might have been a placebo effect)

    Rather thankful the next GOTM is a viable OCC setup. Would not have been able to play otherwise.
  16. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +1500 to +1750

    The main goal of this period was to finish off Vikings, keep the rest contained, and grow in power democracy. But the other rivals were too hostile and too restless for that. They kept sneak attacking me. I took some cities from them but was still hoping for containment by 1750. Soon after I was convinced that I have to conquer them.

    +1510 Greeks build Sun Tzu; Vikings and Spanish abandon. Magnetism -> Economics. Catapult and Crusader kill 2 defenders of Uppsala rendering the city defenseless. Capture has to wait for next turn. Domestic deliveries for 303. T0L3S7

    +1520 Vikings kill my vet catapult. Economics -> Theory of Gravity. Crusader kills musketeer defending Uppsala. The city is captured for 136g and marketplace. Viking civilization destroyed. Kuchaksara, Ergili, and Dariush Kabir founded. Greek engineer bribed for 344g and turned none. Domestic deliveries for 137, 260.

    +1530 Theory of Gravity -> Steam Engine. Ghulaman founded. Copper to Spanish for 116. T7L3S0

    +1540 German Civilization destroyed by barbarians? AmirKola founded. 200g from Viking hut. Domestic deliveries for 108, 114.

    +1550 Spice from Persepolis to Spanish for 774. T3L3S4.

    +1560 Steam Engine -> Atomic Theory. Zohak founded. Hides to Spanish for 86. Physics -> Mongol -> maps.

    +1570 Atomic Theory -> Chivalry. Silk to Persepolis for 306. Greek engineer bribed for 368g and turned none.

    +1580 Spanish develop Metallurgy canceling Great Wall. Greeks have been very aggressive recently and every turn I have had to ask them to remove troops. Now, with the Great Wall obsolete, war may be imminent. Spanish do not want to exchange despite being Receptive. Greek Mycenae subverted for 2x545g. Got 71g, Chivalry, granary, and 2 musketeers. Silver to Persepolis for 242. Gold to Greeks for 324. Domestic delivery for 70. T6L3S1

    +1590 -> Leadership -> Metallurgy. Spanish still not interested in knowledge exchange. Greeks declare war over my demand for troop withdrawal. 2 Greek units killed. Domestic deliveries for 147. Undemanded Dye to Spanish for 91. T7L3S0

    +1600 Domestic deliveries for 144, 75, 402, 105. Spanish Cadiz subverted for 2x1336 which is too expensive for a city but I need Metallurgy and cannot afford losing democracy. Got 161g, Metallurgy, 3 structures, and 2 soldiers. T3L3S4

    +1610 -> Electricity -> Conscription. Newton built. Istakhr founded. Domestic deliveries for 100, 70.

    +1620 Conscription -> Tactics. Jorvix disbanded into an engineer. Domestic deliveries for 60, 312, 435, 198. Spanish declare war rather than move troops. This is a good opportunity to take Toledo, their only coastal city. No one else would then have a coastal city allowing me to safely and easily navigate the sea.

    +1630 Tactics -> Refrigeration. 3 Spanish units killed. Greek cannon killed. Jinjan founded.

    +1640 Refrigeration -> Amphibious Warfare. 2 Spanish units killed. 2 cavalry kill 3 defenders of Toledo rendering the city defenseless. Gold to Spanish for 225. Domestic deliveries for 123, 127. Anzali and Lisbon founded.

    +1650 Greek knight kills a rifleman. Cavalry survives an attack outside Spanish Toledo. 1 Spanish unit killed. Greek Crusader bribed for 404g to save my city.

    +1660 Rifleman in fort survives Spanish crusader and turns vet. Amphibious Warfare -> Railroad. Riflemen kill 2 defenders of Toledo and the city is captured for 63g. Spanish have no coastal cities now. Senate hands cease fire to Spanish. Greek settler bribed for 436g and turned none. Greek Knossos bribed for 708g. Got 99g, 3 soldiers, an engineer, and 2 structures. Senate hands cease fire to Greeks.

    +1670 Railroad -> Industrialization. T1L2S7

    +1680 Industrialization -> Communism. Gold to Madrid for 100. 100g from Greek hut.

    +1690 Communism -> Corporation. Wool to Greeks for 111. None rifleman from Greek hut. Kabul subverted for 2x80g. Got 15g and musketeer. T2L2S6

    +1700 Corporation -> Steel. Domestic deliveries for 277, 72. Spanish deliveries for 345, 180, 142, 138.

    +1710 Steel -> Genetic Engineering. Domestic deliveries for 46. Spanish deliveries for 146, 170, 110.

    +1720 Genetic Engineering -> Espionage. Domestic deliveries for 78, 296. Spanish deliveries for 217, 204. T1L2S7

    +1730 Greeks break cease fire and kill a rifleman in fort and lose a knight on my none rifleman in forest. Espionage -> Machine Tools -> Refining. Greek cannon killed. Cavalry kills one defender of Greek Pharsalos. The city is bribed for 385g. Spy lost. Got 62g, musketeer and engineer. Senate hands peace to Greeks. Domestic deliveries for 140. Spanish deliveries for 110, 128. Borazjan and Alhambra founded. T2L2S6

    +1740 Cure for Cancer built. Refining -> Combustion. Domestic deliveries for 50, 44. T0L3S7

    +1750 Combustion -> Automobile. Domestic deliveries for 324, 112. Spanish deliveries for 90, 270, 368. T1L3S6

    Status at +1750
    Population: 30.8M; Cities: 52; Techs: 63; Government: Democracy
    Gold: 403; Cost: 198; Trade routes: 67D26F;
    Ancient Wonders: Lighthouse, Hanging Gardens, Colossus, Great Wall
    Medieval Wonders: Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Copernicus, Magellan
    Industrial Wonders: Leo, Bach, Newton
    Modern Wonders: Cure
    Units: 32 Engineers (6 none), 27 Riflemen, 5 Cavalry, 4 Transports, 3 Spy, 17 vans, 1 Explorer
    Goals: Adam Smith (4 turns), SETI, Space race
    Viking: Destroyed by me
    Spanish: 7 cities, 35 techs; Pyramids, King Richard's
    Greek: 6 cities, 42 techs; Great Library, Sun Tzu
    Mongol: 2 cities, 45 techs;
  17. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +1750 to +1800

    This period was supposed to be about growth under democracy and getting ready for the space race. Rivals were contained and the seas were safe since after the fall of Toledo in 1660 no rival had a port city. I would have been happy to live with them as trading partners. But the rivals were too treacherous for that and kept sneak attacking me. Soon the plan for the period became conquest. It was a bit slow with cavalry as my assault units but soon tanks joined the fight and then howitzers made it even easier. By the end of the period both Greeks and Spanish were wiped out and Mongols reduced to a single city.

    +1752 Greek knight kills an engineer. Automobile -> Mobile warfare. 2 Greek units killed. Single defender of Argos killed and the city captured for 72g. Senate backs me up against Greeks. Lost a rifleman attacking Greek crusader in fort. Mongols declare war rather than move troops. 2 Mongol units killed. Domestic deliveries for 250, 216, 556. Spanish deliveries for 98, 98, 74. T3L3S4

    +1754 Mobile Warfare -> Mass Production. Spanish deliveries for 90. Mongol catapult killed. Greek crusader killed.

    +1756 Spanish put a cannon next to Toledo. Mass Production -> Electronics. 3 Greek units killed. Domestic deliveries for 54, 122, 336. Greek deliveries for 357, 108. Herat founded.

    +1758 Stupid Spanish pull back from Toledo and instead kill a van and lose a crusader on a rifleman in fort. Adam Smith built. Electronics -> Recycling. Tank kills 2 defenders of Corinth and turns vet. The city is captured for 132g and barracks. Senate back me up against Greeks. Tank kills a defender of Sparta. Greek dragoon killed. Spanish cannon killed. Domestic deliveries for 414.

    +1760 Greeks kill a tank and lose a dragoon attacking me. Spanish lose a crusader attacking me. Recycling -> Mini. Spanish crusader killed. Tank and 2 Cavalry kill 4 defenders of Seville. The city is captured for Pyramids and 115g. Senate hands cease fire to Spanish. T0L3S7

    +1762 First pollution appears. Mini -> Computers. Persepolis builds supermarket and starts growing again. Domestic deliveries for 120, 231, 720, 822, 146. Mongol Bokhara bribed for 688. Spy turned vet. Got 135, 2 structures, and a soldier. T3L3S4

    +1764 Rivals ally against me. Spanish lose a crusader attacking me. Computers -> Robotics. Greek cannon killed. 2 Spanish cannons killed. Domestic deliveries for 97, 104. Mongol delivery for 82. Senate hands cease fire to Mongols.

    +1766 Spanish lose a musketeer attacking my cavalry in fort. SETI built. Robotics -> Nuclear Fission. Greek cannon killed. 2 tanks kill the 3 musketeers defending Thermopylae. The city is captured for 152g and marketplace. Senate hands cease fire to Greeks. Domestic deliveries for 651, 106. Mongol deliveries for 74. Spanish deliveries for 170.

    +1768 Nuclear Fission -> Nuclear Power. Mongol deliveries for 46.

    +1770 Nuclear Power -> Laser. Spanish deliveries for 146. Domestic deliveries for 56, 192, 145. 3 vet units kill 3 musketeers defending Valladolid. Spanish cannon bribed for 366g to save my assault units and take Valladolid which is captured for 149g and marketplace. Senate hands cease fire to Spanish.

    +1772 Greeks kill a food van and lose a dragoon on my rifleman. Laser -> Fundamentalism. Persepolis maxes out at size 29. Greek cannon killed. 3 musketeers defending Delphi killed and the city captured for 195g and marketplace. Senate hands cease fire to Greeks. Domestic deliveries for 132.

    +1774 Fundamentalism -> Guerrilla Warfare.

    +1776 Guerrilla Warfare -> Flight. Spanish deliveries for 102. 50g from Spanish hut.

    +1778 Flight -> Radio. Domestic deliveries for 350, 56. T2L3S5

    +1780 Spanish attack and lose a dragoon on a rifleman in fort. Radio -> Advanced Flight -> Combined Arms. 2 Spanish units killed. Cloth to Mongols for 37. Domestic deliveries for 574, 518, 92, 210, 170, 50, 86.

    +1782 Combined Arms -> Rocketry. 2 Spanish units killed. 3 musketeers behind city walls defending Saragossa killed at the cost of one vet cavalry. The city is captured for 378g and 3 structures. Senate backs me up against the Spanish. Domestic deliveries for 60, 80, 48, 511. Greek deliveries for 51, 50.

    +1784 Greek dragoon kills rifleman and food caravan defending Tyre and then they capture the city for 0g and Advanced Flight. It was a small city supporting just one engineer and one commodity van. I get 4 partisans; 3 of them none. They immediately ask for a cease fire; I refuse. Senate backs me up. Valiant wounded rifleman in fort survives yet another Spanish attack and still is not vet. Rocketry -> Labor Union -> Space Flight. Hoover built. Greek cannon killed. 3 musketeers behind city walls defending Athens killed at the cost of one tank. The city is captured for 482g, city walls, and Great Library. Senate hands cease fire to Greeks. Tyre subverted for 2x169g. Lost spy. Got 160g and an engineer. Sparta subverted for 2x384g. Vet spy escaped. Got 180g, Sun Tzu, 3 musketeers, and 3 structures. Greek civilization destroyed. Domestic deliveries for 327, 160, 156. T3L3S4.

    +1786 Space Flight -> Environmentalism. Domestic deliveries for 48, 47. Dakyanus founded.

    +1788 Spanish build Suffrage. Valiant wounded rifleman in fort survives yet another Spanish attack and is finally vet. Environmentalism -> Plastics. Spanish deliveries for 92. Domestic deliveries for 248. Bampur founded.

    +1790 Plastics -> Superconductor. Spanish cannon killed. Tureng Tepe founded. Domestic deliveries for 378, 546, 157, 28, 35.

    +1792 Superconductor -> Fusion Power. 5 musketeers behind city walls defending Salamanca killed with vet tanks and howitzers. The city is captured for 450g and 2 structures. 2 Spanish partisans appear. Did not expect that. Senate hands cease fire to Spanish. Spanish deliveries for 238, 226.

    +1794 Fusion Power -> Stealth -> Future Technology 1. Domestic deliveries for 308, 1316, 172, 138. Spanish deliveries for 232.

    +1796 Spanish lose a dragoon attacking me. Future Technology 1 -> 2 -> 3. Lost a Rifleman killing 2 Spanish units. 3 musketeers defending Cordoba killed and the city captured for 347g, King Richard's, and Library. Thankfully no partisans appear possibly because I carefully blocked most tiles around the city. Domestic deliveries for 985, 46. Spanish deliveries for 266. Merv founded.

    +1798 Mongols sneak attack and kill a None partisan. Future Technology 3 -> 4. Rifleman kills Mongol cavalry. Spanish offer cease fire. I refuse and senate backs me up. 5 musketeers behind city walls defending Madrid killed and the city captured for 607g, Suffrage, marketplace, and aqueduct. Despite careful placement of forces 3 partisans appear. Lost a cannon, a rifleman, and a partisan killing 2 of the 3 Spanish partisans.

    +1800 Spanish partisan kills a cavalry in fort. Future Technology 4 -> 5. Spanish Engineer bribed for 300g and turned None. Spanish Barcelona bribed for 385g. Spy lost. Got 557g, 3 musketeers, and 4 structures. Spanish civilization destroyed.

    Status at +1800
    Population: 88.6M; Cities: 71; Techs: Full+4FT; Government: Democracy
    Gold: 737; Cost: 543; Trade routes: Full-19;
    Ancient Wonders: All but Oracle
    Medieval Wonders: All but Marco
    Industrial Wonders: Leo, Bach, Newton, Adam Smith
    Modern Wonders: Cure, SETI, Hoover, Suffrage
    Units: 51 Engineers (7 none), 5 Musketeers, 2 Partisans, 19 Riflemen, 3 Cavalry, 3 tanks, 2 Howitzers, 1 Stealth Fighter, 4 Transports, 2 Spy, 45 vans
    Goals: Space race
    Viking: Destroyed by me
    Spanish: Destroyed by me
    Greek: Destroyed by me
    Mongol: 1 cities, 71 techs;
  18. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    1510 AD: Tactics > Machinery > Nuclear Fission not available. Mistake, did not check. Decide it`s better to take the off-path tech than to research Flight earlier. Start > Genetic Engineering. (0) Samarkand now size10! Ergili wool (d) to Karakorum: 86g. Bampur spice (d) to Antioche5: 362g, Naples silk (d) To Antioche5: 444g. Cannae silver (d) to Suse3: 100g. Persépolis4 beads (d) to Trondheim: 1014g. No supply unblock, but at least it unblocks Oil demand.

    1520 AD: Genetic Engineering > Nuclear Fission > Miniaturization. (1, 2) Samarie oil (d) to Persépolis4: 560g. Oil demand replaced with Uranium. Buy Factory to get the demand back (50% oil demand ratio increase). ND in Pasargades: 123g. Roskilde dye (d) to Pasargades6: 467g. ND to Pasargades for 75g. Crète dye (d) to Pasargades6: 138g. Istkahr silver (d) to Suse3: 302g. 112g ND to Behistoun2. NOT giving Nuclear Fission to Mongols. Issos dye (d) to Delphes: 56g. Altin Tepe Silk (d) to Viborg: 114g. Cunaxa spice (d) to Lindholm: 132g. T0L0S10 to guarantee 2 techs next turn, do not want to risk it. Persépolis 832 beakers. Still have one marsh square undrained, pheasant not turned into plains, and not that much irrigation. Focus was more on roads/rails.

    1530 AD : Miniaturization > Nuclear Energy > Computers. . Forgot to put workers back in Roskilde, engi disbanded. That was why science output was lower than normal. 64beakers down, plus the ones in Persépolis… Persépolis4 sewers sold for 120g after Factory built. Forgot to take into account new builds, did not have enough cash. Undemanded to Persépolis for 153g. DOES give me back Oil demand! Arbela oil (d) to Persépolis4: 528g. Tyr nd to Persépolis for 177g. Behistoun2 salt (nd) to Athènes: 225g, unblocks Silver. ND to Pasargades6 for 99g. Bunyan dye (d) to Pasargades6: 176g. ND to Suse3 for 51g. Roskilde silver (d) to Suse3: 344g. Techcost 1690g.

    Unable to zoom2city due to my own incompetence+accidentaly rehoming a caravan (how did I manage to misclick that?) Promptly get rid of it in a wonder-building city. SETI will not be zoom2city`d.

    Interturn: Mongols and Greeks declare war. Well, RIP Greeks.

    1540 AD: Computers > Laser > Flight. Persépolis4 spice (d) to size 11 Samarkand: 1161g (capped). OIL DEMAND IN SAMARKAND. Exactly what I needed. Pasargades6 nd for 136g. Charsadda dye (d) to Pasargades6: 210g. ND to Pasargades for 111g. Cremona dye (d) to Pasargades: 156g. ND for 123g. Hladir dye (d) to Pasargades6: 246g. Vans in Arbela for SETI. ND to Antioche5 for 33g. Lost my Silk demand… ND to Suse for 112g. Ura Tyube silver (d) to Suse3: 322g. Ura Tyube nd for 141g. Borazjan silver (d) to Suse3: 292g. Bunyan oil (d) to Persépolis4: 441g. Merv oil (d) to Persépolis4: 570g.

    1550 AD: Flight > Radio > Advanced Flight. Arbela SETI. Persépolis4 oil (d) to Samarkand: 924g. Not capped, wah. Suse3 nd to Samarkand for 242, does NOT unblock Oil even after reducing Persépolis`s arrows. Oh no… Sidon dye (d) to Corinthe: 70g. Antioche5 dye (d) to Lindholm: 244g. Wow, that`s… actually very little. Pasargades6 beads (d) to Jorvik: 232g. Turin silver (d) to Suse3: 172g. Bactres nd to Suse3 for 77g. T3L0S7.

    1560 AD: Advanced Flight > Mobile Warfare (Rocketry not available) > Rocketry. Will no longer gift Mongols any techs. Salamis oil (d) to Persepolis4: 296g. Capoue oil (d) to Persepolis4: 272g. Humm. Twice I deliver, and twice it results in Uranium supply in the size 3=< delivering city… Heraat oil (d) to Persepolis4: 372g. Aww, no 3/3. Hamadhan oil (d) to Persépolis4: 374g. Blocks oil and unblocks salt but idgaf. Cannae uranium (d) to Persépolis4: 395g. ND to Behistoun2 for 55g. Lose Silk demand again.. Naples oil (d) to Persépolis4: 458g. Zohak nd to Persépolis for 99g. Suse3 nd to Samarkand: 242g, does unblock Oil. Vérone copper (d) to Persépolis4: 234g. Pasargades6 oil (d) to Samarkand: 412g. T2L0S8. <

    1570 AD: Rocketry > Space Flight > Plastics. 12 vans in Bactres for Apollo. Dakyanus oil (d) to Persépolis4: 282g. Roskilde uranium (d) to Persépolis4: 676g. That was with 2 Superhighways… CHarsadda oil (d) to Persépolis4: 322g. Lisbonne oil (d) to Persépolis4: 308g. Crète oil (d) to Persépolis4: 276g. Turin spice (d) to Antioche5: 176g. Cremona oil (d) to Persépolis4: 324g. 15-3-3-1-1-1 required.

    1580 AD: Plastics > Robotics > Superconductor. BACTRES APOLLO. Bactres oil (d) to Persépolis4: 290g. Merv uranium (d) to Persépolis4: 354g. Sidon oil (d) to Persépolis4: 296g. Salamis uranium (d) to Persépolis4: 379g. Antioche5 oil (d) to Samarkand: 364g. Behistoun2 oil (d) to Samarkand: 728g. Greeks: WAR when they refuse to remove troops. Kill Greek Knight near Ergili. 6 SS components prepped. I should have enough resources to launch by 1600 AD.

    Interturn`: Lose a van to Greeks. Repel Crusader attack in Ergili.

    1590 AD: Superconductor > Fusion Power > Refrigeration. Senate signs cease-fire w/Greeks. 1 SS Structural. Suse3 oil (d) to Samarkand: 847g. Removes Oil and Coal demand… Persépolis4 coal (d) to Karakorum: 700g. All 3 SS Modules done. 88 Freight left… holy overproduce. And I thought I`d be below target. 15-3-3-1-1-1 queued, 80 freight+464g left. Next step is 17-4-4-1-1-1. Kaupang uranium (d) to Persépolis4: 370g. 17-4-4-1-1-1 queued. 21-5-5-1-1-1 queued. 29-7-7-1-1-1 achieved. No more cities to build stuff with. 31 vans left over. ND to Persépolis4 for 170g.

    Interturn: Vikings steal Fusion power from us. I pass, Will wait until stealth fighters are up.

    1600 AD: Tons of SS structurals, Components and basic modules built. LAUNCH. 6.6 years flight time. Arrival 1606 AD. 12 vans in Bactres for CfC. T6L4S0. Greeks; WAR when they refuse to withdraw troops. Kill 2-stack near Vérone. 6 vans in Crète for Oracle. Vikings: WAR when they refuse to withdraw troops. Kill 2 Viking cannons. ND tp Persépolis4 for 71g, does not unblock Uranium. Hambourg built. 5 vans left for a wonder this turn. But since I used up almost all my cities to build the spaceship this turn, nothing is q`d for next one.

    1601 AD: Crète ORACLE. BACTRES CfC. Kill multiple units in and around Delphes: city stormed for 136g+2citizens. T5L0S5. 6 vans in Tyr for Eiffel. Kill 2 units in Jorvik, city stormed for 3c+83g. Roskilde silver (d) to Suse3:???g.

    1602 AD: Lose a stealth fighter attacking Athènes, to a musketeer… Lose another one to Vikings after killing one defender. I am not playing well. Fortunately, 50% vet fighter manages to kill 4 defenders of Athènes in a row. City conquered for 440g+8c+Marco`s. Roskilde dye (d) to Persépolis4: 338g. I can`t unblock Uranium… Suse3 oil (d) to Persépolis4: 452g. OK, it did work this time. Kandahar uranium (d) to Persépolis4: 472g. Blocked again. Prague built. Salzbourg built.

    Interurn: Repel various attacks.

    1603 AD: Annoyingly enough, Egyptians offer peace. Unable to tell them to leave. Capoue uranium (d) to SUse3: 256g. Kill 2 defenders in Lindholm, 2 tanks low hp. Lindholm stormed for 5c+124g. Viborg stormed for 8c+124+60g after killing 3 defenders. Corinthe taken after killing 2defenders, for 197g+3citizens. Bergen built. Venise built. Mongols: WAR when they refuse to withdraw troops. Kill Mongol artillery.

    Interturn: Mongols almost done with Darwin`s. I cannot let that happen. Lose a rifleman defending Kandahar.

    1604 AD: Hamadhan uranium (d) to Samarkand: 315g. Kill offending Cavalry near Kandahar. Peace bug again against Egyptians… Kill 2 defenders of Kaboul, vet. Kill defenders of Sparte, Pharsale: cities conquered for 234g+3c and 78+40g+1c. GREEKS DESTROYED BY PERSIANS. Kill 3 defenders of Séville: city stormed for 195+60g. 160g from van. Kaboul stormed for 166g+4c.

    1605 AD: Samarie Darwin. Get up to FT1. Repel Airplane attack on Zohak. Kill 3 defenders of Trondheim: city stormed for 170g+7c+2 Wonders. L’udal defenders killed, city stormed for 138g+7citizens. Aarhus stormed for 84g+7citizens. Peace bug again with Egyptians… T0L10S0. Bribe Westness for 285g, get 80+60 and 6citizens. Kill 1 Phalanx in Ormuz (srsly?) conquer for 141g+3c. Kill defenders in Tabriz, city stormed for 3c+141g. Kill 1 Archer in Bokhara, city stormed for 182g. Kill defenders in Nishapur, city stormed for 135g+4c. Kill 3defenders in Aleppo at the cost of 1 Stealth Fighter: city stormed for 123g+4c. Kill 4 defenders in Samarkand: get 7citizens. LOL. Karakorum defended by 1 Pikeman. Mistake was avoided. Karakorum conquered. MONGOL CIV DESTROYED BY PERSIANS. Jarrow bribed for 300g. Uppsala bribed for 365g. VIKING CIV DESTROYED BY PERSIANS. Ghent built. Pise built. Dublin built. Toronto built. Melbourne built. Sydney built. Persépolis II built. ENTER.

    SCORE: 1***

    TURN: 192

    GOTM SCORE: ***.755
  19. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I finished over a week ago but neglected to submit till today. Here is the final part of my log:

    +1802 Future Technology 5 -> 6 -> 7. Domestic deliveries for 144, 54. Behistun and Kandahar founded.
    +1804 Future Technology 7 -> 8. Domestic deliveries for 74
    +1806 Future Technology 8 -> 9. Apollo built. Domestic deliveries for 307, 266, 52
    +1808 Future Technology 9 -> 10. Space race starts: s2c3m1. Domestic deliveries for 60
    +1810 Future Technology 10 -> 11 -> 12. s3c7m1. Domestic deliveries for 552, 290, 310, 72. Senate handed peace to Mongols. Tech bombed Mongols and gave them all except Combined Arms.
    +1812 Future Technology 12 -> 13 -> 14. s7c8m3.
    +1814 Future Technology 14 -> 15. s9c10m4. Domestic deliveries for 114, 236, 56.
    +1816 Future Technology 15 -> 16 -> 17. s14c11m4. Domestic deliveries for 200, 2x380, 300, 444.
    +1818 Future Technology 17 -> 18 -> 19. s17c11m6. Domestic deliveries for 440.
    +1820 Future Technology 19 -> 20. s25c13m7. Domestic deliveries for 334.
    +1822 Mongol Marine sneak attacks and kills a rifleman in fort. Future Technology 20 -> 21 -> 22. s28c14m7. 2 Mongol units killed. Domestic deliveries for 317, 322. Lost Spy in sabotage attack on Karakorum.
    +1824 Future Technology 22 -> 23. s32c14m9. Domestic deliveries for 937, 152. Altin Tepe founded near Karakorum. T2L3S6
    +1826 Future Technology 23 -> 24 -> 25. Full space ship launched. Domestic deliveries for 314.
    +1827 Future Technology 25 -> 26 -> 27. Lost another spy to sabotage. Domestic deliveries for 105, 114, 212.
    +1828 Future Technology 27 -> 28 -> 29. Eiffel built. Lost another spy to sabotage. Domestic deliveries for 257. T0L3S7
    +1829 Future Technology 29 -> 30 -> 31 -> 32. T1L3S6. Domestic deliveries for 360, 651, 138.
    +1830 Future Technology 32 -> 33 -> 34. UN built. Domestic deliveries for 342, 308, 80.
    +1831 Future Technology 34 -> 35 -> 36. Domestic deliveries for 425, 407, 460.
    +1832 Future Technology 36 -> 37 -> 38. Liberty and Manhattan built.
    +1833 Future Technology 38 -> 39. Marco built. Domestic deliveries for 592. T0L3S7
    +1834 Future Technology 39 -> 40 -> 41 -> 42. Domestic deliveries for 915, 315, 246, 318, 300, 402.
    +1835 Future Technology 42 -> 43 -> 44. Domestic deliveries for 130, 167, 164, 1610, 460. Bunyan, Charsadda, and Ura Tyube founded. Endgame1 founded.
    +1836 Future Technology 44 -> 45 -> 46 -> 47 -> 48. Darwin and Oracle built. Astara, Venice, Balkh, Endgame2- 6 founded. T0L10S0
    +1837 Space ship arrives

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